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lusetim director Ra: a Purohit, “In absence of security officer, fecntivan tne } Ashok Tripathi, who isthe Hin- } di translator of Indian Muse. } tm. Moreover, Trpiathi will : ok after the security ms i the appointment of Asst. er - rity Officer” TOT has a copy of thearder fa Police, joined his office after a three day find that hisjob wasn: to overseeing the int of security, which hit. describedt work "Theouter kx th: which involves CCT toring, access it surveillance rityand£frisking Tripathi'srespor Das will nc of multitask (Group D stat In an earlier translator to now oversee museum security Phe: ipa Mandal WHO'S GUARDING THE TREASURE? ® linternal security 43 multi-tasking staffers who double ‘aS conservancy workers > External security | 52 personne! from hired security agency Clifford Indian Museum has 171 vacant posts. | don't have an officer for the job and the museum director has the | authority to designate a | Berson for any job he deems suitable for the person Purohit | van MUSEUM blateTOA A security personnel checks a visitor's ticket at Indian Museum t