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Képleírás a nyelvvizsgán - Easter


to prepare készülni

Easter húsvét

headband hajpánt

pot virágcserép

bunny nyuszi

flag zászló

Easter egg hunt húsvéti tojás keresés

delicious finom, ízletes

church templom, gyülekezet

resurrection feltámadás

cute aranyos

Christian keresztény

religious vallásos

church service istentisztelet

boiled egg főtt tojás

nest fészek

to hunt for keresni

to sprinkle meglocsolni

in exchange cserébe

Alapfok - B1
This is a nice photo of a family, a mother, a father, a little girl and a baby. They’re
painting eggs, they’re preparing for Easter. The girls are quite funny in their
bunny headbands. The table is full of nicely painted colourful Easter eggs. There are
beautiful spring flowers in colourful pots on a shelf behind the family. The walls are
decorated with paper bunnies and little flags. We celebrate Easter in spring, in March
or in April. It’s a holiday, when people don’t have to work and they can be together with
their family. The children get a lot of chocolate. The Easter Bunny hides chocolate
figures and small presents in the garden and children can go for an Easter egg hunt.
The weather is usually mild at Easter and you can wear light clothes. Families meet
and have a meal together, usually something special and delicious. Some families go
to church to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Easter is a happy holiday, people like
celebrating it.
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