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APRIL 12, 2019

VOL. LXXXVIII NO. 30 $1.00 88 2019


Meet the leaders of Orangeburg's
Orangetown Jewish Center: Rabbi Craig Scheff,
shown here, and Rabbi Paula Mack Drill

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Did foot-filled
interview cause
Page 3
Feiglin’s fizzle?
l Before Tuesday’s election in Israel, Moshe Feiglin was
said to be the wild card. Would his platform of mari-
juana legalization attract young voters who otherwise
might not vote for Zehut, a far-right party that seeks to
rebuild a Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount?
After the votes were counted, it seemed pretty clear
that he didn’t make it past the 3.25 percent electoral
threshold. One reason why: In one of the stranger end-
of-campaign public relations stunts in recent Israeli
political memory, Feiglin went on an online comic inter-
view show, during which he drank whisky, engaged in
mutual foot-slapping with the host, and ended with a
slow dance. which you stand is holy ground.”
While no actual policy proposals were discussed, The idea may have been a dig at the religious views
Host Dudu Bauchner hinted many times at Feiglin’s far- propounded by Feiglin, who has taken the view of many
right views, as well as his championing of the legaliza- religious-Zionists — that the founding of Israel is the be-
tion of cannabis. ginning of a messianic process — to a radical conclusion, NOSHES���������������������������������������������������������4
“My guest today is the guru of the stoned, who said saying openly that he supports the immediate construc- PASSOVER�������������������������������������������������� 18
that Nazism advanced Germany from a low point to a tion of a Third Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. BRIEFLY LOCAL��������������������������������������� 20
fantastic situation physically and ideologically — if that Once Feiglin’s shoes are off, Bauchner begins to mas- COVER STORY�������������������������������������������28
reminds you of anything, friends, then it’s only in your sage the politician’s feet. JEWISH WORLD���������������������������������������36
head, okay?” Bauchner says as he starts the interview Alluding to his libertarian outlook on the economy, OPINION����������������������������������������������������� 48
on his show, “Kablan Kolot,” which streams on Ynet. Feiglin jokes that “we still haven’t been elected, but HOME DESIGN������������������������������������������ 54
Bauchner then pretends to have an itch under his nose, we’re already taking advantage of the little guy” — at THE FRAZZLED HOUSEWIFE��������������56
and mimics Adolf Hitler’s mustache with his fingers while which point Bauchner starts biting Feiglin’s toes. CROSSWORD PUZZLE���������������������������56
carrying out a Nazi salute with his right arm as he pre- The video goes on for a long five and a half minutes, ARTS & CULTURE�������������������������������������57
tends to call for an assistant to bring him coffee. during which Feiglin repeatedly sips from a whisky CALENDAR�������������������������������������������������58
Feiglin smiles happily throughout the routine. glass, and concludes in a slow dance. Topics of discus- OBITUARIES���������������������������������������������� 60
The video then cuts to a later moment in the inter- sion range from the “effeminate” size of Feiglin’s feet CLASSIFIED ADS��������������������������������������62
view when Feiglin and Bauchner, now wearing a kaf- to the fact that Zehut’s ballot letter is the Hebrew letter REAL ESTATE���������������������������������������������65
fiyeh, each have a bare foot resting on the other’s knee, zayin, which also means penis.
and Feiglin proceeds to slap the bottom of Bauchner’s Feiglin drew fire for the video on Sunday, with Beza- PUBLISHER’S STATEMENT: (USPS 275-700 ISN 0021-6747)
is published weekly on Fridays with an additional edition
foot repeatedly, causing the comedian to yell, “Ow! You lel Smotrich, number two on the Union of Right-Wing every October, by the New Jersey Jewish Media Group, 1086
crazy people do it with all your hearts.” Parties slate, lambasting his rightist competitor as “not Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666. Periodicals postage paid
at Hackensack, NJ and additional offices. POSTMASTER:
“Listen, this is the extreme right here, the settlers, the right-wing and apparently not entirely sane.” Send address changes to New Jersey Jewish Media Group,
fascists,” Feiglin jokes in reply, slapping Bauchner’s foot “It’s not clear how, after this horror show, there’s a 1086 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666. Subscription price
is $30.00 per year. Out-of-state subscriptions are $45.00,
again with full force. “I’m getting out my aggression on single serious person, let alone a religious person, who Foreign countries subscriptions are $75.00.
kaffiyeh wearers.” can vote for this guy. Are you serious, Zehut voters?!” The appearance of an advertisement in The Jewish Standard
In between slaps, the two men massage each Smotrich railed in a statement carried by the right-wing does not constitute a kashrut endorsement. The publishing of
a paid political advertisement does not constitute an endorse-
other’s toes. Israel National News website. ment of any candidate political party or political position by
Bauchner then begins punching Feiglin’s feet, yelling, “This is the man you want representing you in the the newspaper or any employees.

“Leftist! Leftist! Extremist! Child murderer! Ow, you’re Knesset?! This is what leadership looks like?! This is tik- The Jewish Standard assumes no responsibility to return
unsolicited editorial or graphic materials. All rights in letters
killing me… Stop, you killed me.” kun olam bemalchut shadai?!” Smotrich added, refer- and unsolicited editorial, and graphic material will be treated
The video cuts to “five minutes earlier,” and shows ring to the Jewish prayer book’s call for “repairing the as unconditionally assigned for publication and copyright
purposes and subject to JEWISH STANDARD’s unrestricted
the beginning of the strange scene, when Bauchner world in the kingdom of God.” right to edit and to comment editorially. Nothing may be
suggests they remove their shoes, citing a biblical verse Initial election results showed that Smotrich’s party reprinted in whole or in part without written permission from
the publisher. © 2019
about Moses and the burning bush from Exodus 3:5: got five Knesset seats. Apparently, Israeli voters de-
“Remove your shoes from your feet for the place on cided to be serious. TIMES OF ISRAEL
ON THE COVER: Rabbi Craig Scheff

Meet the world’s oldest pro soccer player

of the Orangetown Jewish Center
beams with a young congregant
as she gets her first siddur at the
l Israeli septuagenarian Isaak Hayik is Despite losing 5-1 to Hapoel Ramat Solomon Schechter Day School of
the new Guinness World Record holder Yisrael in Israel’s semi-pro C-league, Westchester County.
for being the oldest active professional Hayik was ebullient after playing the
soccer player. entire 90-minute game, a requirement
Hayik, whose 74th birthday is com- for the record.
ing up, had sent a letter to the Guinness “The excitement was enormous. I
World Record office, but he was shocked came full circle in an unbelievable way,” Friday, April 12, 7:14 p.m.
when a Guinness official showed up at he said. “Today, grandchildren of the Shabbat ends:
last week’s game, when he stood in goal players who played with me 50 and 60 Saturday, April 13, 8:16 p.m.
for his team, Maccabi Ironi Or Yehuda. years ago are my teammates.”
“The funny thing is that when I turned Hayik, who was born in Iraq in 1945,
to Guinness to try to break the world re- moved to Israel when he was 5 and
cord, I wanted to be the oldest goalkeep- started playing for his team in the For convenient
er,” Hayik posted on his Facebook page. 1960s.
home delivery,
“I did not believe in my wildest dreams Hayik bumped out the previous re-
that the Guinness representative … would cord holder, Uruguayan soccer player call 201-837-8818 or
declare me not only as the oldest goalkeeper, but as Robert Carmona, who was 53 when he played for Club
the oldest active soccer player in the world.” Pan de Azúcar in October 2015. TIMES OF ISRAEL



Noshes “I value friendly relationships with groups

that fight for human rights and against the
violation of the rights of Palestinians.”
— Rabbi Dario Hunter wants to run for president on the Green
Party line. He was quoted by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency,
which details his background. He is “the son of an Iranian
Muslim father and a black Christian mother who first underwent
a Reform conversion to Judaism and later converted Orthodox.
Game of Thrones He was ordained by the nondenominational Jewish Spiritual
final season Leaders Institute, an online rabbinical school.”

This month’s KAYE, 54, and ANTON Reiner, screenwriter of duced by DAVID H.
top TV LESSER, 67. Kaye’s our 1963 venture, ‘The STEINBERG, 49, who
event will be character, Thoros of Thrill of it All.’” Day, has written and/or
the return of HBO’s Myr, a priest with the whose 97th birthday produced many
“Game of Thrones” for Brotherhood without was April 3, tweeted comedies.
its six-episode-long Banners, died fight- back, “Thank you for The co-stars include
eighth —and final! — ing the dead north of inviting me.” two people with odd
season on April 14. the Wall last season. Reiner is about to Jewish backgrounds:
GOT creators DAVID Lesser plays Qyburn, release a new book, Sean Astin, 48, and
BENIOFF and D. B. a learned man who called “Scrunched KALAMA EPSTEIN, 19.
WEISS, both 48, wrote is evil Queen Cersei’s Celebrity Photos Hand Epstein, who was born
many past season GOT Hand — her chief advi- Scrunched by Carl and raised in Hawaii,
episodes and they are sor and henchman. Miguel Sapochnik Paul Kaye Reiner.” Recent entries has a Jewish father. His
the credited writers for GOT is full of plot on his Twitter feed in- mother, who isn’t Jew-
all but the first episode lines in which charac- clude notes about his ish, has some native
of the final season. ters discover previ- daily schedule, which Hawaiian royal ances-
They also co-directed ously unknown par- includes watching tors. At least once,
the final episode. entage and/or family “Jeopardy” almost Epstein has referred to
MIGUEL SAPOCH- ties. Here are two real every night with MEL himself as “Jewish.”
NIK, 44, directed the ones: (1) David Benioff BROOKS, 92, and Astin, the son of
eighth season’s epi- was born David Fried- his three daily walks the late Patty Duke, is
sodes 3 and 5. Sapoch- man. He decided to — “walking through best known for play-
nik is an English Jew use Benioff, which is every room on the 2nd ing Samwise Gamgee
of Argentine Jewish his mother’s maiden floor of my house.” in “The Lord of the
ancestry. In the show’s name, as his pen name Rings” films. Sean
first seven seasons, because there al- Sounds like good long thought that Desi
he directed four GOT ready was a published Anton Lesser Kalama Epstein family fun Arnaz, Jr. or “Add-
episodes, including the author named David “No Good ams Family” star John
great “Hardhome” ep- Friedman. David Be- They met for the first an unknown Ashke- Nick,” a Astin, 89, who is his
isode in season 5 and nioff shares a mater- time three years ago. If nazi Jew with whom sitcom, adoptive father, was
the stupendous “Battle nal great-grandfather David had not chosen his grandmother starts on Netflix on his biological father.
of the Bastards” epi- with MARC BENIOFF, to use his mother’s apparently had an April 15. Nicole, aka Then, by chance, in
sode in season 6. (He 54, a mega-philan- maiden name, the two extramarital affair. For Nick, is a 13-year-old 1994, he learned that
won the Emmy for thropist and multi- Benioffs never would Martin, it must have girl who infiltrates a his mother was mar-
best director for that billionaire who is the have connected. (2) been a case of his life family with the ried to MICHAEL TELL,
one.) His wife of 13 CEO of Salesforce, a George R. R. Martin, imitating his art. intention of getting now 70ish, for 13 days
years is actress ALEX- software company. the author of the GOT revenge on them in 1970. DNA tests re-
IS RABEN, 38, a Rus- This past year Marc novels, was on the Old folks cute because they uninten- vealed that Tell was his
sian Jew who grew up bought Time maga- PBS ancestry series On March tionally ruined her life. biological father. Tell
in America. She now zine. These two over- “Finding Your Roots” 29, CARL As she gets to know and Sean Astin hit it off
has a recurring role as achievers, who both this season. He didn’t REINER, 97, and like them, howev- and are on good terms.
Rhom on the SyFy ca- are practicing Jews, know he had any Jew- tweeted this to Doris er, she struggles with Tell inherited the Las
ble series “Krypton.” became aware of each ish ancestry until DNA Day: “Congratulations whether she’ll go Vegas Jewish paper
The two Jewish other and their family tests the program ran on joining us 97-year- through with her plan. from his parents and
actors in the GOT cast ties after they both revealed that his pa- old show folk.” He The series was co-cre- was its publisher until
I know of are PAUL became quite famous. ternal grandfather was signed his tweet: “Carl ated by, and is pro- 2009. –N.B.

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Sinai teacher Ilana Picker and Michael Dworkis,

The circle of mitzvot JFCS’s aid and advocacy coordinator, stand with
Sinai students in the JFCS food pantry. SINAI SCHOOLS

Sinai at Maayanot students make snack packs

for JFCS’s food pantry through JFNNJ program
JOANNE PALMER (but like the Sinai boys at the Torah projects, one-off opportunities to,

Academy of Bergen County and Heichal among other things, assemble kits of
t feels really good to be able to HaTorah in Teaneck) are not likely to be necessities for homeless or underpriv-
give. mainstreamed into college. It’s all about ileged families or children.
That’s true for everyone, but it’s It gave the girls a chance to develop Ilana Picker is a head teacher at Sinai
particularly true for people who and incorporate many of the academic relationships at Maayanot; when she was asked to run
often are given things. Giving back might
be a cliché, but not everyone can do it.
and life skills that they’re taught. It gave
them a chance to feel empowered — no,
and learning a pop-up mitzvah day program at her
own shul, she said yes enthusiastically.
That’s one of the reasons why the stu- actually to be empowered — and to help and being with Then, when she thought about it more,
dents who make up the Sinai School’s
program at Maayanot Yeshiva High
others as others so often help them. It
gave them a chance to connect with the
new people she realized that “our Sinai students also
can do this.”
School for Girls were so happy to be able community in the circle of giving and and being And it wasn’t only that they could do
to create and run a drive to give snack
packs to kids using the food pantry run
getting, providing and being provided
with, that defines any living community.
out in the a few rote tasks for someone else’s proj-
ect. Instead, they could run their own.
by the Jewish Family and Children’s And it also made them happy — and community. Its scale, schedule, and simplicity made
Services of Northern New Jersey. JFCS there is something about the happi- it possible. It would fit in perfectly with
is an agency of the Jewish Federation ness of a group of teenagers who don’t The Sinai girls’ project began as part the school’s educational model.
of Northern New Jersey, and it was the feel the need to cloak that happiness at of the Jewish Federation of Northern “I wanted to let our Sinai students
federation that ran the program through being able to give with the sullen glower New Jersey’s March Mitzvah Madness; become the drivers of the project,” Ms.
which the girls made the packs. so typical of their more neurotypical the federation adopted March 2019 as Picker said.
Sinai’s students have a range of special peers. In this case, their relative lack of a “month-long community-wide cam- Once she and the school’s director,
needs; the girls at Maayanot, unlike their sophistication allows them a great deal paign devoted to doing good deeds.” Sima Kelner, agreed to try a pop-up proj-
peers at Sinai’s school at the Rae Kush- of non-ironic pleasure in the chance to Those good deeds included what the ect, “the girls had to decide what we
ner Yeshiva High School in Livingston help others. federation called pop-up mitzvah SEE FOOD PANTRY PAGE 8

Kosher for Passover

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Food pantry
were going to do and to decide how to get
the word out about it,” Ms. Picker continued.
“We knew that we were going to put together
snack packs. We knew it was for children
who needed snacks for the weekend, for
children whose parents couldn’t afford it,
so we had to make sure that the snacks were
healthy. So we brainstormed what we could
collect, and we started to work.
“The items weren’t random. They had to
be healthy, and to fit in a zip-lock gallon bag.
“Each student had her own focus. Some
decorated the four boxes we used for the
collection. Some emailed their lunch bud-
dies” — Sinai at Maayanot students are paired
with Maayanot students, and relationships
between them develop and are nurtured. “We
decided that in a two-week period, we were Devra Karger, JFNNJ’s director of princi-
going to collect the four items we chose.” pal gifts, with a Sinai student at the JFCS The JFCS’ CEO, Susan Greenbaum, tells the Sinai students what her
The publicity campaign for the snack office. agency does.
pack collection at Maayanot demanded that
some Sinai students speak about it publicly, by making “One of the students read the labels and said, ‘Huh.
announcements to the whole school, both in the morn- Some of the people they serve here don’t keep kosher,’”
ing and at lunch. “You have to plan and practice for Ms. Picker said. “Another asked if we could come and
that,” Ms. Picker said. “They have to practice speaking stock the shelves, and they said that would be wonder-
clearly and slowly. Nothing happens quickly with our ful, and that opens another door for us. Our students’
students, and nothing happens easily. It takes a lot of worlds are small, and we keep trying to use different
rehearsing.” angles to expand them.
Students also drew posters about the collection. “People say, oh our poor students, poor Sinai stu-
After the food was collected, the girls packed it, dents, but we are able and we are smart enough and
assembly-line style, using yet more of the skills that we have enough gumption and confidence and all those
Sinai teaches them. good things that we can use to make the world a better
The lessons the girls learned from the program place,” Ms. Picker said. “It’s all about relationships and
included “counting, sorting, chesed, and teamwork,” learning and being with new people and being out in
Ms. Picker said. “Also planning, initiating, and following the community. It just has so many components, and
through. Making the posters involved fine motor skills. with this project, everything just came together.”
Those are all skills we teach.” Devra Karger was greatly moved by the Sinai girls.
Partway through the collection period, Devra Karger, She felt a very real connection with the girls when she
the federation’s director of principal gifts, came to talk first met them at school, and when she saw them again
to the girls, to explain where the snacks would go, and at JFCS she was astonished and deeply touched by their
to answer the girls’ questions. clearly very real joy at seeing her again. And then she
“She was so lovely, and she had such a real con- got a “beautiful thank-you letter from Ilana,” she said. “I
nection with the girls,” Ms. Picker said. “One of the was just blown away. I have gotten many letters, but not
girls asked her if they could deliver the bags, and her like this one. And these young women are so amazing.
response was, ‘Let me see what I can do.’” Sinai at Ma’ayanot’s director, Sima Kelner, helps a “Usually I bring people to see things like this, so they
The girls emailed thank you notes to her. “Emailing student read a JFCS brochure. can see the impact of their gifts. But this was so very
is not an easy task for our students,” Ms. Picker said. beautiful and special to me.” Although there was much
“Even before you start, it’s opening your computer, “They are grateful, and what you see is what you get enthusiastic participation in the pop-up programs,
remembering your password. It takes a lot of planning with our students,” Ms. Picker added. “They are not “nobody was into it the way these girls were into it,” she
and motor skills. It’s hard both physically and cogni- sophisticated enough to have an agenda.” Their joy said. “And Sima and Ilana make everything come alive.
tively, and it’s very time consuming.” When they were shines through. “It warms my heart that the girls were able to make
done, though, the girls had written emails that dis- So the next step was going to JFCS’s Teaneck offices, a connection with the community. People with spe-
played their work, and their pride in that work. where they also could ask questions about what would cial needs often aren’t part of the community. These
“After our students, who usually are on the receiving happen to the snack packs. “We had another brain- girls are.”
end, were able to feel that they were givers, they were storming session,” Ms. Picker said. “Our students don’t Susan Greenbaum is the CEO of the JFCS. She talked
saying, ‘Hey, we can do things that serve the community.’ do so well with improvising, and we want to eliminate to the girls that morning as they listened to her intently.
And Devra wrote back to each student, thanking them. as much stress as possible.” So the girls discussed the She found their reaction to the project moving but not
“And then Devra wrote back to me, saying that we questions they would ask, and rehearsed asking them. surprising. She sees it often, in a wide range of people,
could deliver the snacks to the food pantry at JFCS. And Last Thursday, the Maayanot girls, Ms. Kelner, Ms. she said. “That is what makes our work such a privilege.
when I told the students, they were over the moon.” Picker, and two other teachers took two vans across At the end of every day, we know that people’s lives
Part of that was joy because they could see where Teaneck to the JCFS’s offices. There, the girls met with have been improved in some significant way. And this
the work of their hands was going next. Another part Ms. Karger again, asked their questions, and then went interaction was what I like to call the circle of mitzvot —
of it was meeting Ms. Karger, who told them that they’d to the food pantry. everybody doing something for somebody.
see her again; she’d be at the food pantry. “Their world “We like to keep things as concrete as possible,” Ms. “Regardless of how vulnerable you are, there is
is small,” Ms. Picker said. “When a new person comes Picker said. When the girls actually saw the food on the always someone more vulnerable, or someone whose
into it, it’s a huge deal.” shelves in the pantry, it made sense. The food wasn’t life you can affect in a positive way,” she continued. “We
“Our students are very open to relationships,” Ms. going to some abstract place. It was going to this room, are blessed to be both the conveners and the observers
Kelner said. “They could connect with her easily.” and then to real kids. of these circles of mitzvot all over the community.”

E llm nr ent

ol De
l T ad
O line
D :M
AY ay
! 1st
Isaac M. ’17
Greystone & Co.

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Yeshiva University, you become part of YU’s
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Alumni Affairs provide students access to
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Jewish Standard APRIL 12, 2019 9



Turning tragedy into art

Local artist’s work on display across the county

he despair of dark shadows. Feeble light from
a flickering lamp. The sudden urge to run
away. Who can know what goes through a
young girl’s mind as she watches her father
glued to the radio in anguish listening to reports of his
immediate family and friends being led into the intern-
ment camps by the Nazis?


The young girl was Rose Hertzberg. She was safely at
home in Paterson. Her father, Joe Kalmowitz, an immi-
grant, knew there was nothing that he could do to help.
And the insight into what she was thinking comes from
her son, George D. H. Hertzberg, who grew up in Ramsey
and lives in Norwood.
A not-so-distant memory, that powerful image would
inform the Holocaust works of the artist Rose Hertz-
berg. Those pieces, created throughout the 1960s, are
on display at the Kaplen JCC in Tenafly until the end
of April.
In sharp contrast to the world of European Jews her
age, the future seemed both bright and predictable for Women and Children to the Left
young Rose Kalmowitz, her son recalls. As a teenager, she
studied painting with her uncle Abram Champanier, who
was a WPA artist and an illustrator who went on to create
children’s wallpaper for Walt Disney. Abe also was friends
with Japanese artist Yasuo Kuniyoshi so for a time Rose
studied with Kuniyoshi as well as with her uncle.
She won first place in most art contests that she chose
to enter — a path that eventually led to a full art scholar-
ship, putting Rose on the fast track to success.
But hold on. Not so fast. This is the point where Rose’s
story, already a very Jewish one, morphs into the story
of a woman’s struggle to live her life on her own terms.
Rose’s controlling mother, Pauline, refused to let her
follow through with her education. Period. End of story.
In fact, her son does not even know the name of the
school where she had gotten the scholarship. “The boys
can go to college, but girls must stay home and help take
care of the store,” her mother said. That’s the way things Street Scene
were done in those days. Rose’s dream of becoming an
artist came to a halt.
Rose married her first husband, Irving Harelick, in the
late 1930s. Like her mother, he had a very controlling Mother and Child
personality. He did not want her spending time with her
uncle and his artist friends in Woodstock, Greenwich Vil- American abstract expressionism, in the late 1950s, that Foot surgery and later open-heart valve-replace-
lage, or God help us, Provincetown. He wanted dinner on she acquired her special understanding of the discipline. ment surgery when she was 81 limited her ability
the table, not paint on the palette. That wasn’t unusual She made art in a dazzling array of styles and media, to stand for long periods. Her drive to express and
behavior in a husband at that time, so Rose went along usually by choice but at times by chance. In the late create led her to figure out how to explore new direc-
with it. Eventually, she recognized that this was not a 1960s, advanced arthritis and an arm injury made it tions in materials, media, and style, developing her
good marriage, so even though it was rare at the time, impossible for her to hold a brush at an upright easel, new technique of paper collage, art made out of
she left her husband. They divorced in 1939. so she laid huge canvases horizontally across saw- paper itself — all while sitting down.
In 1946 Rose married Walter Hertzberg. Walter was a horses, pointing her brush downward and allowing In her paper collages, abstract shapes in carefully
really nice guy. When Rose came to him one day and said, the paint to pool on the flat canvas in thick layers. The torn, sometimes cut, colored and painted papers were
“I want to be an artist,” he said, “Fine. Go find the best result was a striking, unique style of abstraction, with imposed upon each other to provide an illusion of
art instructor you can, and I’ll pay for it.” That resulted in depth and iridescent effects. depth as well as subtle and bold contrast of color and
the creation of over 4,000 works, some in private collec- Later, when her arm healed, she challenged herself form. Later Rose chose to make her own handmade,
tions, museums, and galleries worldwide. Some are in the to create art without color, line, or shades of gray, poured or screened pulp paper.
Montclair Art Museum, and some are in the Smithsonian. producing stark white-on-white reliefs, three-dimen- Rose loved found objects. Over the years, she would
Rose always had a talent for drawing and painting. In sional multimedia gessoes. She was only 4 feet, 9 find an interesting piece of driftwood on the beach — and
the late 1940s, she studied with the pioneering post-im- inches tall, and some of the works were taller than she’d use it. She produced a variety of effects from famil-
pressionist painter Ben Benn. She came to abstrac- she was. Her small size did not deter her from mak- iar and abstract sculpted forms, creating sheets incorpo-
tion at the Art Students’ League, but it was through ing prints in a wide variety of sizes, using a press that rating dried plants and other objects found in nature as
her private studies with Hans Hofmann, the dean of would have daunted a weightlifter. well as man-made textiles and materials. These pioneering

Local We protect your family

with passion and compassion.
Steven Morey Greenberg, Esq.
Greenberg & Lanz, LLC
Attorneys in Contested Probate/Estate
Matters and Contested Guardianships
low-relief constructions opened new vistas in collage.
She continued to pursue printmaking, pastel, water-
color, and ceramic sculpture. Rose often made works Please phone us for a free consultation
in a series of 10 to 15 pieces, varying a common theme
and common materials. In her final years, she spent
regarding these matters
most of her time with collage, furthering her work in
poured paper. Two University Plaza · Hackensack, NJ 07601
Walter and Rose lived in Ramsey, and Rose was
active both socially and professionally. The Hertzbergs
Phone: (201) 487-7755 · Fax: (201) 487-0087
were among the founders of the Ramsey Synagogue. ·
She taught art in her home studio for years and was
a founding member of the New Jersey Modern Art-
ists’ Guild. She also was a member of other important
artists associations. She was very proud of her mem-
bership in ALTRUSA, the professional women’s ser-
vice group.
Knowing how difficult life can be for a female artist,
Rose created the “Women in the Arts” organization now
run by Fran Hertzberg, her daughter-in-law. The two
requirements for membership are being an artist and a
woman. If you or someone you know would like more
information, email Fran at
Knowing Rose’s journey as an artist and Jewish
woman can give you an appreciation for her work and
a window into understanding it.
Rose Hertzberg’s Holocaust exhibit is up at the Kaplen
JCC in Tenafly through April 30. There is a one woman
show of her work at the Johnson Public Library in Hack-
ensack through April 25. Two works are at the Pine
Library in Fair Lawn through April 30. Two paintings are
on display at HackensackPAC through June 3.

As we celebrate our freedom this Passover holiday, please consider a

gift that will make Israel stronger too.
Israel’s emergency medical services organization, Magen David Adom
is the official disaster-response, ambulance, and blood-services agency
for the nation’s more than 8.8 million people.
Save a life in Israel this Passover with a gift to support Magen David Adom.
Donate on or call 866.632.2763.

