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Artist Amer Mohammed Celebrates the Debut of new Unique Wall Murals

at two of Toronto’s Most Highly Regarded Nightclubs

Innovative, passionate artist Amer Mohammed finds his work in more demand every day. His latest
breakthrough painting unique murals for both “Royal Nightclub” and “Juliet” big parts of Toronto's
high-energy nightclub scene.

April 12, 2019

Great art and great music come hand-in-hand. One of the artists who understands this completely is
the remarkably skilled Amer Muhammed, a multidimensional painter, who is also well in tune with the
music world. In exciting news, Muhammad recently celebrated his work being featured in two unique
art wall murals at two of Toronto's top nightclubs “Juliet” and “Royal Nightclub”, both debut on April
13, 2019, and are certain to impress.

“These were two great opportunities and I really put my heart and soul into both,” commented
Muhammad. “Working with the clubs was an amazing experience and the thought that all of the club
fans will get to see my work makes me extremely proud and happy.”

“Royal Toronto” is located at 214 Ossington Ave Toronto, with “Juliet” at 510 King St W, Toronto's
most popular night venue area.

Muhammad lives in Toronto himself, having built a reputation as a skilled graphic designer before
following his passion for painting to both the canvas and, in these two cases, doing wall murals.

Some of his more recent work includes a painting for Black Coffee. an internationally known South
African DJ, record producer and singer-songwriter; as well as for Murda Beatz, a well-known music
producer and songwriter. Showing again the fusion between Muhammad's work as an artist and the
music world.

With 2019 still young it would be wise to keep an eye on Amer Mohammad, an artist who just keeps
moving from strength to strength. More great things are sure to come and come soon.

Learn more about Mohmammad and see examples of his work at

About Amer Sal Mohammed

As a young boy living in Saudi Arabia, Amer Sal Mohammed (also known as Amer SM) was first
introduced to art by his Aunt, who opened his eyes to the endless combinations of colors, shapes and
textures he could create if he only dedicated himself.