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1. Give an example of a large, complicated poorly software project?

A large company has a project on music software for consumers to use widely and directly, they have a team of
software, advertising, and personnel on many necessary areas. it is a big project because it has the cooperation of 3 big
companies, they have all the needs for a project such as:
+ Money.
+ Human resources on many different areas needed for the project.
**** But they have 2 years to complete the project****
The difficulties they face now:
1. Problems about consumer needs.
- on social networks today, there are many applications for users to listen to music for free such as:
Apple iTunes:
Advantages: good music updates
Recommended points: consumer psychology will not spend some money just to buy a song
Zing mp3:
Advantages: there are many good songs and free download
Recommendations: Forcing users to log into a social network account may lose user information without good security
Advantages: There are many copyrighted songs and no cost.
Recommendations: difficult to use interface and too many ads.
- all the advantages and disadvantages of the preceding music listening software make the company in trouble in terms
of the idea and filling the user's needs.
2. Time issue for product launch.
Because in the period of time the music player software is used by people and has a strong impact on consumers.
The timing of product launch is an important issue. for example, when Google failed to produce touch phones in the
early 2000s, Vietnamese consumers were not used to using touch and people only used keyboard phones and then
produced phone products fail miserably.
from the previous experience of many manufacturers that launched products that lacked observations about the user
market made good projects also fail.
3. Project completion time.
A project cannot fail without the start time and end time of the project, but the difficulty is the time to come up with
the idea, the market survey of user needs becomes time-consuming throughout the project.
 Company strengths:
The money and the revolving capital became easy for these companies, they were financially strong and provided
adequate funding for the entire project.
Strong personnel in all aspects: software experts are not technically worried.
2. Give some problems which you can see in this project development?
Basic issues such as:
- time is not enough.
- Money is too much for the person who holds the head when during the project.
- The plan is not clear.
- Unreasonable orientation and objectives.
- Not grasp the market.
- The time is not reasonable to implement the project.
* Must implement the project for the full criteria of the user and the report of the market project survey.