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PSX 100 Index = 36266.

23 level (Highest in Pakistan History)

Proposed budget for education percentage of gdp 2.2 %
Purest water
Inflation mostly effects
Micro Economic Variable to check
inflation in April 2016 2.8 %
literacy rate according to budget 2016 = 60 %
Direct tax?
CPEC 46 Billion
Monetary policy announced by
Stability in growth rate can be achieved through
KIBOR stands for
Neelam Jhelam hydro power capacity 969 MW
CPEC total investment
21st amendment passing month
Mark up rate on housing loans issued by
SBP governor name
UNO official language
Amount of fiscal deficit 3.4 % of GDP
first constitution of Pakistan
Sugar mills crushing period length in days
LSM stands for Large Scale manufacturing
Cash money means
Satellite in 1990 by Pakistan
ECIB stands for
shareholders are ------------ of the company
cost of production increases in every sector (rise in oil prices)

YPIP 2014 Questions

1- iraq pm (Mr. Haider al-Abadi)

2- pak ambsdr to US (Mr. Jalil Abbas Jilani)
3- turkey erdogan (President)
4- nobel peace prize (Malala)
5- cool and cool cup held in Srilanka
6- emperor babur projected polo
7- alexandria port is located in egypt.
8- oak tree is produced from Acorn seeds.
9- Lahore is called heart of pakistan
10- imran khan led azadi march.
11- multan 7 people killed in IK Jalsa.
12- canadian passport is held by Mr. Qadri
13- jumbled word
14- glasses and optics vs optician
15- water conflicts with india (pak, nepal and bangladesh)
16- complete the series question
17- which book is on top ?
18- which one is older?
19- green colour in Pakistan Flag represents. (Muslims or Islam?)
20- saeed ajmal was banned.
21- Asia is the largest continent.
22- shaded triangles question.
23- synonym question; debate=contest something like that.
24- penguins sail in water with their wings.
25- atm abbreviation.
26- Humility antonym- pride

Total Members:
1. WTO : 164
2. IMF : 189
3. NSG : 48
4. UNO : 193
5. OPEC : 12
5. ASEAN : 10
6. SAARC : 8
7. European Union : 28
8. African Union : 54
9. Asian Development bank : 67

SBOT – SBP TEST (APRIL 27, 2014)


1. Who is the current foreign minister of Pakistan? (Nawaz Sharif)

2. Where is the largest stock exchange in world? (New York)
3. Who made Jasmine as National Flower of Pakistan? ()
4. Name World Largest Spoken Language. (Mandarin)
5. What is Fear of Books called? (Bibliophobia)
6. Who design Flag of Pakistan? (Amiruddin Kidwai)
7. In CASA 1000 Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan is giving electricity to Pakistan through which
country? (Afghanistan)
8. What is the currency of Syria? (Syrian Pound)
9. Who is nominated for Women's fiction award 2014 from Pakistan? (Fatima Bhutto)
10. Who is the Prime Minister of UK? (David Camroon)
11. For what initial period did Taliban agreed on ceasefire with government?
(A month)
12. Who claimed the responsibility for Islamabad Fruit Market blast? (United Baloch Army)
13. Where is NATO head quarter? (Brussel)
14. Which country was beaten by Srilanka in T20 final 2014? (India)
15. In which country 1992 world cup was held? (Australia)
16. Where Twitter is banned? (Turkey & Russia)
17. If STEP is written as 3165 then PETS can be written as? (5613)
18. Looking at portrait a man said, I have no siblings, his father is my fathers son who is he
to me? (It was his own portrait)


1. What is the income of second person if ratio of two person's income is 3:2 and difference
is 6000, (Answer 12000)
2. A person sells a product at 10% loss in Rs 5.4, what would be the selling price if he
wants to sell it on 20% profit? (Answer Rs 7.2)
3. Subtract sum of 3 1/2 and 1 1/4 from the sum of 1/2 and 3/8.
(Answer -3 1/5)
4. 5*5/5+5/5 (Answer 6)
5. If 7x-7y=20, then x-y=? (Answer 20/7)
6. 20% of 50% of 75% of 70? (Answer 5.25)
7. √20²-12²=n√64, n = ? (Answer n = 2)
8. If length of a plot is equal 4 times its width, a play ground is 1200 Sq. km which is 1/3 of
the plot, what is the length of plot? (Length=120 km)