Saving lives. It’s in our blood – and in yours too.

In the Chamber


Modeling unity to combat hatred

Local students see community come together

o combat the increasing man-
ifestations of hatred in our
country — and, sadly, in our
own community — we must be
both creative and proactive. We also must
model the unity we are looking to create.
With that in mind, Michael Cohen of
Englewood, the Simon Wiesenthal Cen-
ter’s eastern region director, approached
leaders of the Englewood school system
and the wider community, suggesting that
they plan an event spotlighting the issue.
Mr. Cohen, who is an Englewood city
councilman, said that “one of the core
missions of the Wiesenthal Center is
to combat hate and to build tolerance
among communities.” In the wake of an
anti-Semitic and racist incident at the
Dwight Englewood School in March, “I
recognized that we had a unique oppor- Some students and speakers stand together, both literally and metaphorically.  SIMON WIESENTHAL CENTER
tunity — due to our relationships with sev-
eral speakers — to create a program that worked to bring together a host of play- went with the mindset that there would
would bring together various parts of the ers who would demonstrate not only be an interesting dialogue between two
Englewood and Bergen County commu- their commitment to combating hate people of such differing backgrounds. I
nities to teach the next generation that we and preparing the next generation, but believed that I could learn, just from lis-
need to work together.” also show the high-schoolers a message tening to what they had to say.”
The program, held March 26, brought of unity,” Mr. Cohen said. “As the adage As it happens, he did learn quite a
together more than 100 high school says, ‘show, don’t tell.’” bit. “I learned that … in order to combat
juniors and seniors from both the Engle- The Wiesenthal Center partners fre- racism, anti-Semitism, and all hate, one
wood public school system and the quently with the NAACP and the Urban needs to have love in their heart. If one
Frisch School in Paramus at a commu- League, Mr. Cohen added. When he began goes in with preconceived notions, there
nity event co-sponsored by the Simon to put the program together, he reached will be no chance to grow, and to under-
Wiesenthal Center, the Bergen County out to Sheriff Cureton, a past president of stand others. Additionally, I learned that
NAACP, the Bergen County National the Bergen County NAACP, “because we even today there is segregation within
Urban League, and Bergen County Sher- have a good relationship and have tried to our public school system, and that Ber-
iff Anthony Cureton. work together on these issues for years. gen County — and New Jersey as a whole
The day included “two incredible I’m always impressed by him. — has one of the most segregated school
speakers, addressing anti-Semitism “When we had the incidents of systems in the nation.”
and racism from the vantage point of anti-Semitism in Mahwah, he was then Such meetings are important, he said.
unquestionable credibility,” Mr. Cohen president of the NAACP of Bergen Andy Katz “I think it was an important gathering,
said. One of them was TM Garret, who County. On his own accord, he reached in the sense that it brought together the
had been a member and then a leader out. When I said, why don’t you come to “encouraged these students to speak up Bergen County community as a whole. I
of white supremacist and KKK-affiliated a Mahwah council meeting, he came to and speak out against hatred and bigotry.” would encourage more events of a simi-
groups in Germany; he left these move- the next meeting with two of his exec- Mr. Cohen said he runs a variety of lar nature, and recommend that others
ments and founded C.H.A.N.G.E, a non- utive board members. He observed it, programs for local schools. “Last year attend. The event really highlighted the
profit Memphis-based organization that said he was disgusted by what he heard, we had a program on combating digital situation in our public schools.
engages communities in anti-racist and and spoke up as well. hate, where we taught junior high and “Each of the speakers spoke from the
anti-violence campaigns. “He had the courage to do that and high school kids how to identify and be heart,” he continued. “They explained
Dwania Kyles joined Mr. Garret as a the foresight to reach out across com- active in eradicating hate speech, bully- how they came to this point, and what
speaker. She is an original member of munal lines. We’re lucky to have him as ing, and terrorist speech on social media they hoped for the future. Each one had
the Memphis 13, the group of first-grade our sheriff.” and gaming systems. We had one with their own flair, and in a sense, form of
students who integrated the Memphis For his part, Sheriff Cureton said it was Frisch tenth graders and one with Mori- inspiration. They were charismatic and
school system in 1961, after the Brown “critical” that the March 26 program was ah’s seventh grade. We were supposed moving. I would not call them inspira-
vs. Board of Education Supreme Court co-sponsored by such a variety of organi- to go to the Englewood public schools, tional but I would call them eye-open-
decision. According to Mr. Cohen, Ms. zations, providing a model of unity for the but there was a snowstorm. We also ing. They allowed me to see different
Kyles’ family was known to be closely students. “The speakers were phenome- held a big conference with a host of high points of view of the world that I had
associated with Dr. Martin Luther nal,” he added. “The students had a lot school regional leaders” to help them never thought about before.
King Jr, and the civil rights leader was of questions.” He noted, however, that when they get to college. “It was extremely valuable to see the
expected at the family’s home for dinner it is important for the discussion to con- Frisch senior Andy Katz of New different groups coming together. Seeing
on the evening that he was assassinated. tinue. “We need to be more proactive,” he Rochelle, N.Y., who volunteered to the community join together to combat
“Once the speakers agreed to come, said. “Discussions such as this should be attend the program, said “Although I hate is what we need. The only way to
which they did instantaneously, we regular.” He said he hopes the gathering wasn’t expecting anything specific, I defeat our problems is to work together.”



AIPAC is not just about politics

It’s also about connections, memories, and hope

eople come to AIPAC to show their support
for a strong U.S.-Israel relationship. And they
come to express their concerns about issues
that affect Jews and their connection to Israel.
Surrounded by thousands of Jews and friends,
AIPAC’s voices are loud and clear. Attendees listen to
global leaders, senators, representatives, both Jewish
and non-Jewish, as they tell their stories and talk about
things that make the audience stand up and applaud.
A great feeling washes over the AIPAC supporters and
they walk away with hope; just like the words we sing
in the Israeli national anthem.
But that is not all AIPAC is about. Left, Simone Wilker’s nursery school in Savannah in 1949. She’s blonde, front and center, and
For me it is about making connections. It is about hug- Murray Jacobson is in the second row from the bottom, sixth from left, in a striped shirt. Right,
ging and kissing your cousin from St. Louis whom you Simone’s at the right, standing with Bayla and Murray Jacobson.
haven’t seen since last year’s conference. It is about meet-
ing up with that friend who moved away to Florida. It is For me, the highlight of last month’s AIPAC confer- integrated, one with the other. Among the boys in this
about seeing your young cousin who is now a dentist in ence was seeing one particular old dear friend. school was one Murray Jacobson.
Baltimore and has three little children. It is seeing your I grew up in Savannah, Ga., and went to the B.B. After nursery school, a few of us went on to the first
children’s Solomon Schechter Day School principal after (as in Bnai Brith) Jacob Nursery School for two years, and second grade together; still at this same B.B. Jacob
so many years. It is about recognizing your old rabbi, who from when I was 3 till I was 4. We were a very tight- Hebrew Day School. There was no kindergarten at that
moved on to another congregation in another state. knit Jewish community, and all of our lives were SEE AIPAC PAGE 64

Happy Passover
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247 DeGraw Avenue, Teaneck

201-530-WINE (9463)
Sun 12-8 pm • Mon-Sat 10 am-10 pm




Sin, failure, and the Haggadah

NCSY’s director of education, Rabbi David Bashevkin of Teaneck, publishes two books
LARRY YUDELSON Rabbi Bashevkin’s writing on sin

is influenced by Rabbi Zadok, but “I
abbi David Bashevkin of tried to filter it and give context to his
Teaneck has been rejected ideas in the larger drama of Jewish and
from several prestigious fel- non-Jewish thought. My audience is not
lowships and awards. That, chasidic and not living in the 1800s. If
at least, is the claim on the back cover the book is a grand drama, Rabbi Zadok
of his new book, “Sin•a•gogue: Sin and has a very central role. But the ulti-
Failure in Jewish Thought.” mate actor is the reader, who I hope to
On a more positive note, Rabbi beckon to come onto the stage itself.”
Bashevkin, 34, is director of educa- Rabbi Bashevkin did not write
tion for NCSY, the Orthodox Union’s Sin•o•gogue for an NCSY audience.
youth movement. And in that capac- “It’s not an NCSY book,” he said.
ity, he has a second book out this sea- Nonetheless, “tangentially it’s
son: “Just One,” a Haggadah published related” to his educational work.
by NCSY. “NCSY tries to create an aspirational
And behind both books is a seem- vision for teenagers about what their
ingly unorthodox origin story for a Rabbi David Bashevkin Judaism can become. Part of the pro-
man who grew up in a “right wing mod- cess as you develop religiously is you
ern Orthodox” home in Long Island’s look at your own past and your own
Five Towns, surrounded by books. His future and the gap between what you
father is an oncologist and his mother want your religious life to become and
a writer. But he was bitten by the writ-
ing bug as a child when his letters were
I wanted a where it is now. This is a book about
negotiating between your aspirations
published in Wizard, a glossy magazine Haggadah that and your present self.”
that covered comic books and other
pop culture.
is something Rabbi Bashevkin’s aspirations for
his Haggadah were simple, even if the
You can see the influence of Wizard visually graphic design is not. “I wanted a Hag-
in his Haggadah, which features a fre-
netic graphic layout as it focuses one
resonant with gadah that is something visually reso-
nant with simplicity and sophisticated
central idea for each passage of the simplicity and ideas,” he said. If one end of the Hagga-
Haggadah. And perhaps you can get
a glimpse of the origins of his inter-
sophisticated dah spectrum is “long-winded intricate
commentaries where you have to turn
est in sin and failure when you start ideas. eight pages to get through Kiddush,”
talking about the poster of Batman in and the other is Haggadahs where the
his office. “You can judge a character focus is on the art, Rabbi Bashevkin
by his enemies,” Rabbi Bashevkin said. “He was a very modern thinker thinks he found a middle ground in his
“Batman has the best enemies.” involved in the chasidic world,” Rabbi “Just One Haggadah.” Just one, because
Which leads to the question of Bashevkin said. “His life was marked he tries to bring just one idea for each
his book. by a lot of failure. He had a marriage two-page spread.
Is sin a good thing? that fell apart. He never had children, “I wanted to distill them down to
“I don’t look at sin as a good thing or which weighed on him tremendously. their essential idea. It doesn’t weigh
a bad thing. Sin is a reality that’s part of “The theme underlying his books the reader down with a lot of rabbis
the world. Understanding sin is a good was how failure emerges from expe- and Gemara. The Haggadah is differ-
thing. Understanding failure is a good rience, and the importance of under- ent from the Purim Megillah. When how you forge and create the culture
thing. To a degree it’s inevitable. It’s standing failure as a window to a per- it comes to Purim, everyone is care- to build Jewish identity. You’re bring-
woven into the fabric of reality and the son’s sense of self. At the heart of our ful to hear every word of the Megillah ing individuals together with different
fabric of our lives. Whether it’s good or self-conception is how we view our because of the sanctity of the text. With values and experiences. Which is why
bad is more a function of how we react own failures.” the Haggadah, the text is a springboard it’s no wonder that of all the holidays
to it than of its existence.” How did Rabbi Zadok, as he is to conversation. The question is, are we have, it’s the only holiday which
The hero of Rabbi Bashevkin’s under- known, relate to his own failures? our Haggadahs taking responsibility to has a built-in second chance. In bibli-
standing of sin and failure is a 19th cen- “Rabbi Zadok only writes autobi- healthy conversations? If this Hagga- cal times, people who couldn’t bring
tury chasidic rabbi, Rabbi Zadok Hako- ographically in a few places. He used dah does its job, it’s like a trampoline, the Passover offering could bring it a
hen Rabinowitz of Lublin. to write down his dreams. This was where people bounce off the pages and month later. We don’t have this for Yom
Rabbi Bashevkin discovered the writ- the same time as Sigmund Freud — share ideas with one another.” Kippur. That’s because at the heart of
ings of Rabbi Zadok, as he is known, as there was something in the zeitgist. How to tie the two books together? Jewish identity is the fact that people
a teenager — “I like to say Rabbi Zadok In the most autobiographic of his Does sin and failure connect to the need to create their Jewish identity
found me,” he said. After studying in dreams, he relates that he shares the Passover seder? Rabbi Bashevkin is for themselves, and learn to negoti-
the Ner Israel Rabbinical College, Rabbi root of his soul with the sinful gener- willing to venture a suggestion. ate between their reality and expecta-
Bashevkin went to Yeshiva University to ation of the biblical flood. He looked “Passover is the holiday where we tions. The Torah recognizes that when
study Rabbi Zadok in the Bernard Revel at his life’s mission as giving peo- celebrate our Jewish identity, partic- it comes to building your own Jewish
Graduate School of Jewish Studies and to ple a pathway to understand even ularly on the familial level,” he said. life, not everyone can get it right the
earn his ordination. their failures.” “So much of Passover is built around first time.”






‘The Samuel Project’

Hal Linden plays Holocaust survivor in Rockland Film Festival

he Rockland Jewish Film Festi-
val can thank director Steven
Spielberg for the film “The Sam-
uel Project,” which it will screen
twice in the coming weeks. (See box.)
The film tells the story of Samuel, a
Holocaust survivor, played by “Barney
Miller” star Hal Linden. Samuel tells his
story to his grandson Eli, played by Dis-
ney Channel and Nickoledon star Ryan
Ochoa, because Eli needs a subject for a
school project.
Director Marc Fusco worked as an
assistant to Mr. Spielberg for five years
back in the 1990s. He picked up credits
for “Saving Private Ryan, “Amistad,” and
“The Lost World: Jurassic Park.” This also
was the height of Mr. Spielberg’s work
gathering Holocaust survivor testimo-
nies for his Shoah Foundation, and Mr.
Fusco “was fortunate enough to meet a
handful of survivors with Steven. Some A scene from “The Samuel Project”
folks were telling their story for the very
first time. Even their spouses hadn’t absolutely perfect Samuel. He’s this leg- He plays a grandfather in the film. In and no one really understanding what
heard before what happened to them. endary actor.” real life, he’s looking forward to becom- you’re going through.
“It got me thinking about how this dra- Mr. Linden won a Best Actor Tony for ing a great grandfather in July. “Kids may not choose it if it’s a choice
matic event trickles down in the family a the part of Mayer Rothschild in the musi- Micki Leader, chair emeritus of the between ‘The Avengers’ or ‘The Samuel
couple generations later, how it affects cal “The Rothschilds” in 1971. He earned Rockland Jewish film festival, said Project,’ but if you get them there, they
your kids and grandkids,” he said. many Emmy and Golden Globe nomina- that “the film is perfect for tweens and end up loving the movie,” he added.
Mr. Fusco, the son of an Italian immi- tions for playing Barney Miller from 1975 teens.” The festival scheduled an after- Mr. Linden said the message of the
grant, grew up Catholic. But as a filmmaker to 1982. noon showing during Passover for fam- move is to “reach out. Communicate.
interested in stories, he had a similar “Filmmaking is such a collaborative ilies who are off from school that week. “We start with three members of a fam-
encounter with “tight-lipped” ancestors. medium,” Mr. Fusco said. “I would sit Mr. Fusco said that kids from 12 to ily who really don’t talk to one another.
“Generally speaking, parents and grand- with him in the apartment during the 18 “can relate to the grandson charac- Once a month they get together and have
parents from that era didn’t want to bur- day writing, and in the evening he would ter. He’s fighting to do something with bagels. The family is brought together in
den their kids with their own stories, with go out on stage in the play. He helped his life that he’s going to be happy with. the end by the boy’s talent for drawing
their own hardships. It was a generational me write the character honestly. He had Every teenager in the country can relate and love of art.
thing, where us kids never learned their some great ideas for the story.” to the story, having a dream and fighting “Don’t wait for that. Communicate with
native languages. I would love to know “The script had an interesting prem- for it despite your family not approving your family all the time.”
Italian now — and I don’t.” ise,” Mr. Linden said. “It’s a fascinating
When Mr. Fusco was in film school, he concept.”
began to fish out his grandfather’s stories Mr. Linden, 88, grew up in the Bronx.
as best he could. “I was very interested “I had an interesting relationship with Hal Linden, live on stage
in that stuff,” he said. “At a certain point my father,” Mr. Linden said. “My father If you’re a true Hal Linden fan, you’ll want Mr. Linden was a professional musician
you begin to realize there’s a lot of value was an ardent Zionist from the beginning to see “The Samuel Project” at least once. before becoming an actor.
But you also have a rare chance to see him
they can share. They may have been just of the century. He was very involved in “Even in the army I was a bandsman. I was
live on stage only two hours away.
this adult figure in your life, and then Zionist support groups. When World War always the boy singer in the band, the one
Mr. Linden will be performing at the who sang all the pop songs. That way I
you realize they’re real people. They had II began, I was an 8-year-old assimilation- Bucks County Playhouse in Pennsylvania could smile at the girls,” he said.
girlfriends, they pulled pranks, they had ist. “I was doing fine in America. I had my from April 23 to April 27. He will join
When he got out of the army, the big band
hopes and dreams like you have.” Irish friends, my Italian friends. the national touring company of “In the
era was ending.
That’s the process Eli undertakes in “Not until we started hearing what was Mood,” a revue featuring music from
1940s, as a clarinet player. “I figured I’d try the stage,” he said.
the film. “He pulls out the real stuff out happening there in Europe — the stories.
“I’ll play my Benny Goodman medley and But as for the music: “I never gave it up.”
of Samuel for the first time.” You started to go, ‘Wait a minute.’
do my big band numbers,” Mr. Linden said.
So how did Hal Linden come to be in “The tipping was after the war, when
the film? all the DPs” — Displaced Persons in
It’s a San Diego story. the official parlance — “were trying to
What: “The Samuel Project,” a film by Marc Fusco featuring Hal Linden
The film’s producers are from San get into Israel and Britain wouldn’t let
Diego, and “we wanted to shoot the them in. That really tipped me.” When: Wednesday, April 17, 7:30 p.m., and Wednesday, April 24, 1:30 p.m.
film in San Diego,” Mr. Fusco said. “Hal Since 1997, Mr. Linden has been the Where: Regal Cinemas, 6201 Fashion Dr., Nanuet
was there, rehearsing to put on a Steve national spokesman for the Jewish How much: $14, $12 senior citizen/student
Martin play, ‘Picasso at the Lapin Agile.’ National Fund. He has been to Israel
Full schedule and advance ticket sales at
We just roped him in. Hal is just an many times.




Preparing for Passover in the community

In preparation for Passover, Valley Children at the JCC of Paramus/
Chabad held its annual wine Congregation Beth Tikvah’s monthly
tasting event on April 8, with over class for pre-schoolers helped
30 kosher wines from 11 countries. education director Marcia Kagedan
Participants learned about the make a child-friendly nut-free

wines provided by Royal Wine of charoset. Other Hebrew school
Bayonne and were able to buy classes made matzah plates and
wines at discounted rates. Rabbi kiddush cups for their family seders.
Dov Drizin of Valley Chabad, pic-
tured right, shared seder insights
Main Pesach dish for non-meat eaters
Start planning for your seders has a multitude of kosher gluten free and perfect for vegetarians
for Passover recipes. Among them, and pescatarians. Check for
Many local shuls and institutions offer in both English and Hebrew. Seders here’s one for vegetable quiche with other Passover recipes.
community Passover seders. These include award-winning wines, hand- a potato crust. The easy recipe is also
are the ones we’ve heard about so baked surah matzah (spelt and gluten-
far. Check with them for last minute free upon request), and a four-course Vegetable quiche with potato crust
reservations. dinner with fish, salads, chicken soup,
CLOSTER: Temple Emanu-El has main course, freshly squeezed assorted
4 large potatoes, shredded
two family seders on Saturday, April juices, and homemade desserts. 1/4 cup oil
20; “Greatest Hits,” a shorter seder at 6 Seders are in an elegantly set dining FILLING INGREDIENTS:
p.m.; and “Classic,” a traditional one at hall with linens, waiter service, and 1 medium onion, diced
7, both conducted by the shul’s clergy an individual haggadah at each place. 1 (4-ounce) can mushrooms, drained
with food and an engaging atmosphere. There also will be a children’s play area 1/2 zucchini, cubed
180 Piermont Road. Call (201) 750- with snacks. The center is at 194 Ratzer 1 red pepper, cubed
9997 or go to Road in Wayne. For information, go 1 medium ripe tomato, cubed
secondnightseder. to, email oil, for sautéing
NEW CITY: The Nanuet Hebrew, or call (973) 3 eggs
Gefen Pasta Sauce (optional)
Center is hosting its 10th annual second 694-6274.
night of Passover seder on Saturday, WAYNE: Temple Beth Tikvah hosts CRUST DIRECTIONS:
Spread potatoes in eight-or nine- allow to partially cool. Combine with
April 20. Leaders ask that participants a community potluck second seder on eggs and place in crust. Bake at 350
inch square pan and drizzle with oil.
come at 8:10 p.m., and the seder Saturday April 20, at 5 p.m. Participants degrees until golden brown on top,
Bake at 400 degrees, covered, for
will start at 8:30. The cost includes a are asked to make a ready-to-eat entrée 25 minutes; uncover and bake an about 50 minutes. If desired, cover
kosher-for-Passover roasted chicken or side dish of three pounds or more. If additional 20 minutes or until crispy with pasta sauce and continue bak-
dinner with a vegetarian option. There you can’t cook, you can contribute to a and golden brown. ing until sauce is warm. Variation: If
is no charge for anyone under 21. “meal supplement” fee. A special kosher- FILLING DIRECTIONS: you don’t use canned mushrooms
Sponsorships are welcome. The shul for-Passover meal can be arranged at an Meanwhile, place vegetables in on Pesach, add another half zucchini
is at 411 South Little Tor Road — just off additional fee. Food must be kosher-style medium sized pot and sauté in oil instead.
exit 10 of the Palisades Parkway in New for Passover (no dairy, pork, shellfish, or until soft. Remove from heat and
City, New York. Call (845) 708-9181 or grains). For reservations and pricing call
email Michelle at (973) 207-8741 or email her at
PARAMUS: The JCC of Paramus/ Perfect colorful side dish
Congregation Beth Tikvah has a
community seder on the second night
TENAFLY: Lubavitch on the Pali-
sades offers family community seders, for Passover and year-round
of Passover — Saturday April 20 — at led by its rabbis, on Friday, April 19, at BETH JANOFF CHANANIE orange (and you get the bonus of the
8:30 p.m. It’s hosted by Rabbi Arthur 8 p.m., and on Saturday, April 20, at juice to drink) — or chopped salad can
and Shira Weiner. All are welcome. The 8:30. It will offer gourmet kosher food, My mother of blessed memory, Ruth be served on a red cabbage leaf. With
shul is at East 304 Midland Ave. Email vegetarian options, and special commu- Janoff, taught me always to add colorful that in mind, here’s an easy recipe from or call nity rates. The seders will be held at 11 items to anything that we served. For my tried and true collection. It’s color-
(201) 262-7691. Harold St. in Tenafly. For more informa- example, cranberry sauce looks beau- ful and delicious and good year-round.
TEANECK: The Jewish Learning tion, call (201) 871-1152 or go to chabad- tiful in the rind of a freshly squeezed Enjoy!
Experience holds a seder on Friday,
April 19 at 8 p.m., at Beth Abraham in WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP: The Pineapple cranberry salad
Bergenfield, 396 New Bridge Road. JCC of Northern NJ’s Active Adult pro- INGREDIENTS: measures 3 cups. Pour the liquid into a
Rabbi Justin Wexler, (201) 621-3829, gram at Temple Beth Or holds a seder for 1 package (8 serving size) — saucepan, boil, remove from heat., or RabbiWexler@\. seniors, led by Cantor Mark Biddelman, raspberry Kojel or 2 packages Add Kojel, stir about 2 minutes
TEANECK: Temple Emeth holds its on Thursday, April 18, at noon. The shul (4-serving size) until dissolved. Mix in cranberry
annual community seder on Saturday, is at 56 Ridgewood Road. Call (201) 666- 1 can 20 ounces crushed pineapple sauce and blend well; the mix will
April 20, at 6 p.m. The shul is at 1666 6610, ext. 2, or email RuthB@JCCNNJ. — save 1 tablespoon for garnish not be smooth because of the ber-
Windsor Road. Call (201) 833-1322. org. 1 can whole berry cranberry sauce ries. Pour into large bowl and put in
2/3 cup chopped walnuts the refrigerator for about 1 1/2 hours
WAYNE: Rabbi Michel and Chani WYCKOFF: Temple Beth Rison
1 large apple chopped — and 1 more until slightly thickened. Add apples,
Gurkov and their family host family- holds a community Passover seder on
sliced for garnish walnuts, and pineapple and stir
friendly seders on Friday, April 19, at Saturday, April 20, at 6 p.m. Reserva- DIRECTIONS: gently. Pour into serving bowl and
7:15 p.m. and on Saturday, April 20, tions are due by April 15. The shul is at Drain the pineapple and save the liquid refrigerate at least 4 hours. Decorate
at 8:15 p.m. at the Chabad Center of 585 Russell Ave. For information, call in a 1-quart measuring cup. Add ice the top with pineapple and sliced
Passaic County. There will be readings (201) 891-4466. cold water to the pineapple juice so it apples just before serving.

When visiting
an exhibit
isn’t enough…
About Rose Hertzberg
• Born and raised in Paterson
• Serious study of art in Fair Lawn,
Ramsey, and on the Costa del Sol, Spain.
• Teachers were Ben Benn, then Vaclav Vitlacyl at the Art Students
League, New York City. She was invited to be private student by
Hans Hoffmann, who opened her to abstract expressionism. But she
returned, on occasion, to realism with more vibrant composition.
• Over 30 solo shows and hundreds of juried group contests, where she
almost always won first prize. Through New Jersey, New York, Spain,
Venezuela, Italy, Britain, Israel — her works are in private collections
and museums, including a reproduction of her award winning collage
“Bull Market” in the Smithsonian Institute’s permanent collection.
• Considered a most important 20th century New Jersey artist,
Rose’s works were exhibited at New Jersey pavilions at World Fairs —
at one, hers were the only artist’s work displayed.

A great painting or collage on a two dimension canvas can transcend into a third
dimension with the advantage of time. As the owners live with and study the work,
its meaning can grow. What the artist was trying to convey becomes clearer and a
viewer’s own interpretation enriches and enhances.

own a painting by
Rose Hertzberg
Current Exhibits
“Remembering the Holocaust” Real & Abstractions at Waltuch Gallery,
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades, Tenafly, until April 30.
“Rose Hertzberg, American Artist, Real and Abstract Paintings & Collage,
Johnson Public Library, Hackensack, until April 28.
Group Show
Two Works — One Real, One Abstract — in Salute to Women in the Arts
Group Show, “Anything Goes,” at Pine Library, Fair Lawn, until April 29.
Two Abstract Oils on Canvas from the Genesis Series — in Salute to
Women in the Arts Group Show, “Green: Save Our Mother Earth,” at
bergenPAC, Hackensack, until June 3.

