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NAME: ______________________________________________ DATE:___________________

1) Which of the following is a characteristic of the A. TRUE
Impressionist art movement? B. FALSE
A. The artist tries to capture a moment in time 1.When did the Impressionist movement start?
B. The light and color of the moment is important A. 1860's
C. The artist used rapid brush strokes to save time B. 1850's
D. All of the above C. 1870's

2) When did the Impressionist art movement take 2.Who is a famous Impressionist artist?
place? A. Pablo Picasso
A. 1200s B. Claude Monet
B. Late 1400s to early 1500s C. Andy Warhol
C. Mid 1600s
D. Mid to late 1800s 3.Which of these did impressionists paint?
A. Animals
3) True or False: The term 'impressions' was meant to be B. Cars
an insult by an art critic, but the name stuck. C. Landscapes
B. FALSE 4.What country did Impressionism originate from?
A. England
4) What early impressionist painter painted 'Dance at Le B. Spain
moulin de la Gallette'? C. France
A. Pierre-Auguste Renoir
B. Mary Cassatt 5.Which of these did impressionists not paint?
C. Gustave Caillebotte A. People
D. Edgar Degas B. Musical instruments
5) What American impressionist painter often painted C. Landscapes
women and children?
A. Pierre-Auguste Renoir 6.What type of colours did Impressionists use?
B. Mary Cassatt A. Bright
C. Gustave Caillebotte B. Dull
D. Edgar Degas C. Dark

6) Who is sometimes considered the founder of the 7.What word best describes Impressionist paintings?
impressionist movement and painted 'Impression: A. Dull
Sunrise'? B. Flat
A. Pierre-Auguste Renoir C. Lively
B. Gustave Caillebotte
C. Edgar Degas 8.The Impressionist movement was not?
D. Claude Monet A. One of the most revolutionary in art history
7) What French painter came from a wealthy family and B. Short lived and nothing special
painted the most 'realistic' of the impressionist C. Influential all over the western world
A. Pierre-Auguste Renoir 9.What can you see in their work?
B. Mary Cassatt A. Pencil lines
C. Gustave Caillebotte B. Brush strokes
D. Edgar Degas C. Rubbings out

8) Which impressionist painter is known for painting 10.The materials that Impressionists used most were?
ballet dancers? A. Pastels
A. Pierre-Auguste Renoir B. Watercolour
B. Gustave Caillebotte C. Oil on canvas
C. Edgar Degas
D. Claude Monet
How can you make your artwork in style of
9) What famous realist painter gave the impressionist IMPRESSIONISM? AT LEAST 5 SENTENCES. (10 POINTS)
movement credibility when he became an ______________________________________________
impressionist? ______________________________________________
A. Pierre-Auguste Renoir ______________________________________________
B. Edouard Manet ______________________________________________
C. Gustave Caillebotte ______________________________________________
D. Edgar Degas ______________________________________________
10) True or False: Impressionists painters often painted ______________________________________________
the same scene several times, but in different light. ______________________________________________
NAME: ______________________________________________ DATE:___________________