1. Guddu Barrage located in Sindh Province

2. Last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar
3. First Capital of Pakistan was Karachi
4. Olympics are held every 2 years
5. Malakhara is a form of wrestling
6. Green portion, Crescent and star represent Muslims
7. Highest Pakistani ODI wicket-taker is Wasim Akram
8. K-2 is also called Mount Godwin Austen
9. Little Tibet: Skardu
10. National tree of Pakistan is Deodar
11. Panama Leaks: Mossack Fonseca
12. TAPI: Turkmenistan
13. PIA Crash: ATR 42
14. Senate demonetization of: Rs. 5,000 note
15. PEMRA banned Indian content
16. Pakistan is playing cricket series with Australia
17. Ambassador of Russia was assassinated in Turkey
18. SAARC was postponed after 5 member states pulled out
19. Summit bank is considering merger with Sindh Bank
20. Pakistan is not member of ASEAN
21. First ever joint military exercises of Pakistan and Russia
22. Liquid foreign exchange reserves of Pakistan: $23 million
23. Largest export trade partner of pak: European Union
24. Largest contribution to GDP: Services
25. Labor force of Pakistan: 57 million
26. Pakistan has taken loans from all except: ECO
27. 40% stake bidding: Pakistan Stock Exchange
28. Pakistan Stock Exchange record: 47,000 points
29. Pakistan does not export Tea
30. IDEAS agreement Mushshak with Turkey


21. 6A , 8Z , 4B, 10Y , 2C, 12X, 0D, 14W What will come next ?
22. Current largest share in GDP which sector? Agriculture, industries, services, none
A penny for your thought
To miss the boat
Fine tooth comb
Every cloud have silver linning
Out of the blue
Scratch someone's back
23. If a salesman sale 240 per kg and give discount 15% at purchasing 3 kg so total price of 4kg will
24. There are 25 persons in a unit, there are 8 processing units and each unit has 4 more persons
then pervious so what will be average of all persons in each unit?
25. One thousand and one hundred twenty five can be written as?
26. In a laptop shop 35% is discount and a man purchase laptop at 29250 . So what's the original
value of laptop?
27. In an organisation profit is 5000 and share ratio of A B C is 1:2:3 what is the value of maximum
share ?
28. 0.5:X=6:24 so X will be?

Question Papers

Sunday, October 14, 2012

MCQ’s Total Marks 100

Find the relation of both the sentences. (8 or 12 questions)

1st Passage -About Cancer (8 questions)

2nd Passage-About Art (3 questions).

3rd Passage –About smoking and it’s after effects ( 7 questions ).

1. Which country calls itself Nippon?

2. Neil Armstrong passed away at the age of?

3. Pakistan left SEATO officially in ……..?

4. When was google founded?

5. ATM stands for?

6. Nam Conference which held on 30 August at………..?

7. The ----- is the National flower of USA?

8. Who inaugurated the London Olympics 2012……..?

9. Olymic games started on……?

10. Who is the president of Egypt?

11. Book written by American writer on Abbotabad operation…..?

13. Faisal Raza Abidi was expelled from PPP due to holding press conference
against ……. ?

14. Faisal Mosque is ------------- largest mosque in the world?

15. Most Influential spy of head who managed to hold prominent slot in
Times and Forbes…………?

16. International court Justice elected for ………..?

17. Last Judgment was painting of ……?

18. Mother Tressawas awarded Noble prize for…..?

19. Mary’s father has 5 daughters: Nana, NIni , Nono, Nene,who is fifth one?

20. In a race you overtake second then what is your position?

21. Pyrometer is used for measuring …..?

22. Herry potter book writer name?

23. Which Missile did Pakistan successfully test-fire on 5 June 2012?

24.what is the next no 1,3,6,10,15, ……..

25.Three times parents age of a father is equal to eight time age of his son.
Eight years hence the father will twice as old as his son at that time. what
are the parent ages?

26.Ali's sister is twice as old of ali when ali was 17 now ali is 23 what is the
age of Ali's sister?

27.Which value is different : A) 144 B) 17 C) 322 D) 202

28.If x/5 and x/7 x/10 are simplest forms, what may be the value of x
29. If 3a+2b=2a+3b; then what is a=?

30. 2x-6=y , 3x+y=4 find 3y

31. What is the letter that precedes the 13 letter after D?

32. If he volume of a cube is 64, what would be it’s surface area.

33. what was the angle formed by the hands of an analog clock showing a
time of 3:10-3:25?

34..if 40+80/4 = 240 then the word maths starts with ?

35.A contractor has to build a bridge in 50 days. Initially he employed 20

men, but found that only half of the work has been completed in 30 days.
How many more men he has to employ to finish the job in time?
A. 30 B. 10 C. 15 D. 20

36.Given the digits 1, 2 and 3, how many 3-digit numbers can you make
such that no digit is repeated?
A)3 b)4 c)5 D)6 E)8

37.What is 50 percent of 75 percent of 200?

