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provoking the sexists

I admit considering and having done writings based around Charles Dickens's life. He's the author behind
classics like Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol though it's worth noting that when it comes to his personal, for
all his awareness of poverty he himself's not above his own faults like his shameless adultery. I also get the
impression that he's both the victim of his success and a good example of what happens when fame gets into
people's heads, thus deluding them into doing things that end up ruining their reputation.

In fact, my character Julius/Julian though based on him, is a crime writer. It's not that there aren't any male
muses in the arts but that it takes a lot of courage to use a writer's troubled life as inspiration for portraying a
crime novelist that exposes the real problem with misogyny in crime fiction. In that Charles Dickens was kind of
mean to those closest to him, even willingly cheating on his wife twice and disparaging his muse for letting
herself go. I haven't read Dickens's works so to speak.

But given crime fiction's got an issue with misogyny, a story where a crime novelist who debases women a lot's
too true as to be damning in some manner. And may as well be the deconstruction needed to examine sexism.