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H.No.037, Manas Nagar, Behind JBR Inter College, Krishna Nagar-Lucknow (State of UP), Lucknow- 260005
Contact: +91-7499625597, 7276812390;


Career Objective
Seeking challenging assignments & important role in the growth and development of the organization and thereby enhance my
knowledge with an organization of repute across the industry.

 Competent, diligent & result oriented professional with an total experience of 4.6 years of experience in diverse areas
encompassing Metallurgy Operations, Technical Services & Solution for Product Application, Quality Systems
Implementation, Product Development & Management, Quality Audits, Reporting & Documentation, Regulatory
Compliance, Technology Transfer, Quality & Production, Process Development & General Management; currently
spearheading with POSCO India Pvt. Ltd., Pune as Asstt. Manager in Technical Solution Center-Quality Control.
 Clear Understanding of Manufacturing/Metallurgical processes of metals/alloys and behavior of metals/alloys in different
conditions like steel making, continuous casting, rolling and heat treatment. Understanding of metallurgical processes like
primary & secondary steel making, hot rolling & continuous casting.
 Well versed with national and international standards on steel, ASTM, ASME, JIS, BIS, API standards, mechanical and
metallurgical testing of steel and testing equipment & Non Destructive testing. Strong credentials in driving in process
quality control initiatives to ensure strict conformance to defined quality parameters.
 Core competencies in designing & implementing quality control systems & procedures to minimize rejections. Ability to
conceptualize the processing for the product development with careful & sophisticated quality control measures in
compliance to the specified standards.
 Perfect team manager having ability to lead cross-functional project teams and integrate their efforts to maximize
operational efficiency. Cost effective professional with superior communication and interpersonal skills. Possess excellent
analytical, problem solving & organizational abilities.
Core Competencies
Quality Control / Assurance & development  Production management Liaison / Coordination  Testing / Inspection / Calibration
Material Management  Internal Audits  Product / Process Validation  Process Management  Reporting &
Documentation  Leadership & Management Skills  Competitive analysis Training & Development
 Significantly contributed in developing Automotive, Non-Automotive,Commercial & Structural customer for Flat & Long
products through Solution marketing.
 Developing solution marketing concept with POSCO global technical group team on co products generated out of new products
being developed.
 Successfully implemented BIS mill approval for POSCO-Pohang & Gwangyang works.
 Distinguished efforts at CSIR-AMPRI in developing composite material, Aluminium & its alloys via metallic foam casting of
different chemical compositions for automotive brake drum with use of Pressure Die casting machine.
 Established & derive continuous improvement efforts in new Quality Lab for WRM Plant at Mittal Corp Ltd.
 Hands on experience in production of different grades of Ferro alloys (FeSi-75, FeMn & FeCr) with Minimum breakdowns and
perfection of planning & execution with operational excellence.
 Successfully completed “GREEN RATING PROJECT”- (CSE), UNDP & MoEF Project on Iron & Steel Industries in India.
 Attended 3 weeks training on product & its production process at South Korea (including the Pohang works visit tour to
understand the process flow).
Technical Knowledge
 All tests of Metallography such as Inclusion rating, Grain size, Decarburization, Spectro analysis. (Met. optical Microscope
 All tests of Non-destructive such as Ultrasonic, Step down, Magnetic particle.
 Mechanical tests such as Tensile, Jominy Hardenability, Charpy Impact, Hardness.
 Industrial heat treatment such as Hardening, Tempering, Carburizing, Nitriding, Annealing & Spherodize annealing via
Sealed quench furnace, Boogie furnace, Pipe furnace & Plasma furnace etc.
 Metal Joining Technology- Welding Processes like Friction stir welding, Arc welding (MIG, TIG), Oxygen gas welding.
 Knowledge of statistical concepts, lab management & quality tools: 5S, Kaizen, Pokayoka, ISO, TPM, TQM and Six Sigma


