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It's like he's got a thing

I sometimes do think certain subcultures do need to be portrayed more kindly though I'm now horrified that
they might get sexualised and pedestalised into Manic Pixie Dream Girl types. To the point where I think a
genuinely normal woman (or at least close to it) would be preferable to a manic pixie dream girl. I'd even
consider genuinely flawed people to be preferable to manic pixie dream girls.

Now I don't think there's anything wrong with those 'quirky' girls though they get irritating in that they seem
like really shallow characters who don't have any real depth or flaws (the latter because that would mean they
can be unlikable, annoying or whatever especially in canon). Surprisingly, at other times the more 'normalfag'
women (popstars too) might turn out to be genuinely interesting, relatable characters.

Or sometimes awe-inspiring (like a popstar turned Bible scholar). But I suspect these kinds of women, though
not necessarily bad muse material, they're just not that popular with most male geeks (as far as I know about
it). Though that would be because making her normal (or at least normal-adjacent) would make her way too

Not necessarily really inaccessible but that making her too much of a normal woman would bore certain sexist
men a lot. Yet the Manic Pixie Dream Girl's a weird middle ground between threateningly weird women and
idealised women.

Killing them softly

I think whoever complains about people making half-animal women ugly might be half wrong when it comes to
Killing BItes. Admittedly, Killing Bites is (still) flawed in some ways in which most of the women undergo partial
transformations (a handful of them go all the way and even they still have hair). That and constant molestation.
On the other hand, it's frankly shameless in depicting transformation scenes and that.

It's even more shameless in depicting half animal women wherein they even have actual animal anatomy to
boot. It's not the best thing ever but when it's a comic that got an anime adaptation and a cancelled video
game, chances are