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ABP News Network Ltd

It is to be informed that below candidates have been shortlisted for the opening of ‘Management Trainee’ in our organization.

Registration ABP
No. Bib no. Name Location DOB Course & year College
Bachelors in Management Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar College,
1516917 365 Anisha Vijaya Alwar 12-Jun-94 Studies - 2016 DU
Apoorva New
290 Wadhawan Delhi 28-Jan-96 BSc (Maths)2016 Miranda house, DU
New Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar College,
1518552 235 Parth Sathoo Delhi 5-Jul-95 Bcom-2016 DU

We will be connecting with these candidates individually to discuss further details on the salary offered and DOJ.

Thanks & Regards,

Sherine George