Anda di halaman 1dari 8

1. Purpose of Potassium permanganate in Truant Stain AuramineRhodamine.

a. Quench Background Stain

b. Secondary stain to CarbolFuchsin
c. Primary Stain
2. Picture of Tear Drop Cells . This indicates a deficiency of:
a. DNA
b. RNA
c. G6PD
d. Myeloperoxidase
3. Pic of Daming stomatocytes
a. Iron deficiency anemia
b. Sideroblastic anemia
c. Liver disease
d. Folate deficiency
4. Picture of madaming Echinocytes , as in puro Echinocytes and dalawang PMNs
a. Incorrect buffer
b. Improper pH of Stain
c. Overly Dried smear
d. Hemoglobinopath
5. Plasmodium Specie that has no Trophozoite and Merozoite in Peripheral Blood Smear.
a. P. Falciparum
b. P. Malariae
c. P. Ovale
d. P. knowlesi
6. Parang same question like this!
A CSF specimen was received in the lab with a previous History of 1:4 Positive Titer to
VDRL. No VDRL kit available. Medtech test the CSF in RPR result is NEGATIVE. What
should the Tech do?
a. Report RPR as Negative
b. Freeze the CSF and wait for VDRL kit
c. Call Physician and Request Cancellation
d. Repeat RPR but Inactivate CSF first
Parang same lang nng kay sir Choy kaso iba choices!
I chose B. kasi may nbasa ako na VDRL lng ang method for CSF. Tube 1 which is
for sero and chem freezing ang ginagawa db? Not so sure with this. Kayo na po
bhala mg analyze. 
7. 18% Reticulocyte were observed on a WRIGHT stained smear. What should you do
a. Report Retic Count
b. Heinz Body Stain
c. Siderocyte Stain
d. Di konaalamyungisang choice
8. 2 methods were compared …100 persons were tested
Positive ( out of 100) Negative (out of 100)
Method 1 50 100
Method 2 60 88
a. Method 1 is specific than 2
b. Method 1 is sensitive than 2
c. Method 1 is sensitive and specific than 2
d. Method 2 is sensitive and specific than 2
Same na same! Kinompte ko pa din. Hehehe

9. What is Blastoconida?
Yung may mother and daughter bud ang sagot 

10. Latex agglutination for Staph aureus….detects

a. Protein A and clumping Factor
b. Free Coagulase and something
c. Free Coagulase and something
d. Protein something

11. Lumabas din palasa akin ang Rapid slide for Legionella: urine antigen assay
12. Differentiation ng P. Aeruginosa and P. multocida: incubate at 42 C
13. Hair Baiting Test din Lumabaspala….T. metagrophytes and T. rubrum
14. Positive control for anti-c and negative control sa anti-Fya
15. Olive oil loving fungi- Malassezia furfur
16. Transudates are usually
a. Purulent
b. Has bacteria
c. Non inflamm
d. I Forgot

17. Description: Fusiform, Septate Macroconidia with Microconidia: Microsporum audonii

18. . What is dependent in HbA1c result
Decrease RBC life span
19. . PBS: Many Burr Cell
Px has uremia
20. Picture of madaming Echinocytes , as in puro Echinocytes and dalawang PMNs
A. Severe Anemia
B. Improper pH of Stain
C. Overly Dried smears
D. Hemoglobinopathy

21. Lab Results: Na: Low All other analytes is w/in normal range. What to do?
A. Measure indirect Na using ISE
B. Hemolyzed spx?
C. Lipemic?
Same question po pero parang ma iba sa choices. Sakin po may glucose sa

22. Erythropoeitin below normal level is seen with?

A. PV due to CHD
B. PV with ???
D. Aplastic anemia

23. In multichannel analyzer, controls of enzymatic assays are lower than expected values
while non-enzymatic assays controls are within normal limits. What is the probable
Outdated control reagent
Instrument temperature may be low
24. False decrease ESR in?
A. Tube at an angle
B. Vibration
C. 8 hr delay in set up
25. Specimen for rotavirus- STOOL
26. Patient shows sign and symptoms of toxicity but primidone level is normal? What analyte
to check next? Phenobarbital
27. Prolonged apnea, anesthesized by succinylcholine, the ezyme responsible for the rxn
5- nucleotidase

28. PBS: Clumping or RBC with two wbc

PCH, PNH, Mycoplasma infxn

29. Same Q's with different choices

PCH, Inc protein/ albumin in blood

30. Results consistent with Cushings Syndrome:

Hyperglycemia. Hypoglycemia
Hypercalcemia Hypocalcemia

31. Normal PTH, High Ca

Metastatic Carcinoma
Parathyroid hyperplasia?
32. Pink colonies in MAC, LOA -++ Indole Negative, Citrate Pos
Kleb pneumo LOA +--
Kleb oxytoca indole +
E. Cloacae
E. Aerogenes LOA ++-

33. CSF should be stored for subsequent culture at?

Incubate at 37 c
Room temp
Frozen at ??
34. Monocytosis is seen in:
Allergic reaction
35. Lab Results in a pediatric px: Normal WBC and Plt. Retics: 0.1% super baba
Aplastic Anemia
Fanconi's Anemia
Pure Red Cell Aplasia
36. Antibody Panel, Lewis Antibody is the offending antibody, it is characteristically?
Present at Birth( 6years to fully develop)
Destroy by Enzymes(enhance)
Adsorbed by Plasma
37. What test should be run in a px with obstructive jaundice with pancreatic masses?
CA 19-9

38. Patient has the ff results after collecting blood in a indwelling catheter. Patient is not in
heparin/ anticoag theraphy
APTT: abn PT: normal Fibrinogen: 150 mg/dl

What test should be order?

