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Navjyoti India Foundation 15th May-15th June 2018


-Anushka Chouhan

I was working in Rural Management and Training Institute. It was amazing to visit
place like Navjyoti. It was in a remote area but was well maintained and clean, it was
in Nayagaon (Gurgaon).

Working here gave me a lot of experience and skill. After working in Navjyoti My
way of seeing things has been changed. Now I know the importance of water and

I have learned so many things here Women Empowerment is one them and working
towards self-reliance.

The main thing I have learned here is management. How to manage data and work
with other colleagues. Daily I have to report in the institution at 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

It was an amazing experience working in Navjyoti India Foundation.

Navjyoti India Foundation 15th May-15th June 2018


I was working under CDP (Community Development Program) under which I was
mainly working for Women Empowerment SHG (self help group).


 Need Assessment – Data Entry and Analyses

 Group Assessment – Data Entry and Analyses
 SHG Group Assessment
 2 Success Story of 2 different Women.
 Summer Camp at Navjyoti India Foundation

PROJECT SUPERVISOR: Mr. Somdutt Bhardwaj

Sir Somdutt Bhardwaj has assigned me the following task and also guided me
throughout my internship. He has helped me whenever I stuck anywhere. Working
with him was a very learning experience.

PROJECT HEAD: Mrs. Chandani Bedi Taneja

Chandani Bedi Ma’am is the Director of Management and Training Institute with 14
years of insightful experience in driving organizational growth with Navjyoti India
We all Interns has a interactive session with her, it was pleaser working under such
great personality.
Navjyoti India Foundation 15th May-15th June 2018

Task 1: Need Assessment

My first task was Need Assessment. I have to maintain all the data in excel sheet.
I have to recheck all the data and has to analyses the whole data.

Under this it was given that how many women are working with Navjyoti.
And I have to analyses the below mention points:

 Total no. Of women

 Total no. Of villages
 Total no. Of women who is Housewife.
 Total no. Of women in stitching.
 Total no. Of women in Animal husbandry
 Total no. Of women in job.

Total Group( SHG)
Chart Title
Total SHG Members 1102
Animal Husbandry 333 shop
5% Stitching
Bio-sand filter work 17
Labour 11%
3% Animal
Doll making 11 Husbandry
Job 30%
Farming 48 7%

Business 7 Bio-sand
filter work
House wife 404 House wife 1%
37% Doll making
Job 74
Labour 33 Business Farming
1% 4%
shop 50
Stitching 119

Total SHGs Members 1102

Navjyoti India Foundation 15th May-15th June 2018

TASK 2: Group Assessment

The Second task that was assigned to me was Group Assessment.

I have to entre all the hard copies to excel sheet. In that all the group assessment of
different SHG’s was given

Under this I have done the following thing:

 Data entry of all the SHG

 Analyses the data
 Groups, which should be linked with federation.
 Groups, which should not be linked with federation.
 Remarks to Different SHG

Total No.Of SHG 59

Total No.Of SHG Linked with federation 30
Total No.Of SHG not Linked with federation 29

Total No.Of SHG Linked

49.10% with federation
50.80% Total No.Of SHG not Linked
with federation
Navjyoti India Foundation 15th May-15th June 2018

TASK 3: SHG Group Assessment

In this I have to go for the field visit. I have to go to different SHG (self help group)
and has to collect the data from the group.
It was something new, visiting the different villages and knowing their culture and
lifestyle. It was a learning experience. As it enhanced my communication skills while
interacting with group members. The purpose of the task to know about working of
the groups and then link the groups with ‘A’ grade to Federation.

I Have Assess the different SHG’s

They are mentioned below:

Suraj SHG and Om Sai (Abhaypur)

Navjyoti India Foundation 15th May-15th June 2018

Baba Mohan Ram SHG (Kadarpur)

Aarti SHG (Rithoj)

Navjyoti India Foundation 15th May-15th June 2018

Laxmi SHG (Sehjawas)

TASK 4: Success Story

I have written the Success Story of two women of Pani Police Who has attended the
Federation Meeting.