38.A shop offers a discount of 15% for a DVD set with a regular price of
$100. What is the final cost to the customer to purchase this DVD set, if a
sales tax of 4% needs to be added to the discounted price?
A).81.60 B) 88.40 C).89.00 D).119.00 E)119.60

39.A set A contains 5 numbers with an arithmetic mean of

50. Another set B contains 10 numbers with an arithmetic mean of 100.
What is the ratio of the sum of all numbers of set B to the sum of all
numbers of set A?

40. 360(n-2)=720k find k

41. 14*underroot x +90=4/5 x 375 find x

42. x^4 and X^3 , What will be value x,X ?

43 If sum of two integers is 13 and their difference is -23 .What are the
integers ?
44.75000 45% then what will be of 55% .

45.The first term of a series is 5 and each subsequent term is −2 times the
previous term. What will be the sum of the first 5 terms of this series? (A) 4
(B) 5 (C) 6 (D) 8 (E) 9

46. The price of 3 KG vegetables was 10 Rupees and after that it prices
decreases to 5 KG vegetable price is 10 RUPPES what will be price

47. For which n is the remainder largest when the number 817,380 is
divided by n?

Summary of whole paper

For Answer and details Explore ,State Bank Officials’ Training Scheme

SBP-BSC-YPIP (GET-FS )-2nd Batch

Sunday, Noember 11, 2012

MCQ’s Total Marks 100

1.Spotting errors - (10 questions)

2.choosing best choice using logic
3------ what was it?
4.Find sentence relationship
5.Passage ( 2questions)
6.Passage (5questions)

1) Nationality of Felix Baumgartner (SkyDiver ) ?

2) Runner up T-20 was ?

3) Supreme court Bar association new president is ?

4) Women's wimbledon title winner 2012 is?

5)Sandy affected states which states? A)Florida, B)New York, C)New Jersey
D). All of these

6)CRR stands for ?

7. Who is the writer of the book,No easy day?

8. Two or more persons involve in business is called ?

9. What is cost of environmental degradation to Pakistan ?

10. If marginal propensity to Import decreases, what is the effect?

11. Toaster is what good?

12) Agriculture sector contribution in GDP ?

13)Trade between countries called..........?

14) Award in India was given to singer ?

15)100 meter Race Olympic winner’name ?

16) Youtube Block due to ?

17 )January is to winter as?

18 ) Heavy to light as rough to --- ?

19 )Sir John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka won Nobel Prize in ?

20 )If my mother is the sister of your brother then what relation i have to

21). If government buys Bond then interest rate will increase or decrease?

22). which number isn't related to the other numbers: a) 2 b) 7 c) 13 d) 27

e) 29

23). Solve the jumbled ?

24 ) Highest Restricted tariff in 2009/2010 in which region?

25) ------ can be convertible to any currency easily.

26). The relationship between Two or more Partners called -------?

24) College, academy, university for ?

26) Next in the series ?

27) 64 x 31=

28 ) 27*36=

29.Length of the park is 10 meter and 8 meter broad.How long a pole can be
erect in that park???

30.c^2=a^2+b^2 ,what will be value of c”

31. box contain 80% brown and 20% white ball, if remove 80% of brown
and 20% of white remaing in the box ???

32. an aeroplane travels at speed of 13 mph in direction of air. And in

opposite direction at speed of 8 mph. What is the answer???

33. what is the age of ali if he is three times older then abdullah now and
four years later he was five time older then abdullah. takes 30 days to fill a laboratory dish with bacteria. if the size of the
bacteria doubles each day, how long did it take the bacteria to fill one half of
the dish? a. 10 days b. 15 days c. 24 days d. 29 days e. 29.5 days

35).14*underroot x +90=4/5 x 375 find x

36). 123,213,312,----,132,231

37 )one worker make 28toys in many toys can b produced by

having 42 workers

38 )Beagle eat "b" bones in "d" days, at this rate how many bones in "w"

39 ) what is the number whose square exceeds it by 56 ?

40) One side of that Big square where we had to find value of X?
SBOTS (OG-2) at SBP 2016

General Knowledge Portion

here are the g.k questions from the paper...
1.malaysia currency: ringgit partner except: indonesia
3.thar: punjab and sindh
4.horn countries except:sudan
5.labor involved in agriculture
6.largest dam: tarbela??? basin: south america
8.emirates from auckland to dubai
9.qatar deal: LNG
10.coal power plant: karachi
11.poland not a Scandinavian country
12.largest volcano: mauna loa
13.deosai plateau
14.gobi desert not in paistan
15.refugees from syria not in sudan
16.islamabad utd
17.india wt20 2016
18.khumbu glacier
19.ppp:purchasing power parity
20.indonesia cpaital:jakarta
21.f16 from america
22.marlon james man booker 2015
23.micronesia that aid question????
25.subsidy not revenue
26.inflation was the answer one question
27.pakistan airways
28.pakistan foreign excahnge reserves :20m.

Courtesy: CSS FORUMS and Different Groups of