Prices are more affordable for very limited giclée prints. No more than 15
ever made of any work.
For information, contact Fran Hertzberg,
(201) 767-9022 or



Briefly Local

Norpac hosts Gottheimer, Honoring Lillian Adler in Rockland

Luria to come Women’s Philanthropy at Jewish Federation &
Foundation of Rockland County will honor Lillian
Last month, the Goodman family Adler, z”l at this year’s Women’s Philanthropy meeting
hosted a Norpac pro-Israel meeting on Sunday, May 19, at 10 a.m., at the Rockleigh.
in Teaneck for Congressman Josh Through her work and volunteerism, Lillian taught
Gottheimer (D-NJ Dist. 5), whose Rockland County the importance of tzedakah and
district includes parts of Bergen, modeled how to treat others with loving kindness. She
Passaic, Sussex, and Warren coun- was involved in many Jewish organizations, including
ties, including Bergenfield, Fair the Federation, where she was a board member;
Lawn, New Milford, Paramus, the Holocaust Museum & Center for Tolerance &
and Teaneck. Education; Israel Bonds; JCC Rockland, and Rockland

Courtesy Norpac
Lillian Adler, z”l
Mr. Gottheimer expressed dis- Jewish Family Service.
may at what he called a “watered Siggy Flicker of Tenafly is the keynote speaker. An
down” resolution in the House Israeli-born American, she is a staunch supporter of Israel, and the Jewish people.
of Representatives condemning Dietary laws will be observed. For information, go to
remarks made by Representative Congressman Josh Gottheimer, left,
Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) that many with Dr. Robert Goodman.
listeners said used classic anti-Se-
mitic tropes, including the accusation of dual loyalty.

Congresswoman Elaine Luria (D-Va.), will be the guest
at a Norpac pro-Israel meeting on Monday, April 15, at
7:30 p.m. Laurie Baumel and Manuel Litchman will host
the Teaneck gathering. For more information, email or call (201) 788-5133.

Elaine Luria

Aaron Grady, left, and Avi Feingold  Courtesy Ezer Mizion

Englewood’s Shabbat of true heroes

Congregation Ahavath Torah hosted Havdalah with Simcha Leiner that
Ezer Mizion Shabbat, for what it called included Israeli wines, cheese, and
its Shabbat of Heroes weekend, led by halava from Shuk Machane Yehuda.
From left, Martha Cohen, Jewish Community Relations Committee chair Stan Israel’s former Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Nachum Segal, the evening’s emcee,
Goodman, Bruce Brafman, Mindy Stein, Congressman Bill Pascrell, Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau and Cantor Yitzchak talked about Ezer Mizion’s global
Paul Zucker, Barbara Selman, Ron Rosensweig, Richard Schnaittacher, and Meir Helfgot. life-saving mission, and Aaron Grady
JCRC director Ariella Noveck. Courtesy JFNNJ Ezer Mizion is the world’s largest told his story about surviving leukemia
Jewish bone marrow registry; the because an IDF soldier, Avi Feingold,
Legislative advocacy with Englewood community Shabbaton
honors the IDF soldiers who are in
donated his bone marrow. Emotions
ran high when the two met for the first
Congressman Pascrell its bone marrow registry as potential time that night.
The Jewish Federation of Northern New the importance of this meeting as being donors, should they be matched. The evening ended with the creation
Jersey held another Legislative Advocacy only the first part in an ongoing dialogue Before Shabbat started, Rabbi Lau of the Englewood Community Donor
Day at the office of Rep. Bill Pascrell (NJ- with the federation. visited the Moriah School in Engle- Pool; members of the community
Dist. 9). The federation’s representatives The Jewish Community Relations wood. The Shabbaton began with partnered with Ezer Mizion to swab a
had the opportunity to present concerns Committee holds in-person meet- Rabbi Lau speaking at the Benaroya large cohort of IDF soldiers who will
and interests; they talked about the rise ings with public officials a few times a Sephardic Center; a private dinner be linked to the community for up to
in hate and bias incidents close to home month. The next meeting, with state with Ezer Mizion supporters followed. 40 years. Anyone interested in joining
and across the nation. They also dis- Assemblywomen Annette Chaparro On Shabbat morning Rabbi Lau and should go to,
cussed the special relationship between (D-Dist. 33), is on Tuesday, April 30, at Cantor Helfgot davened in Ahavath or call Ryan Hyman, Ezer Mizion’s
the United States and Israel and the tech- 9:30 a.m. For more information, call Torah’s Straus Sanctuary; the pair national director of development, at
nological cooperation between the two Ariella Noveck at (201) 820-3946 or were at the East Hill Synagogue on (718) 853-8400 ext. 109 or email him
nations. Congressman Pascrell stressed email her at Shabbat afternoon. There was musical at

20 Jewish Standard APRIL 12, 2019


Jewish Standard APRIL 12, 2019 21


Briefly Local

Teaneck Holocaust
commemoration Toby Levy today,
and in 1945

For more than 30 years, the Holocaust survivors of Chodorow and

Commemoration Committee of the Jewish its environs.
Community Council of Greater Teaneck Teaneck residents are
has honored the memory of Holocaust given the opportunity to
victims. Many of the original committee memorialize their family
members are children of survivors and members who died in the
they include their children and grandchil- Shoah by submitting their
dren in the ceremony, passing the story on names, which are printed
to the next generation. in a booklet and read aloud
This year’s commemoration will be on at the program.
Wednesday, May 1, at 7:30 p.m., in the There will be a dessert Jonathan Rimberg
Teaneck High School auditorium. Amy and musical reception at 6
Elfman and Felicia Grossman of Teaneck p.m., where survivor families are invited
chair the committee. to gather and listen to a performance of Ronit Wolff Hanan, will perform. May, and will be transferred to the
Toby Levy of Brooklyn, this year’s Yiddish and Hebrew songs by local musi- There will also be a candle-light- Bergenfield Library during June.
speaker, was born in Chodorow, Poland, cian Yitzy Glicksman. ing ceremony by six survivors and The committee is seeking
in 1933; her name then was Tonchia During the program, Jonathan Rimberg their families. scanned photos of survivors’ pre-
Eisenstein. She and nine members of will sing Yiddish songs and Tzipporei Sha- The candle-lighting committee is war family or their town or village
her family were hidden in a neighbor’s lom, Congregation Beth Sholom’s chil- seeking a few more survivors who to be displayed at the program.
barn until they were liberated by the dren’s choir, under the musical direction are willing to participate as candle Photos should be scanned at 300
Red Army in 1944. They were among 31 of Adina Avery Grossman and Cantor lighters in this year’s program. For dpi, cropped as necessary, and
information, email Jeanette Malca emailed to Steve at Steve@foxmar-
Rabbi Kenneth Schiowitz of Con- To RSVP for the dessert and
gregation Shaare Tefillah will lead musical reception for survivors and
tehillim and Rabbi Yosef Adler of their families, call Annette Prager
THE ANGELICA and RUSS BERRIE CENTER Congregation Rinat Yisrael will lead at (201) 638-5621. To donate to the
Kel Maleh Rachamim. Teaneck Holocaust Commemora-
FOR PERFORMING and VISUAL ARTS Local Jewish day schools par- tion Committee, go to www.teanec-
ticipate in the commemoration. or mail a check to
PAT HAZELL: My Funny Valentine Students from Frisch Yeshiva High
School created 15 canvases depict-
Sharon Penkower Kaplan at 534 S.
Forest Drive, Teaneck, NJ 07666.
Saturday, April 27, 2019 | Sharp Theater, 8 p.m. ing the power of the words of the For information, call Amy Elfman
Join comedians Pat Hazell, one of the original writers for NBC’s Seinfeld Shema. The artwork will be on dis- at (917) 576-7444 or email her at
play at the Teaneck Library during
and a veteran of The
Tonight Show, and Dena
Blizzard, former Miss
N.J. and featured comic
at The Laugh Factory
and Gotham Comedy
Club and creator of the
viral video “Chardonnay,
Go!” (viewed over
23 million times), as they come together for an evening of hilarious
and heartwarming stand up comedy. Topics include relationships,
dating, parenting, family life, and there will be a chance to ask for free
relationship advice as Pat and Dena answer questions from the audience.
Bring your sweetheart, bring your friends and bring your sense of humor Councilwoman Patricia Perkins-Auguste, left, with Hillside’s Mayor Dahlia
Vertreese, Congressman Donald Payne, Shterney and Rabbi Mordechai
for an evening of laughter ever after.
Kanelsky, and Union County Freeholder Angela Garretson. Courtesy BA

TICKETS: $40/36/32.
For ticket information call, 201.684.7844 or visit us at
during women’s month festivities
Last week the United States Congress as a Woman of Distinction in honor of
honored Shterney Kanelsky, the asso- Women’s History Month. The award
For disability-related accommodations, 505 Ramapo Valley Road ciate director of Bris Avrohom and was presented by Congressman Don-
please call 201.684.7844. Mahwah, N.J. 07430 principal of Cheder Yaldei Menachem, ald M. Payne Jr. (D-Dist. 10).

22 Jewish Standard APRIL 12, 2019


Celebrate the
festival of Passover
or Streit’s
*Limit 1 offer per customer Passover Matzos
Matzos excludes gluten free,
6-pk., 5 lb. pkg. egg and homemade 6-pk., 5 lb. pkg.

Empire Kosher
lb. 7 99
Molly’s Passover
Baked Goods 12-14 oz.,
Empire Kosher
Frozen Turkey chocolate chip or rainbow Frozen Turkey
cookies, brownie bar, chocolate Breast
roll or seven layer cake

Grape Juice
Gefilte Fish
Sardines in Oil
64 fl. oz. btl. 22 oz. pkg. 3.74 oz. pkg.

Jelly Rings or
Savion Candy
4 3
1 399
Fox’s u-bet
Fruit Slices Memorial
Marshmallow 6 oz. pkg. Tumbler Syrup
Twists or Rounds 1 ct. 22 oz. pkg.
9 oz. pkg.

Chocolate Bars
3 Streit’s
5 2
Matzo Ball Frozen Soup
3.5 oz. pkg.
or Soup Mix Cheese 15 oz. pkg.
8 oz. pkg.
4.5 oz. pkg.

Gefilte Fish
7 2
8 2
Yedhua Matzos
• Matzo or
4 199
Cake Mix
24 oz. pkg., 12 oz. pkg. Cake Meal 10 oz. pkg.
original or sweet 16 oz.
• Farfel 9 oz.

2 $ 4


when you buy 2 Kedem
PRICE AFTER COUPON Sparkling Grape Juice 25.4 fl. oz. btl.
Void if sold or transferred. Consumer pays CRV and sales tax. Misuse constitutes fraud. RETAILER: We will reimburse the face value plus

Kedem $.08 handling provided you comply with our coupon redemption policy, available upon request. Submission of coupons signifies compliance.

on a Passover
Send to: KAYCO Foods, P.O. Box 407, MPS DEPT. 989,
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

Grape Juice
Favorite! WHEN YOU BUY 2
price without coupon 2 for $5 25.4 fl. oz. btl.
redeemable at:

PRICES VALID THRU APRIL 25, 2019 Visit Some items not
available in all stores.
Rain Check: We strive to have on hand sufficient stock of advertised merchandise. If for any reason we are out of stock, a Rain Check will be issued enabling you to buy the item at the advertised price as soon as it becomes available, Savings may vary. Check price tag for details. We reserve the right to limit quantities.
Please, No Sales to Dealers. Availability: Each of these advertised items is required to be readily available for sale at or below the advertised price in each ACME store except where specifically noted in this ad. Customer is responsible for sales taxes on all taxable items. © 2018 Albertsons, L.L.C, Albertsons, the ACME logo,
the ACME Savon Pharmacy logo The Kosher Marketplace and the 10 for $10 logo are trademarks of New Albertson’s, Inc or its subsidiaries and is used under license. We reserve the right to correct printed errors. NJ JEWISH STANDARD 4/12/19

Jewish Standard APRIL 12, 2019 23


Briefly Local

Last year’s scholarship winners with the NCJW-BCS committee. Courtesy NCJW Rabbi Arthur Weiner of the JCC of Paramus/Congregation Beth
Tikvah, left, with the executive director of Israel Bonds New Jersey, Lee
NCJW offers college scholarships Schwartz; Congregation Beth Tefillah honorees Shira and Jeremy Spi-
er and their children Jonah and Ava; Israeli’s Ambassador Ido Aharoni;
The Bergen County section of the or community activities, and financial Rabbi Daniel Wolff of Congregation Beth Tefillah; JCCP/CBT honoree
National Council of Jewish Women need. This longstanding NCJW BCS pro- Miriam Levin, and Israel Bonds Bergen County’s registered representa-
will award several $1,000 scholar- gram recognizes outstanding graduates tive, Marc Rosen. Jeff Karg
ships to Jewish women who are grad- and helps with the increasing cost of
uating from Bergen County public high
schools and are planning to attend a
higher education.
More information and applications
Israel Bonds and the
four-year college or university in Sep- are available at high school guidance Paramus community
tember. Among the criteria that may be offices. For more information, go to Israel Bonds and the Paramus com- indications of interest. Ambassador
considered are academic achievement,, call (201) 385-4847 or email munity held a tribute dinner hon- Ido Aharoni, Israel’s longest serving
significant involvement in school and/ oring Mimi Levin of the JCCP/CBT consul-general in New York and the
and Shira and Jeremy Spier of Con- tri-state area, was the guest speaker.
gregation Beth Tefillah on March 24. For more information about Israel
More than 150 people came to honor Bonds, call Marc Rosen at (201) 881-
them; the evening yielded more 1596 or email him at marc.rosen@
than $200,000 in investments and

Seeking summer interns

for Teaneck program
As a way to educate and encourage workforce to provide services for our
students to consider elder care as a aging population.”
career path, Age Friendly Teaneck The internship combines real-world
( will experience and one-on-one connec-
sponsor a four-week Career Explo- tions with professionals in the fields of
ration internship for four motivated geriatric-related social work, geriatric
high school juniors or seniors who wellness, technology, home care, recre-
live in Teaneck. The internship starts ation, food service, housing, elder law,
on July 8; the application deadline and business management. Interns will
is May 1. Each student will receive be supervised by a team of seasoned
Noga Pelc, back row second from right in Rutgers sweatshirt, her mom, far a $1,000 stipend, thanks to a grant and knowledgeable professionals from
right, and her cousin Rose Konigsberg, center, holding her grandson, are from a small family foundation. Geriatric Services, Inc., Jewish Family
pictured at a recent Rutgers University game with family, and friends. Age Friendly Teaneck is sponsor- and Children’s Services of Northern
 Photo provided ing this internship for the second New Jersey, and Homewatch CareGiv-
year, after a successful program in ers of Bergen County.
Israeli athlete is Rutgers hoops star 2018. Elizabeth Davis, Age Friendly
Teaneck’s project director, said, “It is
For more information and the appli-
cation, go to
Israeli basketball star Noga Pelc received spends the Jewish holidays with Rose. clear that our society will need a larger internship.html or email info@age-
a scholarship to play women’s basket- The Rutgers women’s basketball team and a more well-trained elder care
ball at Rutgers University. She’s also got was the number three seed in the Big
family here; Rose Konigsberg of Bogota, Ten playoffs, had a 13-5 record in the Big
a past president of Congregation Beth Ten, and ended with an impressive 21-8
Sholom in Teaneck, is a cousin. Noga overall record.

24 Jewish Standard APRIL 12, 2019



Kosher Market OUR KITCHEN

A traditon for over 80 years
GROCERIES We’re proud to serve our community for over 80 years
with selection, quality and service
Open Sun. April 14, 8-5 & Fri. April 19, 8-3 · Open during Passover April 22, 23, 24, 25



ROAST TURKEY, Raw wt. Sizes: 12-15-20 +up With gravy.......... 6.00 lb POTATO PANCAKES, 2 per package - by package ................... 7.00 pkg
ROAST TURKEY BREAST, raw wt. 6 lb avg ................................... 8.25 lb MUSHROOM ONION FARFEL, 1 1/4 lb - by tray .....................11.95 tray
STUFFED BREAST OF VEAL - by the slice ................................... 9.99 lb MATZO BALLS, 6 per tray - by tray .........................................8.39 tray
BRISKET OF BEEF ...................................................................... 26.99 lb STUFFED CABBAGE - 2 per tray - by tray ...............................12.95 tray
ROAST CHICKEN, 2 1/4 lb average-by the chicken .................... 6.99 lb CHOPPED LIVER, 1 lb. minimum, by the pound ........................ 11.99 lb
STUFFED CHICKEN BREAST W/VEGETABLES - by the piece ....... 14.00 lb GEFILTE FISH, by even number only ........................................... 3.89 ea
STUFFED CORNISH HENS ......................................................... 14.95 ea CHICKEN SOUP ...........................................................................8.99 qt
SWEET & SOUR MEATBALLS, 1 1/2 lb., by container .............14.95 tray HOMEMADE HORSERADISH_____WHITE_____RED ............... 4.29 12 oz
GRILLED SALMON, by the piece ................................................ 18.99 lb CHAROSES, 1 lb. minimum, by the pound ................................ 12.99 lb
CHICKEN MARSALA or VEAL MARSALA ..................................... 18.99 lb CRANBERRY PINEAPPLE RELISH, by the pound .......................... 8.99 lb
OVEN BROWNED POTATOES, 1 1/2 lb., by tray .........................9.99 tray SEDER PLATES ........................................................................ 19.95 ea
CARROT TZIMMES, 2 lb. - by container .................................15.95 tray CHEF'S SALAD - by the pound ................................................... 7.99 lb
MATZO PUDDING - by tray ........................ Small $12.95 Large $28.95
MATZO STUFFING - by tray ....................... Small $12.95 Large $28.95 THE DELI DEPARTMENT WILL HAVE A FULL SELECTION OF
POTATO PUDDING - by tray ....................... Small $12.95 Large $28.95 SALADS, COOKED FOOD AND CATERING
BROCCOLI SOUFFLE - by tray ................... Small $12.95 Large $28.95 • Imported & Domestic Cheeses • A Full Selection of Chocolates
VEGETABLE SOUFFLE - by tray .................. Small $12.95 Large $28.95 • Passover Ice Cream • Fresh Baked Cakes and Cookies
• Full line of Frozen Foods
MATZO PANCAKES 2 per package -by package ..................... 7.00 pkg.

67 A E. Ridgewood Ave. Paramus • 201-262-0030

Opp Lord & Taylor
Hours: Mon., Tues. & Wed. 8 A.M.-6 P.M.; Thurs. 8 A.M.
A.M.- 7 P.M.; Fri. 8 A.M.- 4 P.M.; Sun. 8-3; Closed Sat.

Jewish Standard APRIL 12, 2019 25




Cover Story
Two rabbis,
two equals,
one synagogue
Orangetown Jewish Center’s Rabbis Craig Scheff and Paula Mack Drill
talk about how they work and their families play together

Joanne Palmer at Orangetown, “as cantor. They had a house; that
really helped make ends meet. And then they made
here’s usually a hierarchy in shuls. me a student rabbi. This was 1996. I was the official
If a synagogue is big enough to have student rabbi, cantor, bar mitzvah teacher, kol bo.”
more than one clergyperson, there’s In other words, he did everything. “In 1998, I was
generally a senior rabbi, maybe an ordained, and they hired a cantor, and I had a part-
associate rabbi, and an assistant rabbi. ner on the bimah.
Really big ones tend to have many rabbis on staff; “Paula came in 2002, and we realized then that
some head education departments or work with we had something special.”
young families. Interns are dispatched from rabbini- Rabbi Drill’s path to the rabbinate took a bit
cal schools to learn as they work. longer, although it led through other jobs she also
And of course that’s based on a traditional model, loved. She’s from Portland, Maine. “I grew up at
where the rebbe’s word is beyond challenge; in the a Conservative synagogue there,” she said. “I was
United States, it’s been leavened by our American very connected. Three of my four grandparents all
understanding of a synagogue as a more democratic were born there, in the late 1880s. They all came
institution, governed by its dues-paying members. from huge families, so I was related to the whole
That’s not the model that the Orangetown Jewish Jewish community there.”
Center uses. “Two of my grandparents were Holocaust survi-
Instead, its two rabbis are equals; that position has vors, and only one was born here,” Rabbi Scheff
evolved over the 17 years since not-yet-Rabbi Paula said. The two rabbis complement each other in
Mack Drill came to work with fairly new Rabbi Craig many ways, they both added; the differences in
Scheff, but it’s been in place for well over a decade their backgrounds add to the richness of experi-
now, and the shul, in Orangeburg, is flourishing. ence upon which they can draw in their work.
And there’s more. Rabbi Paula Mack Drill and Rabbi Craig Scheff Rabbi Drill went to Swarthmore College, and
Rabbi Drill lives in Caldwell. That’s in Essex then became a social worker at a joint program that
County, New Jersey. She’s a Conservative rabbi, so she Craig Scheff grew up in New City, and he was pre- Columbia and JTS ran together; at the same time, she
does not drive on Shabbat, and it would take a days- ternaturally gifted with synagogue skills. It probably earned a master’s degree in Jewish studies from JTS.
long trek to walk to shul. But no problem! She drives helped that his father was the synagogue’s president; “It was 1986, and the first woman, Amy Eilberg, was
up to Rockland during the week; for Shabbat, she, her he also lived in Israel for three years. By his late teens, ordained in 1985,” she said. Rabbinical school hadn’t
husband, Jonathan, and, until they grew up, their four Rabbi Scheff was the president of the USY chapter at been much of an option for her until then — “when I
children as well, stay with Craig and Nancy Scheff and the New City Jewish Center, and soon he became the was a kid I couldn’t imagine it,” she said — but Rabbi
their four children. (Usually they all stay in the Scheffs’ shul’s chazzan sheni for the High Holidays, and the Gordon Tucker, who retired from Temple Israel Center
house, unless there’s a huge celebration that brings summer Torah reader. He “went to college in Boston” in White Plains last year but was dean of the rabbinical
in hordes of out-of-town guests. Then they stay some- — further probing disclosed that the college, which school then, “planted the idea in my mind. He told me
where else close by.) actually is in Cambridge, is Harvard — and then to law that he was waiting for my application.”
They basically are a tribe; their working and personal school at Boston University. “I practiced commercial lit- “He said the same thing to me!” Rabbi Scheff said.
and familial relationships all come together to form a igation in Boston for three years, and I really hated it,” “Gordon Tucker is indirectly responsible for both of us
model of relationships for the shul. And in the end it’s he said. “So I started rabbinical school” — at the Jewish becoming rabbis.”
all about relationships, they say. Theological Seminary — “after that.” After she graduated, Rabbi Drill “worked in Jew-
Both Rabbi Drill and Rabbi Scheff came to the rab- Because both he and his wife are from Rockland ish communal service,” she said. “She worked at the
binate as a second career, although he realized very County, it made sense that his rabbinical school job Daughters of Israel,” the nursing home in West Orange,
early in his first career, as a lawyer, that he’d made the was in the county; he was the cantor at the Sons of “and then as a social worker at the Solomon Schechter
wrong choice. Israel in Nyack. “And then I was offered the job here,” school,” where her children were in school, and which
28 Jewish Standard APRIL 12, 2019

Cover Story

The Drills and the

Scheffs are good
friends. Here,
on Broadway
together, from
left, are Jonathan
Drill, Rabbi Paula
Mack Drill, Nancy
Scheff, and Rabbi
Craig Scheff.

From left, Ben Drill, Jason Scheff, Noah Drill, Scott Scheff, Matt Scheff, Josh Drill,
and Jared Scheff stand behind Sagi and Sarah Drill Fainshtain.

The Drill and Scheff families

gathered to celebrate the marriage
of Noah and Rochelle Drill.

