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Office of the Chief Vigilance Officer 
Coal India Limited 
15,Park Street, Apeejay House,6th Floor  
  Kolkata – 700 016 
Website : www.vsc‐ 
Founder Patron Ref No: VSC, Kol/2015/Meeting Date: 09.04.2015
098490 28708
Shri Manoj Kumar The General Meeting of Vigilance Study Circle (Kolkata Chapter) held on 12th
CVO, Coal India Ltd. March 2015 at Conference Hall, Coal India Ltd. at 10, N.S. Road, Kolkata and attended
(033) 22263900, 22266165 by the following Members of the Study Circle:
Vice President
Dr. S K Kamila 1. Shri Manoj Kumar 2.Shri S. K. Kamila
CVO, HPC Ltd. 3. Shri Tapas Pal 4. Shri K. Davidson
(033) 22497361 5. Shri Gautam Bhattacharya 6.Shri P.C. Ojha
General Secretary
7. Shri K. Sudhakar 8. Shri S Ambastha
Shri Tapas Pal 9. Shri D.S. Mitra 10. Shri Anjan Das Gupta
CVO, Bridge & Roof Co. Ltd. 11. Shri Gautam Mandal 12.Shri Partha Dutta
(033) 2217 4045 13. Shri Arbind Prasad 14. Shri Tariq Ahmed
15. Shri S. Bandyopadhyay 16. Shri D. Chakravarti
Shri Hargovind Sachdev 17. R. Minima 18. M. Mukhpadhyay
CVO, UCO Bank 19. Sri V. K. Gupta 20.Shri Mukesh Gaur
9007586000 The Agenda items of the meeting were as under -
Advisors 1. Welcome of new members
Ms. Srabani Guha 2. Re-constitution of Executive Body
CVO, Hindustan Copper Ltd. 3. Programme/Activities to be organized in current year 2015
(033) 2283 2534 4. Discussion on recommendation of the Panel of Experts on Reforms in CPSEs-
Reg. Vigilance Management in PSEs.
Shri P K Sinha 5. The meeting was to be followed by a session/presentation of Sri V.
CVO, DVC Ramchandran EX.CTE, CVC on “Red Flags in Public Procurement”.
(033) 23553976
At the outset, Shri Manoj Kumar, President, (VSC Kolkata chapter) welcomed
Shri S K Choudhary
CVO, Kolkata Port Trust all the members. He deliberated on the Integrity Pact, its implementation, working of
(033) 22305608 IEMs etc. He welcomed the new CVO of Allahabad Bank Shri K. Davidson, Sri Tariq
Ahmed from Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd., Sri Gautam Mandal from GRSE Ltd., Sri
Sri Gautam Bhattacharya Arbind Prasad from CCL, Ranchi, Sri Rakesh Kumar, from Hindustan Copper Ltd. in
(033) 22861670 absentia, Sri Anjan Das Gupta from Tata Steel, Sri S K Gupta, Individual Member ,
SINF, Kolkata and other participants in the meeting. He then requested all the
Joint Secretary participants to introduce themselves.
Shri P C Ojha
Vice President (Vigilance) Shri Manoj Kumar requested the CVO Tata Steel to apprise the group about
Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd. techniques/methods being used by them in Private Sector to ensure robust Vigilance
(033) 22134703
mechanism. Sri P.C. Ojha told the house that the vigilance department of Private Sector
Additional Joint Secretary organizations has the authority to conduct raids on own self on the employees. Shri
Shri K. Sudhakar Manoj Kumar further deliberated that in the future VSC Meeting , presentation of
Senior Manager (Vig.),CIL Innovative work awarded during last VSC Anniversary may be presented by award
08902496572 winning CVOs.  
                                                                      (1)                                                             PTO.....     
Office of the Chief Vigilance Officer 
Coal India Limited 
15,Park Street, Apeejay House,6th Floor  
  Kolkata – 700 016 
Website : www.vsc‐ 
Founder Patron
Padmashri Then the next Agenda item of Re-constitution of Executive Body was taken up.
Dr S Subramanian,
The house by voice vote elected the following members in the Executive Body:
098490 28708
1. Sri K. Sudhakar, Sr. Manager, Vig. Coal India Ltd. elected as Joint Secretary
President 2. Sri V.K. Gupta, Staff Officer, Ordnance Factory Board, elected as Additional
Shri Manoj Kumar Joint Secretary
CVO, Coal India Ltd. 3. Sri Rakesh Kumar, CVO, Hindustan Copper Ltd. elected as Advisor
(033) 22263900, 22266165 4. Sri K. Davidson, CVO, Allahabad Bank, elected as Advisor
5. Sri Gautam Mondal, CVO, GRSE, elected as Advisor
Vice President
Dr. S K Kamila
CVO, HPC Ltd. Other existing office bearer will continue.
(033) 22497361
The house discussed about the need to sharpen skills of Vigilance Officers and it
General Secretary was decided to conduct a 2 days programme for Vigilance Officers for hard core vigilance
Shri Tapas Pal activities. Sri P.C. Ojha accepted to be the resource person for the programme.
CVO, Bridge & Roof Co. Ltd.
(033) 2217 4045
It was decided to organize session with Shri P Sinha, Ex.CVC and Compliance
Treasurer officer of Siemens in subsequent meetings.
Shri Hargovind Sachdev
CVO, UCO Bank The Agenda items at point no’s 4 could not be discussed because of paucity of
9007586000 time.

Advisors The meeting session was followed by a session/presentation of Sri V.

Ms. Srabani Guha Ramchandran EX.CTE, CVC on “Red Flags in Public Procurement”. The delibaerations
CVO, Hindustan Copper Ltd. by Shri V. Ramchandran were well received by the participants and different queries
(033) 2283 2534
raised by Shri SK Kamila, Shri Arbind Prasad, Sri Tarique Ahmed and others which were
Shri P K Sinha discussed by Sri Ramchandran.
(033) 23553976 Sri Manoj Kumar expressed thanks to Sri Ramchandran and other participants and
told the participants that any queries relating to Public Procurement may be discussed
Shri S K Choudhary with Sri Ramchandran after seeking suitable time whenever he is available in Kolkata.
CVO, Kolkata Port Trust
(033) 22305608

Sri Gautam Bhattacharya

(K. Sudhakar)
(033) 22861670 Joint Secretary (VSC - Kolkata Chapter)

Joint Secretary
Shri P C Ojha
Vice President (Vigilance)
Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd.
(033) 22134703

Additional Joint Secretary

Shri K. Sudhakar
Senior Manager (Vig.),CIL