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Febby Dian : Patient

Novia Cendy : Nurse


Patient : “Good morning nurse?”

Nurse : “Good morning, So you are going to be admitted for

the hospital?”

Patient : “Yes Nurse”

Nurse : ”Can you teel me your full name?”

Patient : ”Ok nurse, My name is Febby Dian”

Nurse : ”How old are you? Can you tell me about date of

Patient : “My date of birth is twenty eight of december nine

teen ninenty seven, I’m twenty years old”

Nurse : “Can you tell me your marital status?”

Patient : “Yes, I’am single”

Nurse : “What do you do miss?”

Patient : “Yes,I’am student nurse”

Nurse : “Oh okay, now let me check again. Oh, what is your
primary language miss?”

Patient : “Of course Indonesia miss.”

Nurse : “Ok, can you tell me who is your family Doctor or

Doctor whom you always see when you are ill?
Patient : ”Dr.Ani nurse, she always checks my stomach when I’m
getting ill.”

Nurse : “I’am going to weight on the scale and measure your

height. Next, I will put the BP cuff on. Can you roll up
your sleeve, please? I’am going to take your BP. Then, I
will take your temperature, pulse and respiratory rate.
Are you ready?”

Patient : “Yes nurse, I’m ready for all”

Nurse : “Can you tell me why you here today? What seems to
be the problem?”

Patient : “My stomach very hurts, I’ve got indigestion”

Nurse : “ Can you tell your daily habit? Maybe about your

Patient : “I have bad habit for meal nurse. I usually eat hot and
spicy food in one day can spend 10 tablespoons of chili.
So maybe that’s what makes my stomach hurt and pain

Nurse : “Can you tell what happen today, before you got ill in
the stomach?”

Patient : “Before that, my stomach is no complaint again but

after I continue eat hot and spicy makes very hurt.”

Nurse : “Are you taking any medication at the moment?”

Patient : “Yes sus, usually I drink triocid three times a day before

Nurse : “Have you ever been Hospitalized before?”

Patient : “Never.”

Nurse : “Have you ever had any operations?”

Patient : “I have been operated for appendiks.”

Nurse : “Have you ever had any serious illness in the past?

Patient : “Never.”

Nurse : “Do you have any allergies to any medication?”

Patient : “Nothing sus.”

Nurse : “Okay, can you tell me the name of your next of kind?”

Patient : “ Ruroh Masruroh, she is my mother, her phone 1413

Nurse : “Okey, finish. Thank you”

Patient : “Yes, you are welcome sus”