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Working Mothers : Group 2


1. April as Mother
2. M. Fauzan as Father
3. Indira as Sister
4. Eyril as Nanny
5. M. Rizki as Psychiatrist
6. Cahaya as Doctor

Should mothers stay at home to raise their children?

In today’s society, women often feel that to be seen as successful, they should have to balance
their career, children and their marriage. For many families, going back to work, after the birth of
a child is a necessity, as they find it impossible to stop work due to financial concerns. However.
As early childhood is the most precious time of a child’s development, it is important that the
mother or indeed the father should be there for that child and devote as much time as possible.

One day… (in a house)

Nanny: Sis.. Come on, you must eat your breakfast.

Sister: No! I don’t want it.

Nanny: Is it doesn’t suit your taste?

Sister: That’s not it!

Nanny: do you wish to have breakfast with your mom ?

Sister: No!

Nanny: I don’t believe you. Why don’t you eat when she’s not here, then ?

Sister: Uh.. Then I’ll take a bit so that you will believe.

Nanny: Great. Okay.

Sister: (take a bit) Nanny.. my stomach is hurts.. I feel dizzy..

Nanny: Whats wrong?!

Sister: It hurts so much.. (shouts)

Nanny: Hang in there, I’ll take you to a hospital, okay?

Sister: okay..

(in a hospital)

Nanny: (calls her employer) Sir, can you come to the hospital? Your daughter is sick!

Father: What?! Okay, I will come in 15 minutes.

Nanny: Okay, please hurry.

(father came to doctor’s room)

Doctor: Please take a seat.

Father: Doctor, what happened to my daughter?

Doctor: She was diagnosed with a neurotic gastritis.

Father: I thought it was just a stomachache?

Doctor: That is just one of the symptoms. Chronic gastritis is an inflammation of the lining tissues of
the stomach, can be either acute or chronic. Your daughter happened to be the chronic one.

Father: What is the cause?

Doctor: There are many causes for gastritis, but your child occurs to have it because of a psychology
reaction from a stress. I suggest you to talk with a psychiatrist with your wife.

Father: Thankyou doctor.

Doctor: Your welcome. The psychiatrist is on next door.

(On the waiting room)

Father: ( wandering, waiting for his wife)

Mother: Honey! Wheres our daughter?

Father: Are you crazy?! I called you so many times. Do you know what happened to her?!

Mother: Im sorry, hun. I have so many work.

Father: I really cant believe you are her mother.

Psychiatrist: You two, please come in.

(On the psychiatrist’s room)

Mother: Can you tell us on details about our daughter?

Psychiatrist: Your daughter are having a serious sickness. What kind of stress is she under to suffer
from that?

Mother: Honestly, I think I know.

Psychiatrist: Do you really know what she needs? She is still young. She needs love and attention
from her mother.

Mother: I understand. But I also had careers that I have spent years developing. It will be a waste to
just give it up.
Psychiatrist: I recommend you to stay at home. And give up on your career.

Mother: Is that the only way to do?

Psychiatrist: For now, Im suggesting for you to be able manages your parenthood first.

Mother: Why is that?

Psychiatrist: With both parents working, the need for mutual support and communication is even
more important.

Father: That’s true. Us parents may feel so divided between family and career that we have little
time for a social life or each other.

Psychiatrist: At least one of the parents need to share household and child care responsibilities and I
think a mother is the one that children needs.

Mother: Since bonding with a child is important, I will try to be more attentive and more involved in
all aspects with my childrens.

Psychiatrist: Yes. That’s the right way to do.

Father: Thankyou so much for your time.

In the end, if you and your partner decided to have kids in the first place, I think that you should take
full responsibility of them, instead of just handing them over to someone else to look after. A mother
needs to look after her children and a Father needs to earn their own living, as there are many
different circumstances. It is important to make sure the child is well cared and well loved.