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1. The grading range is from 0-5 (check the Speaking Rubric)

2. Questions are randomly picked.
3. At least 10 questions will be asked to you plus the possibility of 5 extras questions based from your
previous knowledge.

1 How do you help others solve their problem? SPEAKING RUBRIC

0 point
2 Imagine you have won a million dollars. Who will you tell? * no / totally irrelevant answer
What will you do with the money?
* lack of comprehension
Would you like to have your own car? If yes, what kind of car
3 * cannot / lack of effort to communicate
do you want to have? If no, why not?
1 point
4 What do your parents do in their free-time? * responses one / two words length
5 Do you think is it important to follow instructions? Explain. **no sub. - verb agreement - structures
6 What are the advantages/benefits of owning a car? **vocabulary repeated
7 Are you good at saving money? Why/not? * pronunciation very difficult to understand
* unable to express ideas fluently; many
8 What do you think is the safest form of transportation? Why? pauses/breaks, hesitant/choppy
* communication difficult
9 What ambitions do you have regarding your career?
2 points
* limited answer
**errors in basic grammar
What's the most readily available form of public **inadequate vocabulary
transportation where you live? *pronunciation difficult to understand without
concentrated effort
* frequent hesitations in expressing ideas
What type of political system does your country have? **overly translates questions before
What's your opinion about it? response
12 Do you prefer driving or riding public transportation? Why?
**repeats question
* little communication
13 What’s the biggest accident you’ve ever had?
3 points
14 What are elections generally like in your home country? * sentences are attempted with small grammar
Have you ever seen a very bad accident? Tell me what errors and adequate use of vocabulary
happened * pronunciation mostly understandable with
some errors (confuse listener & require guessing
16 What are the main causes of accidents on the roads?
at meaning)
17 Have you ever studied first aid? What did you learn? * able to express fluently with little difficulty
18 What are your parents like? (halting / hesitating)
4 points
What do you think is the most dangerous form of
19 * consistent use of full sentences with few errors
transportation? Why?
** good, appropriate vocabulary
Who in your family would you turn to if you had an emotional ** good response
problem? Why? * pronunciation comprehensible, generally
21 Would you like to be a politician? Why, why not? correct
* can self-correct and respond to cues
Describe your wife / husband. What kind of a person is 5 points
he/she? * no grammatical error; vocabulary extensive
What, in general, do you think should be the qualities of a * pronunciation understandable - almost error-
good political leader? free
24 Tell something about your child / children. * able to communicate clearly with no difficulty,
breaks or pauses.
25 What is your best family memory?
26 Where do you think that most accidents happen: in the
home or at work? Why do you say so?
27 What is your worst family memory?
28 What's the worst problem you have ever had?
What is your first reaction to problems? Do you panic/
analyze it/ run to someone to talk and get help?
30 For you what's an ambition?
31 Do you think it is important to have ambitions? Explain
32 What are the disadvantages/negative side of owning a car?
Do you consider yourself to be an ambitious person?
34 What do you usually do when riding a train or bus?
35 What’s the difference between an ambition and a dream?
36 What's your favorite form of transportation? Why?
37 What kind of success do you want in the future in your life?
38 What can you do now to be successful in the future?

39 Which do you enjoy more: earning money or spending

money? Why you say so?
40 What’s the best way of making a lot of money?
41 What's your opinion about saving money?
42 What does your husband/wife do in his/her free-time?

43 How do you usually spend your money? What do you usually

Do you sometimes buy things that you don't need? How do
you feel? Give example

45 What was the most important thing your parents taught you?

46 Is it better to pay cash or by credit card? Explain

47 If you found 100,000 soles in a bag on the street, what

would you do? Keep it?
In a marriage, do you think one person should handle the
finances, or both?
49 Where do you see yourself in ten years?
In general, what is your opinion of the politicians in your
Who is the current leader of your country? How would you
describe him/her?
If you were the leader of your place, what changes would you
53 How do you spend your day with your family?
54 What can be done to prevent accidents?
55 Do you follow instruction?