Asstt. Manager- Technical Services-Quality Control (Feb’14 – Till Date)
Company profile: 4th World largest steel producer (40mMT) in the World with turnover of USD -39Billions.
 Responsible for quality objective related issues, Implementation of standard quality procedures & preparing customer TDC
in POSCO mill format & verification as per the applied standards i.e. quality of Steel.
 Updating all Quality plan, Inspection & Testing procedures according to international standards & norms.
 Providing integrated technical expertise support to sales and marketing to aim to enhance customer value.
 Supervising the POSCO India & its subsidiary company and conducting process and product audits.
 Responsible for handling customer audits, third party inspection, ISO/TS Activities, studying the effect of deviations on
final quality of product and updating all records.
 Adhering to the various quality measures for product development based on customer requirement.
 Representing the management for implementing quality management systems; preparation of process standards for the
products, setting up quality guidelines, environment, and health and safety management system.
 Established monitoring systems like Failure mode and effect analysis, root cause analysis for early detection & correction
of variance from set targets of Volume, Cost, and Energy and Customer satisfaction.
Notable Attainments__________________________________________________________________________________________
 Played a stellar role as an technical expert with groomed understanding of customer processes & developing technical solutions
support to customers in handling quality related issues, field trials, routine tests, data analysis and interpretation.
 Provided regular input to operations and other concerned functions about differentiating our product from competitors.
 Analysing and evaluate customer claim issues on regular basis based from actual data management. (Decision of
prime/second/salvaging/diverted prime) and initiate corrective action against it.
 Provide test result understanding and improvements in line as per customer requirement based on material standards.
 Feedback and improvement instruction to global technical group team members based on statistical data on regular basis.
 Dexterously involved in managing new product promotion, Information on competitor moves & collect competitor
information, samples, test certificates and send to plant to provide effective solution to customer.
 Conducting weekly training for sales & marketing team on improved products.
 Clearly understand the VOC’s of customer satisfaction & feedback of service requests on regular basis.
 Quality support to western region customer & its vendors: POSCO Maharashtra, GM, VW, TATA Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra,
FIAT, VE- Commercial, AGCL, LEAR, Kalyani Lemmerz, Fleetguard, JBM-MA, JBM-ANTB, SKH, Rucha, Benteler, Dongshin, MIL,
Chasys, Tsubaki Hoover, Godrej, Endurance, Brembo ,NHB, SKF, Gestamp, AMW, Mubea Suspension, Global Wind, Windar
Inox, Suzlon, GE, Gamesa, Sulzer, Araymod, Caparo, Karamtara, Balmer Lawrie, Wheel India, Kirby, Zenith, Doosan etc.
 Regularly maintaining QA related standards, work procedures & maintained the records as per company standards.
 Hands on experience in using various heat treatments techniques like hardening, tempering, carburizing, carbonitriding,
nitriding, annealing, spheroidise, subcritical annealing & normalizing of various grades of steel.
 Conducting ethnography studies in allied areas to identify opportunities for introducing use of world premium product like
POSMAC, AluSil/Alcosta for SCR fuel tanks.
 Proactively involved in utilizing advance metal forming & fabrication technology concepts to scientific elements, to
understand, investigate the problem area and suggested corrective technical solution to customers.
 Quality support to POSCO Maharashtra-CRM plant in advance CGL/CAL line, POSCO-electrical steel & POSCO processing centers.
 Conducted:
o Third party inspection for BIS Certification IS 2062, IS 2041, IS 513, IS 11513, IS 2830, IS 648, IS 3024
o Mechanical, Chemical, Microstructural evaluation & Metal forming, Failure analysis test.
o Non-destructive tests such as Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle, Eddy Current.

Sr.Project Asstt., under Dr. Satyavart Das-‘G’ grade Scientist.
Company profile: 1st Adv. Mat. & Process Research Institute in central India managed by CSIR-Govn. of India. Notable
 Proactively involved in conducting R & D for Aluminium and its alloy ((LM6, LM25+O.5%Ti, Al-TiB2+CNT, Al-8%Ti, AA-5083 &
AA7010HT for ECAP & developing the scope for engineering applications.
 Played a stellar role in conducting various tests in the metallography such as Microstructure evaluation, Grain size and Inclusion
rating for Aluminium and its alloys and composite material.
 Hands on experience in chemical analysis-Spectro, XRD- FSEM-Lisca, Optical microscope, UTM -Instron, 2t & 3t bend test, impact
test, thermal conductivity test-XFA-600, Thermo mechanical analyzer-PT 1000 etc.
 Managed the bottom mold casting activities which involved furnace condition, checked the material properties & after heat
 Holds the distinction for supporting the ECAP processes, handled trial & improvement & yield improvement projects.
Dy. Manager-Quality Control Department & Marketing Coordination.
Company profile: Mittal Corp Ltd., 4 th mini steel industry in the central region of India, Madhya Pradesh. It comprises
of an IF-AOD-LRF-CCM, 3-strand billet caster of Concast AG design and rolling mill of DMH design. (Cap. - 0.15 MTPA).
Notable Attainments__________________________________________________________________________________________
 Played a stellar role in conducting various feasibility studies of customer TDC & set quality updation of all the QA related
standards, work procedures & maintained the records of the same.
 Analyzing the quality complaint (reporting CAPA, SWOT) & design the aiming chemistry for different grades of Steel for Bars
& Rods.
 Gained an exposure in problems regarding to Heat treatment, Annealing & Pickling of different grades of Rods and Bars.
 Significantly improved quality of steel & decreased rejection & improved customer satisfaction.
 Played a stellar role in conducting various tests in the metallography such as Microstructure Examination, Grain Size, Carbide
Decarburization and Inclusion Rating.
 Conducted various mechanical tests & non-destructive tests such as Tensile- 600kN & 1000kN, Jominy Hardenability, Impact,
Hardness, UT, MPI, Ovality Checking etc.
 Facilitated quality audit of the product & process for development of SS 200, 300, 400, AS, CS, CHQ, TB, PC, & LRPC wire rods.
 Registered a significant minimization of the decarburization level for tyre bead wire rod.
 Holds the merit of handling the internal laboratory & inspection facilities & ensure proper maintenance & calibration.
 Proactively involved in documenting the paper for certification & auditing of quality assurance, ISO/BIS certificates.
Management Trainee - Production & It’s Various Departments.
Company profile: 3rd largest producer of FeSi-75, FeMn (H), SiMn in A.P. with footprint covering India, and middle Asia.
Notable Attainments_________________________________________________________________________________________
 Gained an exposure in production of different grades of Ferro alloys (FeSi-75, FeMn & FeCr) with Minimum breakdowns and
perfection of planning & execution with operational excellence to save time, cost and increase reliability of system.
 Hands on experience in Submerge EAF furnace-Russian Make (16.5MVA)/132kV & facilitated support to handle current
working equipment and techniques as per requirement.
 Ensured the conformity of the ferro alloys according to international standards norms & raw material process flow controlled
for production of FeSi75, FeMn (LC & HC).
 Significantly exposure in revamping of f/c refractory lining and mechanical instrumentation of submerged electric arc
furnace and increase reliability of slipping device, hydraulic equipments & furnace transformer etc.
 Managed the shift production activities which involved furnace condition, checked the material properties & the time
temperature parameters and furnace atmosphere.
 Dexterously involved in continual improvement projects, manufacturing process improvement, corrective action problem
solving with production department.



