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Yoga Sundari October 5 at 10:04

For teachers Insider of's yoga accurate (critical sections to achieve) alignment - of Critical the Alignment
as with Planned's yoga classes directory the Precise alignment
Knowing all the basic, Principles and techniques of's yoga accurate (critical sections to achieve)
alignment, the having practice with propsami - IT is very by important to the create a positive the
dynamic practice That will lead to deeper. of mindfulness
main Aspects That Should the BE based, planning a lesson:
1) the Create a starting point.
Each lesson Should unite and Strengthen the focus, relaxation, awareness, etc. The And the task of the
teacher Have to initiate the this process AT the Beginning of the lesson , creating a starting point and
goal of designating a class to students at these 1.5 hours were immersed only in practice, and left their
thoughts, feelings and experiences, along with slippers and entrance hall.
2) Organization of the positive development and improvement during all stages of the lesson.
3) A Gradual Increase in speed and complexity of asanas DURING the class. This is a very by important to
rule, Because INITIALLY you the get Into the Deeper the layers of the bone structure and the then
Increase the strength and Coordination AT the: level of postural muscles, and finally develop a deeper
4) the Apply a causal relationship. It is by important That asanas and exercises Performed in a Strictly
defined order. This is Necessary for a Deeper relaxation motor muscles, Creating Company Coordination,
Strengthening and postural muscles pumping, and to Increase the mobility flows of the joints. for So
simple and the easy exercises are Beginning to relax is the superficial muscles. Then statement will of
follow a Complicated movement, the which Further Increase the relaxation and will of work on
Coordination and strength.
5) Use your creativity in the classroom.
of An incredible Variety of links and asanas subgroups Provide a wonderful Opportunity to the create
lessons Insider for Different the groups of students - depending on age,: level of training and a well-
being of.
(from the book of Gert the van Lyuena Yoga of Critical the Alignment in a His own translation)
the Good luck , dear teachers, in your difficult but very interesting fact - to teach people to rebuild their
own posture and maintain your health!

Yoga Sundaram September 28 at 22:24

Margarita Ovcharenko (27/09/2016):
"Change - this discomfort. In the comfort of the body does not change. "(Is that for the worse ..)
Gert van Leeuwan