Factor XII assay
Fator VIII assay
Dilute russel viper venom
39. Speckled pattern – anti SBB anti RNP anti Sm

40. Antibody panel. Use polspecific. May reaction lng sa C3d wala sa IgG.

Hindi ko na po maremember ang other options. Prewarm and retest po and answer ko

41. Walking pneumonia- have no cell wall

42. What is urobilinogen?

A. Colorless product of bilirubin metab
B. Results in increase bile

43. Synovial too viscous and difficult to aspirate. What to be added in the specimen?

44. Sperm count performed ?

After liquefaction

45. Formula of Sensitivity?


46. Non hemolytic, non motile, catalase positive, hindi ko na maremember ng ibang results
A. B. antracis
B. Coryne jeikeum
C. E. rhusiopathiae
47. After several weeks of pharyngitis what can be found in kidney biopsy?
S. pyogenes

48. TSI A/A oxidase positive isolated in wound?

49. Decrease ratio of plasma:anticoagulant in sodim citrate w/ hct of 0.7 what should be
A. Dec anticoagulant
B. Inc anticoagulant
C. Collect in heparin
D. Report the result

50. A patient with procainamide should be tested in parallel with what drug?
A. Digoxin

51. Picture of tear drop cell? Myelofibrosis

52. Carbon dioxide ion selective electrode measure?

A. pCO2
B. total CO2
C. ph
53. pH- 7.22 pCO2- 35 h2Co3 10
A. metabolic acidosis
B. metabolic alkalosis
C. respiratory acidosis
D. respiratory alkalosis
54. pH measurement needs??
A. Ph with known buffer and H2Co3 known conc
B. 2 ph buffer
Nd ko nap o maalala ibng choices

55. Serum bili used to conform beers law with the absorbance of 0.5, serum bili shows 0.8
what to do nxt?
A. Calculate using the conc of standard
B. Compte with the factor
Hindi ko po alam kng tama pag kakacompose ko ng tanong basta ganan po ng
thought. Forgot other choices

56. Polycythemia vera mutation?

B. Bcl/BCR
C. JAk something
D. Rpp something nkalimtan ko. Hindi ko kc alam sagot hahaha

57. Heparin manganese is used in HDL determination to?

To precipitate non HDL

58. Hepatitis B marker that is predominantly seen in acute phase of infection but rarely seen
in chronic infection?
A. Anti-HBs
B. Anti-HBc IgM
C. Anti-HBc IgG ito sagot ko. Sa chronic ata to nkikita
D. Anti-HBe

59. Advantage of MALDI LOF MS in automated microbiology system?

A. No need to isolated org
B. Can amplify DNA something
C. Rapid sensitivity results
Not exactly ganan ang choices nd ko na maalala e sorry

60. CBC results: instrument A is repeated with the used of instrument B. Not sure of values.
The discrepancy is due of? May PBS din, nd ko alam shape ng Hgb C ka and ko alam
kng meron. Haha. May parang target cell pero nd malinaw
A. Lyse resistant target cells
B. Lyse sensitive target cells
C. Fragility of hgb C
D. Lyse Resistant hgb C
61. Deteriorates upon storage?
A. P
B. Lw
C. Lu
D. MNs

62. May values ng glucose, osmolarity, at lactate. At ph ng arterial blood, alin daw ang
specimen for lactic acidosis?? Puro values ang choices

63. Patient is in coma, alin daw ang possible na results ng sample nya? Values ng glucose,
ketones, osmolarity at lactate ang choices

64. A patient is suspected of DM, fasting glucose ay 137 tas 2hrs post prandial ay 225. what
to do nxt?

A. oGtt
B. no further testing need
an lang naalala ko choices

65. Sample of adrenal Cushing syndrome?

TSH decrease, cortisol increase
66. Sezary syndrome?
A. T cell deficiency
B. T cell lmphoproliferative

67. A patient is from west Africa. He is positive in the test of HIV 1 and HIV 2 combination.
Hiv 1 Western blot is perform – indeterminate, what to do nxt?
A. Repeat western blot
B. EIA in HIV 1
C. EIA in HIV 2

68. A donor is in aspirin medication, she is deferred in plateletpheris of how many hours?
A. SIX nd po nagana ang six na keypad ko haha
B. 12
C. 24
An lang ang choices walang 72hours

69. Who is deferred donor?

Hepa B vaccine several days ago
RH immunoglobulin six months ago

70. What is the test for AIDS?

CD4 count
71. Reference ranges is performed in a new methodology to?
A. To test instrument accuracy
B. To test instrument precision
C. To assess control ranges

72. Azotemia is increase in?

A. Bun
B. Crea
C. Ammonia
D. uRic acid
73. Leukocyte esterase is 1+ but in microscopic exam no WBC seen. What is the cause?
A. Present of reducing agent
B. Lyse wbc
C. Bacteria acted in reagent strip
D. Present of ascorbic acid
74. Group A Lea+b- ano ang meron sa patient?
A, H, Lea
75. Intraoperative autologous blood stored in 1-5 c, how many hours it should administered?
A. Six
B. 12
C. 24

76. Meron pang question about unwaived testing. Nd ko maalala ung mismong question.
Hehe sorry

77. About Rubella, what to test to determine acute infection?

Ung may 2 weeks apart and igG ang sgot ko