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Marketing Plan

Group Members:
Aliza Aftab
Areeba Mustufa
Sumbul Jabeen
Muhammad Usama
Market Communication
Originally Introduced by

● In a campaign designed by

the Seoul branch of advertising
agency cheil, tesco homeplus supermarket
opened last fall a virtual grocery store in
a south Korea subway station, permitting
users to shop using their smartphones.
Product Description
● We deliver Quality Products ( Grocery, Cosmetic and Clothing) Conveniently to doorstep.
Product Review:
Competitors Review 

Daraz is an online store that provides
branded products for men and women
across clothing, footwear, apparel, jewelry
and accessories. Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. having an annual Revenue of 2M
will be one of the toughest competitor for
Our Product. Moreover is famous
for     E-Commerce, Fashion, Shopping. 
Imtiaz Super Market

● Imtiaz Super Market is the pioneer in

the retail industry of
Pakistan, providing an ultimate
shopping experience to its consumers.
Imtiaz will turn out as a tough
competitor, Since it has a high market
share in retailing Business.  Imtiaz is
quite dominant in last two decade
because of their affordable prices. To
compete with ISM, we must offer
competitive Prices.
Naheed Super Market

● Naheed Supermarket was started way

back in 1970 now it is the largest
family-owned grocery store
in Karachi and stocks an abundant
selection of local and international
products. The three-story superstore
features an extensive selection of
products including all types of food
items, fresh meat, produce, cosmetics,
baby clothing, kitchen appliances, a
dedicated perfume shop and so much
Alibaba Group

● Alibaba group the Chinese giant, and

Probably the biggest Online Shopping
store in the world. Alibaba is the most
popular destination for online shopping,
in the world's fastest growing
e-commerce market. Transactions on its
online sites totaled $248 billion last year,
more than those of eBay and combined. 
● Alibaba will be the toughest Competitor
for our product. According to a report,
Last Year Alibaba Group had a share of
40% in entire E-Commerce Industry of

● eBay deliver to Pakistan which means

you can get any kind of product shipped
to your desired address without the need
to going through the hassle of ordering
some alternates.
● Worldwide eBay is the third
Biggest E-commerce website
after Alibaba and Amazon, But in
Pakistan it isn't that famous Because
of Shipment and other constrains. So
eBay, isn't a tough competitor in
Distribution Review
SWOT Analysis
Distribution Channel

● Vertical Channel of Distribution

Product Strategies 
Marketing Mix

● Geographic Segmentation 
● Demographic Segmentation 
Behavioral Segmentation 
Psychographic Segmentation
With the prospect being profitable, there are few challenges
that we must address.


● Pakistan stands at the second largest in terms of e-commerce industry in South Asia with about $75 to $100
million currently.

● Pakistan e-commerce industry is expected to hit $1 billion mark in 2020.

● 82% of Pakistani urban made an online purchase, up by 6% from 2017.

● Males shop online more than females in Pakistan.

● Young adults shop more.
● Convenience, variety, trust, price, mode of payment all affect consumer preference for online shopping.
● Security and privacy also plays a huge role.
● Company reputation and favorable word of mouth positively affects consumer preferences
● Free deliveries, money-back guarantee, return and exchange policy and cash-on-delivery also encourage
customers to buy from an online platform.

● 85 per cent of online sales occur through COD. 


● Total male respondents = 40% and total female respondents = 60%.

● Majority of the responses were from the age bracket between18-25 and 32-45, including students
and professionals.
● Most of the people shop offline, occasionally or frequently whereas majority of people shop
occasionally online.
● 73.3% people consider time as a preventing factor of offline shopping and 60% of the people
preferred online shopping due to busy schedule.
● 66.7% of the people found it more convenient to shop through single application for various
products choices rather than switching on to different sites.
● 66.7% of the people found it more convenient to shop through single application for various products
choices rather than switching on to different sites.

● People still prefer the direct conduct with the product in offline shopping and consider it a more realistic
approach in online shopping as well.

● Daraz and Alibaba will face tough competition as majority of about 65.9% favours the scanning of the
product displays for a more valuable shopping.
Objective Tasks Dates

Design and specify app requirements. Mid-April

Search for appropriate app developers and Mid-April

take quotations.
Finalize an app developer. End-April

Follow-up with app developer to ensure April

satisfactory results.
Designing the display. Mid-April

Search manufacturers and taking quotations. Mid-April

VIRTUAL WALL DISPLAYS Select a manufacturer. Mid-April
Follow up with manufacturer. April

Receive the order. End of May

Search for suitable location. Start of May

Negotiate and reach agreement with the Start of May

Prepare warehouse for operations. End of May
Tasks Dates
Test app in a focused group and record feedback. June start

Incase of bugs in app, get it fixed from the developer. June start
Place wall displays in two test locations and observe the response. Mid June

In case of any issue with wall displays, get it fixed from supplier. Mid June

Search for feasible options. June start

Procure vehicles. June start

HIRING Hire required employees - drivers, deliverymen etc. June start

Roll out teaser advertisements on social media. Start of July

Install wall displays in decided locations. Start of July

Launch full scale on and off air marketing campaign. Mid of July

Inaugurate the setup in LuckyOne Mall in media and celebrity presence. 1st August

Sort received orders. August

OPERATIONS Package and dispatch orders. August

Follow up with a call to customer to enquire about their experience. August


Controls are procedures for monitoring business operations so as to take corrective actions where

● Cost Control

i. Implementation of budgetary control and standard costing.

● Sales control

i. Sales target

ii. Sales forecast

● Marketing control

i. Marketing budget

ii. Marketing return on investment


● Initial costs:
○ App development cost = Rs. 300,000
○ Display Cost = Rs. 490,000 (virtual display = 35 displays)
○ Warehouse facility cost = Rs. 66,000,00 ( Karachi Korangi industrial area = 2 lakh rent/month, Lahore industrial area =
1.5 lakh rent/month, Islamabad industrial area = 2 lakh rent/month)
○ Delivery fleet cost. = Rs. 57,000,000 (Targeting total 35 public places in three cities. Total JAC company mini delivery
vans required = 40)

● Running costs:
○ Wages = Rs. 25,000,000 (on spot attendants = 60, Drivers and delivery men = 80, call center attendants = 20)
○ Marketing and distribution expenses =  600,000,000 ( social and media – Rs, 100,000, TVCs = 50,000,000, billboards
e,00tc = Rs.10,000,000, Inaugural budget = Rs. 5,000,000)
○ Administration expenses = Rs. 10,000,000 ( CEO and manager’s salary, utility expenses)
○ Other Expenses = Rs. 30,000,00