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Best hr practices of Starbucks corp.

Job Analysis

To develop HR plan, HR managers that knowledgeable with jobs that Starbucks needs

performed. Information about a given job is organized by Starbucks through a job analysis to

identify the skills, task and responsibilities that are require as well as the abilities and knowledge

needed to perform it. The information collected for the job analysis use by managers through

preparing two documents:

Lists the duties and responsibilities of the position (job description)

Lists the qualification (knowledge ,skills) and abilities that need to perform the job (job

specification )

(“Job analysis”, 2006)

Training of Employee

Training is essential for organizational development and success. With proper training, an

employee will be more efficient and productive.

There are 4 training basics:

1.Training is given to new applicant. It teaches them with basic organizational knowledge. Such

as, goals, rules and regulations, vision and etc.

2. The existing employees are retaught to gather their knowledge.

3. If any change technology, training is given to handle with those changes.

4. Trainings are given when employees get promoted to share the responsibilities.

(“Training of Employees,” 2012).

Putting in systems to recruit, hire, and train baristas and store managers to accommodate with

fast growth. In screening candidates for new positions, Starbucks’ vice president for human

resources used some simple guidelines.

Every partner or barista hired for a retail job has to undergo intensive training before working.

The training class topics even include coffee history and customer service. Their workshop motto

is “Brewing the Perfect Cup.” Basic Starbucks retail skills are taught too. Barista are even taught
to satisfy customer special requirements.Everyone is trained and three guidelines for

interpersonal skills: (1) Increase self-esteem, (2) Always attentive and (3) Ask for assistance.

Trainees have to attend intensive classes. Their intensive training consists of knowledge of store

operations, procedures, supervising people.Qualification to be a trainee must have experience or

at least store managers. Part of their main objectives was to enforce the company’s values,

principles, and even knowledge of Starbucks history and coffee.

Before every retail Starbucks opens, they will start recruiting 8 to 10 weeks before opening. An

experience team will be sent to newly opened stores to train the employees. (“Starbucks

Hungary,” 2012).

Performance Appraisal

The process of assessing how well employees are doing their jobs. One of the ways Starbucks

tries to improve this is by improving the measures by using as many performance objectives

possible, which is the measure of performance that is easily and directly counted or quantified.

Compensation and welfare of the employees

Howard Schultz always thinks about his employees and partner. Different types of monitory and

non monitor benefits programs are introduced by him in order motivate the employees so they
can offer full to the Starbucks. Part time and full time staff are enjoying the benefits. A flexibly,

work-life balance, health insurance,vision insurance and dental is being offered to his employee.

He offered the elderly care program for their parents and company shares with the name of

‘BeanStock’ to employee. CUP Fund is a program that helps employees with financial support

during times of hardship or crisis and a Total Pay package which offers discretionary bonuses.

To motivate the employee these incentives were design so they can satisfy customer and

Starbucks. It also helps Starbucks to retain competent, high performing employees and high

employee satisfaction rate.Schultz’s rationale was that they will treat your customers well if you

treat your employees well.


Recruiting is the process of developing a pool of qualified job applicants. Starbucks recruitment

could be divided into two section which are Support Centre and Retail. At our support centre,

Starbucks market support centre, career opportunities span a wide range of functions and

departments. Departments include: finance, information technology, supply chain, marketing,

PR, human resources. On the other hand, for the retailing, Store Managers and assistant Store

Managers oversee the day-to-day operations of each Starbucks location. Store management

positions offer a great career experience for professionals with previous experience in retail

management, or for baristas who desire increased responsibility.

Selection of Employee

Employee Selection is essential as for hiring the right men. Effective selection is evaluated by

their skills and qualifications. Effective selection can only be done when requirement meets the

line. By picking best applicant for the job, the organization will get good performance of

employees. Moreover, there will be lesstruancy and employee turnover problems in organization.

By employing the right applicant, the company saves money and time. During selection

procedure,proper screening of candidates takes place, testing for the entire potential candidate

who applied for the given job (“Employee Selection Process,” 2012).

In order to differentiate Starbucks from competitors, Starbucksuses their employees for example

baristas to create the ‘Starbucks Experience’.”To have the right people hiring the right people.”

was Starbucks’ recruitment motto.

The aspects that Starbucks looks for in employees are like adaptability, reliability and the

capability ofteam working. Starbucks often specified the qualities that looked for in employees

upfront in its job positions, which allowed prospective employees to evaluate themselves to a

certain extent (“Starbucks’ Human Resource Management,” 2005).