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When nouns are compounded with пол- "half" they have the endings of the gs in the ns and as form; in
all other case forms they have the usual endings, but пол- then optionally appears as полу-. Thus beside
дюжина "dozen," as дюжину, gs дюжины, is дюжиной, there is полдюжины "half dozen," as
полдюжины , gs полдюжины or полудюжины, is полдюжиной or полудюжиной, and so on.

In the nouns полдень "noon" and полночь "midnight," пол- has another meaning, and the inflection,
though irregular, is different.

Nouns with the prefix in the form полу- do not have the above peculiarity; thus, полуостров "peninsula"
inflects just like остров "island."

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