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GINOO AT BINIBINING TRIMEX that is destroying the environment.

We all a part of
Pre-Pageant nature and it’s our duty to prevent nature from
Official Hashtag Questions hazardous effects of waste. Let’s not wait for the
Mother Nature to remind us that. Thank you.


#EarthWarrior Family is the foundation of the society where we learn

#SocialMedia knowledge, culture, behaviours and other social and
#HIV moral etiquettes. What are you outside of the family is
#Ecotourism the reflection of what teaching you have learn inside.
#WorkingStudent What character you embodied is the effect of how you
#TrimexColleges mold as individual inside the family. So, to all the
#Culture parent out there, we must fill our family with love,
respect and care so that our children will grow that
Culture is the heritage of our roots. This differentiates carrying your teachings as they face the world. Thank
us to others, our uniqueness that binds us to our you.
ancestors. But today as modernization is rapidly
conquering the society, we begin to forget our culture, #Pollution
which is sad. Changes are good but we must protect our
culture for this is our identity. If we begin to forget Pollution disturbs the balance of ecosystems, affect our
where we came from and what stories lay on each normal lifestyles and give rise to human illness and
culture we have what we will become? We are a global warming. And the sad part is that we humans,
country that is rich of colourful culture; we must are the one causes it. We waste the bounties of our
preserve this not just for us but for the generation to nature without thinking what will the effects of our
come. Thank you. action. The nature that once a full of beauty is now
diminishing. We people must wake up and do
#WasteManagement something to restore the balance of nature. We should
recalibrate our mindsets and think about our future if
With so much waste around us today people should we continue to become selfish. This planet is our home,
learn an efficient waste management. We must learn to if we’re not going to take care of it, who will? Thank
take responsibility to dispose our waste properly in you.
order to promote cleanliness and minimise pollution