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Gian Andre P. Nuesca

3509, 35 floor, The One Condominium, España Boulevard, West Sampaloc, Manila
(632) 417-5569

May 4, 2029
Dr. Brian Michael I. Cabral

Rizal Drive cor. 32nd St. and 5th Ave

Taguig City, Philippines
(632) 789 7700

Dear Mr. Cabral

I'm writing you today regarding the nursing job that your hospital offers. I saw the post in the St. Luke's
Medical Centre Nursing Portal website about the 20 vacant slots and I was happy that I could be the nurse that
your hospital needs. The role perfectly suits my education, skill-set, values, and advance abilities and I am
confident to take this challenge to the next level of my career as a medical practitioner for our country.

Recently, I have finished my Masters of Science in Behavioural Science in De La Salle University and have
taken Master of Arts in Nursing and BS Nursing. With these, I am readily prepared for the challenges that the
hospital might give since I am enhanced at both technical and social skills in handling patients and workmates.
As I take these courses, my cognitive and analytical skills were sharpened and surpassed every step to
discover my strengths. I effectively monitor my patients, accommodate them into the finest care that they can
afford, and effectively take their vital signs for their security of their health. I live by every code of the
Patient's Bill of Rights and law and rights that the patient and their chaperone deserves. I've experienced
intensive training as an intern nurse at the Philippine General Hospital, and University of the Philippines
Medical Centre, carefully assessing and providing every clients' needs. I firmly believe that I can bring these
characteristics and the strengths of mine here in the hospital that I chose to apply.

With regards to the job description that the hospital is looking for, I solely accept what the hospital needs and I
am capable of performing these as I work here in this hospital that sustains quality environment and health
care. I have gained deep understanding of how to perform my skills during the past immersions that I have
encountered in my previous university which is the University of Santo Tomas. For instance, I have
understood the problems of every individual at the work immersion that happened in Barangay Parang,
Marikina and provided the utmost help that I could give to maintain their wellness. At my past hospital as
well, I have performed basic and advanced cardiac life support as well as other condition stabilizing methods
and interventions. I have gained experience and cognitive skills in understanding medical conditions,
performance, information, and methods. I have experienced as well the ways to determine health status of the
patient, following also the proper and therapeutic communication to give for the patients. In total, I can handle
and fill the missing gap that the hospital needs to further condition and maintain the resilience and quality of
any health care being provided for everyone.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet and interview with you to further elaborate more of what I can
accomplish. Please accept the enclosed resume.
Gian Andre P. Nuesca