Jewish Standard APRIL 12, 2019 29


Cover Story

later was renamed the Golda Och Acad- that relationships have to be at the heart
emy. “I finally kicked into gear to go to of inspiration. And into the idea of the
rabbinical school for two reasons,” she importance of creativity. Of joy. I cer-
said. “I was very involved in our commu- tainly want those things in the syna-
nity” — she and her family belonged (and gogue. And when I was searching for a
still belong) to Congregation Agudath professional partner, it was easy to see
Israel in Caldwell — “and because I went that her approach was in line with mine.”
to JTS, people saw me as a teacher, and “Camp relationships are different,”
they would ask me questions. I always Rabbi Drill said. “Because of their inten-
felt like I was skating on thin ice. I felt sity, and because of their playfulness.”
like an imposter, and the antidote to that So it was logical that Rabbi Drill’s
was learning. internship should be at Rabbi Scheff ’s
“My other reason was my mother’s shul.
death. She lived for years with cancer, She loved it, with an intensity of feel-
and I moved to Maine with my youngest ing that took her by surprise.
child to take care of her for the last six “By two weeks into my internship, I
weeks. I came out of that fire shaped by knew that this is what I wanted to do,”
the fire. I did it for my mother. I started Rabbi Drill said. It was 2002. “I didn’t
rabbinical school the next semester.” know what my rabbinate would look
Rabbi Drill had planned to go back like, but I knew that I wanted to build
to the Schechter school when she was Scheffs and Drills make pizza. relationships, to counsel people, to be
ordained, but before that could happen there for people, and to teach.” Only a
she had to have an internship. She’d Working with Rabbi Scheff made sense enjoyed being silly together; acting in pulpit rabbinate offered all those things,
already worked in a nursing home and to her. The two were friends from Camp skits where everyone laughed and they she realized.
in a school, but an official job in a con- Ramah, the day camp in Nyack where laughed at least as much as everyone In 2004, Rabbi Drill was ordained,
gregation would be a new experience. he’d been assistant director and she’d else. They still do those skits together. and she went to work full time at
“I thought that it would be some- been program director, and then later “We both bought into the idea of Orangetown. She did not move up there
thing that I’d never get to do other- he took a more part-time role as camp experiential education that you get at because her family was deeply involved
wise,” she said. rabbi and she assumed his old job. They camp,” Rabbi Scheff said. “And the idea in Caldwell; it made more sense for

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bk - JEWISHStandard APRIL
4-30-2019.indd 1 3/29/2019 11:41:26 AM

Cover Story

her — in fact for all of them — to grow

another set of deep roots in a second
community than to uproot themselves
from one of them.
Since then, the relationship defined
itself. At first, Rabbi Scheff was the
senior rabbi. “But title is not as import-
ant as skill set,” he said. “What matters
to a community are the skills that enable
people to connect to you personally, and
to the larger community. In Paula, I saw
a skill set that was going to help me and
help the community, and anything that
benefited the community also was going
to help me.”
Over time, he managed to have their
titles changed, so the two are now for-
mally equal.
“Craig and the president of the shul
at the time and I created this position,” The Orangetown Jewish Center sends a group of volunteers to work in Israel every year.
Rabbi Drill said. “And then we explained
to the community why they needed me. decided that we needed to rename it,” he “Part of where clergy sometimes get but empowering her.”
I don’t think anyone remembers any answered. “I didn’t want to be her senior stuck is that they feel that if they are How much does gender fit into their
more that it was a created position.” rabbi, and I didn’t want her to be my not doing something themselves, that relationship with the congregation?
What about Rabbi Scheff ’s ego? His junior rabbi. We consciously chose that. will detract from their own success,” he Do people look up to the bimah to see
sense of himself as always in charge? Did “Even when she first came in, I con- added. “My first step was my recognition mommy and daddy there? Yes, there is
he not have that? sciously chose associate, not assistant. that I was going to be more successful by some of that, but there are other gen-
“When Paula was hired, it was as She was coming in as a professional. As virtue of her success, and that meant not der stereotypes that were more potent,
the associate rabbi, and I consciously an adult. pigeonholing her into a small set of tasks and less healthy. “It took some work for

Jewish Standard APRIL 12, 2019 31


Cover Story

people not to see men as the boss The one way in which
and women as the second in line,” their relationship is not
Rabbi Drill said. equal is that Rabbi Scheff,
“That’s when the joke came who was there first, is the
about, when someone said that I was community’s mara d’atra,
the senior rabbi,” Rabbi Scheff said. the authority who decides
“I’d say no, she’s five years older halachic questions. By defi-
than me. nition, there can be only
“But I am very sensitive to the gen- one of those. But whenever
der issue, because I’m constantly there’s a hard decision to
exposed to 20- and 30-somethings be made, they discuss and
who are exploring these questions decide together; when he’s
firsthand within their demographic. away, she takes the title.
And we do sometimes react to things Their relationship allows
differently, and there are times them to be open with each
when being a good, unified mom other, and to let their vul-
and dad, good functional parents on nerabilities show, both
the bimah, is a good thing.” rabbis said. That’s often a
They both cry on the bimah at difficult thing for a rabbi to
times, they both said, but he’s more do. “It definitely requires
likely to tear up than she is. It’s a low trust,” Rabbi Scheff said. “If
bar, they agreed. I didn’t trust her, how could
They’re both sensitive to LGBT Above, the Craig and Paula Show, in I let this fly?”
issues; Rabbi Drill is on the board of 2005; right, at Purim, the rabbis become “The reason it worked
the Rockland County Pride Center, the Invincibles. from the beginning was
and Rabbi Scheff works with the cen- Craig’s relationship with
ter as well. called directly for me. And Craig was so happy to hear the community, from before I got there,” Rabbi Drill
“A seminal moment for me was when a congregant it, he danced around the office. ‘It’s working,’ he said. said. “People talk about a honeymoon stage with a
called me to do a baby naming,” Rabbi Drill said. “They ‘It’s starting.’” community — for us, that stage never ended. We love



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supporting individuals with special needs * Trail run open to ages 15+; recommended for experienced runners.
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KAPLEN JCC on the Palisades TAUB CAMPUS | 411 E CLINTON AVE, TENAFLY, NJ 07670 |
32 Jewish Standard APRIL 12, 2019

Cover Story

our congregation, and they give In fact, about 30 percent of the

us a lot of space for risk-taking shul’s membership comes from Ber-
that isn’t always present in other gen County, Rabbi Drill said.
communities.” The Conservative movement does
How does that happen? allow its members to drive on Shab-
“Our community’s unusual in bat or holidays, but only to the clos-
part because it’s not local or con- est shul at which they’d be comfort-
venient for everybody to go to,” able. Neither Rabbi Scheff nor Rabbi
Rabbi Scheff said. “People who Drill drives — nor does the shul’s
come here make the effort to be third rabbi, Ami Hersh. (Both Rabbi
here. They pass other synagogues Scheff and Rabbi Drill adore Rabbi
to be here. Hersh, they make clear; he’s not in
“We’re regional,” Rabbi Drill this story because his job is entirely
said. “People come here because different. He is the Orangetown Jew-
we are meaningful to them. And ish Center’s family life coordinator,
as a result, the number of people and he, his wife, and their four chil-
who are really vested in it is higher dren — because, as both Rabbi Schiff
than it is in places where people and Rabbi Drill say, a prerequisite for
go just because it’s convenient.” working as a rabbi at Orangetown is
Some history here — the com- having four children — live in a house
munity dates back to 1959, and the shul owns, right across its parking
when the shul was built in 1963, lot, but his day job is at Ramah; he’s
it was in the middle of a Jewish the director of the camp at Nyack and
neighborhood. But demograph- The Orangetown Jewish Center’s rabbis sit in front of their spouses; from left, Craig the program director of the National
ics change. The shul did well, and and Nancy Scheff, Paula and Jonathan Drill, and Ami and Loni Hersh. Ramah Commission.) But the reali-
then it didn’t. “When I came here ties of Jewish life in the suburbs dic-
in 1995, I was the 10th rabbi in 40 years,” Rabbi Scheff They all lived right here. And then the demographics tate that most of the congregation has to drive to shul,
said. “There were 230 families, and 180 of them had changed.” The Jews moved out; the shul’s membership and Rabbis Scheff and Drill are thrilled to have them.
been here for 25 years or more. They were all local. grew younger, but they lived farther away.” See OJC page 35

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34 Jewish Standard APRIL 12, 2019


Cover Story


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above, the same
rabbis with the same
congregant as she
become bat mitzvah.

OJC professional, some personal. We try to

from page 33 model the aspects of it that are repli-
“I do wrestle with the question of cable. We believe that the partnership
driving,” Rabbi Scheff said. “We do try model is extremely important. We
to build a culture of walking.” believe that Judaism teaches us the way
Their partnership could not have we are supposed to be with each other.
worked if their families did not get “Every Hillel needs her Shammai,
along, both rabbis said. But not only and every Shammai needs her Hillel.”
do they get along, they are as close as if “It’s not unusual for there to be two You or Your Loved
they had been related by blood. “Nancy rabbis in one place,” Rabbi Drill said.
and Jonathan are great friends,” Rabbi “Or a rabbi and a cantor, or a rabbi and
One Can Have the LIMITED TIME ONLY –
Scheff said. “It’s like a brother and sis-
ter relationship. And it had to be, for
an educational director.” They could
work in partnership rather than in less
Bright Now. Life NO COMMUNITY FEE!
us to be together literally almost every emotionally and spiritually productive
weekend for the past 15 years.” ways. Rabbis also could form partner-
Much of their professional rela- ships with peers in other shuls not too
If you or a loved one could benefit from our vibrant, carefree
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be. “Paula and I have talked about it their shared desire to make Jewish life Tenafly today!
and presented about it at rabbinical more vibrant.”
school,” Rabbi Scheff said. “We have And that’s what the two of them have
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Jewish Standard APRIL 12, 2019 35

Jewish World

Netanyahu wins narrow victory in Israel’s election

BEN SALES opposition Blue and White party are virtually tied with more than the size of the biggest party.
more than 1 million votes apiece. According to Israeli In total, right-wing parties won 65 seats, while
Benjamin Netanyahu appears likely to win a fifth term as news websites, each party is likely to win 35 seats in the centrist and left-wing parties took 55 seats. That
Israel’s prime minister as right-wing parties apparently 120-seat Knesset, or parliament. math gives Netanyahu a clear path to forming
have maintained their majority in the nationwide elec- Despite the tie, Netanyahu appears to have won the another governing coalition. A total of 11 parties are
tions held Tuesday. election overall, as his right-wing allies won a solid major- likely to enter the Knesset.
As of Wednesday morning, with more than 95 percent ity of votes. Israel is governed by coalitions of parties, so “The right-wing bloc, led by Likud, won a deci-
of the vote counted, Netanyahu’s Likud party and the the total number of the right- and left-wing blocs matter sive victory,” Netanyahu tweeted on Tuesday night
as results rolled in. “I thank the citizens of Israel for
their trust. I will begin assembling a right-wing gov-
ernment with our natural partners tonight.”
Netanyahu faced a fierce challenge from Blue and
White, a new party led by former Israel Defense
Forces Chief of Staff Benny Gantz. The prime min-

Celebrating ister was hounded as well by an impending indict-

ment for fraud, bribery, and breach of trust.
He spent the final days of the race in what pun-

dits called a “gevalt” campaign, warning his voters
that unless they turned out, a left-wing government
would be established. On Saturday night, he prom-
ised to annex West Bank settlements in the coming
term in an effort to shore up his right-wing base.
But if the coalition math holds, Netanyahu is

OF CRAFTING KOSHER FOODS poised to become Israel’s longest-serving prime

minister. He has held the office for a decade consec-
utively, in addition to his initial three-year term in
the late 1990s. This election also saw Likud increase
its seats in Knesset to 35 from 30 — the most held by
the party since 2005.
The 35-seat tie also represents a new high for
the opposition. The largest party in the outgoing
Knesset, called the Zionist Union, held 24 seats, six

Defeated Gantz
promises to bring
hope despite
‘gloomy skies’

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz, fresh from the

center-left’s election loss, addressed supporters on
Wednesday morning and acknowledged that the
“skies look gloomy,” but vowed to keep represent-
ing the “over a million citizens who turned to us for
something different.”
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud was
poised to clinch a clear electoral victory, with some
97 percent of votes showing his Likud party tied
with Blue and White, but the right-wing bloc hold-
ing a firm lead and Netanyahu with a clear path to
forming a governing coalition.
With more than four million votes counted as
of 9 a.m., Likud had snagged 26.27 percent of the
vote, or 35 seats in the 120-seat legislature — the
party’s best result since the 2003 election (when
it won 38 seats under Ariel Sharon), and its best
under Netanyahu. Blue and White won 25.94 per-
cent of the vote, which would also give it 35 seats. In
actual numbers, some 14,000 votes separated the
two biggest parties.
“Friends, good morning. Yes, good morning!”
Jewish World
Sandi M. Malkin, LL C
Interior Designer
(former interior designer of model
rooms for NY’s #1 Dept. Store)

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your furniture or starting anew.
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Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu

greets supporters at his victory speech.

fewer than Likud. Alongside Gantz, Blue and White is

led by Yair Lapid, a centrist and former news anchor
who entered the Knesset in 2013.
Charedi Orthodox parties also succeeded on

The parties of Prime Minister Benjamin Net-

anyahu, left, and Benny Gantz both won 35 per-
cent of the vote, but Netanyahu is more likely to
be able to form a coalition. GETTY IMAGES

Gantz said in a statement to supporters when the

results had become clear, hours after making a pre-
mature victory speech.
“It’s true, the skies look gloomy, but there are two
things they aren’t saying: One, [the results] are not
final, since there could still be electoral shifts, and we
may be able to bring about political processes of one
sort or another,” he said, without elaborating.
“Two, they certainly can’t hide the sunlight of
hope that we have brought to the people of Israel and
Israeli society. They, our voters, sought hope, and we
will give it to them. They asked for a different path,
and we showed them the way.”
Jewish World

An anti-Zionist Orthodox group

is paying people in Israel not to vote
BEN SALES that doesn’t believe in God, that doesn’t campaign, posted by the Twitter government funding because they
believe in the Torah,” Fried said. “We feel account @NewsIn Satmar, called feel it will make them beholden to the
A chasidic group in the United States said that we’re holding them back from breaking the Israeli government “uprooters government’s educational require-
it would cut personal checks to religious the commandments.” of Torah and haters of religion” who ments, like a core curriculum.
Israelis who commit to not voting in Tues- In a speech last week, Rabbi Zalman pose a “terrible danger projected “If you take money from the gov-
day’s election. Teitelbaum, one of the two Satmar grand onto future generations.” ernment, what happens down the
The campaign, led by a group of Satmar rabbis, accused Israeli charedi Orthodox In the campaign total of $12 mil- road is that they start to dictate
chasidim, an anti-Zionist movement with politicians of murder for partnering with lion, approximately $4 million your curriculum, specific things
followers in Brooklyn and Rockland County Israel’s government, which has encouraged will go to charedim who abstained you should learn in the schools,” he
as well as in Israel, is aiming essentially to drafting charedi men into Israel’s army. from voting on Tuesday. To get the said. “And since you’re taking their
crowdfund a total of $12 million. Satmar sees “They took part in the murder of Jewish money, they had to drop off their money, you’re bound by their laws.”
the modern State of Israel as fundamentally souls and were built up by evildoers,” Teitel- ID cards with representatives of Fried said a similar initiative in
illegitimate and boycotts any recognition of baum said, according to B’hadrei Haredim, the campaign earlier this week. It’s 2015 raised some $3 million.
it — including participation in the elections. an Israeli charedi news site. “That’s how impossible to vote in Israel without To raise the money, a group called
Satmar opposes the state because it is they want to build themselves.” presenting an ID card. Taharas HaKodesh, a biblical term
against the establishment of a sovereign Jew- (Two charedi parties are represented in Fried estimates that 35,000 peo- for ritual purification, will hold a
ish country in the Land of Israel before the the Knesset now: one is Ashkenazi, United ple will receive money, an average of rally on Thursday at Arthur Ashe
coming of the Messiah. Torah Judaism, and the other, Shas, is Sep- more than $100 per person, though Stadium, the tennis arena in Queens.
Yoel Fried, one of the campaign organiz- hardi. They hold a total of 13 seats in the he says the amount of each check The event will celebrate the cam-
ers, said that every day that legislators sits in 120-seat body and sit in the governing coali- will differ based on the size of the paign and the schools that refuse
Knesset, Israel’s parliament, they are break- tion of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu nonvoter’s family. state funding. Fried expects 50,000
ing 100 Jewish laws. of Likud.) “Anyone that doesn’t want to go to people to attend, with ticket prices
“Everyone who votes has a part in form- Teitelbaum’s fierce rhetoric doesn’t make the election, we are like paying them ranging from $360 to $5,000.
ing the government of the State of Israel, him an outlier. An advertisement for the off,” he said. “Someone who has “In general, Satmar wants to get
only one child will get less. Someone more power,” said Rabbi Moshe
who has 10 children will get more. Klein, a spokesman for the event.
It’s based on the need.” “And the way they want to do it is by
The remaining $8 million will go to funding … yeshivas and institutions
charedi Orthodox schools and other who won’t go vote and who won’t
educational institutions in Israel take any money from the government
that refuse funding from the govern- and who will publicly announce that
ment. Fried says that beyond ideo- they have nothing [to do] with the
logical opposition to the state itself, Zionist state government.”
charedi schools are wary of accepting JTA WIRE SERVICE

Get Help at
FAFSA Workshops:
• April 25 • 3:30-7 p.m.
Main Campus, 400 Paramus Road,
Paramus – Student Center
(Collegewide Open House)
• April 30 • 5-6 p.m.
Main Campus, 400 Paramus Road,
Paramus – Room S-344
Email or visit:

By filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, students earn

access to programs that can help pay for Bergen Community College –
even by making it tuition-free!
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A charedi man stands behind a voting booth in Bnei Brak before cast-
ing his ballot in Israel’s general elections on April 9.


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TEL AVIV — Even by Israeli standards,
the country’s latest general elections
with drinkfor it for the last 20 years and
You asked were exceptionally dirty, rife with per-
You it’s
it forSam’s Basil20Vinaigrette
the last years and sonal attacks between candidates and
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to soms and mild temperatures of spring are

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Bring receive without approval from North

gone within a few weeks, the vote’s timing

Jersey Media Group.

to receive a
was impeccable.
min. $40Bottle
$40 purchase
purchase That’s because in Israel, voting day is a
min. 4/26/19
$40 purchase holiday. And this year, Israelis certainly
Expires 6/30/13
appreciated how the early election fell
Expires 6/30/13 serendipitously in the middle of a week,

116 Main Street, Fort Lee

during the lazy work period that separates
116 201.947.2500
Israelis and tourists enjoy the beach in Tel Aviv on April 7.

Main Street, Fort Lee Purim from Passover.  GERSHON ELINSON/FLASH90

Sunbirds like Ela Shnaider, a 27-year-old accountant and Likud voter, cleared their morning on produced by a ball hitting a wooden bat, result in the
Tuesday in favor of the beach. (Prime Minister Benja- cacophony that many Israelis associate with holiday
min Netanyahu leads the Likud party.) on the beach.

“It’s such a great preparation for the summer,” Yet despite the temptation to play hooky and the
Shnaider said, lying on a yellow towel on the unfortu- absence of mandatory voting in Israel, its citizens
nately named Metzitztim Beach in northern Tel Aviv have one of the world’s highest turnout rates at an

— it means “peeping Toms beach,” named after a 1970s average of approximately 70 percent (higher in some
* cult movie. estimates). That surpasses the United States by nearly
“Plus, it’s a way of getting a detox from this elections 20 points and trails only countries such as Belgium,
campaign,” she added, noting that she wasn’t happy where voting is mandatory, and the Netherlands,
when activists for the Blue and White party of Benny which has had rates as high as 80 percent.
n d Wednesdays 3 PM Gantz and Yair Lapid called Netanyahu a traitor. Some Israeli families plan parties to fall especially
ays a - 10 P
M o nd M Netanyahu’s campaign, in turn, attempted to por- on Election Day — right after elections are announced.
tray Gantz, a former military chief of staff, as hav- “It’s just perfect because this way it doesn’t eat up
ing mental issues — capitalizing on reports that he your weekend,” said Alon Samo, a 39-year-old illus-
required psychological therapy years ago. trator from Tel Aviv. “I was done with my cousin’s bat
With growing awareness of the damages of sum- mitzvah by 4 p.m. with plenty of time to make my way
mertime exposure to the harsh Middle Eastern sun, back home and vote.”
many beachgoers her age limit sunbathing to early Samo, who voted for Blue and White, said he con-
April, when companies expect employees “to put in sidered “playing hooky and not voting at all.” But, he
an effort ahead of Passover,” she also said. “And this added, “In the end it felt too guilty. I was given a free
Florentine year: Voila! Elections.” day, so the least I can do is show up.”
Unlike in the United States, Israeli voters have no Some voters took a more entrepreneurial approach
real way of knowing when elections will take place. to voting day than that of Samo or Shnaider, the
The country’s multiparty system makes government sunbather.
coalitions so unstable that they fall apart on average Gili Ronen, a high-tech executive from Hod Hasha-
every 2 1/2 years, forcing elections that may take place ron, gathered his childhood friends to go what he
at any point during the year. The last Israeli coalition calls “orchid hunting” near Haifa, some 70 miles to
that completed its mandated term dates back to 1988. the north of his home.
Home of the Handmade Milkshake The policy of making elections a holiday began in Israel, he noted, has about 30 species of orchids,
1958, presumably as a means of either helping vot- “and they all bloom for about three weeks between
Buy One 141-147 N. Dean Street ers turn out, celebrating democracy or both. The law March and April.” Ronen’s seven friends all voted at 7
Entree declaring the holiday does not explain the decision. a.m., when Israel’s 10,720 ballot boxes opened Tuesday.
Get One FREE Englewood, NJ
from our regular-priced “The Americans have Thanksgiving as their way “Then we all met at the rallying point and the hunt-
menu only
of expressing gratitude over the benefits of their ing expedition was out,” he told the Jewish Telegraphic
with purchase
of 2 beverages 201-568-8088 way of life. We have elections day!” said Shlomi Agency in Haifa. They spotted only seven species, “but
*Age 55 and up. Not valid with any other offer discounts or coupons. Dine-in only, for a Elba, a 47-year-old lawyer and avid player of matkot, unlike the candidates, the flowers were all beautiful.”
limited time at participating restaurants. ©2014 IHOP IP, LLC
the beach ping-pong game whose pops and clicks, JTA WIRE SERVICE

We offer repairs 1245 Teaneck Rd.

and alterations
We want your business and we go the extra
Tallesim Cleaned • speCial shabbos Rush seRviCe mile to make you a regular customer 837-8700
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Passover Seminar
Why are there so many fours in the Haggadah?
Wed, Apr 17, 8:15 pm, Free and open
to the community.

Greenpoint Art
Excursion: North
Brooklyn Renaissance

Visit artist studios and galleries,

stop at some of the most talked
about cafes and eateries, and see a
Rite Aid that still retains architectural
elements of the movie theatre
that used to occupy this space.
Lunch on your own. This will be a
rigorous walk at a brisk pace.
Mon, May 13, 9:30 am–4 pm,


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Jewish World

Netanyahu Gantz
Tuesday. United Torah Judaism and Shas, which He encouraged Blue and White supporters not

Mom and Pap’s Home Care represent Ashkenazi and Sephardi charedi voters,
respectively, each won eight seats.
to be “afraid,” using a quote in Biblical Hebrew
that appeared to be a mashup of two verses: “So
Private affordable in-home care with dignity Further down the list, the election featured some friends, in your enemy’s downfall do not be afraid,
We are accredited, licensed and bonded surprises. Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked, two and in his victory do not let your heart be faint.”
prominent figures on the right, may not serve in the And he vowed: “Therefore, we won’t retreat
to provide you with quality service.
next Knesset; their New Right party finished with from our public duty to represent over a million
Call today for your FREE consultation. less than 3.25 percent of the vote — the threshold citizens who turned to us for something different.
201-567-3181 or 732-895-8696 for entering the parliament. Likewise, the Zehut We have secured a historic achievement. We can be
party, which combined far-right nationalism with proud of ourselves, and we will be.”
libertarianism — and favored legalizing marijuana — Hours earlier, before the official results were in,
appears likely to fall short of the threshold despite Gantz declared victory, telling supporters that “a
garnering significant media attention during the great light shines out on Israel tonight,” He added,
campaign. “This is a historic day. More than a million people
The Union of Right-Wing Parties, a slate that chose hope.”
includes the extreme-right Jewish Power, won five Other than Likud and Blue and White, no other
seats. So did Israel Beiteinu, the right-wing party led party appeared to break double digits in the num-
by Avigdor Liberman that caters to Russian speakers. ber of seats. But with five right-wing and ultra-Or-
Kulanu, a center-right party focused on economics, thodox parties managing to get some 30 seats
won four seats. together, Netanyahu will be able to form a govern-
On the left, the Labor Party, which dominated ment similar to his current right-wing coalition,
Israeli politics decades ago, won just six seats, an all- with a solid 65 seats.
Suzanne time low. Meretz, which is further to the left, picked On the other side of the fence, four left-wing
up four seats. The Arab-Israeli parties, Hadash-Taal and Arab parties combined for just 20 seats, seem-
and Raam-Balad, won a total of 10 seats. ingly putting them in the opposition with Blue and
The numbers may change a bit on Wednesday, as White, pending coalition jostling.
the votes of Israeli soldiers have yet to be counted. Fifth was the predominantly Arab Hadash-Ta’al
Likud won a slim plurality of votes in Jerusalem, Isra- with 4.61 percent, or six seats.
Make-Up Artist/Skincare Specialist
el’s largest city. Blue and White garnered more than 45 Another surprise was Moshe Feiglin’s Zehut,
Life isn’t perfect! percent of the vote in Tel Aviv. which had surged in surveys in recent weeks, poll-
JTA WIRE SERVICE ing as high as seven seats. In the end, the far-right
pro-marijuana legalization party only drew the
But your makeup can be!
support of 2.53 percent of voters, placing it on the
Cell: 201-874-0797 outside looking in.
Office: 201-567-4992 Also failing to make it in was Orly Levy-Abekasis’s
Gesher, with 1.75 percent.
At five seats each were Yisrael Beytenu (with 4.15
percent) and the Union of Right-Wing Parties (3.66
Meanwhile Meretz (3.64 percent), Kulanu (3.56
percent), and Arab party Ra’am-Balad (3.45 per-
cent) had four seats each.
In a shock development, the New Right party, led
by Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked, appeared to
have failed to cross the electoral threshold of 3.25
percent, garnering just 3.14 percent of the vote.
The historically dominant Labor Party crashed
to sixth place with 4.46 percent (six seats), the par-
ty’s worst showing in its 71-year history.
Coming in at a surprising third and fourth places
were the ultra-Orthodox parties Shas and United
Torah Judaism, with 6.10 percent (8 seats) and 5.90
percent (8 seats) respectively.

