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‘North Carolina General Assembly ‘House OF Representatiies —— nto — 2a ae Apa 12,2019 inbesy D- Bowe Seer Faden! Een Regultry Comision fa ie Steet NE Roo 1, Washington, DC 20126 Re: Docket Nos, CPIS-54-000 and CPIS-554-001(Adantc Coat Pipeline) Dene Secrecy Bose, ‘As members of the North Cia General Arse, we respecsily ak the Federal Energy Regulory Chant fase t sop work onder and sumpend the Certificate of Publie Conveaience and Nceaity (he Cetieate) ile I r-nisenes the need fr the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACH). jue vente of Binion ney, Dike EacrgyandSouresn Company, dhe iplne's now S78 Ito pie tg oul be pose nto ape nepnyers under the developer’ plas ‘he ACP was fist ansoaneed in 2014, sn approved by FERC in 207 with the isance of the Citic. The popetine developers hve never convincing demoviazated a pubic nc or dhe ACD, Fling enewable ‘os pices, a9 proving bay of evdeace tha the developers have overstate the demand fr gas atthe Sto ube tac upp weaning insta ave increared ssi capaci, further niet the ck of hanket need forthe ACP Tait woul ck ot jst Neath Carolina bu the eve Southest eon into (Tends of elaatesdnroping fos flue. eich scomparle with Nor Carol's cimate pls as ‘ine in Governor Coopers Executive Onder 8, “Thelack of demand or he.9CP is undersea inthe mat scent tegrated Resource Plans (RP) of Duke tu Domino net vow: afte re bot ary develoys an astomers ofthe ACP, Daa’ test IPs forts to North Carola cle wltiesdelay peeves planned racked gs pat bya est ve years thea! the gna propre timeffane, and one have yet been appv by state egies, Duke's iat uve plane fer igh eed mone ps spy wot proposed bess operting ul many yes fies the Wc cupped tbe in serce, Nowth Catone Annes Geaeral Josh tin lo seen aged the y's ing shoal test a "ear range of storage technologies ped with renewable ene” and take nto ‘cow the costo reyes fom lima change sed by gfe enero, ominin's most recent IRP wat rected by Vigjnin state replat, in pact for overstating rosjecons of fire electri demand Dominions refed IRP does nt pepose ulling any aditional Combined eyele gn plats in of sx ees ncadigthowe molingcompince wih carbon rutin Tne the pln sly on sli ower oeplce vetting Pal past Fuster, dhepject ns ndpenden commited customers. So compari, l of which re replated wi sft ofthe pipelines te owners, have ensteatd for 96% ofthe pipes capac Uilty sabia ‘Of Die aad Dotiton in Vigina tnd North Carolina have contracted for Be othe pps eapa. Heinen scrutiny net heaped to these alle transetons. We ange FERC 40 isu a stp work ‘onder and suspend the Ceniteate of Pu need Ines been done “The ACP is acing mutesous ly calleagess even feral permits Mave Bee stayed, este suspen Aco 19 Dowiason Eat, al constmiction 09 the pipeline is cen stoppe. When 00 consent up agin nko. ln adn to gwoingseglony uncetains, the projet ie caeny two years behind schedle sod sibstanally ert Dake Eacry recent exam the project costa 878 billon ~ some one thin] higher thn she nga eine $1 bllon with fl operation pashed bck to at lest 201, Those cos, Pls pri, cold be parsed onthe developer elect ratpayes. he basen of ths peopose project woul il hon comaites of slr ad low income communities Thuy thousand Native Ameen ve incon tts that FERC cones prt of the pject sen Now Carina Non Cain second in he nation for asad sole capacity: Aeron to the NC Department of nvionmental Qual, the eect growth in the use of enewable ener uy rede ct freed ‘ein Toe as, The ACP is woes to meet demand for gin our Ste, at Wwe ate conceed that Ifa envzonmetal pace of the propouACP, and impact on ates weg 29 potenti eis o Noth Cason civens, We repeettally ge ehe Comision to iste a stop work oder, tnd suspen the Cerfene of Publc Comvenienee sin Newco herds tr scan dhe need for this project. Since, Represents Piney Hanon Disc Represnmtve MayyAua Baek, Diswiet 29 Repwesenive Marcia Money, Disnct 3 ‘Representative "Terence Eves Dist 35 pent Graig Meyer Dict 80 Representative Naas Majeed, Distict 99 Repesente Alizon Dab Disc 11 ‘Repesentative Deb Butler, Disict 18 Repwesnticne Suean Faher Die 14 -Represntve Jon Auwy,—Distct 10) Reprsennve Keel Ten, Ditiet 71 Represenaive Teny Garton, Ditiet 12 Repesenentve Cea Brocka, Dist Repose Cyotbin Ball” Distoer 40 Senor Wiley Nickel Dist Sonitor Natsha Slew, “Disuict™ 4 Seontor Ein Sat Ds 3 Scratie Teay Van Duyn, District 09 Senor Vale Pouce, Dsteet 28 Semtor” Mie Wornacd,Distct 22 Senator Kak deViews, Din 1 ‘Senate Migtaba Mohammed, Dstt 38 Hee aa ene eT ee LP tare an i aoe jou tama tpt amon! ra So Min, in Rou wre ag Von sn iyi EE a eg: neil hin Nek he ein