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AF Risk Prediction

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Risk Factor Units Each Cell) Notes X
Sex male (m) or female (f) m 1
Age years 70 70
Height inches 70
Weight pounds 160
Body Mass Index kg/m2 23.0 BMI Calculated from Height and Weight 22.95510204
Systolic Blood Pressure mmHg 130 130
Treatment for Hypertension yes (y) or no (n) n 0
PR Interval mseconds 160 16
Significant Murmur yes (y) or no (n) n 0
Prevalent Heart Failure yes (y) or no (n) n 0
Your 10-Year Risk
(The risk score shown is derived on the basis of an 4900
equation. Other print products, use a point-based system 0
to calculate a risk score that approximates the equation- If value is < the minimum for the field, enter the minimum value. If
based one.) value is > the maximum for the field, enter the maximum value. 0




0.000000 0.050000 0.100000 0.150000 0.200000 0.250000 0.300000

Your Risk Estimate, Comparative Risk for a person of the same age and gender with BMI 20-24.9, Normal SBP (120-129),
No Trt for Hypertension, PR Interval 16, No significant murmur or prevalent heart failure
These functions and programs were prepared by , Renate Schnabel, MD, Emelia Benjamin, MD and Lisa M. Sullivan, PhD,
Boston University and The Framingham Heart Study