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Table of Contents




1. Introduction
Jason Maston

2. “What is Man?” A Wisdom Anthropology

Jamie Grant

3. On the Anthropology of Early Judaism: Some Observations

Matthias Henze

4. Greco-Roman Perspectives on Anthropology: A Survey of Perspectives from 800 B.C.E.

to 200 C.E.
Timothy A. Brookins

5. The Familial Anthropology of Matthew’s Gospel

Amy Richter

6. The Redemption of Fallen Humanity: Theological Anthropology and Mark’s Narrative

Mark L. Strauss

7. Turning Anthropology Right Side Up: Seeing Human Life and Existence Lukewise
Steve Walton

8. The Anthropology of John and the Johannine Epistles: A Relational Anthropology

Benjamin E. Reynolds

9. Enlivened Slaves: Paul’s Christological Anthropology

Jason Maston

10. The Eschatological Son: Christological Anthropology in Hebrews

Amy L. B. Peeler

11. Life as Image Bearers in the New Creation: The Anthropology of James
Mariam Kamell Kovalishyn

12. “Remember These Things”: The Role of Memory in the Theological Anthropology of
Peter and Jude
Karen H. Jobes
13. Revelation’s Human Characters and its Anthropology
Ian Paul

14. Son of God at the Center: Anthropology in Biblical-Theological Perspective

Brian S. Rosner

15. The Mystery of Christian Anthropology

Ephraim Radner


Index of Ancient Sources

Index of Authors