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When a person has a Spanish, French, Drawings made on If a person is relaxed,

lot of energy is Italian and the body are called…. she/he is ……

called… Portuguese are all……

Famous buildings If a person doesn’t This is the name A person that loves
from a city are depend on other given to earrings put being in the open air
called… people, he/she is… on different parts of is called an
the body. ……..person
The Adolescents are If a person doesn’t The general weather
Argentinian…….light usually….They argue speak a lot in public, conditions of a region
blue and white and with their parents a he/she is probably… are called….
has got a sun in the lot.
A person that works This room is a If you think that A patriotic hymn or
a lot is ………… disaster. You are things can change for other song adopted
really….. better, you’re….. by a nation for use
on public or state
She always______________(play) well in tennis championships.
She ____________(play) well for a long time now.
The weather _________________(get) worse now.
The star______________(receive) a lot of fans mails recently.
The children __________________(watch) TV at the moment.
We ___________________(wait) for my mum for hours and she hasn’t arrived yet.
_____you _______(know) Patricia? No, we ___________(never-see) her before.
What __________they _________(do)? Look at them!!!
What _________they ___________(do)? Look at the mess in this room.
We _________________(not/finish) our assignment yet.
We __________________(not/work) on our project now.