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I. Part Of Speech and II.

1. Life (noun) (hidup)
2. Alive (adjecive) (masih hidup)
3. Live (verb) (tinggal)
4. Live (adjective) (langsung)

II. Pronounciation
1. Life (noun) : līf
2. Alive (adjecive) : əˈlaīv
3. Live (verb) : ‘liv
4. Live (adjective) : laiv

III. Membuat Kalimat

Life Noun :
a. Almost all of the people are spend the rest of his life in urban life.
b. She has lived all her life in the rural life.

Alive (adj) :
a. Lot of the people stills alive because they works everyday.
b. When Sai heard one of rural life, he comes alive.

Live (v) :
a. Hisfa lived in urban life until his thesis is completed
b. The pedestrian that live in the city returned to rural life yesterday.

Live (adj) :
a. Acccident news from urban life is airing with live broadcastin.
b. The number of live births and deaths in rural life has been readed
by urban people and they panicked because the summary of it was