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Villa Macul Academia

English Department
Gema V. Rosales Calvo

3. Put the verb in brackets into the present continuous, affirmative, negative or
 Wow! The bus driver (drive) very fast.
 Look! They (have) a lot of fun.
 Oh no, they (fight).
 Listen! Someone (knock) on the door.
 They (not read). They (ride) their bikes
  she_ (run)? - Yes, she is. She (run) to the
 John, look outside the window. The sun (shine) again.

4. Complete the sentence with the present continuous of the verb in brackets:
 We are in the garden. My mother (water) the plants and
Tom (lie) on the grass. Dad and me (play)
cards and our dog (chase) our neighbours’ cat.
 “What (Tony/do)?” “He (surf) the
Internet now.
 You (not/listen) to me, Sue! What
(you/think) about? You look absent-minded.
 Mary (sit) on the sofa (read) a book.
 “Where’s your boyfriend?” “He (park) the car.”
 The children (not/ swim), they (run).
 Who (Mandy/ speak) to? I don’t know him.
 Something strange (happen) in the street. I can hear a
police car.
 My grandmother (knit) a sweater and a pair of gloves for
my brother.
 I (write) to Sue. I (tell) her about our
adventure holiday.
 My sister (brush) her hair.
 Paul (wash up) while his wife (iron) some
 Sally (save) because she wants to buy some new trainers.
 “Why (the baby/ cry)? Is he hungry?” “No, he
 Carol (not/ dance) with Patrick, she (drink)
some coke.
 My brother and his friend Adam (learn) to drive.

Villa Macul Academia
English Department
Gema V. Rosales Calvo

 If it (not/ rain), we can go out.

  (Alice/ eat) a cheese or a ham sandwich?
 Some people (wait) for the bus. Let’s join the queue!
 Peter isn’t at home now, he (walk) the dog.
 “ (the students/ revise) for their exam?” “Yes, they
 We (pack) our suitcase since we (leave) for
London tomorrow.
 Who (bring) the camera? I want to take some photos of the
 Don’t disturb Lewis! He (study) a lot to pass his maths
 Why (you/ tease) your sister, Andy? Leave her alone!
 Can you turn the light on? It (get) dark.

5. Complete the sentences with the present continuous of the verbs in brackets:
 Mary the homework (not/do), she (listen) to
  (you/ revise) for tomorrow’s exam?
 What (Paul/wear) today?
 “ (you/ work) on Saturday, Susan?” “Yes, I ”.
 The cats and the dog’s (fight).
 Mrs Brown (iron) some shirts.
 “ (your sister/ read), Sue?” –“No, she ”.
 The boy (not/swim) today.
 Tom (sit) next to me in class.
 “Where (you/go), Tina?” “I (go) to the
 My mum (not/drink) tea, she (eat) an apple.
 Paul (jog) with his father.
  (your brother/ work) or (study)?
 Who (Carol/ talk) to, Alan?