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Jewish World

Did Homeland Security just hurt or help America’s

ability to track domestic terrorism? It’s complicated

WASHINGTON— At first, it reads like

a grim joke: Less than six months after
the worst attack on Jews in U.S. history,
the Trump administration took the bold
decision to … shut down a unit tracking
domestic terrorism.
Dig a little, however, and it’s a more
complicated picture.
The good news is that there are
existing government agencies tracking
domestic terrorism and particularly
white supremacists, like the man who
allegedly shot 11 Jewish worshippers
dead in Pittsburgh in October.
The bad news, some experts say, is
that the way the government, and par-
ticularly the Trump administration,
tracks anti-Semitism is a mess, with or
without the dedicated unit inside the The Department of Homeland Security shut down its domestic terrorism analysis unit.  SCOTT OLSON
Department of Homeland Security that
just got disbanded. said that it would make more sense to He called for greater congressional in the same online forums, being rad-
Here are some questions about the devolve the intelligence analysis and oversight of domestic terrorism tracking. icalized by the same propaganda,
move and its implications. sharing to the FBI, which institution- Michael Masters, who directs SCN, Greer said.
ally had greater experience in tracking which works closely with ADL in track- John Cohen, a senior adviser at Rut-
What happened? domestic threats. DHS, he said, was bet- ing threats, said that DHS’s argument gers University’s Institute for Emergency
The Daily Beast reported this week that ter suited to ensuring that ports of entry that the move would increase efficiency Preparedness and Homeland Security,
the Department of Homeland Security were secure. was persuasive. said in an interview that he was sure
shut down the domestic terrorism anal- “When you talk about intelligence “I have been assured by DHS that the that DHS would pass on tips of pending
ysis unit within its Office of Intelligence gathering in domestic terrorism, anal- changes they have made will lead to bet- attacks. But he was concerned that the
and Analysis. ysis of intelligence gathering, that is ter information-sharing and coordina- DHS clients, including local law enforce-
The analysts had compiled and shared the FBI’s responsibility, they are the tion between law enforcement partners, ment and faith-based groups, could miss
information on homegrown extremists principal agency to combat terrorism, notably between DHS and the FBI,” he a bigger picture now that a dedicated
with state and local law enforcement whether it is international terrorism said in an email. “In this, it is my under- team was not compiling reports.
agencies, and with possible targets. that presents itself in the U.S., or domes- standing that the changes were designed “There’s no doubt DHS will share
Those targets include Jewish groups that tic terrorism,” he said. “It’s hard for me to not only improve the sharing of infor- information on potential attacks,”
handle security, like the Anti-Defama- to understand the value added of DHS in mation but increase the likelihood that he said. “What I’m more concerned
tion League and the Secure Community terms of domestic terrorism.” domestic terrorist events were stopped.” about is whether faith-based orga-
Network, a group affiliated with the Jew- nizations and others getting more
ish Federations of North America and What do DHS’s Jewish What is the ADL strategic analysis that allows them to
the Conference of Presidents of Major clients think of this? worried about? understand the threat environment
American Jewish Organizations. The two clients, SCN and ADL had radi- Ryan Greer, the ADL’s director for pro- and take steps to secure communities
In a long statement to the Daily cally different takes. gram assessment and strategy, said the and congregations.”
Beast, DHS said that the changes will Jonathan Greenblatt, the ADL’s CEO, mission of tracking domestic terror-
make tracking potential domestic ter- said the move “defies logic.” He took ists would be diluted without a dedi- So we’re losing an
rorists, and sharing information about direct aim at the Trump administra- cated team. important means of
threats, more efficient. Moreover, track- tion, citing what he said was its muted “What they are saying is that other tracking the rise of
ing domestic terrorists had, in fact, responses not only to the Pittsburgh people who cover a range of issues, white supremacists?
increased recently. massacre but to the deadly neo-Nazi airline security, cybersecurity, maybe This is where it gets really complicated.
“The idea presented by some that we march in Charlottesville, Virginia, in sometimes they will deal with domes- Whether white supremacy is on the rise
have cut our commitment to defeating August 2017, and to the slaughter of 50 tic terrorism,” said Greer, who worked depends on how you assess it — and
all forms of radical ideology — including Muslims in New Zealand this year, car- in senior anti-terrorism positions in the whether DHS tracking has been any help
white supremacist and domestic terror- ried out by a white supremacist. Obama administration’s State Depart- at all is also an open question.
ist — is patently false and the exact oppo- “The current administration has been ment and Department of Homeland JINSA’s Pomerantz says that the
site of what we have done,” said David chipping away at our nation’s ability Security. “To say that the same person threat from white supremacists was
Glawe, the recently installed chief of to address a deadly serious national who will be focused on baggage han- more lethal when he was at the FBI in
Intelligence and Analysis. security threat: right-wing extremism,” dling policy or traffic control will have the 1980s and 1990s, noting the 1984
Exactly how the change would lead Greenblatt said in a statement. “To the same focus” as the disbanded team assassination of Jewish talk show host
to enhanced information sharing is less simply disregard this threat, especially “is simply laughable.” Alan Berg, attacks on synagogues, and
clear. Steve Pomerantz, a former FBI after what we witnessed in Pittsburgh, A properly functioning dedicated the existence of the Order, an armed
agent who now is the director of coun- Charlottesville, Charleston, and even team would notice, for instance, that white supremacist militia. Pomerantz
terterrorism programs at the Jewish overseas in Christchurch, New Zealand, the alleged Pittsburgh attacker and said he believed the more imminent
Institute for National Security Affairs, could put lives at risk.” the confessed New Zealand killer were threat was from radical Islamists, who


Jewish World

he said are organized and control territory over- politicians set priorities through their rhetoric and counterprotesters, noting that was how police initially
seas in a way that white supremacists do not. actions. “There is an overall trend of politicians main- treated the 2017 Charlottesville violence, a riot in Sacra-
The ADL released a study, however, noting that streaming hate,” he said, noting that Trump plays up mento in 2016, and a rally in New York last year by the
“extremist-related murders in 2018 were over- threats from the Islamic State, while downplaying threats far-right Proud Boys group.
whelmingly linked to right-wing extremists.” from white supremacists, although both organize simi- “What the supremacists are doing at these rallies is a
“Largely absent from this list of killers were larly, through online recruiting. tactic they’ve used for generations,” he said. “The idea is
extremists motivated by radical interpretations of More insidiously, German said, law enforcement is to have a large public event for the purpose of attracting
Islam,” Greenblatt wrote in an op-ed for the Jew- susceptible to a white supremacist tactic of provoking protesters so they can attack them.” 
ish Telegraphic Agency. “Only one of the 50 mur- violence, and then depicting it as the fault of the leftist  JTA WIRE SERVICE
ders had any connection to Islamist extremism
— and even then the perpetrator had ties to white
supremacy. In 2018, the U.S. was thankfully spared
the mass murders by Islamist extremists we’ve seen
in recent years.”
Michael German, a fellow at the Brennan Cen-
ter for Justice, agreed that white supremacists
were better organized a generation ago, when he
was working for the FBI undercover and infiltrat-
ing white supremacist groups. He cited one of the
worst terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, the 1995 bomb-
ing of a federal building in Oklahoma City.
But German, an expert on extremism, said that
law enforcement tracking of white supremacists
was also hampered structurally. Law enforcement
staffing tends to be overwhelmingly white, and
officials historically have been likelier to play down
the threat from the communities with which they
are familiar.
“White people who go to work and then come
home to a safe white neighborhood don’t worry
about white supremacists attacking them or their
families,” he said. German routinely reviews the
reports from DHS and other agencies and said
that reports on potential violence from non-white
supremacist groups tended to be more alarmist, if
only because the reporters were less familiar with
the communities.
“It’s not surprising to see police coming out in
riot gear” to face a Black Lives Matter protest “when
they read in their intelligence briefings that there’s
a movement of black extremists trying to kill them.”
So is the fight against extremism of all types
being politicized?
Another factor inhibiting reporting on white
supremacists was the Obama administration’s
botched rollout of a report on “right-wing extrem- 76th Anniversary Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
ism.” Republicans objected to the term “right wing”
and veterans’ groups objected to its reporting that
extremists would likely target young veterans
returning from overseas. German said that contro-
Wednesday, May 1, 2019 / 27 Nisan 5779
versy led DHS officials to become wary when track-
ing white supremacists. KEYNOTE SPEAKER
Compounding the institutional reluctance to Fair Lawn Jewish Center/ CBI
track white-supremacist extremism, German 10-10 Norma Avenue, Fair Lawn, NJ
said, is an administration that has downplayed
and in some cases appeared to encourage white
supremacists. When asked after the New Zealand 6:00 PM Exhibit: Letters From The Shoah
attack whether white nationalists were a growing
threat around the world, Trump replied: “I don’t 6:30 PM Remembrance Service & Program
really. I think it’s a small group of people that have GIDEON TAYLOR
very, very serious problems. It’s certainly a terri- World Jewish Restitution Organization
ble thing.” Topic - Holocaust Restitution: The Struggle for Justice
After the Charlottesville violence, Trump initially
blamed both sides for the violence, a day later con- For information call
demned the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis, and a Dr. Wallace Greene 201.873.3263
day after that said there were “some very fine peo-
ple” on both sides of a clash that pitted anti-fascist
protesters against white power marchers who had
chanted “Jews will not replace us.”
Greer agreed that the White House and other
Jewish World

It’s a Las Vegas honeymoon,

of sorts, for Trump and Republican Jews

LAS VEGAS — “Trump” once was a dirty word in

this room.
Eight years ago, in the same building — Sheldon Adel-
son’s Venetian casino resort, the site of the Republican
Jewish Coalition’s annual conference — Mitt Romney was
the presumptive 2012 Republican presidential nominee,


and he made it clear he wanted nothing of the tactics of
the reality TV star from New York.
An RJC activist asked Romney if he would be less of
a “gentleman” and maybe adopt the “scrappy” style
of Donald Trump, who was eyeing a political future as
ratings for “Celebrity Apprentice” were fading, and
who raised specious questions about President Barack
Obama’s citizenship.
No, Romney said, he would not stoop to “innuendo”
or even mention Trump’s name. It was an approach
embraced by the RJC leadership, which went on to feed
major money into Romney’s campaign. Sheldon and Miriam Adelson at last year’s Re- President Donald J. Trump gestures after speak-
Last Saturday at the Venetian was a different story. publican Jewish Coalition’s annual leadership ing during the Republican Jewish Coalition’s
Trump, it is said, has remade the Republican Party in his meeting, held, as it was this year, at the Adelsons’ annual leadership meeting at the Venetian Las
image, and last weekend, in a hero’s welcome, he showed Venetian Las Vegas, on February 24, 2017. Vegas on April 6.
how much he had brought along the party’s once skep-
tical Jewish contingent. Both he and Vice President Mike to settlements, that he would recognize Israel’s claim to And he seemed to imagine a room full of one-time cap-
Pence attended the conference to speak. the Golan Heights, Trump said, “He was like a wonderful, tains of industry frustrated by the 1990s NAFTA free trade
There still were awkward moments during Trump’s beautiful baby. He said, ‘Do you really — you would do deal that he has reviled.
speech that showed what divides many Republican Jews that, sir?’ And I said ‘Yeah, I think I’m doing it right now! “Many of you people have factory and plants, they’re
from Trump. But more evident was what has brought Let’s write something up.’” still empty,” he said.
them together: Trump’s eager embrace of his advisers’ But people in the room pushed back when Trump The same generalizing of a sometimes hostile Jewish
hawkish pro-Israel policies. bizarrely assumed they vote Democratic, like the major- monolith cast a shadow over Trump’s first appearance
No one in the room was more aware of the 180-degree ity of the rest of American Jews. before the RJC, at its 2015 presidential candidate forum.
turn the relationship has taken than Trump himself. At “How did you support President Obama, how did you “You aren’t going to support me even though you
one point a man cried out “Four more years!” support the Democrats?” Trump asked. know I’m the best thing that will ever happen for Israel,”
“That guy who just said that — he used to hate me, can “We didn’t,” the crowd replied, twice. he said then. “You aren’t going to support me because I
you believe it?” Trump responded, drawing laughs. There were other awkward moments during don’t want your money.”
Some organizers also spoke out about the change. For- Trump’s speech. The remarks made many Jewish Republicans, already
mer Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman, now the RJC chair- As he did in his last RJC appearance in 2015, many wary of Trump for his lack of experience and his biased
man, introduced Trump by saying, “There were some times Trump unsettled the crowd when he appeared statements about other minorities, even more skeptical
doubters in this room, and I was foolishly among them.” to address an amorphous Jewish collective who owed of his chances at the time. Adelson waited until May 2016,
Coleman then led the room in a parody of the Pass- allegiance to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when Trump’s nomination was all but certain, to board
over song “Dayenu” (“It would have been enough for and once owned factories and influenced trade policy. the Trump train, and he had to issue a public appeal to
us”) by listing Trump’s tax cuts and his Israel-related He described his asylum policy as “we’re full,” an echo of persuade fellow Jewish Republicans to join him.
actions, including moving the U.S. embassy to Jeru- the pre-World War II policies that kept desperate Jewish This time, Trump’s history of invoking the very tropes
salem, recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan immigrants out of America. that got Omar into trouble — that Jews buy influence, and
Heights, pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal, and At least three more times, Trump used the collective that they are dually loyal to Israel — got a pass at the RJC.
defunding the Palestinians. second person “you” in addressing the Jews in the room. Halie Soifer, who directs the Jewish Democratic Council
Matt Brooks, the Republican group’s CEO, said that “I stood with your prime minister at the White of America, watched Trump’s speech on C-Span and was
Trump had earned the love in the room. House to recognize Israeli sovereignty on the Golan stunned not to see any pushback.
“There’s no question all the love that was felt in this Heights,” he said. “For them to decry anti-Semitism on the Democratic
room today and as Senator Coleman alluded to in his That drew condemnation from the American Jew- side when it was exactly the same references that they
remarks, that was not the same situation, there were a ish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League, and Jew- now applauded and welcomed back is baffling,” she said.
lot of people who were not necessarily with the president ish Democrats. A source close to the RJC said that the leftward tilt of
during the primary process,” Brooks said. “But I will tell “Mr. President, the Prime Minister of Israel is the the Democrats, the rise of Israel-critical figures like Omar,
you now from an RJC perspective in the Jewish commu- leader of his (or her) country, not ours,” the AJC said and Trump’s Netanyahu-friendly policies make backing
nity, the amount of support that this president is getting on Twitter. “Statements to the contrary, from staunch Trump an easy choice, despite the occasional discomfort.
in the Jewish community is growing exponentially.” friends or harsh critics, feed bigotry.” Notably, the RJC did not fill all the 1,500 seats in the
Addressing Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, the most A Democratic congresswoman, Rep. Ilhan Omar room, even with bodies added from a social media call to
generous donors to Trump’s 2016 campaign, who were (D-Minn.) — whom Trump mocked in his speech — has Las Vegas-area Trump fans, Jewish and non-, to attend.
present at the event, Trump said of his embassy move, come under fire from Republicans and fellow Democrats A group that said that they were Las Vegas Filipinos for
“We got you something that you wanted, I can tell you, for her perceived invocation of the dual loyalty trope. Trump posed for photos in the conference hall, and some
Sheldon and Miriam, that is the most important thing, I Trump also collectivized Jews as influential on trade sported the red Trump kippahs that the RJC gave out.
think, that ever happened in their life.” policy in defending his introduction of tariffs. The event drew top-flight Republican politicians
In describing the moment he told David Friedman, “Maybe you could explain that to some of your people who benefited from Adelson’s political backing,
the U.S. ambassador to Israel who has longstanding ties who say ‘Oh, we don’t like tariffs,’” he said. SEE HONEYMOON PAGE 63
10x13.pdf 6 3/19/19 3:25 PM



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The truth about

Council of Jewish Women my friendship
N with Cory Booker
ew Jersey is filled with Jewish The Bergen County section just gave
organizations. There are so us some sad news. Its co-president, Jane
many of them it’s a surprise Abraham of Teaneck, died on March 13.

that the keyboards of those It’s the first time that the section has
of us who work in the Jewish world don’t had to cope with the death of a sitting n article that ran last week from this betrayal is Cory himself. From
constantly need the J keys replaced. president. in the Jewish Standard, for the time he was 22 years old, I would
Everything is Jsomething, somethingJ, Ms. Abraham had a long career, both whom I have been extremely look him in the eye and tell him he
or someJthing. as an employee and a volunteer; she proud to serve as a colum- would be president of the United States
Even with all these groups, though, worked at UJA-Federation of New York, nist for more than a decade, said that one day. I was sure that when he one day
we should be sure to remember the and then, once she retired, she devoted my 25-year friendship with Cory Booker announced his candidacy, it would be an
National Council of Jewish Women. It’s herself to advocacy through the NCJW. “had foundered.” I must dispute this earthquake. Instead, the announcement
been chugging along since the late 19th She also worked with Age-Friendly characterization. came and went, this past February, to
century — not the 20th century, mind Teaneck and Bergen Reads. “She was My friendship has not foundered. It barely a ripple. And the reason? America
you, but the 19th. Its origin story is an exceptionally talented organizer, was betrayed. is sick of politicians. And Cory’s betrayal
that its founder, Han- analyzer, clarifier, and It was betrayed by a of Israel for political gain
nah Solomon, who was speaker, and a master- friend who was as close was seen for what it was:
part of the Jewish com- ful leader who inspired to me as a brother, whom an honest, good, and
munity in Chicago, was and motivated,” the my people embraced as forthright man suddenly
asked to gather a group NCJW said in a state- a son, but who decided becoming a politician.
of women to help cre- ment marking and to vote to fund a govern- Cory announced on
ate the Chicago World’s mourning her death. ment that was calling Sunday that his presiden-
Fair, the 1893 Colombian I was not lucky for our annihilation. It tial campaign had raised a
Exposition. (Talk about enough to have known was betrayed by a friend bit over $5 million in the
origin stories — that’s Ms. Abraham, but whom I introduced to Elie first quarter of the year.
the fair that provided when I read about her, Wiesel, who quotes the Rabbi Shmuley The sums raised by other
the background for “The I recognize her, and the great Holocaust survivor Boteach candidates underline his
Devil in the White City.”) Jane Abraham NCJW she advocated at every turn, but who underperformance: Ber-
Ms. Solomon was and worked for, as one chose to close his eyes to nie Sanders said he raised
enraged when she learned that the sup- of those intellectually sturdy, stalwart Iran’s promise to perpetrate a second $18.2 million; Kamala Harris raised
port she and the women she’d enticed women, those way-pre-social-media holocaust. And it was betrayed by a pol- more than $12 million, and Beto O’Ro-
into the project were expected to under- women, who put their heads down and itician to whom the Jewish community urke raised $9.4 million. Even Pete Butt-
take such vital tasks as provide coffee for fought for what they believed in. Women gave incalculable support for his prom- igieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana,
the important people — the men. So she who came of age right after the war, ises to support Israel only to see him out-raised Cory with $7 million in dis-
and those other women took their very and then were young parents during condemn the embassy move to Jerusa- closed donations.
real organizing skills and passion for the Vietnam era, who were faced with lem and vote in committee against a bill This news was for me especially sad.
social justice and channeled them into social injustice and enormous turmoil that would stop payments to Palestinian I was, in all likelihood, the first person
the formation of the National Council of and the rethinking of everything they terrorists for murdering Jews. besides family who ever told Cory that
Jewish Women. had known, with wild excitement and I will always love Cory as the man he would rise to the highest office in the
Since then, the group has worked for upheaval and possibility and fear. who became my closest friend. But I land. He was only 22 years old, but his
progressive causes, when they were in The women who gravitated toward cannot overlook his stunning unfaith- formidable potential was undeniable.
fashion and when they were not. It’s NCJW kept their sense of injustice and fulness to the Jewish people at a time For years, I lauded his warmth, his mor-
soldiered through all sorts of changes of possibility alive, and I am grateful to when anti-Semitism is rising throughout als, and his abilities — garnering support
in politics, cultural assumptions, and them. They actually did help change the the world. from across the country for the city
demographics. world. The person who has suffered the most councilman, then for the mayor, and
Here, there are groups in north- We mourn the death of Jane Abraham
ern New Jersey and Rockland County; and hope for the continued life of the Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is the author of 32 books, including his most recent, “Lust
they’ve consolidated over the years, but National Council of Jewish Women. —JP for Love.” He was a rabbi at Oxford University, and Cory Booker was his student
they’re still going. president. Follow him on Twitter @RabbiShmuley.

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Joanne Palmer
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Jane Carr
Production Manager
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Standard Associate Editor
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Graphic Artists
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Editor Emeritus
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1086 Teaneck Road Abigail K. Leichman Bob O'Brien
Community Editor Miriam Rinn Robin Frizzell City Editor
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Associate Publisher Emerita
Marcia Garfinkle Tel: 02-6252933, 02-6247919 Editor Emerita
Fax: 02-6249240 Rebecca Kaplan Boroson Israeli Representative



eventually the senator as well. Telling them I’d found a

man minted for global leadership, I got Cory in touch with Reflections on wasting time

AIPAC, NORPAC, and countless other Jewish events, pan-
els, and conferences. Even more tellingly, few who heard “ o much wasted time.” the button felt? It’s just a button! But-
him ever came forth to disagree. It was reported that these tons have no evil intent.
How did Cory’s political prospects founder? And how did were the last words of the How often do we assign intent to
distance come between us? After all, for 25 years our bond actor, singer, and Partridge other people’s words or actions? How
stood the test of time. Never dwindling, its intensity stayed Family member, David Cassidy. often do we misinterpret distraction
bright. We loved each other like brothers and were united by So sad. So heavy. for snub? I’ve saved a lot of time since
the iron bond of shared goals and values — on levels reach- In the weeks that followed, these my epiphany by checking out what
ing from the personal to the global. words shot around my brain as if someone says, or does, if I don’t under-
I told Cory that voting for the Iran deal would constitute driven relentlessly by a pinball wizard. stand its meaning. A simple “I’m not
a betrayal not only of the Jewish people but of human- The bells and whistles distracted me. Lisa Harris sure I understand what you said. Can
kind’s principal mission of protecting human life on earth. The rising numbers on the scoreboard Glass you say it again in a different way?” Or
Giving the Iranian terrorists more money by which to mur- frightened me. It was as if I could hear even, “I was sad you didn’t say hello to
der innocents would mean granting the regime a direly the time flying. Wasting. me when I saw you at the coffee shop.
needed tens of billions of dollars and open for them the The noise since has quieted. The frantic pace has Are you angry at me?”
gates to the lush opportunities of a global economy happy calmed. The words have transformed from pinball to I’ve also gotten better at accepting that apple trees
to overlook the mullahs’ vows to eradicate Israel and its soap bubble. Every now and then the bubble floats to grow only apples, no matter how badly you want an
support for murderers already at work. Worst of all, out- the fore of my consciousness as if moved by a gentle orange. How many times have we thought, “why
rageously generous sunset clauses meant that Iran would internal breeze. I can choose to contemplate it, or I can’t s/he just . . . “? It is human nature to want what
be able to build a nuclear device within seven to 10 years. can blow it back with a cleansing breath. we want. It is a colossal waste of time to yearn for,
Its weak system of oversight on the Iranian ballistic mis- beg for, lament about your non-orange-bearing apple
sile program meant that by that time, Iran may very well tree not giving you an orange. And we often forget to
have developed the chariot to deliver the payload. This be grateful for the bounty of apples we do harvest
deal, I told him, could put the power of nation-killing in from that tree. I’d like to tell you I’ve mastered this
the hands of a government hateful enough to declare their
intentions, and mad enough to actually try.
If I’m scheduled one. I haven’t.
Is relaxing a waste of time? I’m not great at it. If I’m
Combatting genocide and its rhetorical forewarnings to hang out with scheduled to hang out with friends or family, you will
were especially relevant to the two of us then, as we
looked for answers in the wake of the Rwandan genocide,
friends or family, usually find that I’ve brought my knitting or embroi-
dery with me. It’s that idle hands thing that I just
which took place while Cory studied at Oxford and whose you will usually find cannot reconcile. That feeling of guilt that I could be
25th anniversary took place last week. And they are espe-
cially relevant to me now, with the world’s newest calls for
that I’ve brought doing something that needs doing; rather than just
hanging out. The work/life balance thing eludes me.
mass-murder aimed at the six million Jews inhabiting the my knitting or My colleague Sheryl reminds me that it’s okay to sit
world’s only Jewish state.
Shortly before the vote, Cory announced his intention
embroidery with me. in contemplation. Intuitively, I know this is true. But
will I regret it? With finite hours and minutes in this
to vote in support of the Iran deal. Even then I begged life, at the end, will I lament those moments spent
Cory at least to use his Senate platform to condemn the I wonder. Is thinking about wasting time a waste idling, contemplating, doing nothing productive?
genocidal rhetoric emanating from Ayatollah Khamenei of time? I don’t want to waste time. What does it I’ve always been inspired by Rabbi Tarfon’s words
and fellow anti-Semites who promised a second holocaust. mean to waste time? How do I not waste time? I’m in Pirke Avot: “It is not for you to complete the work,
Could he not, in just a single op-ed or speech, fulminate exhausted. but neither are you free to desist from it…” These
against their calls to “level Tel Aviv” — a city of millions — Already, my data-wonk brain chastises me when I words drive me daily in my work and my personal
or “annihilate the Zionist regime.” carelessly depress one-zero-zero rather than six-zero life. They occupy another one of the soap bubbles
I made this plea — including publicly — on several occa- when I wish to warm my coffee in the microwave. floating in my consciousness. They don’t allow for
sions, in the Hill, the Huffington Post, and the New York Depressing that extra button is a waste of time. Or is wasted time.
Observer. He may have chosen to ignore my calls, but he this more of an efficiency issue? I waste time debat- And yet, people are encouraged to “work hard and
knew just how upset millions of Jews and I were at the ing this in my head. play hard.” This motto sports a lengthy shelf-life. It
sight of their own representatives hand in blood-drenched My executive-coaching brain continually reminds was favored by a young Theodore Roosevelt and by
hand with the world’s leading purveyors of anti-Semitic me not to allow my amygdala to be hijacked. (This the modern day rapper Wiz Khalifa. In a world where
word and action. means you should not spend time being upset about balance is recommended, I fear I am too much Tar-
Since 1992, our relationship proved strong enough to things out of your control or by running with your fon and not enough Khalifa.
avoid wane and deterioration. It simply could not survive assumptions.) My teacher Dr. Mark Magerman Perhaps I’ve put too much thought into this.
Cory’s betrayal of the fundamental value that had served coached me to my transformative a-ha moment Maybe it’s been a waste of time. However, if I’m
as our joint foundation: to tirelessly protect the sanctity about this. I’d had a nightmare that my son was chok- determined to live a life of meaning, to not feel as if I
of human life. ing on a button (poo, poo, poo) and I was unable to wasted time, then perhaps the endeavor was worth-
In an age where we wage wars to knock white suprema- dislodge it. It seemed obvious to me that the dream while. Moving forward I will honor and practice the
cists off YouTube, Cory provided far more dangerous big- represented my need to say something about an words of my teachers, Rabbi Tarfon and Dr. Mager-
ots with the most significant platform of all: a well-regarded issue, and my struggle as I felt I could not. How much man, while pursuing a cautious practice of the words
state in the community of nations. From neglect, a relation- time have we all wasted on that? You feel wrong or of Roosevelt and Khalifa.
ship can flounder. Betrayal, though, is a far harsher agent. slighted in some way and you dwell on it. It distracts
Which leads us to my primary point: Cory is foundering you from life. Then Dr. Magerman asked me, “How Lisa Harris Glass is the chief planning officer of the
in this election because he’s proven himself the classic poli- do you think the button felt?” BOOM! How did I think Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey.
tician, driven less by conviction than opportunity, more by
the allure of stature than love of mankind. Only a politician
could choose party over principle when it came to Iran.
The opinions expressed here are those of the authors, not necessarily those of the newspaper’s
To win over the masses, one must beam with the brightest
editors, publishers, or other staffers. We welcome letters to the editor.
message of all: that his moral convictions are his sole author-
ity. For if he cannot innately discern his own path, by what Send them to
right can he demand worth in charting one for others.

Returning Zachary Baumel to Israel

he remains of Zachary Bau- Clinton about this case, Rabbi Lau more comfort-
mel, the IDF soldier who was but I assumed that noth- able with the setting, and
missing for 37 years, were ing would come of it. in fact the pope covered
returned to Israel and buried
in a funeral in which he was eulogized
Later, during the nego-
tiation of the Wye Accords
some of the Christian ico-
nography in honor of his
by both the president and the prime in 1998, the president guest.) Rabbi Lau told the father Yona,
minister of Israel. This dramatic event
recalls for me two other episodes that
approached me and told
me that he had good
pope that he had come to
request that John Paul use
who died 10
took place more than two decades ago. news — he foresaw the his good offices to bring years ago, did
At the time, during Bill Clinton’s pres-
idency, Zachary’s wonderful and kind
negotiations resulting in
the return of Zachary’s
Israel’s missing soldiers
home. The pope did not
not live to see
parents, people of great faith, still were body. The president asked Genack fully understand the sig- it, but Zachary
clinging to the hope that their son might
still be alive, based on reports that he
me to call Zachary’s par-
ents to convey the news.
nificance of the return of
the soldiers’ remains. He
Baumel, at
had been photographed as a prisoner Unfortunately, since the negotiations fell wanted to know whether Israel believed long last, has
of war in Syria. I could not share their
hope, because my cousin, Aryeh Gen-
through, this did not come about. But I
was greatly impressed by Clinton’s dedi-
that these missing soldiers were still
alive. Rabbi Lau clarified for him that it
been restored
achowski, had fought in the same bat- cation and concern, as well as his mem- was unlikely that these soldiers were still to his people.
tle as Zachary and witnessed Zachary’s ory, such that he still remembered the living but recovering their bodies would
tank being hit by enemy fire. In my conversation I had with him some time enable mourners to recite the Jewish
cousin’s appraisal, there was no way earlier about this case. prayer for the dead. was from a Jewish family; he had been
that anyone in that tank could have The second episode I am reminded “Ah,” the pope responded. “You sheltered by Christians during the war.
survived. (Aryeh’s study partner from of involves Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, then m e a n t h e K a d d i s h .” T h e p o p e If so, the priest maintained, since the
that time, Yehuda Katz, is another sol- Israel’s Ashkenazi chief rabbi. Rabbi Lau understood. boy’s parents undoubtedly would not
dier from that battle who still is miss- met with Pope John Paul II in the pope’s Rabbi Lau took this opportunity to tell have wanted their son to have been bap-
ing.) Zachary’s parents approached me summer residence, Castel Gandolfo, to a story he had heard that took place in tized, instead he must be returned to his
to see if there was any way that I could discuss the plight of Israel’s missing sol- the aftermath of the Holocaust. A young people. “The rumor is,” Lau said to the
intercede with President Clinton to help diers, including Zachary. (The meeting boy was brought to a priest to be bap- pope, “that the priest’s name was Karol
locate their son. I spoke to President was held outside of the Vatican to make tized. The priest explained that the boy Wojtyla,” John Paul II’s given name.

