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English III

Activity 2 - Unit 1 and 2: Writing Assignment.

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Holmes Augusto García

Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia UNAD

Escuela de Ciencias Sociales, Artes Y Humanidades

Comunicación Social

Marzo 2019
Part 1: After checking the Unit 1 Topic 2: Modal Verbs, write 1 sentence using each one of
the following modal verbs regarding your role as citizen: can – could – may - must - should -
ought to – have to – need to- had better - would.

Fernando Bastidas


- I can play instruments.

- Could you help me? Please.

- You may dance if you want.

- You must make your homework.

- I should eat fruit.

- My friend ought to quit smoking.

- I have to go early.

- We need buy a car.

-You had better study for the exam.

- You would go to visit your mum this weekend.

Jonathan Andrés Rodas


I can call the police if I see a steal.

I could help to old people to across the streets.

I may go out to EE.UU, and live there if I have a VISA.

I must respect the traffic rules.

I should throw the garbage in the appropriate places.

I ought to across the street when the peatonal traffic light be in green.

I have to always carry my documentation.

I need to know wich are the principal laws in this country.

I'd better comply with the schedules of open if I have a store.

I would be a good citizen if I help the people from my neigh.

Valeria Velandia


¿Can I ask you something?

Could contribute to generate culture in my community

¿May I help you?

We must wash your hands before you eat

You should not worry so much about what people think

You ought to eat more vegetables

I have to see the doctor every month

I need to have a mid-morning snack to prevent low blood sugar

We had better water the plant daily

We would help you

Arlez Edilson Aguirre


My sister can not make food

I may go to the swimming pool next week

My daughter must clean her room

I should go to sleep

My wife ought to work today the 2:00 o'clock

They would go if they have the opportunity

Today I'm going to need to to few hours of spa

Had better if my friends pays me today

My chair have to be repaired right now

Emely Meza


1. CAN

I can use the pedestrian bridge.


I could help to people which need.

3. MAY
I may drive a car if I have a driving license.


I must respect to the old people.


When I cross the street, I should respect traffic light.


I ought to help to poor people.


I have to arrive early to the work every day.


I need to know what about my citizens’ rights


I’d better study hard, if I want to pass this semester.


I would be a good journalist, If I help to my community.

Part 2: According to the topic Past Progressive (Unit 1: Topic 3), each student must write 5
things you were doing last night and 5 things you were not:

Fernando Bastidas


- I was painting my house last night.

- I was riding a bike.

- I was dancing last night.

- I was eating pizza with my friends in the park.

- I was helping my mom with the job.

- I wasn't working last night.

- I wasn't singing last night.

- I wasn't playing poker with my sister.

- I wasn't reading my favorite book.

- I wasn't watching TV.

Jonathan Andrés Rodas Vargas


I was studying in my home last night

I was eating the dinner.

I was reading a book about the government of Trump

I was doing exercise in my room

I was talking for whatsapp with my girlfriend.

I was not travelling to Bogotá

I was not making food

I was not reading a book about Colombia laws

I was not doing jogging in the Street

I was not speaking with my english teacher.

Valeria Velandia


- I was watching TV

- I was eating

- I was on social networks

- I was visiting my family

- I was doing exercise

- I was not studying

- Do not take the dog for a walk

- I did not travel

- I was not listening to music

- I did not drive any vehicle

Arlez Edilson Aguirre


What was I doing last night, 5 sentences

- Last nigth was studying

- Last night I was having dinner with my wife

- Last night I was running

- Last nigth I was exercising

- Last nigth I was playing soccer

What I was not doing last night, 5 sentences

- Last night I wasn`t singing

- Last night I was not practicing basketball

- Last night I was not talking to my aunt

- Last night I wasn’t playing with my dog

- Last night I wasn’t dancing

Emely Meza



1. I was watching series at night

2. I was doing university´s homeworks at home

3. I was reading the bible yesterday

4. I was listening music at living room

5. I was visiting to my mother at night


1. I was not eating at street

2. I was not reading a magazine

3. I was not sharing with my friends at night

4. I was not walking in the park

5. I was not reading a newspaper

Part 3: Write your own text about the activities you will do on a three-day trip and send it in
the forum.

