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3 Simple Steps

To Starting And
Profiting with an
Ecommerce Store
Our Story

My name is Laz – I’m the Asian looking, Hispanic dude on the left. I started ecom 3 years ago after
Richard Telf – he’s the Middle Eastern looking, Hispanic dude on the right, saw an ad for it on
Facebook, and he brought it up to me over drinks(this might have influenced my decision to join
him in this business venture - boy am I glad I did).

At first, I shared the idea with friends and colleagues, and they all thought it was crazy - "a waste
of time and money." But out of pure curiosity, I got on board - we partnered up and spent 7
months advertising without making a single dime.
We ACTUALLY lost money - a lot of it.

I felt a crushing pressure every day that passed. The savings I had worked so hard for kept
shrinking. Then we went broke. We both got jobs JUST to fund our ads and ecom business.

Looking back, the main reason why we followed through (in my opinion) was because we had
each other’s back. Whenever I was down and felt like giving up, Richard would pump me up with
someone's sales screenshot and tell me that it HAD to work - people were getting results, but we
just hadn't put all the pieces together. I would do the same for him when he was feeling down
and out.

It wasn't until we invested in ourselves, learned from experts, and surrounded ourselves with the
right people that we started getting results - when we did that one thing, EVERYTHING

I bring that up because that is what my goal is with this document - I want to be able to motivate,
inspire, and support each and every one of you.

I've been through the struggle (still going through it, actually), and I know it is real. But when you
surround yourself with the right people, in the right mindset, something wonderful happens - that
is what we strive for.
Some of Our Results

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Some of Our Students

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Our 3 Simple Steps to
Starting & Profiting with an Ecommerce Store

This is what you came here for! I'm going to keep it brief and break this down into 3 SIMPLE
STEPS (this is how I would go about it if I had to start again from scratch).
Keep in mind that I focus on dropshipping, so these steps will be catered to someone getting
started in dropshipping ecommerce.
Here they are! Each step has a clickable link to help you get started!

Step 1: Open a Shopify Store - this is super easy to do. You can literally have your own online store
in a couple minutes by doing this. They offer a 14-day free trial where you can design your store and
mess with all the settings without paying a dime.

Step 2: Import Products from AliExpress Using Oberlo - you can easily import products to your
shop using this app. This will let you sell stuff without having to buy in bulk or hold any inventory. Change
prices and descriptions all in one place. Makes order fulfillment seamless. When someone buys from you,
you order from the supplier. All of AliExpress is at your disposal.

Step 3: Run Traffic to Your Store Using Google Ads - by setting up your Google Merchant
Center and linking your products, you have all of Google Shopping at your fingertips. Whenever someone
searches for keywords related to your products, they will see the products you sell. No guessing. Zero
need for ad videos, copies, or targeting. It's that easy!

Don’t overcomplicate yourself…

This is EXACTLY how we run our business:

Trouble with Facebook Ads?

Check out what makes Google so POWERFUL:

No idea how Google Ads work?

Watch us SCALE our Google Ads:

There you have it - 3 SIMPLE STEPS! I hope this helps you get started on your ecommerce journey.

If you want us to walk you through everything, we do have a program that can help you out. It is
only for serious people who are ready to take massive action, and it does require a financial
investment on your part. So, if this you, reach out to us via Instagram (@LazChavez &
@RichardTelfOfficial), and we'll be happy to assist!