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Graduation Day

Graduation, a meaningful word. Graduation, a ceremony at which degrees are

conferred. That’s the definition for the word Graduation. But this word means more
than a ceremony for me.
Good morning to all the presents. In this opportunity I’m very pleased to stay here in
the Graduation of the Ingles area of the Faculty of Education, in the Jorge Basadre
Grohmann National University.
I never though Graduation would mean that much for me. I only thought that
Graduation would be the day I was going to receive a certificate and go to another
level of education. I never thought of my last year as something special, nor a year
things was going to change, I only knew that my last year was going to be like any
other university year, but with the only difference that next year I wasn’t going to be
in university anymore.
It had passed 4 years since I’ve been studying here and It’s like the first day with the
difference that I’m feeling “winner”, I use this term because I gained many
experiences, good values, learn and perfectionate knowledge for my career that’s
why I’m here to thank all the persons who made this possible. First, I must say thanks
to all the professors who trust in my progress and give me the confidence that I
needed to grow. My friends and partners I knew here are special persons. I still
remember that one friend used to say “But we have the next year to do it” If I have
the chance to give recommendations to a freshman, the new students in the
university, it would be: “we don’t have tomorrow, do it now” If you want to go out with
your new friends dot it, time is now, take the opportunities sometimes they don’t
appear twice. Thanks all of them I can’t say names because the list is very long. I
also have to say thanks to my parents because the help me in many ways. And
thanks to all the persons who appear in the road that brought me here, thanks to
stay with me until here.
I was not the great student in the class but I learned a lot. It’s true, study never ends
and I’m ready to learn more. I had good moments in those classrooms where the
next students will study but there’s a part of us and it’ll stay in our memories, such
great times!
Graduation, a meaningful word. Graduation means changes in my life, to reach a
higher stage of my life, the time to become a new person, the time to grow up, time
to follow my dreams and separate responsibilities from fun.

By: Maribel Rose Espinoza Mamani (2013-38632)