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The story happened in Cusco about 50 years ago.

Cesar and Antonia had 3

children: Paola (7), Gabriel (12) and Kevin (15), they lived in Urcos a Cusco
´village. When Paola had turned 8 years old, they decided to move to
Acomayo where there was a larger house with three floors and a beautiful
garden. Everything was going great well until strange things began to
happen after two weeks. One night, when Paola was alone at home and
she was reading a book in her room suddenly the light went off, Paola
walked slowly to turning on, but before she reached the switch the light
went on. The next day, she hadn’t given importance to what happened at
night, she decided not to tell anyone and she went to the school as a
normal day. When the night came, Paola was in the bathroom and heard
someone who called by her name and told her to hurry up, Paola saw the
handle of the door move, she rushed out of the bathroom to see what was
happening but there was no one, she asked her brothers and parents why
they called but no one knew what she was talking about, they said no one
had gone to the bathroom because they were waiting for her in the dining
room to eat pizza. Everyone started to laugh at the table because they
thought that she was doing mischiefs and continued with the dinner. That
night Kevin hadn’t been able to sleep and he went at midnight to parents
‘bedroom to tell them about a nightmare. He very scared told them that in
his dreams he saw a girl with a disfigured face that had killed to her
parents. Parents didn’t importance it and said him that he had slept with
full stomach with pizza and for that reason he had taken nightmare. While
they was comforting to Kevin, in the other room the Gabriel’s bed was
rising up with Gabriel asleep and when he opened his eyes he saw his
body was in air and he gave a loud cry. The parents got in room to see
what happened to his son and they found him crying and scared. He told
them what happened and he said that had saw in the mirror an ugly girl
with sharp teeth laughing him. This time the parents believed it and got
scared thus the next day they brought a priest or cure to throw holy water
in their house. But the following nights had worsen, all their children has
nightmare every night and the parents saw shadows in the living room, in
the kitchen and in the bathroom as if someone was playing to hide
La familia muy asustada llamó a un curandero, el dijo que lo que estaba
sucediendo era algo muy grave, que en ese lugar había muerto una niña
llamada Naomi de 8 años de edad, ella había sido asesinada y enterrada
por su padre. Que quería llevarse a Paola porque tenían la misma edad y si
la familia seguía llamando al cura para que eche agua bendita a la casa,
ella iba a comenzar a asesinar a toda la familia empezando por César, el
La familia hizo rituales con el curandero para tratar de invocar a los padres
de Naomi. Cuando los padres de Noemi aparecieron invocados por el
curandero ellos revelaron que su hija nunca fue querida porque había
nacido deforme con los dientes filudos, la cabeza y los ojos grandes y que
por eso decidieron matarla y enterrarla en su misma casa. Pero que ellos
también habían muerto asesinados por Naomi, porque el espíritu siempre
los torturaba hasta que una noche Naomi apareció en la cocina y mato a
sus padres.
Cesar y Ana preguntaron a los padres de Naomi que debían hacer para
que Naomi no los asesine, ellos dijeron que solo existe una cosa por hacer
y era desenterrar el cuerpo de Naomi para darle una cristiana sepultura y
el alma de ella descanse en paz.