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A School letter

What is a letter of action?

School letters or a petition are the documents that are created to protest in a formal and
nonviolent manner about an existing regulation or any other processes that are
implemented by a school or district. School letters are not used to just protest about
unfair rules and regulations, but it can also act as a form of suggestion for the
betterment of school program executions.

Directions: Create a letter that address the inequity about the facilities at our school. Use two
things you learned in crafting your letter.

A school letter should be written in a peaceful manner and should not suggest rage and any
other violent activities.

Fill in the blanks below:

We are writing this letter to you today because we learned some important facts about the
state of our facilities with Clarksdale Public School District. Did you know that we spend more
on_______________ than on ________? This comes from a report by____________. They
suggest that we need to spend at least________ to have equal opportunities with other students
across the United States of America. Without proper funding for us, this creates an inequity

If we compare Desoto County schools with our school district they are spending_______ more
than we are! If we want to raise test scores and give ourselves new opportunities we need to
invest in our school facilities.

The first step is to upgrade the___________. This is because___________. This would really
make a difference in students lives because________________.

As the leader of our school, you know our_______ are a major problem to our success. One
problem with our ______is__________. This is a problem because________________. Another
problem with our _______ is _______________. This causes a problem because

Our solution:
We the students signed below have offered the following solutions and suggestions to help
improve our_________. We want to have the following so that we can have equitable rights
with other students across the United States and feel proud about attending WA Higgins.Our
solutions are simple:
Solution #1

Solution #2

Solution #3

Thank you for reading this document. We know that we can make HMS a better place and a
school that we can all be proud to participate in.


The students of HMS