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Theory of Computation (CSD-225)

1. Define alphabet, string, powers of an alphabet and concatenation of strings and Differentiate between the + closure
and * closure.
2. State and proof the Levi’s Theorem

3. Give the DFA accepting the language over the alphabet 0, 1 that have the set of all strings either begins or end with 01.
4. Define NFA and differentiate the between DFA and NFA.
5. Convert the following NFA to DFA

6. Minimize the following DFA

7. Find the regular expression corresponding to the following DFA.

8. Is it true that the language accepted by any NFA is different from the regular language? Justify your Answer.
9. State pumping lemma for regular languages and list out the applications of the pumping lemma.
10. What are the closure properties of CFL? State the proof for any two properties and construct a CFG representing the
set of palindromes over (0+1)*.
11. If G is the grammar S →SbS | a, show that G is ambiguous.
12. Prove that if G is a CFG whose language contains at least one string other than €, then there is a grammar G1 in Chomsky
Normal Form such that L(G1) = L(G) –{€}.
13. Construct a RE for the language over {a, b} in which total number of a’s are divisible by 3.

14. Construct a RE denoting a language over {1} having

(i) even length of string

(ii) odd length of a string

15. Construct a RE:

(i) All strings over {0,1} with the substring ‘0101’

(ii) All strings beginning with ’11 ‘ and ending with ‘ab’

(iii) Set of all strings over {a,b}with 3 consecutive b’s.

(iv) Set of all strings that end with ‘1’and has no substring ‘00’