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wae. fae mre-aoht ‘SCHEDULE FOR ADMISSION 32019-2088 seer re aT ATOH faeafareet eet ‘The Admission Schedule for the Session 2019-20 will be as under rel, No CONTENTS: wae & fav fara Advertisement for admission spare Fre dah Sega TET Online Registration for Class ‘art & fe sitters ottorcr er FAR, Last date of Online Registration for Cass ‘Prete faa ‘SCHEDULED DATE: Last Week of February ~~ TOS: 20TH TZ ODPM. Ss 01-03-2019 From 8.00AM aa Fae area oer A aT eT SR, Declaration of provisionally selected lst for Class | & admissions for Class-1 ‘Rien By avfOesre & sitar weer Bg quer stra wee | |e AR Rr 8 aa a ae ec nee se tet | geetati | Exended date for Second Notification for admissions to | be made under RTE Provisions (Ciass!, if sufcient applications not received under RTE Provisions. T List 26-03-2018 2% List 09-04-2019 (if seats remain vacant) 3 List 23-04-2019 ifseats remain vacant) Notification: | 30-03-2018 Registration 30-03-2018 to 06.04.2019 Admissions: (08-04-2019 to 15-04-2019 cafe atieneer ot at Seaee & at afar at aah water | car & trreor a &, gh afta sot ar ee t ln case sufficient nurnbor of registrations for SCIST not received in 1% Phase, second notification may be issued eel eT ae aT ear GANGRLOT HATEXI a GIT) ara FR Ra ee FRAN Registration for Class: onwards (except Class X)- Subject to availabilty of vacancies ina particular class Notification’ 30-03-2019 Registration 30-03-2019 to 06-04-2019 Admissions (08-04-2019 to 15.04.2019 (02-04-2019 From 8.00 AM. to (09.04.2048 Till 4.00 P.M, Note: During school hrs. aa after ae acy at arth & fare a ane wea Declaration of list of class Il onwards, 12-04-2019 ‘Admission for class I! onwards. | wan 11 a heat Sie wa wea S weer A | fate | Last date for admission except Class Xl. _ AR. & OrarO: aX sae fe ETT For KV students: Registration for admission in class xl | werefacta aera Aawete Re wee——~~«~*«*d TOF ROTOTODO-042019 | 30-04-2019 aS & oftorar ates ta & 10 fear stew Within 10 days after declaration of Board resus. a | | doteeoy, ser ait snd) rer wa wer (RAR Ta a Sie F orem Tarx! A wee GT aT weet wa veer KV students: Display of admission list & admissions for Clase-XI. a eR & one wax! a wae F fae] feat Non-KV students: Registration, display of admission list & admissions in class XI (Subject to availabilty of vacancies) fare amr 11 wer et sitar fae Last date of Admission for class XI ‘ang & ftom: eer era 20 fa Hat Within 20. days after declaration of Board results, & ¥ oriorst & se Xi A ae & aI, ‘After the admissions of KV students in class XI Vga tec 01-07-2019