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1. Apply the model of communication to describe the relationship between M&M and its
potential customers. Discuss 3 possible conflicts between M&M as a chocolate brand and
its customers.

Relationship between M&M and its customer:

1. Source/Sender: - M&M is the source as

it aims to reach its existing customers and
build new customers and make them loyal
towards the brand.

2. Encoding: It plans to bring about various

type of variation like colour, texture and
different filling. And plans to shift from
artificial colours to natural colours.

3. Channel/Message: It aims the millennials by communicating the message through

social media and celebrity endorsement, who are active on social media. This will
increase the reach with minimal cost. Higher frequency and higher reach can be
attained a t a cheaper cost.

4. Decoding: It aims at sending simple and clear message so that the customers
understand at once.

5. Receiver: Millennial would be the receiver for the message and this would lead to
the conclusion of the Communication Model. It completely depends on the receiver
how they perceive ad.

Target Market:
The target audience are of the age group 15 years and above, & also all those having a
sweet tooth for chocolates. It aims to put itself in the market as a snack for anytime and
Marketing Techniques & Medium:
M&M has chosen various to communicate with its consumer. It has opted for:
1. Television Commercials
2. Social Media
3. Celebrity Endorsements
4. Cinema Halls
5. Sponsors Sports Events
3 possible conflicts between M&M as a chocolate brand and its customers are as follows: -
1. The company is planning to opt for natural colours fir its chocolates which would
give a clear indication to its customers that the company till now had been using
artificial methods in chocolates and would lose the brand trust of the customers.
2. The change in method of the colour of chocolates could lead to change in taste of
the chocolate which might affect the purchase pattern in the customer.
3. There also can be possibility of the wrong message perceived by the customer in the

2. Evaluate the decision to hire Aloe Blacc, DJ and producer Zedd as celebrity endorsers of
the brand. What are the risks for the brand of using celebrity endorsement?

The administration chose to redo and laud the 75th commemoration of the brand M&M
with famous people like Aloe Blacc the artist and Zedd a DJ cum Music Producer. Utilizing
these famous people, the brand attempts to focus on the recent college grads and age Z
buyers. The first tune Candyman from the film Willy Wonka and the chocolate plant
discharged in 1971 is utilized by the organization to induce the memory and slants of the
objective client.

Risks for M&M for endorsing Aloe Blacc and Zedd

• It isn't essential for the big names to impact the objective customers to buy the item,
If the item is as of now appropriately set in the psyches of the shoppers, at that point
they will get it regardless of whoever underwrites the brand. If so, at that point the
expense for supporting speak to an extensive misfortune for the organization.
• In the wake of supporting an item and the big name falls into certain claims, it will
influence the brand.
• There could be a conceivable delay by the customer before purchasing the item as
the shoppers for the most part not mindful whether the big name uses the thing that
he/she supports.
• Big names ought to be chosen so that it advances to target client. Remarkable
precedent: Endorsing a veteran on-screen character may not make an effect on the
psyches of the age X and Millennials.
• In the event that the big name is amazingly enormous, there is a noteworthy shot of
dominating the brand by the VIP which thusly, diminishes the brand
• In the event that the famous people aren't,
o Trustworthy
o Don't have enough ability in their field of work
o Attractive for the objective client

It might influence the brand and there is conceivable possibility for the brand value to
tumble down.
3. You have been appointed to be responsible for th launch of a new M&M integrated
marketing campaign. Design a new advertising that is consistent with the new changes
that the company faces. Include the following IMC elements in your answer:
i. A unique selling proposition
ii. Two advertising appeals
iii. A creative execution technique

Marketing Campaign

Moments are better with M&M

We take into consideration that the campaign is being launched in India. The marketing
campaign will be a 30 seconds TV commercial which will include ‘Alia Bhatt’, a well-recognised
and known actress. The campaign will include the message ‘Better with M&M’ which depicts
the irresistible M&M chocolate which makes the moment full of fun. Further she will describe
the USP of M&M i.e. unlike other chocolates and candies, M&M doesn’t melt in hands while
eating which is one of the biggest problems people face while eating let’s say candies such as
M&M at work.

In addition, she will describe the colourful spokes-candies which are delicious and the element
of colourful describes fun.

For better execution, M&M will come up with a Hashtag i.e., #BetterMomentsM&M wherein
people will describe their personal stories and M&M can repost those stories on their own
social media page. The reason for using TV for targeting customers is to target both Reach and
Penetration strategy. TV commercial with help to Reach the customers and Penetration strategy
will be implemented by displaying the TV commercial again and again.