Vaccines do not harm children. They save lives

s a pediatrician, I am seri- The CDC blames mea- don’t believe measles is In my pediatrics practice, I do not
ously concerned about the sles outbreaks across the “as bad as we are told” refuse to treat unvaccinated children,
return of measles, a deadly United States on two fac- or who desire natural, but I certainly can understand why
disease that was declared tors: an increase in the so-called alternative par- other healthcare practitioners do. I have
eliminated in the United States by the number of people who enting styles. found that although there are some par-
Centers for Disease Control and Preven- bring measles into the Statistics have shown ents who are never going to change their
tion in 2000. At the time, my medical country from abroad and that objections to vaccines minds, there are more who can be per-
colleagues and I hailed the end of this pockets of unvaccinated are not necessarily reli- suaded to vaccinate their children once
dangerous virus that infected more than people living here. gious or medical, as many I answer their questions candidly and
4 million people per year, hospitalized The first factor is due to Dr. Harry parents claim in trying to debunk common myths using the fol-
50,000, and killed 500, before the mea- a rise in worldwide travel Banschick obtain exemptions from lowing concrete information:
sles vaccine program began in 1963. and unvaccinated popula- mandatory school vacci- • Vaccines are safe and do not contain
Since I began my pediatrics practice tions in other countries. In nations. Refusing vaccines toxins. Many scientific studies attest to
in 1982, I have vaccinated thousands fact, the outbreak in New York and New is not a doctrine of the Jewish Orthodox, their safety, including one major 10-year
of children against measles and other Jersey can be traced to the September Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness, or any Danish study of 1 million people that was
life-threatening illnesses, and I am 2018 arrivals of travelers from Israel. other religious community. published in the March 5, 2019, issue of
extremely grateful that we had these The second factor is more difficult to Instead, failure to vaccinate often is the Annals of Internal Medicine that
powerful yet simple weapons of preven- understand and explain. A perfect storm due to unfounded fears among people proved the MMR vaccine has no links to
tion. Over the years, these vaccines have of virulent anti-vaccine sentiment has of all religions, cultures, ethnicities, autism. Other large studies have shown
saved many lives, while causing few to taken hold in the United States in less and financial means. To them, fear of that the DPT vaccine against diphthe-
no side effects. than two decades — most commonly the unknown outweighs fear of a dis- ria, pertussis, and tetanus does not
Yet here we are in 2019, with mea- among those too young to remember ease that they have never seen in their cause brain damage. Vaccines do not
sles outbreaks occurring in six states, a the wrath of measles and other deadly lifetime. But unvaccinated children and contain any toxic ingredients, including
measles state of emergency declared in diseases — that can be pinpointed to adults pose very real dangers to infants mercury.
Rockland County, and the World Health some of these factors: a fraudulent U.K. too young to be vaccinated, to people • Your unvaccinated child may not be
Organization announcing that the virus research study that linked autism with with compromised immune systems protected by herd immunity. Protection
is once again a global threat. vaccines, the rise of uninformed and (such as those undergoing cancer treat- against an infectious disease will occur
So what happened? And, more impor- potentially dangerous social media chat- ment), and to pregnant women whose only if at least 93 percent of a child’s
tantly, what can we do to stop it? ter, and pockets of people who either unborn babies can be infected. community is vaccinated.



Reflections on an
election on erev Pesach

he Jewish calen- to choose a leader. Even
dar is complicated after they left Egypt, there
enough. Holidays was no popular referen-
and holy days dum, but after generations
seem to flow one into the of enslavement, their col-
other, giving us barely any lective experience forged
time to breathe. them into a people. Though
This time of year, I always the stories of their 40 years
wonder about the proxim- in the desert bespeak divi-
ity of Purim to Passover. Tal- Rabbi Joshua sion, at the moment of Pass-
Zachary Baumel died in action in Lebanon in 1982. His body was re- mudic discussions link the S. Finkelstein over, they left Egypt as one
turned to Israel this week. COURTESY MIRIAM BAUMEL two, but imagine celebrating people. Indeed, the event
Purim without having to see of the Passover involved the
“That boy’s name is Shachna Heller,” everything’s all right, but it looks Passover food in the aisles of the supermar- people casting a ballot of sorts. They were
the pope responded, “and he lives like I won’t be home soon,” Zach- kets. At least the spring holidays give us a told to mark the doorposts and the lintel of
in Brooklyn.” The Pope understood ary wrote. Rivlin concluded, “Thir- month to breathe, unlike the suddenness of their homes with the blood of the sacrificial
what it meant for a Jewish child to be ty-seven years have elapsed, but going from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur lamb. Those who did that were spared and
restored to his people. today you returned home.” to Sukkot and Shimini Atzeret and Simchat delivered. Presumably, those who didn’t
At Zachary’s funeral, Israel’s Prime Zachary’s father Yona, who died Torah. We have no control over the dates of were lost. The Passover sacrifice in Egypt
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said 10 years ago, did not live to see it, our religious holidays, but did Israel really can be seen as the first referendum for our
out loud what many felt: “I got chills but Zachary Baumel, at long last, has need an election so close to Passover? people. Those who voted cast their lots with
when I heard that Zachary was back been restored to his people. In Israel, everyone who needs to prepare the future of the Jewish people, and the
home. We’ve been waiting for this for for Passover will get their homes ready and people of Israel were delivered as one from
37 years.” President Reuven Rivlin Rabbi Menachem Genack of their lives in order. It helps that they only the land of Egypt.
spoke of a letter Zachary had written Englewood is the CEO of OU have to get ready for one seder, though with Fast forward thousands of years to today,
to his parents a few days before the Kosher and the leader of that city’s the oddity of the seventh day of Passover approaching Passover 5779. The citizens of
battle in which he fell. “Don’t worry, Congregation Shomrei Emunah. being on a Friday, even in Israel, Jewish the State of Israel have cast their ballots.
people will be eating matzah for eight days The votes will be counted and the coalition
because they cannot make or buy chametz building will continue and hopefully a gov-
on Shabbat. Still, it seems that exercising ernment will be formed. Winners will be
their democratic rights might not be in con- declared and those who lost will be left to
cert with the principles of Passover. form an opposition. It is the nature of politi-
Politics is a partisan enterprise. A robust cal systems to have parties in and out of gov-
and healthy democracy depends on open ernment. There will be disagreements and
debate and argumentation. (On that some discord. I am not even sure if that is
• “Natural” alternative healthcare by an infected person. One in four account, Israel should be seen as a very unfortunate. The adversarial nature of polit-
often is not safe. It is not better for a people who contracts the virus will healthy democracy.) A one-party state is an ical systems is the foundation of democracy.
child to contract a disease and/or to need treatment in a hospital. And for anathema to free and vigorous debate and Once the politics comes to an end, it
build resistance naturally. There is no some people, measles can be deadly. an open and free society. The byproduct of would be wise for all to remember that the
scientific evidence for this, and by not Let’s also not forget the other such a society is an election that demands purpose of an election is to choose a gov-
vaccinating your child you are only life-saving vaccines that protect us the free flow of ideas and partisan politics. erning party and to steer the ship of state.
putting your children and everyone against such potentially deadly dis- By definition, a political debate needs at There are many strategies that politicians
else at risk. eases as polio, hepatitis B, pneu- least two sides arguing against each other. may use, but on the eve of Passover, I am
• Measles, which is a virus, cannot mococcal pneumonia, the flu, Hae- While rancor and vitriol are not a neces- reminded of what I called the first referen-
be cured by antibiotics, which treat mophilus influenza type B, and sary component to such debate, they often dum — the Israelites choosing to mark their
bacterial infections, despite the dan- HPV, which can cause cervical and accompany it. Even in the most civil of dis- doorposts and be delivered as one.
gerous misinformation that some throat cancers. courses, there is disagreement and divide. It would be wonderful if Israeli politicians
Texas legislators are spreading in try- I urge all parents who are con- The spirit of our times is less than ideal, and and society would remember the lesson of
ing to introduce legislation that backs cerned about vaccinating their Israel, like America, is enmeshed in a period Passover, that deliverance came only to a
anti-vaxxers’ ability to claim “philo- children to talk to their healthcare of highly partisan rancor and division. united people and revelation came only
sophical” exemptions. providers. If you are uninsured or Unlike America, Israel is a parliamentary when we made our way together and stood
With the current measles out- underinsured or are having trouble system that is dependent on forming if not as one around a mountain in a wilderness.
breaks in New York and New Jersey, affording vaccines, check with your majority rule, then a coalition government, Some may think that this type of unity is
I want to stress the importance of all local township or department of after its election. While sometime chaotic, elusive in our modern era, but our history,
eligible patients receiving the mea- health. Many offer free or low-cost this postelection bargaining has the bene- both modern and ancient, has shown that
sles vaccine, which is 97 percent vaccines. In 2019, there is no rea- fit of making different parties talk to each when we united, wonders happened, and
effective. Measles is so contagious son that your child should not be other instead of at each other. As the elec- a state was founded. It is not easy — it never
that 90 percent of all unvaccinated protected when we have at our fin- tion in Israel has just concluded, some polit- was easy — but it is possible. Maybe that is
children and adults who come in gertips safe and effective vaccines to ical parties are in the midst of forming a coa- the hope that has kept us going for thou-
contact with an infected person will prevent deadly diseases. lition and putting together a government. It sands of years.
contract the virus. It can be spread is the assembling of a coalition that is the
by direct contact or through the Harry Banschick, M.D., FAAP, is difference between running for election Rabbi Joshua S. Finkelstein is the
air. It can live for up to two hours chairman of pediatrics at Holy Name and leading a country. Rabbi of Montebello Jewish Center, an
in airspace or on surfaces touched Medical Center in Teaneck. All this brings us back to Passover. The egalitarian Conservative synagogue in
Israelites in Egypt did not have an election Rockland County.

I’m an Orthodox rabbi who is going to

start officiating LGBTQ weddings. Here’s why

queer friend of mine from was begging for money But I also believe that our traditions, and not the aggrieved
a charedi Orthodox back- approached me, pointed the Torah does not want parties themselves.
ground had posed a query to my kippah, said, “Now I human beings to live alone, My own rabbinical school, Yeshivat
publicly on social media. like that,” and bumped my and supports a covenantal Chovevei Torah, which is a beacon of pro-
She had gone to a conference on fist. A man in high heels relationship between par- gressive traditionalism, recently informed
LGBTQ inclusion. There she learned a came up to me before ties as they build a faith- its students and alumni that one of its
practice of certain Catholic priests who getting off at his stop and ful Jewish home. I know fourth-year students, an openly gay man,
described going into gay bars in full said, “Thanks for the yar- that for thousands of will not be receiving ordination. They
clerical garb: They would sit in the bar, mulke.” I even had made years, Judaism has had a told him this a few months shy of gradua-
and when queer Catholics approached my way to the headquar- Rabbi Avram rich understanding of the tion, after years of study at the seminary.
them, the priests would affirm God’s ters of Chabad Lubavitch Mlotek diversity of gender identi- It’s a painful reminder that LGBTQ Jews
love, and that they had a place where that very same day for ties. I know that the Torah still lack the ability to fully participate as
they belonged in the church. a meeting and a chasid affirms the God-endowed equals in all facets of Orthodox life.
My friend asked her community of asked me where he could find a kippah dignity of all human beings. That is why, going forward, I will
observant Jews, acknowledging that like mine. I surmised: The kippah works. In the recent film “Boy Erased,” based be officiating wedding ceremonies for
rabbis don’t have any identifying cleri- But what is it symbolizing and is it off Garrard Conley’s memoir describ- queer Jews.
cal garb: When might Orthodox rabbis enough? ing his experience in a gay conversion I’m passionately committed to God,
do the same? The kippah is a symbol of my com- program, a scene between a Baptist Jewish law, Torah, and the Jewish peo-
As an Orthodox rabbi myself, I was mitment to God, to Torah, and to the pastor father and his adult gay son has ple. These won’t be “kiddushin” cere-
intrigued. I discovered a rainbow kippah Jewish people. To me, the rainbow stayed with me. Conley’s character says monies, but similar to the brit shutafin
online and decided to buy it. kippah also is a symbol that God and something along the lines of “I’ve tried (covenantal partnership) ceremonies
It managed to garner attention the Judaism love you, no matter what your to change, God knows I’ve tried. I can’t that the visionary Rabbi Steven Green-
first day I wore it. A woman took a pic- sexual orientation is. change. Now it is your turn.” berg, founder of Eshel, has been per-
ture of me and motioned a thumbs-up. I understand that the plain reading of I’ve thought about how resonant forming for years.
A homeless man on the subway who Leviticus considers homosexual sex a that particular sentence felt. The onus I understand that for some, this may
“toevah,” often translated as an abomina- of responsibility now rests upon those feel like a blatant break from tradi-
Rabbi Avram Mlotek, who grew up in tion. I understand that Jewish law views of us in religious leadership positions: tion, and I know some of my teachers
Teaneck, is a founder of Base Hillel, a kiddushin, the ritual ceremony of mar- to continue to make space, validate, and the larger Orthodox community
home-focused rabbinic ministry now in riage, as a legal structure between a man humanize, empathize, and support believe that this is crossing a line that
10 cities worldwide. He lives in New York. and a woman. I know and respect this. those who have long felt suppressed by should not be crossed.

Pour out your wrath

he passage in the Passover distasteful in conjunction proceedings of the Truth Different Night,” edited by Noam Zion and
Haggadah that typically elic- with our invocation of Eli- and Reconciliation Com- David Dishon, adds a parallel passage to
its the most heated debate jah, the prophet charged mission paved the way for Shfokh Chamatkha: “Pour out Your love
and discussion at my fam- with heralding the mes- South African democracy. on the nations who have known You…
ily seders is “Shfokh Chamatkha.” This sianic age of universal I argue that “goy” is a term They show lovingkindness to the seed
prayer accompanies the opening of the redemption and peaceful also applied to the “nation” of Jacob and they defend Your people
door for Elijah, following the Grace after coexistence. Some object of Israel, and in no way Israel….” The text — a lovely sentiment —
Meals (Birkat Ha-Mazon) and preced- to a perceived attack on represents an ethnic slur is identified as appearing in a manuscript
ing Hallel, the postprandial psalms of freethinkers and those with or national derogation. I from Worms in 1521, though the editors
praise. Shfokh Chamatkha is a pastiche theological doubts (people Rabbi Joseph express my prayerful hopes concede that “scholars today debate its
of Biblical verses. A typical translation: who “do not invoke Your H. Prouser that any free-thinkers or authenticity.” In fact, the early prove-
“Pour out Your wrath upon the nations name”). Still others focus doubters might yet find nance of the text has been debunked as a
that do not know You, upon the king- their disapproval on the their way to faith and belief well-intentioned progressive “hoax” per-
doms that do not invoke Your name, for Hebrew word for “nations,” goyim, in the — and if not, at least to happiness. I invite petrated in the years immediately follow-
they have devoured Jacob and desolated opening phrase, sensing therein an intol- responses and listen to those who have a ing World War II (see the JPS Commentary
his home (Psalms 79:6-7). Pour out Your erant and exclusivist tribal attack on all different perspective. on the Haggadah).
fury on them; may Your blazing anger non-Jews. Some might argue that Shfokh Then, wryly enjoying my bold provoca- My Haggadah collection includes a
overtake them (Psalms 69:25); Oh, pur- Chamatkha originated in response to the tion, I recite Shfokh Chamatkha with gen- volume printed in Stockholm in 1954
sue them in wrath and destroy them from predations of the Crusades but no longer uine fervor and in full voice. that provides a Swedish translation. No
under the heavens of the Lord (Lamenta- accurately depicts our relationship with Other seder leaders and editors of Pass- Swedish rendition is provided for Shfokh
tions 3:66).” our Christian neighbors. over Haggadot take a decidedly differ- Chamatkha, however, apparently in an
Some concerned seder participants As seder leader, I earnestly respond to ent approach. The Haggadah published attempt to obscure its controversial mes-
object to such an angry, vengeful senti- these concerns. I propose that in order by the Central Conference of Ameri- sage from those relying on translation.
ment being included in the festival lit- to achieve the long-hoped-for future can Rabbis in 1974, and illustrated by (Similarly, no translation is provided for
urgy altogether. Some find it particularly of peace, it may be necessary first to the renowned artist (and my childhood the triumphalist Midrash that demon-
acknowledge and openly to articulate our neighbor) Leonard Baskin, omits Shfokh strates that there were not merely 10
Joseph H. Prouser is the rabbi of Temple historic grievances and pain — as Shfokh Chamatkha entirely. plagues, but 50… no, 200… no, 250
Emanuel of North Jersey in Franklin Lakes. Chamatkha allows us to do — much as the “The Family Participation Haggadah: A plagues!)
Opinion Letters

Yet I know that there is a small but Trump, Jewish values not consistent kind of shoddy approach to the truth tells one everything
growing number of Orthodox rabbis As a member of the Young Israel of Staten Island for nearly 50 they need to know about the veracity of his claims, but it is
from across the modern Orthodox spec- years before making aliyah in 2016, I am appalled at reading worth responding in full because they are easily disproven.
trum who believe that this is where we “An Orthodox organization’s dinner gala is mostly a tribute to Mr. Cohn claims that the Geneva conventions do not apply to
have to be moving. I hope that in doing Donald Trump” (April 5). the occupied territories because they don’t apply to defensive
so as a community, queer Jews will see A main reason is that Trump’s policies are inconsistent with wars. This is blatantly false, as anyone who reads past GCIV Arti-
themselves as valued in the commu- basic Jewish values. Please consider: cle One will discover. Article Two states “the present Convention
nity and see that their rabbis are ready Trump is in denial about climate change, an existential threat shall apply to all cases of declared war or of any other armed
to celebrate their life choices of sacred to Israel and, indeed, humanity, and is doing everything possible conflict.” The Geneva conventions are intentionally broad, and
covenantal marriage as well. It is not to eliminate or weaken efforts to reduce greenhouse gases while apply to civil wars, wars against non-state actors, and yes, defen-
only about upholding the dignity of the climate threats are becoming increasingly apparent. sive wars too. This is obviously the case because if one coun-
human being, but upholding the dignity Trump supported legislation that would cause as many as 32 try invaded another, one of the two countries would be free to
of the Torah itself, which emphasizes the million Americans to lose their health insurance; ignore human rights under any other reading.
need for loving partnership. Trump signed a tax bill that overwhelmingly benefits the It’s somewhat humorous that in the same letter Mr. Cohn
A wedding day should be a joyous day wealthiest Americans and highly profitable corporations, accuses me and anyone who agrees with me of not researching
for loving companions, as the liturgy con- which will result in annual deficits of at least a trillion dol- facts beyond the “headlines promoted by those they ideolog-
notes, regardless of their sexual orienta- lars for many years, giving the Republicans an excuse to ically agree with,” he shows that he has never bothered read-
tion. If the couple is choosing to live Jewish carry out their long-time desires to cut programs that the ing past Dore Gold paraphrasing Stephen Schwebel in his book
lives, build a Jewish home, and raise Jew- vast majority of Americans depend on; “The Fight for Jerusalem,” which is one of the few sources that
ish children, our traditional rabbinate must In addition, most American Jews see Trump alienating Amer- tries to claim the same thing as Mr. Cohn with a straight face.
seize the opportunity to welcome and work ican allies and adopting policies that make a peaceful resolu- By all means, it is not necessary to trust me on the matter of
with these families at their most precious tion of the Israeli conflict with the Palestinians less likely and whether the Geneva conventions apply. The fact that they do
life-cycle moments. If we don’t, we risk fur- increased terrorism more likely. has been confirmed by the Red Cross, the International Court
ther alienation and falling into an abyss of Finally, there is the question of character. New York of Justice, the states that are parties to the Geneva conventions,
religious irrelevance by denying these cou- Times’ conservative columnist Bret Stephens, a former chief the high contracting parties to the Geneva conventions, the
ples their rightful place of belonging. editor of the Jerusalem Post, wrote in a recent article that UN Security Council, the UN General Assembly, and the Israeli
Shouldn’t our Orthodox communities Trump’s character involves “lying, narcissism, bullying, big- Supreme Court, among others.
rush at the opportunity to keep as many otry, crassness, name-calling, ignorance, paranoia, incom- Mr. Cohn also misleads the reader on what resolution 242
Jews engaged in their Judaism? Is this the petence and pettiness.” says. He claims that it says Israel must only withdraw from some
Torah and this its reward? Richard H. Schwartz, Moshav Shoresh, Israel territory. He is wrong. There are two equally valid versions
We are long overdue for a new para- of 242, one in French and one in English. The French version
digm. I am humbled to be part of a new Vaccinate your children! unambiguously says Israel must withdraw from all the territories
generation seeking to straddle the sacred Regarding the recent article “Resistance to the measles vac- it occupied, whereas the English one is more ambiguous in part
tradition we inherit as well as the human- cine” and the opinion piece “This is why we should immunize because it drops the definite articles, as is common in English.
ity before us. JTA WIRE SERVICE our children,” both in the April 5 issue: If you have two valid versions and one is unambiguous while
When I need spiritual or halachich advice I go to a rabbi, and the other is more vague, then it’s clear that they should be read
when I need medical advice I go to a physician, but I would together as what the unambiguous one said, as is codified in the
never expect a rabbi to offer advice on medical matters with Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties. You can’t just wish
which he or she was unfamiliar. I was therefore shocked that away or ignore half the text like Mr. Cohn did. It’s also worth
Rabbi Mordechai Shain had the temerity to give his opinion pointing out that even though the English one could have been
regarding the efficacy and need for vaccinations. His remarks better written, it was clearly intended to be read in the same way
reveal a breathtaking lack of even the basic understanding of the as the French version. For example, the Indian representative
This year at the seder, I will once again function and importance of vaccines. said to the Security Council, “It is our understanding that the
neither omit nor obfuscate nor obscure It all boils down to one basic concept: Vaccines protect our draft resolution, if approved by the Council, will commit it to the
Shfokh Chamatkha. Indeed, it seems to children and community from severe illness and possible death. application of the principle of total withdrawal of Israel forces
me that this admittedly caustic prayer has The science is readily available proving this basic fact. I would from all the territories — I repeat, all the territories — occupied
never been more relevant or well-placed. suggest that Rabbi Shain do some research, perhaps starting by Israel as a result of the conflict which began on 5 June 1967.”
I understand Shfokh Chamatkha as with the excellent opinion piece by Rabbi Dr. Jill Hackell, before One could go on debunking what Mr. Cohn said for a long
directed not at religious skeptics (cer- he goes spouting off his opinion on a subject about which he time, but there’s little point because at the end of the day, the
tainly not those who find their way to a knows nothing and which could cause danger to both our com- real source of disagreement is moral, not legal. Where he stands
seder!), nor at the Christian faithful, nor munity and the community at large. morally is clear: he speaks of Arabs and Palestinians as undiffer-
at non-Jews in general. Not even at those Susan Fishbein MD, Englewood entiated masses and accuses them of being collectively guilty
who relate to the Jewish people and Jewish of anti-Semitism. He haughtily calls for the world to abandon
state with hostility. In 2019, I believe that Annexation and the Geneva Convention them and engages in victim blaming to accompany his demoni-
the words of Shfokh Chamatkha (even if I feel compelled to respond to Mr. Cohn’s March 29 letter zation. He claims that Palestinians in the West Bank, rather than
originally aimed at 11th century Crusaders) (“Reality of facts”) because it blatantly misrepresents both the occupying government, are responsible for their economic
are most accurately understood to address what I said (“Don’t speculate about annexation,” Letters, situation in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
those national regimes that impose athe- March 15) as well as the facts that it claims to hold dear. Mr. To give one example, the World Bank conservatively assessed
ism as a defining, systemic principle, Cohn says in his letter that “Mr. Nelkin also wrote that Israel that Israel’s governance of area C costs Palestinians more than a
demanding the corollary suppression of has taken over ‘the majority of the West Bank’s natural third of their GDP every single year and that less than 1 percent
free religious expression. resources and development potential.’ Is this his desired fact or of the land area was available for Palestinians’ use. The majority
Soviet Communism was a prime exam- a factual reality?” This is a sentence in the perfect tense. of my letter concerned why annexing area C would be morally
ple of such an atheistic regime. “Commu- However, my letter actually said “Since the majority of wrong, and Mr. Cohn has not disputed in any way my ethical
nism,” Karl Marx wrote in the Communist the West Bank’s natural resources and development poten- point of view. What he has not contested is what I consider to
Manifesto, “abolishes eternal truths, abol- tial lie in area C, while the majority of Palestinians live in be the crux of my argument; annexing area C would have tragic
ishes all religion, and all morality.” Mao areas A and B, cleaving them apart would be a massive theft consequences for millions of people in the occupied territories,
Zedong told the Dalai Lama that “Religion of wealth,” which is clearly a sentence in the conditional it would be an undemocratic action that did not have the con-
is poison.” Lenin insisted that “all wor- tense. He also accuses me of only reading what I want to sent of the people effected, and it would be a massive and unjust
ship of a divinity is a necrophilia.” Lenin’s hear, and then either does exactly that, or intentionally mis- transfer of wealth.
SEE WRATH PAGE 64 leads the reader so he can argue with a straw man. That Zachary Nelkin, Englewood
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Kosher Crossword The Frazzled Housewife

