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Data Analysis

Earth Science Mini-Unit (5T Only)

Individual Assessment

Twenty-one 5th grade students participated in this work sample unit. The unit consisted of two
lessons and a review/post assessment day. The unit was over Earth’s resources, specifically, identifying
and defining natural resources within the appropriate categories (renewable and nonrenewable) and
identifying ways in which human activities affect the land. Prior to the unit’s lessons, the students were
given a pre-assessment to assess prior knowledge and then a post-assessment following the lessons to
assess their new knowledge. The test consisted of four different sections including six matching
questions, nine multiple choice, one short answer, and an identification section with seven resources.
From the pre-assessment to the post-assessment, all students increased their scored by at least 3 points.
The most improvement of points was increased by 10 points. The average points earned for the
pre-assessment was approximately 16 out of 24. The average points increased for the post-assessment to
22 out of 24.

Levels include:
Below basic 1 - 16 correct; 0% - 69%

Basic 17 - 19 correct; 70% - 80%

Proficient 19.5 - 22 correct; 83% - 95%

Advanced 23 or 24 correct; 96% - 100%

Whole Class

Based on the data from these graphs, of the 11 students who were in the “below basic” category
after the pre-assessment, 100% of them moved to either “basic,” “proficient,” or “advanced.” Of the 4
students in the “proficient” category, 100% of them moved up a level to the “advanced category. Of the 6
students in the “basic” category, 4 students moved to up two levels to the “advanced” category and 2
moved up to the “proficient” category. Of the 11 students in the “below basic” category, 1 student moved
up 3 levels to the “advanced” category, increasing his/her score by 31%.
Overall, the students did very well throughout the instruction of these lessons. Although this was
a very short unit, students were highly engaged and were excited to learn about Earth’s resources. The
presentation of the material made learning the continent much easier for students to learn and retain the
information. It is clear to see that the students knowledge was increased throughout the mini-unit.