 Manju Devi
 Rupo Sarkar

I have asked them certain questions regarding water management and how they have
played the role in conserving water.

They both uses different methods like:

 Rain water Management

 Encouraging other women
 Waste water Management
 Household activities which saves water
 Save and clean drinking water
Navjyoti India Foundation 15th May-15th June 2018

TASK 5: Summer Camp at Navjyoti India Foundation

It was a part of Bal Gurukul Activity summer camp was starting from 4th of June 2018
and Mrs. Tahir Fatima Rizvi assigned me the task to teach all the interested student a
Classical Dance.

It was fun teaching such great students. Teaching students while enjoying is great fun
and not me who has enjoyed but all the students too.

With this I have realized that its gives you immense happiness when you know that
you have something to give to the society. If you have something that let it share with
others. I have enjoyed this sessions a lot and it also brought a leadership quality in
Navjyoti India Foundation 15th May-15th June 2018

EVENT: Adhikaron ka mela

An event Organized by District Legal Service Authority (DLSA)

On 6th of June 2018.
We went there with our supervisor.
Sir Somdutt has assigned us our duties; we have to collect the data of all the
member who have attended the event from Navjyoti
We have analyses that 762 member have attended the event from Navjyoti
India foundation.

This event was organized for providing each and everybody their Rights and
giving them new opportunity.

In that event we have also worked for some needy and disabled people who
needed aid we went to “Samaj Kalyan Vibhag” which provide aid and

Helping some of the needy and disabled people

It was an amazing event I felt very good when some of the people got aid and
scholarship because of our efforts. I have learned that happiness is helping
Navjyoti India Foundation 15th May-15th June 2018

EVENT: Jal Kranti

An event organized by Navjyoti India Foundation at KIIT College Maruti Kunj,

Gurgaon on 9th June 2018.
This event was organized for the conservation of water, and also appreciating all
those who have put the efforts in saving water. Different awards were given to people
who has put their efforts and made a difference.

I was assigned a task of registering all the people who have attended the event.
Total 225 people have attended the event and made the successful.

Different session were taken by different expert and guest on conserving water and
Use of bio sand filter for save and clean water.

I was also engaged in volunteering the women when interactive session was taken.

Registration committee
Navjyoti India Foundation 15th May-15th June 2018

Mrs. Kiran Bedi:

Kiran Bedi is a retired Indian Indian Police officer, who is the current Lieutenant
Governor General of Punducherry. She is the first woman to join the Indian Police
Service (IPS).
She started her career as an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) in
Chanakyapuri area of Delhi, and won the President's Police Medal in 1979. Next, she
moved to West Delhi, where she brought a reduction in crimes against women.
As DCP of North Delhi, she launched a campaign against drug abuse, which evolved
into the Navjyoti Delhi Police Foundation (renamed to Navjyoti India Foundation in
On 6th of June 2018 on her visit to Navjyoti I got the opportunity to meet such a great
and famous personality. It was pleasure meeting her. She has inspired thousands of
people and I am one of them. We had an introduction session with Kiran Ma’am and I
have enjoyed it and grabbed as much as knowledge I can grab from her.
Navjyoti India Foundation 15th May-15th June 2018

Good Practice –
More emphasis is placed on making participation of each and every member of all the
groups for development on economic benefits and social integration.

 SHG group members have a good co-ordination among them, there is a spirit
to support the other one if she has an ability to go beyond her capabilities.

 Mostly women are illiterate but record keeping of group helps them to gain
knowledge and enhance their abilities.

 All the things related to group is performed by the group members only and
Navjyoti only train them for the task and they all are doing a great job on their
parts. As it makes them self=reliant and self-sufficient.


 There should be proper management of data, data should be clear and


 NGO should also focus on Girl Education because I have observed that people
in villages have a misconception that if they will send their daughter for higher
studies than the girl will marry some guy and will forget their parents and
family, so this misconception should be clear by making them aware about the
importance of education for a girl.
Navjyoti India Foundation 15th May-15th June 2018
Navjyoti India Foundation 15th May-15th June 2018