Fernando Bastidas

Trip to Spain

Next month I will go to Spain with my friends. We will visit 3 cities. We only stay 3 days. But
we have already thought about the itinerary and all the activities that we will undertake. We will
spend 1 day in each city.

We will stay in my house the day before to be all in time at the airport. Madrid is the first city, we
will visit. We will stay at a hotel in the centre. We will arrive in the morning so during the
afternoon we will know the centre of madrid and if we have time we going to visit "museo del

"El parque del buen retiro” is the place that we wil want visit. The next day in the morning we
will take the train to Valencia. The hotel that we will stay is near to malvarrosa beach. In the
afternoon we will drive across the city of the arts and sciences that will be wonderful. In the
evening we go to dance at a nightclub called MYA.
Barcelona is the last city, we will visit. Then will visit the beautiful cathedral and have a tour
guide to take us to get to know the rest of the city. We will go to the beach. Ending the afternoon
we will take the train back to Madrid for our return flight will depart in the evening.
Jonathan Andrés Rodas Vargas

On my next vacation I would love to trip to Ireland.

Holidays in Ireland!

The first day.

I will go to Ireland with my girlfriend on next year. We will arrive to Dublin in december,
there it will be Christmas, so the first day we will walk to downtown and we will look Christmas
decorations. Probably we will go on any irish bar after that, cause the beers from there are very
famous around the world!

The second day.

The next day we will go to the Cliffs of Insanity, there are cliffs amazing in Ireland, so we will
visit it. We will wear winter clothes, because it will be cold there in december. We will drink a
hot tea in any place near to cliffs. We will take many pictures there.
The third day.

The last day, we will visit one of Ireland's most popular tourist attractions is also one of the
most beautiful of the world. I am talking about Rock of Cashel, is like a big medieval castle. We
will go there and we will take a walk inside the castle. We will take many pictures there too.
Ireland is fantastic, I am sure that we will come back there!
Valeria Velandia

My next family vacation

My vacations will be in the month of August and in the company of my family. The
destination we chose for this year will be a tour of the south of the country that will last three
days. The first day will be a tour of the lagoon La Cocha, visit the island of Corota and end the
day with a tour of Ipiales.

During the second day there is a visit to the Tulcán cemetery, which is recognized for the art
of pruning, the artistic of the trees in the gardens and which is located in the neighboring country
of Ecuador during the morning and in the afternoon we will go to the Termales de "Aguas
On the third and last day of my family vacation, we will visit the Sanctuary of the Virgin of
Las Lajas, which is known as the nation's architectural and religious heritage. We will return
home will be at 2 in the afternoon to arrive at dawn the other day

Arlez Edilson Aguirre

Holidays in San Andres

In the next holidays I would like to go to San Andres Islands, to know about its tourists and
enjoy its beautiful beaches, as well as its gastronomy and Caribbean atmosphere.

The first day, I will stay in a hotel facing the sea, where I can wake up to the sound of the
The second day, I will go out to see the sea, I will walk along its beach, then I will go
shopping with my family, in the afternoon we will go on a tour of the island, and in the evening
we could go to a great party on the beach.

On the third day, I would visit a special place on the island and then travel back to my home to
share my wonderful experience on the island of San Andres.
Emely Meza

A trip full of fun, magic, culture, history, rest and love: our tours in Peru

On the next vacations, my husband and me will go to Peru, and we will know its places,
tourist, gastronomy and culture.

At the first day, my husband and me will visit Machu Picchu, “La Ciudad Pérdida de los
Incas”, we will take the bus to get to the place, and we will observe its landscapes in the middle
of the tour, once on the place, we can take many photos and we must visit “La Ciudad Pérdida”.

On the second day, we will visit “El Oasis de Huacachina, we would leave early to take the
bus from Lima to Ica, where we would take a taxi and then go to the Oasis, because it is located
about 5 kilometers from “La ciudad de Ica”, we will try the Pisco drink, we will walk by “La
ciudad de Ica”, and we can practice sandboarding, ride a buggy in the desert.
At the third and last day, my husband and me will visit “La Playa del Silencio”, after we will
stay in a hotel near the sea, to enjoy its waves, its gastronomy, its culture and to rest.
Part 4: Students must comment about the partners’contributions and make corrections if

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