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ay. = +3 2 Cl co | lca validation wie cara anvil OHSAS 18001:2007 PT. LESTARI JAYA KENCANA LOKA JI. KH, Agus Salim No. 29 Yogyakarta D.l. Yogyakarta 55262 Indonesia has passed assessment for membership of ITCC International Limited OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Certification Scheme Scope of Activity: Constructions in Civil, Architecture, Mechanical and Electrical, Cleaning Service, Interior and Landscape Works including Procurement of Goods and Services Certificate Nia; 4144845 Certiioate Issued : February 16, 2016 Centifiate Expiry: Jenuary 14, 2019 1" Surveillance: February 15, 2047 2 Sunvelllanoe: February 15, 2018 Re-certification: January 14, 2019 Approved By ek le Oawid Marsden Managing DireckoriGe er i yf I tt La a wl ert hae we rR ‘ght tc: 0 lig Rowe, Mitt, MH ME