Lessons from
BANJI GANCHROW Barbie dolls? You could pull the legs

out of their sockets. (Please don’t tell
he other day on the radio, me that I was the only kid who did this
a woman with a very nice to her dolls. I just loved the noise that
voice asked her listeners, “Is they made when you pulled them out,
your child ready for kinder- and then the satisfying noise they made
garten?” Apparently this when you put them back
woman and her friends run in…) That is basically
some sort of company that what happened to her
gets your toddlers ready for right hip.
the cutthroat world of fin- After much physical
ger painting and nap time. therapy, and another hip
Can you imagine — nap dislocation at the bag-
time? It is actually in the gage claim in a Califor-
curriculum. nia airport, it was time to
I still remember the cots call in the big guns. How
that we used to nap on in Banji hard could it be to find
Yavneh Academy. I wonder Ganchrow someone to fix a hip?
if they still have those, or Doctor #1 was in all of
if with the price of tuition, the papers. His picture
each 5-year-old gets his or her own pil- was everywhere and his very expen-
low top tempur-pedic mattress. Anything sive personalized sports car was in the
is possible. Someone will have to fill me parking lot of his office. “Why does my
Across Down in on the advancements in nap time. hip keep popping out?” my friend fear-
1. Tack on 1. Those who might be mistaken As we grow up, we learn about what fully asked. He gave a very convincing
4. Doubled month for chasidic Jews to expect. Don’t run with scissors, answer, but the connection just wasn’t
8. Zion and Theodore Roosevelt, e.g. 2. A Malfoy because you could fall and stab your- there, so we went to doctor #2. “Why
13. 3-D hosp. exam 3. They’re long gone self. Color within the lines, because does my hip keep popping out?” Doc-
14. Haan of footwear 4. Bank abbr.
your picture will look better. Red tor #2 does not have his picture every-
15. “Hello” singer 5. Gov. arm that oversees the ATF
16. One that might observe Christmas 6. Alternative to Tylenol
means stop, green means go, and yel- where, and he does not have a fancy
and Passover? 7. Do the floors again low means slow down. We learn rules sports car, but he speaks very fast, uses
18. Adam and Eve’s lack, theoretically 8. Large Chinese immigrants? on how to behave. Share with others. big words, and promises my friend that
19. “Move over” 9. “Bleak House” girl Be nice to people. Don’t be a bully. he will help her lickety split. Nope, it
20. ___ Harabanim (Kosher supervi- 10. Fourth portion read in a Parsha When we turn 16, we start learning was not lickety split, so to doctor #3 we
sors, often) 11. Big name in fashion
how to drive. We learn how to use went. “Why does my hip keep popping
22. CCC divided by C 12. Former baseball commissioner
23. One entertaining on Shabbat 17. Bit
Waze so we don’t get lost when we out?” The planets were aligned, the
24. Activity that is frowned upon 21. Telecom letters drive. We are always learning what to landmines were found and diffused,
during services? 24. Light ringing sound do as we progress in age. When you and doctor #3 won the prize and did
26. Org. supporting Aliyah 25. Investment goal graduate high school, when you grad- the surgery.
28. LAX inspection org. 27. Positive word uate college, when you finish graduate Now before the surgery, my friend
29. Reed who rocked 29. Dangerous acid that doesn’t burn?
school. We learn about the next step. was given many different possible out-
31. Initial wager 30. Popular brand of nail polish
34. Maimonides had a good one 32. Network celebrating early
But eventually, that next step is real comes. All of them were prefaced by
or two Hollywood life. Getting married, having kids, stay- “We won’t know for sure until we open
38. Pre-Passover activity for many... 33. “Don’t Bring Me Down” rock gp. ing married, raising those kids — but you up,” but all of those outcomes
or a hint to solving 16, 24, 50, 35. Fighting, a charge then there are so many obstacles along involved a reasonable recovery time.
and 63-Across 36. Gaza to Jerusalem dir. the way. You only learn about these This time being anywhere from two
42. Item in a drive 37. Some like to keep theirs secret
landmines when you actually step on days (best case scenario) to two weeks
43. Wail 39. Summer treat
44. Use an eye 40. Has 39-Down
them — and then you are thrown into (worst case scenario). But wouldn’t
45. Hearing need 41. Gasteyer of “Mean Girls” a world that you know nothing about. you know it, another landmine — when
48. Sukkah covering, perhaps 46. Not up OK, folks, we are going to try to keep doctor #3 opened her up, there were
50. Kitchen sign making a request 47. N.F.L. linemen: Abbr. this light. Don’t worry. a bevy of torn muscles that needed to
from G-d? 49. Nadal’s nickname A very close friend of mine, who I met be repaired. And recovery time? Six
55. Kind of insurance 50. Play too loudly 25 years ago when I worked at a mental weeks of no pressure on her right leg.
58. Something to flip 51. It shouldn’t be mixed with wool,
health center — yes, I worked there; no, Six weeks.
59. Exam for a budding atty. according to the Torah
60. Last word of many a fairy tale 52. Barely beat, with ‘out’ I was not a patient there, but thanks for It got me thinking back to kindergar-
61. Obtuse item 53. Mythical hot spot thinking that — has had both of her hips ten, when you are taught to be patient
63. She’s best known for playing 54. Word on an express lane sign replaced. This was a landmine, because and wait your turn. Be patient and you
Grace Adler? 56. In knots you don’t know what is going on with will get a cookie. Be patient and your
65. Dodgers great Pee Wee 57. Instrument with keys your hips until you get the excruciating hip will heal.
66. ___ Refaim 60. Biblical vessels
pain and you can no longer walk. So she And let’s hope for no more landmines.
67. Eavesdropping org. 62. Tigers that lost to the Spartans in
68. Ultimately arrive this year’s NCAA tournament got new hips. Fantastic.
69. 1040 IDs 64. Jacob’s youngest, for short Unfortunately, she encountered Banji Ganchrow of Teaneck thinks they
70. Rank for Gantz: Abbr. another landmine. One of her hips kept should incorporate nap time into senior
popping out of place. This is not as year of high school. At least it would keep
The solution to last week’s puzzle is on page 62.
pleasant as it sounds. Remember your the seniors IN high school….
Arts & Culture
Jewish former punk rocker writes
acclaimed novel about Holocaust memory

t first glance, Bram Presser
looks more like a punk rocker
than a sensitive novelist.
He has two big lip pierc-
ings, a few scraggly dreadlocks, and a
quirky beard only under his chin line.
And, yes, Presser, 43, was the lead
singer and songwriter of Yidcore, an
Australian punk rock band that achieved
considerable success in the early 2000s
with its covers of Jewish songs — such as
the entire score of “Fiddler on the Roof”
— and original compositions.
Yet this very same dude wrote “The
Book of Dirt,” a thoughtful, lyrical exam-
ination of his family’s Holocaust past. It
begins with a warning: “Almost everyone
you care about in this book is dead.” But


as the Jewish Book Council noted last
month, when it awarded Presser its Gold-
berg Prize for Debut Fiction, the book is
“so beautifully executed that it authenti-
cates the voices Presser seeks to awaken.”
Those are the voices of his fam-
ily, starting with his grandfather, Jan
Randa, who like many survivors didn’t
talk about his wartime experiences.
Still, Bram writes, “the nightmares had Bram Presser, former leader of the band Yidcore, won an award from the Jewish Book Council for his debut novel.
a way of sneaking out, just
like the screams [that] kept prewar Czech president, Tomas
my mother awake throughout Masaryk, to Rabbi Judah Loew,
her childhood.” the Maharal of Prague, one of the
“He absolutely did not want region’s leading rabbis in the 16th
to transmit the trauma he century — are also part of this
went through,” Presser said multigeneration story. It quickly
in a phone interview from his became clear to Presser that he
home in Melbourne. needed to create a fictional land-
His grandfather, who later scape for it all to work.
went by Jacob Rand, spoke He spent years in research,
about his experiences exactly making many trips to the Czech
twice. The first time it was Republic, Israel, Poland, the
on Yom Hashoah at the Mel- United States, and England,
bourne Jewish school where and he devoured “hundreds of
he taught, and where the books,” he said.
students were mesmerized The final product alternates
by the manner in which he between a mystical retelling of his
described even the smells of The last picture of Jacob Rand before “the hell into which he was cast … For most of the students, family’s past and an account of
the camp. He spoke again, for it would be their last photo ever.” He’s all the way on the left, in the double-breasted suit. Presser’s own research. Some of
45 minutes, at the bar mitz- the sources he encounters along
vah of Bram’s older brother. The audi- Jewish books and artifacts they stole. in the Carpathian Mountains.” the way offer different accounts of the
ence was less receptive, and he never Supposedly the most valuable were to be The more he learned, the more fas- same events and stories, making Presser
discussed it again. included in the Museum of the Extinct cinated Presser became by his fami- wary of his grandfather’s own words.
A reprint in the Australian Jewish Race, the Nazis’ planned “memorial” to ly’s history. There was his great-grand- It also delves into some of Rand’s
News of an older article about Rand, the Jewish culture they hoped to erase. mother, Frantiska Roubickova, a convert time spent in the Theresienstadt camp
however, sparked Presser’s interest. It “I didn’t really set out to write a book,” to Judaism, and his grandmother, Dasa, through the eyes of the slightly fictional-
reported that Rand was part of the Tal- Presser said. “I wanted to find out what a “mischlinge” (the Nazi term for some- ized character Jakub R.
mudkommando, a select group of schol- happened to my grandfather. I wanted one of mixed race) who married Rand. “The basic facts had to be right, to
ars assigned by the Nazis to evaluate the to write about a boy from a small village A host of real historical figures — from a SEE PRESSER PAGE 60
solidly frozen kosher/
Friday  non-kosher turkeys
and non-perishable
APRIL 12 packaged food (no
glass) for its Fran
Shabbat in Closter: Leib Memorial Food
Temple Beth El holds Drive, in the parking
services led by Rabbi lot, 7:15-9 a.m. Food
David S. Widzer and donated to the Center
Cantor Elizabeth for Food Action in
Goldmann and Mahwah. Shop Rite
featuring the Shabbat gift cards or check
Unplugged Band with donations welcome.
music director Jim East 304 Midland
Rensink, clarinetist Ave. (201) 262-7691 or
Benjamin Baron, and
featuring congregants,
7:30 p.m. 221 Blood drive in
Schraalenburgh Road. Teaneck: Holy Name
(201) 768-5112. Medical Center holds a
blood drive with New
Jersey Blood Services,
a division of New York
Blood Center, 1-7 p.m.
718 Teaneck Road.
(800) 933-2566 or
APRIL Violinist Daniel Phillips, a founding member of the Orion Book talk in Fort
String Quartet, member of the Chamber Music Society of
Lee: The sisterhood
Lincoln Center, and faculty member at the Juilliard School of JCC of Fort Lee/
Rabbi David Saperstein Congregation Gesher
of Music, will teach a master class at the JCC Thurnauer Shalom meets
Shabbat in School of Music at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades at 4 p.m. The to discuss Ayelet
Teaneck: Rabbi class is free and open to the community. 411 East Clinton Ave., Tenafly. Gundar-Goshen’s
David Saperstein, “Waking Lions,”
former director of COURTESY JCCOTP
1 p.m. Refreshments.
the Religious Action 1449 Anderson Ave.
Center of Reform (201) 947-1735.
Judaism, is the “Racing with God: who have been led by Naomi Less, a
Rabbi Louis J. Sigel The Use and Abuse
of Religion in
Sunday  involved in Broadway
musicals. Popcorn
musician, facilitator,
and educator, Thursday 
at Temple Emeth. American Elections.” APRIL 14 and ice cream. 558 5 p.m. 87 Overlook APRIL 18
He’ll explore “Being Reservations required High Mountain Road. Drive. Reservations,
the Hands of God: for dinner, Kiddush (201) 560-0200 or (201) 391-0801. Parkinson’s support:
Jewish Social Justice lunch, and breakfast. The Jewish Home
at a Time of Crisis and 1666 Windsor Road. Music in Paterson: Family continues
Opportunity.” After (201) 833-1322 or The Clifton-based
a monthly support
musical services at acoustic rock band
group for people
8 p.m., he will discuss Blue Valley plays
with a diagnosis of
music from its new
“Tough Choices:
Jewish Perspectives
Saturday  CD for the Lambert
Parkinson’s Disease,
their families, and
on America’s Social APRIL 13 Castle Concert series
caregivers, with a
Justice Challenge.” On at Lambert Castle,
discussion, “Medication
Shabbat morning at Women’s song circle 5 p.m. 3 Valley Road.
9, he will talk about in Teaneck: Join a Limited seating.
Importance of Diet/
“The Jewish Response: z’mirot song circle, (973) 247-0085 or
Exercise and Surgical
Economic Justice — for women only, at Naomi Less
Film in Franklin Lakes: Options,” led by Dr.
Testing the Morality of the Jewish Center of Temple Emanuel of Erin Feinstein, at
Women’s seder in
our Nation,” followed
by services at 10:30. At
Teaneck, 4:45 p.m. Use
the ramp entrance on
North Jersey screens Woodcliff Lake: Tuesday  the Jewish Home
“Broadway Musicals, A The Sisterhood of APRIL 16 at Rockleigh. She
1 p.m., his talk will be 70 Sterling Place. Jewish Legacy,” 2 p.m. is a movement
Temple Emanuel of
“Religious Persecution The film showcases disorder specialist at
the Pascack Valley Spring turkey/food
and Religious Freedom many Jewish actors, University Hospital,
offers a women’s drive: The JCC of
Across the Globe.” On producers, directors, Newark. Exercises,
Passover seder with Paramus/Congregation
Sunday at 10:30 a.m., composers, lyricists, 10:30 a.m.; program
music and dancing Beth Tikvah collects
he concludes with and playwrights at 11. Refreshments.



10 Link Drive.
(201) 750-4234 wednesday  Singles Big chametz burning in Teaneck
or parkinsons@ APRIL 24 T h e Jew i sh C e n te r o f
Holocaust cinema:
Wednesday  Teaneck’s Amsel Big Bread
Tuesday  Visiting scholar Dr. APRIL 17 Burn, in memory of Eliz-
APRIL 23 Eric Goldman begins abeth Sher z’l, will be on
a series, “Looking at Seniors meet in Friday, April 19, from 9
Film in Teaneck: the Holocaust Through Orangeburg: Singles to 11:45 a.m., in the shul’s
Temple Emeth’s adult the Lens of Cinema,” 65+ from the JCC
at the JCC of Fort Rockland meet for parking lot. The Teaneck
education group
Lee/Congregation lunch at Hogan’s Diner Fire Department will have
screens a Jewish-
themed movie, Gesher Shalom, for in Orangeburg, N.Y., trucks in the JCT parking
7:30 p.m., as part of a its CSI Scholar Fund 12:30 p.m. Individual lot for a photo op for all the
and Sisterhood. The checks. 17 Dutch
“Movies That Matter”
Hill Road. Gene, kids who come to burn their
series. Refreshments. first program is films
made through 1990; (845) 356-5525. small bags of chametz; chil-

1666 Windsor Road.
(201) 833-1322 or series continues May 1 dren will get fire chief hats with films after 1990. and Streits kosher-for-Pass-
Refreshments at over lollipops.
12:30 p.m.; program at
1. 1449 Anderson Ave., The burn’s co-sponsors
Fort Lee. (201) 947 include Chabad of Teaneck, Congregations Beth Aaron, Netivot Shalom,
1735. Rinat Yisrael, Ohr Saadya, and Shaarei Orah; Gan Yavneh, Young Israel of
Teaneck and Heichal HaTorah.

Rockland hospice walk is May 5

United Hospice of Rockland is teaming uhrwalk and either sign up as an indi-
up with Coldwell Banker Cares to host its vidual or start a team. For the George
10th annual Walk to Remember and the Wodicka Hook Half or 5K Run sign up
30th George Wodicka Hook Half Mara- at
thon, 5K, & Kid’s Fun Run, on Sunday, GeorgeWodickaHookHalf5KRuns. For
May 5, at Rockland Lake State Park in more information, call Joe at (845) 634-
Congers at 8 a.m. 4974 or email jcain@hospiceofrockland.
To register, go to org.

Meet the farmers at the Kaplen JCC

The Kaplen JCC on the Palisades in
“Auschwitz. Not long ago. Not far away.” Freight car installation photo, Tenafly has opened registration for its
March 31, 2019. MUSEUM OF JEWISH HERITAGE/JOHN HALPERN 22-week partnership with a local farm,
providing members who buy shares
Rockland trip planned to see with the opportunity to enjoy locally
grown, certified organic produce. To
freight car at NY museum launch the season, the JCC will host
A German-made World War II-era States. It features more than 700 meet-the-farmer day on Sunday, April
Model 2 freight car was installed out- objects, many never seen before in 28, from 2:15 to 3:30 p.m., featuring
side the Museum of Jewish Heritage the United States, including a barrack husband-and-wife farmers Ken Frueh-
— A Living Memorial to the Holocaust from Auschwitz III-Monowitz, Picas- storfer and Maryellen Driscoll of Free
in lower Manhattan as part of the trav- so’s lithograph “Prisoner,” original Bird Farm. Community Supported Agri-
elling exhibition called “Auschwitz. drawings by Alfred Kantor and David culture (CSA) members will receive 22

Not long ago. Not far away.” The Nazis Olère, unpublished memoirs, and per- weeks of produce for less than $25 a
used freight cars like this one to deport sonal artifacts. Learn more at www. week and become part of a growing
people to ghettos, killing centers, and or or call community that supports sustainable
concentration and extermination (646) 437-4202. The museum is at 36 agriculture and allows people to build a
camps. Ultimately, 1.3 million peo- Battery Place in Manhattan. relationship with the farmers who grow
ple were deported to Auschwitz, and • our food. Full or half shares are manda- The Free Bird Farm family.
1.1 million of those were murdered The Holocaust Museum and Center for tory (full shares average 7 to 10 vegetable
there. Approximately 80 people were Tolerance and Education in Suffern, varieties), with the option to add shares members, the JCC will donate fresh
crammed in a freight car when they N.Y., plans a trip to see “Auschwitz Not of fruit, free-range eggs, European-style produce to the Center for Food Action
were deported to Auschwitz. When long ago. Not far away” at the Museum butter, and maple syrup. in Englewood, weekly, for the entire
the cars returned, their human freight of Jewish Heritage on June 26. The cost This year, the program will feature season.
unloaded, they were filled with their includes round trip bus transportation monthly discussions and demonstra- The season will run from June 11 to
possessions. from the Rockland JCC, kosher lunch, tions relevant to cooking and health, led November 5. Registration deadline is
The freight car, which was installed and a guided tour. For more infor- by a credentialed nurse with exceptional May 24. JCC membership is not required.
on March 31, is part of the largest exhi- mation, call (845) 574-4099 or go to culinary talents. In addition, thanks to Register online at or
bition about Auschwitz in the United the generosity of the farmers and CSA email Marilyn at


Arts & Culture/Obituaries

Presser The group developed a significant Fortunately, Presser had a fall-back me in the suit.’ That probably went on for
FROM PAGE 57 following in Australia, appeared on TV, plan. For 10 years he attended classes to the first year,” he said.
give a sense of what it was like to live and filmed several videos. While they earn his law degree — he held a univer- These days, he’s living the life of a Jewish
under the occupation, to live in the played festivals in America, “it was a lot sity record for the longest time it took to family man. Presser and his partner have
camps,” Presser said. “These were more fringe, although we played one of acquire a degree without failing a course. a young daughter, and he continues to
people who had lives. They had friend- the great venues, CBGB,” he said. It was funny — At one point he got a teach- write. Now he’s concurrently working on
ships. They had close calls.” Jewish punk was not universally ing assistant position and later joined the two books, one of which he calls a “fable”
If writing “The Book of Dirt” was admired. school’s staff, in some cases attending of sorts. He’s also still busy promoting
bashert — “fated,” with Presser’s “We were mentioned on neo-Nazi classes alongside students he taught. “The Book of Dirt,” which was published
chance discovery of an article about forums,” Presser said. “They were It was an easy transition for Presser — last fall, while on leave from his law firm.
his grandfather — so was his entry into talking about us a lot. There were but not so much for some judges. “When you spend eight years on a book,
the Jewish punk world. lots of threats made, but no one ever “A judge would call a case and I’d stand you have no idea how it will do,” he said.
“It was sort of by accident,” he said. showed up.” up and introduce myself. And I’d say, ‘No, “You’re just happy that someone reads it.”
“I was always kind of into heavy metal. B u t t h e g ro u p w a s w a r m ly the client is the personable person behind JTA WIRE SERVICE
In high school I was in an alternative embraced by the punk scene. “They
rock band and we continued to play in actively spoke up for us and protected
college for the Jewish Student Union. us,” Presser said.
We thought it would be funny to do They stayed together for about 10
punk versions of popular songs and
lounge versions of punk songs. We did
years. “We’d made all the Jewish jokes
we could, done all the music, we were
Leonard Allen Sedell, DDS
‘Yerushalayim Shel Zahav,’ a big camp- kind of done with that. Also the guitar- It is with great sadness that the family of Leonard Allen Sedell, DDS announces his
fire song back in the day, and everyone ist and I, we were the original mem- passing on April 2, 2019 at the age of 91 after a long and courageous battle with
loved it. bers from beginning to end, and we dementia. Leonard was the son of Phillip and Lee Sedell of Jersey City. He is sur-
“Someone in the audience recorded agreed that if one of us wants to stop, vived by his devoted wife of 63 years, Miriam Sedell; son and daughter-in-law, Alan
a couple of songs and got it to a record we’d stop,” Presser said. “He got mar- and Karen Sedell; daughter and son-in law, Susan and Steve Sadow; grandchildren:
executive, who asked us to come in ried and his wife was pregnant, so we Robyn Sedell and Jason Sedell, Robert Sadow and fiancée Jessica Palay, Jonathan
and record. We didn’t think much of got to retire rather than be retired. and Michelle Sadow; great-grandchildren, Hannah Sadow and Ezra Sadow; and
it. We just did it for fun. It was a ridicu- There’s something sad about 45-year- sister Carol Kaufman. Leonard attended Lincoln High School in Jersey City, New
lous joke that just went very well.” old guys playing shows.” Jersey. He received his B.A. from New York University and his D.D.S. from New
York University College of Dentistry. He was a member of the Alpha Epsilon Pi and
Alpha Omega Fraternities. Leonard interned at the New York Polyclinic Medical
School and Hospital and then served in the United States Army and was stationed in
Germany during the Korean War. He was extraordinarily passionate about dentistry,
especially his chosen specialty field of Endodontics in which he taught undergrad-
uate and graduate students and colleagues as a Clinical Professor of Endodontics
at The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (now Rutgers Dental
School) for more than thirty years. Throughout his career in Englewood he was also
a member of the dental staff of Englewood Hospital and Medical Center as well as a
visiting lecturer to the residents at Hackensack University Medical Center. Leonard
truly loved helping his fellow dentists, and founded Endodontic Associates in En-
glewood, New Jersey, specializing in all phases of Endodontic Therapy, where he
practiced for over 60 years, including the last thirty years with his son and partner
Dr. Alan Sedell. At one point in his career he was the founder and senior partner in
this group specialty practice which encompassed five different locations throughout
northern New Jersey. In 1971, Leonard received a special distinction when he was
awarded a Fellowship in the International College of Dentists. He was the consum-
mate Professional and diplomate, having been recognized as such by his peers who
elected him President of the Bergen County Dental Society as well as a distinguished
member of the Rockland County Dental Society and the Hudson County Dental
Society, and an active officer of the Jewish War Veterans. He began his career as
a General Dentist in Jersey City and subsequently was elected one of the earliest
diplomates of the American Board of Endodontics in New Jersey when he chose to
limit his practice to the specialty of Endodontics.
Leonard was extremely outgoing with a great sense of humor and a true zest
Bram Presser at his bar mitzvah with his grandfather Jacob Rand. for life and always found the best aspects of everyone he came in contact with
including patients, friends, colleagues, family and even total strangers whom
he considered potential new friends. He loved sports, children, and animals and
placed his family above all else. He was an avid and accomplished golfer and
tennis player, a terrific bowler and basketball player in his younger years, and a
More than 411,000 likes. proud member of Montammy Golf Club in Alpine, New Jersey where he served
as Club President for two years. He traveled extensively and was a skilled and
Like us on Facebook. enthusiastic photographer, producing many cherished photos of his children,
grandchildren, dogs, and travel adventures.
In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the Alzheimer’s Society
or the Atlanta Humane Society. Funeral services were held on Sunday, April 7 at
the Sanctuary of Abraham and Sarah, New Cedar Park Cemetery, in Paramus, and
were followed by Shiva at the home of Alan and Karen Sedell, 7 Stuart Court in
Pine Brook. Dressler’s Jewish Funeral Care, Atlanta, 770-451-4999. — Paid Obituary —



Jeffrey Bader Predeceased by his parents, Herman and Celia; sister, Helen Goody
Jeffrey Alan Bader, 63, of Woodcliff Lake, died April 4. Michele; mother-in-law, Shirley Keller; and brother-in-law Helen Goody, née Cohen, 97, of Demarest, died April 5.
In Woodcliff Lake, he served as a councilman; police, Les Katzenstein; he is survived by his wife, Gerilyn, née She was the head of a Child Study Team in Moonachie,
fire, and Triboro public safety commissioner, chair of Keller; children, Chad (Camila), Torie Pollack (Ben), and and taught at a Montessori school in Englewood.
building and grounds, planning Board member, base- Callie (fiance Avery Normyle); sister, sister Sheryl Katzen- Predeceased by her husband, Robert, she is survived
ball association president, and was an active member stein; grandson, Jayden; and father-in-law, Lou Keller. by daughters, Barbara Katz ( Joel Owen), and Susan Goody
of Temple Emanuel of the Pasack Valley. He was the Donations can be made to the National Kidney ( John Oakley), and Nancy Goody (Gregg Bell); and care
founder/CEO of Golden Carriers, Inc., eight-term pres- Foundation, c/o Jeff Bader Team Kidney Campaign. giver, Marie Etienne.
ident of the Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers, and Arrangements were by Gutterman and Musicant Donations can be sent to the Helen & Robert Goody
vice chair of the Bergen County Utilities Authority. Funeral Home, Hackensack. Early Childhood Scholarship Fund at the Kaplen JCC on
the Palisades, or Planned Parenthood.
Arrangements were by Gutterman and Musicant
Funeral Home, Hackensack.
Sherry Gold The Christopher Family
Sherry Shifra Gold, née Gerber, 92 of Fair Lawn, NJ, serving the Jewish community
formerly of Teaneck and West Orange, passed away since 1900 Obituaries are prepared with
April 6, 2019. Sherry was born in Utiyan, Lithuania,
to Nechama née Meerovitz Rogov and Yehuda Rogov
Gerber on August 13, 1926. Her mother died when
Paterson Monument Co.
information provided by funeral homes. Correcting
errors is the responsibility of the funeral home.

she was 3, just two years after her father embarked on Paterson, NJ 07502 Pompton Plains, NJ 07444
317 Totowa Ave. 681 Rt. 23 S.
a journey to scope out the United States in hopes of 973-942-0727 Fax 973-942-2537 973-835-0394 Fax 973-835-0395
resettling the family. Sherry stayed with relatives in TOLL FREE 800-675-0727
Lithuania and Poland until she was 11 and survived
harrowing trips across those borders. Then in November
1937, she was reunited with her father after arriving 201-791-0015 800-525-3834
in New York City aboard the RMS Aquitania. Shortly LOUIS SUBURBAN CHAPEL, INC.
after, her father married Ethel Gendel and Sherry soon Exclusive Jewish Funeral Chapel Funeral Planning Simplified
became a big sister. Sherry grew up in New Jersey,
where she was active in sports and youth groups, and
Sensitive to Needs of the Jewish Community for Over 50 Years
• Serving NJ, NY, FL & Israel
worked at her father’s Montclair candy store — from • Graveside services at all NJ & NY cemeteries 201.261.2900 | 789 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666
where she developed a lifelong sweet tooth. Sherry • Prepaid funerals and all medicaid funeral benefits honored
graduated from Ohio University and later earned a “Always within a family’s financial means” Owner/Manager Daniel W. Leber, NJ Lic. No3186
Master’s in Social Work from the Wurzweiler School 13-01 Broadway (Route 4 West) · Fair Lawn, NJ
at Yeshiva University. In 1950, she married Melvin Richard Louis - Manager George Louis - Founder
L. Gold and they moved to Israel for several years. NJ Lic. No. 3088 1924-1996
When they returned, they eventually settled in West
Orange, and Sherry began a long social work career
during which she was the director of a local nursery Robert Schoem’s Menorah Chapel, Inc
Jewish Funeral Directors
school and a therapist at Jewish Family Services in
Family Owned & managed
both Millburn and Wayne. Sherry was always full of
Generations of Lasting Service to the Jewish Community
spunk and energy. She spent every waking moment • Serving NJ, NY, FL & • Our Facilities Will Accommodate
playing a sport, going to a cultural event, trying new Throughout USA Your Family’s Needs
• Prepaid & Preneed Planning • Handicap Accessibility From
experiences, engaging in thoughtful conversation, • Graveside Services Large Parking Area
meeting new people, or traveling the world. She was Gary Schoem – Manager - NJ Lic. 3811
a talented tennis player who also loved the rush of Jordan E. Schoem – Funeral Director - NJ Lic. 5146
downhill skiing and the exhilaration of water skiing — Conveniently Located
and relished teaching her children and grandchildren W-150 Route 4 East • Paramus, NJ 07652
201.843.9090 1.800.426.5869
to follow in her athletic pursuits. She and Mel also
delighted in sailing on Bantam Lake, Ct., where they

