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‘ T h e fu t u r e w i l l ei t h e r be g r een o r n o t a t a l l ’

Hillwoods Academy organized the Eco seminar on 28 April, 2018 to spread

awareness to protect and preserve the environment and to pay a tribute to the
Mother Nature.

The seminar commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp amidst the
chanting of shlokas. An inspiring song to preserve environment was presented by
the school choir. An annual report of the Eco Club was presented and the
audience was apprised to the various initiatives that the school ha s taken to
instil a sense of belongingness towards the nature among the students.
A dance drama was presented depicting harmful effects of pollution due to
‘deforestation’. All the students and guests pl edged adherence to the Mother
Earth and promised to plant and nurture trees. The 2017 edition of the yearly
newsletter ‘Green Pages’ was released by Respected Principal Madam and the
esteemed Guest Speaker.
Students of class X showed a presentation on ‘Beat the plastic pollution’ briefing
the audience about the adverse effects of the use of plastic and how it is
damaging the environment.
To motivate the future citizens for participating in the cause, an array of eco -
friendly competitions like fab green and eco crusaders were organized. The
enthusiastic participation of the school from Delhi, NCR was really praise worthy.
The speaker Mr. Ishtiyaq Ahmad presented a workshop on ‘Home for sparrows’
and drew the audience’s attention by making a bird house for sparrows using the
waste material of home. Two children from every school were involved in the
activity and they made a bird house as per the instructions given.

The workshop was followed by ‘sapling plantation’ and presenting a promise card
to the trees with the solemn pledge that tree s will not be cut. The member
schools were taken on a round to see the eco initiatives of the school like vermin
composting pit, solar panels, paper recycling unit. CPCB guest, Mr. V. K. Shukla
was the guest spea ker who gave a workshop on air pollution. He mentioned about
the various types of pollution and the ways by which we can reduce this pollution
and can make a change. He also briefed the audience about the phone application
that Let’s analyze the air quality around us.
The winners were appreciated and felicitated by the honorable guest.

The programme came to an end with a vote of thanks to all the dignitaries and the
member schools.