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Manic Pixie Dream Geek Girls

I suspect the near-tendency to gloss over Kitty Pryde's flaws (she's got a really bad temper and bad luck on this
side of Donald Duck) may've helped lead to a kind of cliche called the Manic Pixie Dream Geek Girl. More of an
idealised character than an actual one because the latter usually and actually gets pissed whether if they're
objectified or if they're not taken seriously. The former's a weirdly abstract ideal sometimes even detached
from their actual presentations.

It's not that writers like Joss Whedon and Chris Claremont don't entirely gloss over her flaws but rather seem
unable to realise that she's evidently got a personality outside of their idealisations which ironically comes out
in their writings. Whether if it's Kitty Pryde never getting over her grudge or angrily beating people up for taking
advantage of or arguing with her a lot. As if their Manic Pixie Dream Geek Girl's more unpleasant than they'd

(In the same manner, Barry Allen's really a closet Italian that really needs to be let out in a way even if he isn't
ethnically Italian he could as well be Irish.)

The later MPDGGs aren't entirely devoid of flaws either but rather played out unrealistically. It's not a matter of
Felicity Smoak whingeing or crying a lot, which's understandable. But that from personal experience, some
people don't like sexual humour a lot. There could've been scripts where Oliver does get pissed at Felicity's dirty
jokes but that could've been changed halfway through production.

Not to mention Felicity Smoak, as originally presentation, never resembled her later telly incarnation and
should Felicity be rehabilitated back into comics, especially as the Hyena, her personality needs to harken back
to the original non-MPDGG character (this is the character that Kitty ended up becoming even if she evidently
has a hot temper and is murderous).

Something that being easily frustrated with or wary of men with the humour being more of a facade as a way to
deal with her own problems (anger, fear, anxiety, whatever you call it), tending to sulk and stonewall people.
Somebody who's socially awkward or at least sincerely flawed where rather than being 'cutesy', she's genuinely
rude and aloof.

That may've been attempted before or even now. (A Felicity Smoak who sulks whilst stonewalling people and
goes on chastising them certainly did happen but not very often because it wouldn't seem cute of her even
though that's making her actually socially awkward or at least unable to handle relationships maturely.)

I even consider Manic Pixie Dream Girls to be Mary Sues but ones that men enjoy and condone as to be Galatea
Sues. Not necessarily imperfect but rather their admirers are blind to their shortcomings if played out
realistically or even when it occurs in canon.