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Business English II

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I Will Teach You About Management.
Since the earliest moments in the human history we have been trading as a way of
commerce in order to obtain wealth and gain access to goods and services. But who takes
care to satisfy all those needs? That is where business takes action, people have conducted
business as a personal capacity, we can say that business is an organization created to
anticipate and satisfy people’s needs which, in fact, are endless.
However, a business does not run by itself, and one of the most important persons in
a business is the manager. Therefore, a manager is an individual that is in charge of a
certain group of tasks in a company.
As known there are four functions in management but, before talking about the
managements functions I will start saying what is management. So management are the
tasks that a manager has to accomplish in the organization. Long story short , management
is the action that the manager performs.
Taking back the topic, the four functions of management are, planning, organizing,
leading and last but not least controlling.
So, what does all these functions mean?
First of all, we have to take into account that planning is deciding what to do to
achieve the business goal; this function requires time because the planning can be for short,
long and immediate terms. This is why planning is subdivided into three categories:
strategic, tactical and operational.
Starting with strategic planning which is the mission and vision of the company ,
the first step in order to success is asking: what they are in the present and what they want
to be in the future.
Then is tactical planning where all bosses get together in order to decide what to do
to achieve the mission and vision.
And last we found operational planning which takes place in the immediate future,
because it is solving a problem or doing something needed in a brief time.
To illustrate this, let´s think about the starts of the Coca-Cola company, at first it
was just a small business, and as they saw that they became beloved decided to expand and
turn into the multinational company that is today. So the strategic planning was deciding
becoming multinational, the tactical planning is when they decided what tasks they needed
to do in order to become multinational and last operational planning was when they actually
started doing the actions planned before.
The second place in management functions is organizing this means that managers,
even if they are the head of the company, they can’t do all by themselves so they have to
mitigate the tasks, decide who does what in order to get help from other people in the
company achieving the maximum performance in every situation, we must remember that
time is money and companies take this very seriously. For example, imagine an airline let´s
say American airlines, here the manager cannot be in the counter attending the bags and
also being the pilot because he wouldn’t have the time and it would not be good for the
costumers, because again, one person cannot do all, when the manager divides the job
everything will be blended and functioning well.
Now we move on to the third function leading.. Basically leading is when the
manager has an idea that knows it will bring more profits to the company, and it has to
convince the rest of the leaders of the benefits that the idea will bring. To give you an
example let´s imagine again American Airlines, if the manager sees that the pilots are
demotivated and he thinks that by raising their salaries they would be happier and
performing better, what he needs to do is convince the high bosses to raise the pilot’s
salary, because let’s be honest, no one wants angry pilots flying around.
Finally, after all the elements are in place, there is a fourth function that is
controlling here on the whole is when the manager checks that everything is working the
way it is supposed to. That is, when seeing a problem or the graphics does not present the
hope results the manager needs to evaluate the situation and decide if there needs to be a
change. Taking back the example of the demotivated pilots, supposing the idea was
accepted and implanted the manager’s work isn’t done yet, now needs to check and
evaluate if the results are the expected if the pilots are making a better performance and if
not change the strategy.
Now changing a little bit the subject i’d like now discuss how businesses begin,
every business begins with value creation. It is the main purpose of the organization,
asking: what can I or what can my company offer to the world that has value? Every
company needs to create and deliver value in an efficient enough way that it will generate
profit after cost. This is what it takes to be successful in business.
Value is created through work and training, then sell that value to customers and
obtain profits from it. Sure, not all value is created the same way, for example, a service
that a person offers is a different type of value than a company that offers a product, the
main thing here is clearly define which type of value you want to offer and take it as your
personal project, set a goal and work for it.
Creating value again is about finding that need and fill it with what you know and
what you will learn.
I want to finish with a very famous though of Walt Disney that fills me with
motivation. ´´If you can dream it, you can do it´´.