M.TECH (Metallurgical Engg.) I.I.T(BHU), Varanasi 2011 71.7%
B.TECH (Material Sc. & Metallurgical ) I.E.T Kanpur Univ. 2008 58.8%

10+2 U.P. State Board 2004 66%

10th U.P. State Board 2002 58%
POSCO-TSC, India 10 Feb 2014 to till Now Astt. Manager- (POSCO-India, TSC)
Advance materials & Processes Research Inst.
1 Dec 2013-4 Feb 2014. Project Asstt.
CSIR – AMPRI, Bhopal -M.P.
Mittal Corp Ltd. Indore, M.P. May 2012-30Nov2013 Dy. Manager- Q.C. /TS to Marketing.
VBC Ferro Alloy Ind. Ltd. HYD.A.P. June 2011 to 30 April2012 MT/Asst. Manager-Prod.


 Iron/ Steel making via IF/EAF, BF/BoF, DRI- Scrap/EAF, Sponge Iron (DRI Coal & Gas based).
 Mechanical metallurgy testing-NDT-RH/BH/VH/MPI/Impact Tester/UTM-600kN & 1000kN, Micro/Macro Hardness Tester.
 Metallography analysis- Microstructure-property correlation, (Met. optical Microscope SEM, TEM, XRD, EDX/EDS).
 Industrial Heat Treatment of Alloy steel, Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel via sealed quench furnace, Boogie furnace, Pipe furnace
& Plasma furnace etc.
 CSE-Delhi “GREEN RATING PROJECT” (CSE), UNDP & MoEF Project: Project on Iron & Steel Industries in India.
 Completed a project on M.Tech-“Environmental Evaluation of Steel Plants in India”
 Completed a project on M.Tech “Preparation of Al-Fe (in situ) Composite material in Tribological condition”
 Completed a project on B.Tech “Preparation of Al-Fe Composite Materials”
 “Into the furnace”-CSE, New Delhi. (Reported the draft profile).
 Awaited Paper- “High Mn, Nickle free Austenitic Steel”
Computer Proficiency
Microsoft Office, Windows, C programming and Internet Applications.
Seminar Attended
1- “Alloy Design and Development” 2- “Alternative route of steel making” 3-“Microstructure-property correlation”.

Date of Birth: 05th May 1985

Languages Known: English, Hindi
Gender: Male, Marital Status: Married, Religion: Hindu
Nationality: Indian
Valid Passport No: L9994653-(8-7.2024)
 Prof. R.C. Gupta –IIT,BHU
 Dr. O.P. Sinha.-IIT, BHU
 Mr. Shiv Kumar-President-(BD & M) II&SL.
 Mr. J.P.N Lal.- Ex.GM.(SAIL)
 Mr. G. Belgal.- DMH

I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and bear the responsibility for
the correctness of the above-mentioned particulars.

Date: 01/12/2018 (RAHUL SRIVASTAVA)