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1. Project Based Learning is a method in which student’s gains knowledge and skills by working for an extended
period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge.

2. The aim of the project work is to provide an opportunity to further your intellectual and personal
development in your chosen field by undertaking a significant practical unit of activity, having an educational
value at a level commensurate with the award of your degree.

3. The project work can be defined as a scholarly inquiry into a problem or issues, involving a systematic
approach to gathering and analysis of information / data, leading to production of a structured report.

4. The project should be focused on student learning goals, including standards-based content and skills such
as critical thinking/problem solving, communication, collaboration, and self-management.

3. Selecting the Project work Topic

 It is usual to give you some discretion in the choice of topic for the project work and the approach to be
adopted. You will need to ensure that your project work is related to your field of specialization.
 Deciding this is often the most important part of the project work process, and perhaps, you have been
thinking of a topic for some time.
 It is important to distinguish here between ‘project work topic’ and ‘project work title’. The topic is the
specific area that you wish to investigate. The title may not be decided until the project work has been
written so as to reflect its content properly.

4. Few restrictions are placed on the choice of the topic. Normally we would expect it to be:
 Relevant to business or technology, defined broadly;
 Related to one or more of the subjects or areas of study within the core program and specialization;
 Clearly focused so as to facilitate an in-depth approach, subject to the availability of adequate sources of
information and to your own knowledge;
 Of value and interest to you and your personal and professional development.

5. Planning the Project work

This will entail following:

 Selecting an original and relevant topic for investigation.
 Establishing the precise focus of your study by deciding on the aims and objectives of the project work, or
formulating questions to be investigated. Consider very carefully what is worth investigating and its
 Drawing up initial project work outlines considering the aims and objectives of the project work. Workout
various stages of project work
 Devising a timetable to ensure that all stages of project work are completed in time. The timetable should
include writing of the project work and regular meetings with your project work guide.
 It is recommended that you should have a project work plan to guide you right from the outset.
 Essentially, the project work plan is an outline of what you intend to do, chapter wise and therefore should
reflect the aims and objectives of your project work.
6. Important instructions and information on Project Submission:
 You are entitled to submit project work along with project summary and project guide resume at the same
 Project Guide must be Post Graduate with minimum 10 years of work experience
 Ensure to include signed & scanned copies of following essential certificates
From Project Guide: Certifying bonafides of project work carried out under his/her supervision
From student: Certifying that submitted project work is original piece of work and has not been submitted earlier
 Total size of project document should not exceed 2MB. It should either be in doc. or pdf format
 Font: Arial (10 points) or Times New Roman (12 points) and Line spacing: 1.5
 You will receive a mail on your registered email address on successful uploading of project work report
 Viva Questions will be open while uploading Project Work.
 Project submission will be accepted only if Project file is uploaded and Viva questions are answered
 Generally it takes four to six weeks to complete the process of evaluation of project work.
 You must be careful about Originality and Relevance of Project Topic to avoid Project Rejection at later

7. Project Submission:
 Complete Project submission includes three stages
i. Synopsis as Project Proposal Submission along with Guide Resume
ii. Project Report Submission along with Plagiarism Report
iii. Answer Viva Questions

Step-1 : Project Step-2: Submit Step-3: Answer Viva Project Evaluation

Summary Project Report Questions • Project Evaluation by
•Project Summary as • Detailed Project Report • Answer all Online viva University Examiner
Synopsis • Plagiarism Report to question along with
•Guide Resume verify originality Project Report

7. Viva Submission:
 Viva Questions will include 5 descriptive questions related to your specific project.
 Answering Viva questions is mandatory for final project submission.

8. Evaluation Scheme:

Project Report 70
Viva 30


 Students must submit all Project Components ( Summary, Guide Resume, Project Report, Plagiarism
Report, Viva Answers) at the same time.
 Incomplete details filled in Project Summary Form/Synopsis/Guide Resume/Plagiarism Report will be
rejected, such students will be asked to Resubmit all project documents again, It will cause delay in
Academic Completion and Extension Fee.
 Project Reports submitted will be checked their plagiarism status before they are evaluated. If any report
found more than 15% in the process of plagiarism checking, it will be rejected for resubmission as per rule.