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Global Botanical Extract Market

Market Segmentation
 By Application
 By Form
 By Source
 By Geography

Industry Overview:

Botanical extract is the plant-based products, all part of the plant is used like root, seeds, flowers,
leaves, and bark. Botanical extract is experiencing the fastest growth in nutraceuticals, foods,
beverages, cosmetics, agriculture and others. Botanical extract is trending owing to its beneficial
properties over synthetic or chemicals products. Botanical extract does not show any side effects as
found in other synthetic products of medicines and cosmetics.

Key Market Driver – Innovations Pharmaceutical products, and Cosmetic Industry.

Key Market Restraint – Limited sources and Stringent Government Regulations

Botanical extracts have major application in pharmaceutical industry , many beneficial pharmaceutical
products are manufactured by using botanical extracts. For instance, In 2018 Scientists from India
were working on bael and it is confirmed that the bael extracts neutralizes the cobra venom. The
cosmetic industry also innovating the products by using different botanical extracts, the companies like
Lipoid Kosmetik launching new cosmetic products which contain the botanical extracts for some flower
and leaves.

Limited source for the botanical extract is the major hindrance for the global botanical extract market
because it is not possible to provide enough amount due to limited availability of sources.

Stringent government regulations also hampering the botanical extract market, the manufacturer can
not release the product without approval from regulatory authorities. For approval, it requires large
data, clinical trials and testings.

Key Players Covered:

Some key companies that are present in the global botanical extract market are Synergy, Lipoid
Kosmetik, Bell Flavours and Fragrances, Naturex, BI Nutraceuticals, Inc., Martin Bauer Group,
Frutarom company, Ransom Naturals Ltd, Dohler GmbH, Nutra Green Biotechnology Co. Ltd., and

Segmentation of the Global Botanical extract Market

 Pharmaceuticals
 Food and Beverages
By Application
 Cosmetics
 Others
 Powder
By Form  Liquid
 Tablet
 Capsule

 Spice
 Herbs
By source  Flower
 Leaves
 Others
 North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico and Rest of North America)
 Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, U.K., and Rest of Europe)
By Geography  Asia Pacific (China, India, Japan, Australia, and Rest of Asia Pacific)
 South America (Brazil, Argentina, and Rest of South America)
 Middle East & Africa, (South Africa, UAE, and Rest of ME&A)

Food and beverage segment in leading the global botanical extracts, botanical extracts have many
beneficial properties like it impart colour to the food and enhances the flavour. Botanical extracts rich
content of vitamins, minerals which help to improve the health and boost the immune system. Owing
to these benefits application of botanical extract Incresed tremendously. For instance, the company
named Bell Flavours and Fragrances launched botanical extracts for food and beverage industries.

Cosmetics and pharmaceutical segments are showing swift growth in global botanical extract market
as increased awareness regarding the allopathic medicines as these medicines have many side
effects. The presence as antioxidant and anti-ageing property in botanical extracts make it useful in
skin care product to cure acne, dryness while in hair care products used for healthy hair growth and
anti-dandruff agent.

Regional Analysis:

North America is dominating the global botanical extract market; the U.S. is the top most country in
this market place as the Dohler the global producer, marketer, and provider of technology-driven
natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry
has acquired Teawolf, a leading manufacturer of botanical extracts and natural ingredients in the U.S.
which Increased the market of botanical extract in the U.S.

Europe followed by Asia Pacific showing swift growth in global botanical extract market due to raising
awareness about health benefits of botanical extracts as a medicine, food and beverages. Increased
cosmetic industries boosting the global botanical extract market. European consumers specially from
U.K., Germany, and France are seeking for alternatives to traditional sweetened soft drink beverages
and many botanical extracts are in trend.

Key Industry Developments

 In March 2019, The Martin Bauer Group announced the acquisition of BI Nutraceuticals, to create an extensive portfolio
of botanical ingredients and a versatile manufacturing hub servicing the U.S. Tea, Beverage, Food and Dietary
supplements industries.
 In August 2018, Bell Flavours & Fragrances EMEA launched a new range of botanical extract for chicken flavour.
 In June. 2018, Synergy Flavours, a global flavour expert has introduced a new range of natural water soluble botanical
extracts for the European beverage, dairy and savoury market.
 In March 2018, Lipoid Kosmetik a leading company of high quality botanical extract, launched a new cosmetic product
HerbaGlow NRG, it unites extract of capper flower buds, mulberry leaves and rose roots.
Key Research Objectives Key Insights

 Market size and growth rate by various segments  Regulatory scenario for key countries
at global and regional level for the 2015-2026
period, with 2018 as base year and 2019-2026 as  Supply chain analysis
forecast period
 Key mergers and acquisitions
 Market dynamics
o Market drivers  Key start-ups with their funding overview
o Market restraints
o Market trends  Product innovations and new product launches
o Market opportunities
 Competitive analysis
 Profiles of key companies operating in the market
 Technological developments shaping the market
 Key insights