Frank Wien
summered for more than half a century before his
passing in 2014. They had been married for 64 years
and during that time, they shared an appetite for living, Frank Wien, 71, of Del Ray Beach, Fla., fomerly of
learning, exploration, and activity. Sherry is survived River Vale, died April 4 at Trustbridge Hospice in We continue to be Jewish family managed,
by her four children – Charles of New York, N.Y., and Boca Raton,. knowing that caring people provide caring service.
his wife, Anne Kohn; Neil of Fair Lawn, N.J.; Ronald Born in Jersey City, he was owner and funeral
of Saddle River, N.J., and his wife, Betsy August director with his cousin Barry Wien of Wien and GUTTERMAN AND MUSICANT
Gold; and Nina of Fair Lawn, N.J., and her husband, Wien Funeral homes in Jersey City, Englewood, and JEWISH FUNERAL DIRECTORS
Raviv Ron; her seven grandchildren — Stephanie, Manhattan, and also owner of Gutterman/Musicant in 800-522-0588
Jacqueline, Alexandra, Samuel, and Jacob Gold, and Hackensack and Gutterman Wien of Marlboro. Wien
Avital and Maya Ron; and her sister, Charlotte Gerber & Wien funeral directors was founded by Herman
Turner. In lieu of flowers, the family would appreciate Wien (the grandfather of Frank and Barry) and his 800-322-0533
donations to three causes that Sherry supported in her brother Max Wien in a horse stable on Barrow Street 402 Park Street, Hackensack, New Jersey 07601
philanthropy: Jewish Association for Developmental in Jersey City in 1910 before motor cars. ALAN L. MUSICANT, Mgr., N.J. Lic. No. 2890
Disabilities, 50 Eisenhower Drive, Paramus, NJ, Survived by wife, Caryn, née Black, sons, Jon MARTIN D. KASDAN, N.J. Lic. No. 4482
07652; Young Judaea, 575 Eighth Avenue, New York, and Jeffrey of Florida, and daughter, Samantha of
NY, 10018; and The National Yiddish Theatre — Arizona. Advance Planning Conferences Conveniently Arranged
Folksbiene, 36 Battery Pl., New York, NY 10280. Arrangements were by Eden Memorial Fort Lee. at the Funeral Home or in Your Own Home
— Paid Obituary — — Paid Obituary —



Classified (201) 837-8818

Crypts For Sale Situations Wanted Situations Wanted Cleaning & Hauling Driving Service Home Improvements
A responsible woman looking to companion: Patient and de-
2 indoor above ground
care for elderly. Live-in or out. Re- pendable, honest; interactive activi-
burial crypts
at Sanctuary of Abraham &
liable! Pleasant! Experienced! Ref-
erences. Waiting for your call 347-
ties, shopping, food prep, doctor
appts, medication management,
of the
Home Repair Service
Sarah at New Cedar Park
Cemetery in Paramus. The
crypts are on the 2nd floor, units
816-1363 errands; references. 973-519-4911
CLEAN OUTS • Airports • Cruise Terminals
• Manhattan/NYC
AIDE available to do elder care. loving, caring, honest CHHA Home or Business • School Transportation
3117 & 3118, level 5. Currently Warm, loving, caring, experienced, looking to care for elderly. 15 years Locks/Doors Electrical
worth $15,000; asking $10,000. Basement-Garage-Apartment 201-836-8148 Basements Paving/Masonry
reliable, excellent references. experience. Very reliable. Referen- 201-314-9592
Ruth 516-314-4310 Live- out. 201-668-7946 ces. Call Maggie 201-871-8797; Yard & Renovation Debris Bathrooms Drains/Pumps
973-530-6415 Fire Damage- Flood Debris Plumbing Maintenence
chha looking for eldercare posi- Tiles/Grout Hardwood Floors
tion, live-in/out, experienced, refer- Free Estimates Handyman General Repairs
ences, drives own car 551-244-
Cleaning Service Call Pete McDonnell
4004 Your Neighbor with Tools NO JOB IS TOO SMALL
201-286-8462 Home Improvements & Handyman
24 Hour x 5 1/2 Emergency Services
Shomer Shabbat Free Estimates
A Team of NJHIC# 13VH07259700
PAINTING · FINISHING 1-201-530-1873
Senior Care Polish Women No Hazardous Waste CARPENTRY · HANDIWORK
Clean Shomer Shabbat · Free Estimates
• Apartments • Over 20 Years Experience Roofing
Homes • Offices Ask us about our
Experienced • References investment property rates
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Antiques Shingles | Flat | Slate
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201-768-1140 · ROOFING · SIDING
537 Broadway, Norwood, NJ 07648 Free ROOFING


Estimates CO. Repairs

The Frisch School is a co-educational,

Modern Orthodox yeshiva high school in Paramus, NJ, Antiques
with an academically rigorous curriculum in Judaic and
secular studies. We are seeking to fill the following
positions for the 2019-2020 academic year.
We offer competitive salaries and excellent benefits.
Interested candidates are to contact
Antiques Wanted We pay cash for
ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT (full time, year-round)
Seeking highly organized, detail-oriented individual with a
Antique Furniture
demonstrated ability to effectively manage administrative
tasks in a fast-paced office environment. Exceptional WE BUY Modern Furniture
verbal and written communication skills, proficiency in MS
Office with ability to learn internal software, and Modern Art
outstanding references are a must. Bachelor’s Degree and • Oil Paintings • Silver
3+ years’ experience required.
• Bronzes • Porcelain
Full-time instructor in expository writing and literature (U.S.
or British); experienced in process approach to writing Bronzes ❖ Silver
instruction. Advanced degree and appropriate classroom
experience required.
• Oriental Rugs • Furniture Chinese Porcelain & Art
Full-time math instructor, experienced teaching all levels
• Marble Sculpture • Jewelry Men’s & Women’s Watches
from algebra through BC Calculus.
CHEMISTRY FACULTY • Tiffany Items • Chandeliers Top Dollar for any kind of
Primary teaching responsibilities will be teaching all levels
from conceptual to honors, including AP Chemistry.
Advanced degree and appropriate classroom experience
• Chinese Art • Bric-A-Brac Jewelry, including costume

Tyler Antiques
Full-time Learning Center specialist for small-group English
and History support. Master's degree, specialty in learning
disabilities or reading disabilities, learning center experience,
ANS A
knowledge of high school content, and learning and • Established by Bubbe in 1940! • Over 25 years courteous service to tri-state area
executive functioning strategies and skills required.
LEARNING CENTER FACULTY We come to you ❖ Free Appraisals
Full-time Learning Center specialist for small-group science Shommer
instruction. Master's degree, specialty in learning disabilities
or reading disabilities, learning center experience,
Call Us! Shabbas
knowledge of high school content, and learning and
executive functioning strategies and skills required. 201-894-4770 201-861-7770 ❖ 201-951-6224
Shomer Shabbos

62 Jewish Standard APRIL 12, 2019


Classified/Jewish World

Honeymoon Kevin McCarthy of California and New to attach Omar to the Pittsburgh killing, Jewish chairman of the House Intelligence
FrOM PaGe 46 York Rep. Lee Zeldin, who is Jewish, all or to play down the white supremacist Committee, noted that after the deadly
including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. referred to her at length. threat. But the threat posed by white 2017 neo-Nazi march in Charlottesville, Vir-
Brooks showcased ad campaigns that The RJC also screened a video that said supremacists barely rated a mention at the ginia, Trump said there were “some very
he said helped elect Republicans. Ari anti-Semitism “is too often being led by conference. After the recent mass murder fine people” on both sides of that clash.
Fleischer, an RJC board member, said he the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.” of Muslims in New Zealand carried out by “The president needs to look inward
saw opportunities for more wins in 2020, It singled out Omar, showing her photo a white supremacist who frequented the when it comes to the rise of anti-Semitism
especially in swing states with large Jewish next to text saying “congressional leaders same online forums as the alleged Pitts- in the country,” Schiff told CNN.
populations, including Florida and Ohio. employing disgusting anti-semitic slur” burgh killer, Trump said he did not see Protesters with IfNotNow, the Jewish
Trump said the Democrats were the and a photo of the Tree of Life synagogue white supremacism as a growing problem. group that opposes Israel’s occupation
party of bias. complex in Pittsburgh where a gunman At the end of his speech, Trump dis- of the West Bank, interrupted the confer-
“The Democrats have even allowed the killed 11 Jewish worshippers in October. cussed the Pittsburgh shooting, but not ence with a chant that subtly invoked the
terrible scourge of anti-Semitism to take “The stakes could not be higher,” the the far-right extremism that fueled the neo-Nazi rallying cry from Charlottesville,
root in their party and their country,” he narrator said. violence. “Jews will not replace us.”
said, referring to Omar. The alleged killer behind the Pittsburgh Jewish Democrats scoffed at attempts to “Jews are here to stay, the occupation
Omar was the absent star of the confer- shooting was a white supremacist. tar their party as posing the greater threat is a plague,” they said as security escorted
ence: Pence, House Minority Leader Rep. Brooks said that the RJC did not intend to Jews. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the them out of the room. JTA WIRE SERVICE

Solution to last week’s puzzle. This week’s puzzle is

on page 56.

Tradition! Happy
A Zissen Pesach!

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Fax to 201-833-4959 or mail (with a check if you prefer) to:
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201-837-8818 DEADLINE APRIL 15 #4 5”w x 6½”d $351

Jewish standard aPriL 12, 2019 63


Fast forward to 68 years later, and for some reason Israel. I’m so proud of my friends and family who come
AIPAC I decide to Google his name. Wow! There is a Murray from near and far to attend this conference — for many
Jacobson living in the Washington, D.C., area. After sev- at great expense. It makes the event personal and cre-
time. At the start of second grade, Murray was told he eral attempts, we reconnect and find out that we are ates an atmosphere of love and caring. It is great to be
could skip the second grade and move to third. He was both going to attend AIPAC. This year, Murray, his wife Jewish. Thank you AIPAC for making this happen.
that smart. There was no Hebrew day school for the and I met up in the AIPAC Village in between sessions.
third grade, so Murray attended public school. Can you imagine seeing someone you knew at the Simone Wilker of Washington Township, who recently
I was devastated and angry. I wanted to skip sec- age of three and now you are 73? How weird is that? retired as the owner of AlphaGraphics, has served as
ond grade too! How dare Murray Jacobson jump Who would think that the relationships built at an early a board member of Temple Emanuel of the Pascack
ahead without me? But I survived without him, and age would remain in place? I felt as though I had seen Valley; she and her late husband Bernie chaired the
we were six students in that second-grade class at him yesterday. synagogue’s move from Westwood to Woodcliff Lake.
the Hebrew Day School: Berta Adams, Lynn Rabhan Of the 18,000 people who attend AIPAC, I can only She continues to kept close to her roots as a member of
Owens, Sammy Sutker, Jerry Portman, Skippy Platt, imagine how many old friendships have been revived Congregation Agudath Achim in Savannah, Ga.,; she
and me. Of the six of us, two still live in Savannah and by everyone coming together in Washington. This is now splits her time between Atlanta and New Jersey.
three live in Atlanta. I lost touch with Murray because what the world should be all about: relationships with She’s been involved in many Jewish organizations, such
his family moved away from Savannah. people you care about, all the while fostering a love of as Hadassah, JCRC, JNF, and AIPAC.

Wrath providence and fidelity to the Covenant.) Before assum- despot who fancied himself divine. “Who is the Lord,
FROM PAGE 53 ing the pulpit, Wang was a prominent legal scholar, that I should obey him and let Israel go? I do not know
charge is bitterly ironic, as he personally ordered the listed some years ago among the 50 most influential the Lord and I will not let Israel go” (Exodus 5:2). At our
shooting of some 20,000 Christian clergy and church public intellectuals in China. He was honored for contri- Passover seders, we are duty-bound to transmit these
lay leaders. (For these and other references, see, e.g., butions to promoting religious freedom by the Confer- memories and their attendant spiritual and moral obli-
Paul Kengor, “A Pope and a President.”) The long, ence for Global Christians in Law. The pastor is an out- gations to our children.
destructive Soviet policy of suppressing Jewish reli- spoken critic of Chinese policies and has preached that How shallow our Passover observances will be if we
gious life is well known to us. “There were no dissi- nationalism leads inexorably to the idolatrous worship ignore those held captive by despots today, asking only to
dents then in the USSR,” Natan Sharansky lamented, of civil authorities and ideologies. Wang was arrested in be set free to worship God. How meaningless our seders
“because they were all killed.” December, together with 100 members of his church. will be if we do not speak out against those who perse-
Among the leading thinkers of Nazism were avowed China banned all media reports on their crackdown on cute people of faith, cynically subordinating religious
atheists ( Joseph Goebbels) and pagans (Alfred Rosen- unauthorized religious expression. institutions to the interests of the state, and arresting or
berg). In addition to the genocide perpetrated against disappearing spiritual leaders who demand of atheistic
the Jewish people, religious minorities such as Jeho- regimes but a measure of the religious freedom that we
vah’s Witnesses, Baha’i, Salvation Army, and Sev- take so for granted.
enth Day Adventists were either banned or disap- Pastor Wang Yi has called upon all people of good will
peared under the Nazi regime. Despite complicated There is no more to pray for the freedom of the Chinese people and those
and much-debated relations with the Vatican, Nazi
Germany persecuted the Catholic church and rou-
appropriate time to persecuted for their faith. Specifically, he has called for
such prayers to be offered on June 4, the 20th anniver-
tinely closed down Catholic institutions. Hitler failed pray for religious sary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre of pro-de-
in an attempt to create a Protestant Reich church,
essentially to coopt religion (including 28 Protestant
freedom than at our mocracy demonstrators. June 4, 2019 also is Rosh Cho-
desh Sivan, when, our tradition teaches, our ancestors
denominations) as an arm of an atheistic state. seders, precisely at encamped at Mount Sinai in preparation for the Revela-
Not all officially atheistic regimes intent on the sup-
pression of religion have been relegated to the ash-heap
the moment when we tion of the Ten Commandments, styled by our Sages as
Cheirut al Ha-Luchot — “Freedom on the Tablets.”
of history. Since the last time Jews held Passover seders voice our longing Rosh Chodesh Sivan is a fine time for Jews to implore
and reveled in our Festival of Freedom, China has waged
a cynical and devastating campaign against the practice
for universal peace God in behalf of those not free to worship as they wish.
But we ought not wait that long. There is no more
of Christianity and its spiritual leaders. and redemption. appropriate time to pray for religious freedom than at
In September 2018, Beijing’s Zion Church, serving one our seders, precisely at the moment when we voice our
of the largest congregations in the country, was demol- longing for universal peace and redemption. Indeed,
ished by authorities. The congregation was billed 1.2 mil- Rural village chiefs have been compelled to sign state- it is not the recitation but the omission of Shfokh Cha-
lion yuan ($180,000) for the expenses incurred by the ments denouncing Christianity. An estimated million matkha what evinces narrow Jewish exclusiveness, and
government in razing its place of worship. Pastor Jin Min- Muslims also have been detained in re-education camps that misrepresents our current relationship to those of
gri said, “Before, as long as you didn’t meddle in politics (i.e., internment camps, concentration camps). U.S. Con- other faiths. Rarely has the need for such a prayer been
the government left you alone. But now if you don’t push gressman Chris Smith, of New Jersey’s Fourth District, more urgent.
the Communist party line, if you don’t display your love has been quoted as saying that China “is taking a ham- “Pour out Your wrath upon those regimes that —
for the party, you are a target.” mer and sickle to the cross” and that “burning Bibles, as a matter of national policy — will not acknowledge
Authorities have removed crosses from church build- destroying churches, and jailing Muslims by the million is You, and, as a consequence, suppress faith and per-
ings and installed closed circuit television cameras to only part of the Chinese Communist Party’s audaciously secute those who invoke Your name. Today they jail
facilitate government surveillance of the proceedings repressive assault on conscience and religion.” Christians and they intern Muslims, but they have, we
therein. Arrestees among the Christian faithful have At our Passover seders, we celebrate and we demon- well recall, devoured Jacob and desolated our homes
reported beatings and food deprivation while in captivity. strate our religious freedom. At our Passover seders, we in the same manner. Pour out Your fury on them; and
A Roman Catholic bishop has been disappeared. remember the heart of Moses’ mission: “Go to Pharaoh grant that we, too, be moved by indignation, born of
Pastor Wang Yi leads the Early Rain Covenant and say to him, ‘This is what the Lord says: Let my peo- our own historical experience, to take meaningful
Church. ( Jews should recall that we make prayerful ple go, so that they may worship Me” (Exodus 8:1). At action. With firmness of purpose, may we pursue the
reference to the “early rain” — yoreh — twice daily, in our Passover seders, we recall the bitter enslavement timely removal of all such injustice from under the
the second paragraph of the Shema, as a sign of God’s of our distant ancestors by a xenophobic, autocratic heavens of the Lord.”
Real Estate & Business

A Spirit-ual Pesach
GABRIEL GELLER of it around then as well. The

Bokobsa is known as the gold
s more wine lovers standard for Boukha. It is the
have been adding most refined and well-bal-
wine as a regular anced fig brandy, and would
companion to their accompany well some snacks
weeknight dinner, the period such as olives and pickles.
known as the 9 days during the I do not usually drink
Hebrew month of Av have been vodka but my wife often uses
dubbed “the wineless week.” some for cooking, especially
On Pesach, however, there is for making salmon gravlax.
no shortage of wine of course, While I do not drink it neat, I
but the whisky and bourbon don’t mind a lychee cocktail
aficionados are deprived of based on Lvov Beet, a vodka
their favorite drink for the made from distilled beet, very
entire holiday. smooth and kosher for Pesach.
My favorite alternative to The Morad lychee wine is per-
whisky is Cognac. No, it is not at all the fect mixed with the vodka to make that
same thing. Cognac is distilled wine cocktail.
that was aged in oak barrels. It con- Having grown up in Switzerland, fruit usually pretty sweet. This year Zach- Last but not least, the Sabra Orange
tains no grain at all and therefore there brandy or eau de vie, also known as lawi came up with a dry arak. While the Chocolate Liqueur holds a special place
is no obstacle into making it kosher for schnapps, was always very popular in familiar aromas and flavors are there, it in my heart as one of my favorite sweet
Pesach. Louis Royer, which my friend my family. Jelinek makes the excellent is dry and much sharper and could be liqueurs. As a kid, I always remember
Josh London has written about in length Silver Slivovitz which is distilled from enjoyed more as an aperitif rather than my father picking up a bottle or two at
in the upcoming issue of DiVine Maga- plump, fleshy, and juicy purple plums. as a digestif. Best served well-chilled. Ben Gurion airport every time we were
zine, is arguably the most prestigious The pit of the fruit gives it a unique While we are still discussing distilled coming back from a vacation in Israel.
Cognac house producing kosher runs of aroma of fresh almonds and it is best fruit, I cannot skip the famous Boukha The delightful sweet notes of orange
three of its flagship Cognacs: VS, VSOP, served ice cold, perhaps even over an Bokobsa. Many of my childhood friends and chocolate make it the best digestif
and XO. Admittedly, I have expensive ice cube or three. are from Jewish Tunisian and Moroc- to enjoy with flourless chocolate cake
taste. With its rich aromas and notes Zachlawi are the masters of all things can families. In their homes, Boukha is on Pesach. Give it a try and let me know
of dried fruits, caramelized lemon, and arak. Made from dates or figs, arak also a staple Shabbos drink and since it is what you think. Wishing you a spirited
walnuts, the XO is easily my favorite. has luscious flavors of licorice and it is also kosher for Pesach there is plenty Pesach!




The Colony… Coming first week in May. Largest 2 bedroom 2

SOUTH FLORIDA REAL ESTATE bath. High floor. Two terraces (east and west). Price upon request.

Rated #1 in Customer Service

Featured in 40 Armour Pl. $589,900
The Real Deal of South Florida Priv Oasis! Great for Extend Fams/Ofc/In-law Suite. Mint Cond Bi-Lev. 5/6 BRs,
4 Gorgeous Full Baths. 2 Granite Kits. Koi Pond. 73' x 150' Prop.
õ TEANECK ' 1-3PM ö
548 Standish Rd. $549,000
• SURFSIDE • PORTO VITA Sunlit Eng Tudor. 3+ BRs, Sunlit Fam Rm, Granite Kit. Fin Bsmt. Room to Expand.
• MIAMI BEACH • FISHER ISLAND Northbridge Park… 3 bedroom 2 bath. Updated with õ TEANECK ö
C. Club Area. LR/Fplc, DR, Updated Silestone-Flrd Kit, Slate-Flrd Fam Rm. 4 BRs,
hardwood floors. Lower floor, park-like setting. Being sold
NEW CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES fully furnished. $298,000.
2 Full Baths. Fin Bsmt. C/A/C. Gar. Whole House Generator. Just Move In! $494,900
201-461-6764 Eve
201-970-4118 Cell
A Reputation is Hard to Build. 201-585-8080 Office
28 Years In The Making! (201) 837-8800
Real Estate & Business/Passover

Passover with mommy and daddy JFCS receives OU grant

Congregation Adas Emuno in Leonia a.m., on April 14. The shul is at 254 for kosher food for its pantries
welcomes 1- to 4-year-olds and their Broad Ave. For more information, call Last month,
parents for a fun-filled 45-minute pro- (201) 592-1712 or email kklein7304@ Jewish Family &
gram about Passover with songs, crafts, Children’s Ser-
games, and food, from 9:30 to 10:15 vices of North-
ern New Jersey


received more
Attend Bergen’s open house, than $3,000 in
grants from the
transform your future Orthodox Union
to buy kosher
Tuition-free college and a special pre- and staff, sample the culinary creations and kosher-for-
view of the institution’s new STEM Stu- of hospitality students and explore the Passover food
dent Research Center will headline Ber- fashion design lab, broadcasting studio, for its food pan-
gen Community College’s upcoming horticulture greenhouse, animation tries in Teaneck Allison Limmer and Michael Dworkis
open house Thursday, April 25, from lab, theaters, the Child Development and Fair Lawn. Katie Wolchko
3:30 to 7 p.m. at 400 Paramus Road Center, Veterans Center, flight simula- Late last
in Paramus. tors and more. To RSVP, visit bergen. year, Michael Dworkis, who heads and Kedem. In addition, Berkshire
At the event, attendees can view the edu/openhouse or email admissions@ the JFCS food pantry and Intake pro- Bank gave $1,800 to the food assis-
state-of-the-art STEM Student Research grams, searched for kosher meat tance program.
Center, which will officially open five The state’s largest community col- options for the pantries. Allison Deal, JFCS is scheduling appointments for
days after the open house. The facility lege, Bergen offers programs in fields who founded the OU’s Resources for people who need Passover food for
includes supercomputers, a standing such as aviation, business administra- Kosher Food Distribution program, the first two weeks of April in Teaneck
3-D printer, and drone cage. Focus on tion, culinary arts, fashion design and got in touch with Michael to learn and Fair Lawn. For more information,
STEM continues at Bergen as the fed- nursing. Alumni have transferred to more about the pantries. Because the call (201) 837-9090; appointments are
eral government estimates U.S. employ- institutions such as Yale, the New Jer- JFCS food pantries are aligned with the confidential.
ers will add nine million STEM jobs by sey Institute of Technology, and the goals of the OU’s kosher food initia- Rabbi Howard Jachter will sell the
2022. Projects at Bergen have included University of California, Berkeley. The tive, Allison presented JFCS to various chametz for the Teaneck location, and
converting a softball field house into college maintains campus locations in grant funders in the hopes of growing Rabbi Andrew Markowitz will sell on
a workshop, high-altitude balloon Paramus (main), Hackensack (Philip advocacy for the program and the behalf of the Fair Lawn location. The
launches conducting experimental test- Ciarco Jr. Learning Center) and Lynd- communities it serves. With Allison’s pantry will be closed for Passover and
ing with two wind turbines, and a solar hurst (Bergen Community College at efforts, JFCS received a $1,500 grant will reopen on April 29.
panel system. the Meadowlands) while also offering through the OU Maot Chitim program
Additionally, prospective students online classes. Its main campus fea-
can receive assistance filling out their tures facilities such as the Health Pro-
Free Application for Federal Student Aid
(FAFSA) at the open house, which can
fessions Integrated Teaching Center,
the Emil Buehler Trust Observatory,
Blue Moon Mexican Café
help them become eligible for programs and Stryker Manufacturing Lab, which annual golf outing benefiting
that can help pay for Bergen — even by
making it tuition-free. Attendees should
provide students with hands-on, prac-
tice-based learning opportunities. Day
the Ben Landel Foundation
bring their/parents’ 2017 tax return. The Blue Moon Mexican Café 6th
and evening classes take place through- General Assembly passed a resolu-
The comprehensive, campus-wide out the week — including a “weekend
Annual Golf Outing will take place on tion designating January as NUT Car-
open house at New Jersey’s No. 1 college” program.
Monday, May 20, at the Upper Mont- cinoma Awareness Month.
ranked college for associate degree clair Country Club in Clifton. Register
Based in Paramus, Bergen Commu- “Blue Moon Mexican Café is hon-
graduates will also feature demonstra- nity College, a public two-year coeduca-
now at ored to support the Ben Landel Foun-
tions, workshops, and tours. Families tional college, enrolls more than 14,000
This year the event benefits the Ben dation and recognize this exceptional
can meet with current students, faculty students. Landel Foundation, which supports young man and positive force in his
and provides for scholarship, pedi- community who has made a lasting
atric cancer research and commu- impact on all of those who were fortu-
nity outreach. nate enough to meet him,” said How-

Jimmy J
Ben Landel was a Wyckoff resident ard Felixbrod, owner and founder of

who died at age 18 in January 2018 after Blue Moon Mexican Cafés. “This is
a courageous battle with NUT Midline our most personal endeavor so far
Carcinoma, a rare and aggressive form and we encourage everyone to join
of cancer. He graduated from Ramapo us for a great day on the links to sup-

the Junk Man High School in Franklin Lakes, where

he was a leader on the track team, four
port an important foundation and pay
tribute to the memory of an incredi- the
RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL months posthumously.
Ben was an extraordinary young
ble person.”
The golf outing will be preceded
WE CLEAN OUT: man whose unquestionable character, by a BBQ lunch WE and followed by a
Basements •Basements
Attics • Garages • Fire Damage integrity, good deeds, and devotion to •
cocktail Att
hour and dinner. Sponsor-
Construction Debris • Hoarding Specialists
Construction family and friends guided his remark- ships range from $300 to $10,000 andD
WE RECYCLE able, too short life. A dedicated stu- ad journal opportunities run from W
dent, gifted athlete, and extremely giv-
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