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Al Ain University of Science and Technology

College of Business Administration

Second Semester 2018-2019

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Abstract 3

Background of Agthia 4

About Marketing 6

Consumer behavior 7

Target Market 10

Consumer Decision making 10

Assessing Consumer Decision making 11

aspirational adoption/purchase 12

Consumer Attitude 12

Conclusion 13

References 14


This report discusses one of the organizations chosen which Agthia that has an online presence,

this report mainly covers the following main topics:

 Explain how each of the four set of factors affecting consumer behavior affects the consumer

purchase process as it relates to business offers

 as well as for as the demographic targeted segmented for that product

 Analyze the decision process that buyers of this type of product would go through before

purchasing this product also explain how the business help consumers through the buying

decision process

 also, Explain how one might develop a positive/negative attitude towards this type of

products and discuss how might someone's attitude change

 at the end understanding customers and the market place in achieving Business objectives

Background of Agthia

We are the main Abu Dhabi based nourishment and refreshment organization. Built up in the UAE in 2004,

and recorded on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) since 2005, the Agthia Group comprises of a

world-class arrangement of coordinated organizations and brands. They give excellent, trusted, and basic

sustenance and refreshment items for clients and buyers over the GCC, Turkey, and the more extensive

Middle East. The Company's benefits are situated in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt, and Turkey.

More than 4,500 representatives are occupied with assembling, dispersion and promoting different

nourishment and refreshment items : Water and Beverages (Al Ain Water, Al Ain Zero Water, Al Bayan

Water, Alpin Natural Spring Water, Ice Crystal Water, Delta Water, Bambini Kids Water, Al Ain Fresh

Juice, Capri-Sun Fruit Juice); Food (Grand Mills Flour, Yoplait Yogurt, Al Ain Tomato Paste, Al Ain Frozen

Vegetables, Monty's Bakehouse Frozen Bakery items, The Grand Baker Ambient Bakery items, Pure Natural

Convenience Food things, Date Crown Dates); Animal Feed (Agrivita, Al Wasmi, Anderson Hay).

(Retrieved from Agthia official website)

They are the main Abu Dhabi based sustenance and refreshment organization. Set up in the UAE in 2004 and

recorded on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX), the Agthia Group comprises of a world-class

arrangement of coordinated organizations and brands. They give superb, trusted, and fundamental sustenance

and drink items for clients and purchasers over the UAE, GCC, Turkey and the more extensive Middle East.

They utilize our insight and mastery to guarantee our top quality and believed nourishment and refreshment

items are available to everybody, making the regular increasingly pleasant. As representatives of One Agthia,

They cooperate. Discovering more approaches to recognize and address the issues of our locale, shoppers,

and clients. They grasp assorted variety. At Agthia, everybody is welcome. Liberal and empowering, They

share our thoughts and involvement with our accomplices, providers and one another. To us, there are no

hindrances, simply new headings. (Retrieved from Agthia official website)

Persuaded by the general population and spots encompassing us, we're headed to succeed and focused on

being the best. They are resolved to make an incentive through all that They do. They trust in positive

advancement, They envision and react to change through centered activity. They are driven, however not to

the detriment of respectability

At Agthia They realize development drives financial change. So our business and innovative soul impacts

everybody at Agthia and all that They do. They make creative responses to new chances. We're included and

educated, continually surveying the ramifications of our activities on our clients, condition, and society.

Legit and veritable, They state what They mean, and do what They guarantee. They are experienced and

direct. They recognize the stuff to work superbly. So They ensure everybody working with us has the chance

and support to do the best employment they can. They're sharp, inalienably learned, unique in both our

reasoning and in what They need to accomplish. (Retrieved from Agthia official website)

They produce the basic and confided in sustenance and drink that encourages and feeds full and dynamic

lives, each day. They do this here at home, over the locale and past for individuals from varying

backgrounds, and all nationalities. This wholehearted duty drives what They do at each phase of the natural

pecking order – from the field to fork. They're resolved to meet the most astounding nourishment and drink

quality models, economically. They esteem everybody They serve, and everybody who works with us. They

do this wholeheartedly. Since when everybody lives to the full, at that point They as a whole carry on with an

actual existence worth living. (Retrieved from Agthia official website)

“Vision: To be the UAE’s most valued food & beverage company”

“Mission: every day is to consistently provide the best quality, nutritious and responsibly produced food and

beverage products of choice, essential at every life stage, for everyone leading progressive, energetic and

healthy lifestyles, here at home, across the Middle East and beyond” (Retrieved from Agthia official website)

About Marketing

Showcasing alludes to the exercises of an organization related to purchasing and selling an item or

administration. It incorporates publicizing, offering and conveying items to individuals. Individuals who

work in organizations' promoting divisions attempt to get the consideration of target groups of onlookers

utilizing trademarks, bundling structure, big name supports and general media presentation.

Marketing is everything an organization does to pick up clients and keep up associations with them. Indeed,

even the little undertakings like composing thank-you letters, playing golf with a planned customer, returning

assembles expeditiously and conference with a past customer for espresso are Marketing. The objective of

advertising is to coordinate an organization's items and administrations to the general population who need

and need them to guarantee gainfulness.

Anybody can make an item. That isn't the critical step. The crucial step is selling the item. It is basic that you

comprehend key ideas of Marketing before you begin to advertise your item, or before you even begin

making your item. The manner in which you advertise it should be incorporated to the item itself – it sets the

tone for the entire thing. The business world is loaded with the rivalry. There's a decent shot that the market

you need to enter as of now has a few players in it, and you have to consider.

To contend effectively available you can get a Marketing degree or spare yourself time and a bucketload of

cash and read this post. This post covers the most critical things you have to think about advertising and


Comprehend Your Customer: Achievement begins with understanding who your customers are and what

they need. This is urgent for 2 principal reasons:

So as to make an item that genuinely conveys, it needs to address the requirements of the purchaser.

To sell your item effectively, you have to know your customer socioeconomics, their qualities, desires, and

impressions of themselves.

When you know who your clients are, you will most likely better influence your time, vitality and assets to

seeking after the correct clients. You can center your publicizing endeavors. Particularly on the off chance

that you are a one-individual entrepreneur, you have to rethink your client connections and settle on decisions

about how to boost and viably utilize your constrained time and assets.

You may believe that as you most likely are aware of a ton about your business, you know the necessities and

inspiration of your customers in any case, and you don't have to inquire. In any case, stop and think for a

minute: all individuals settle on choices uniquely in contrast to each other. What's more, what influences you

is probably not going to be what convinces the following person. Our own standpoint is a lousy marker of

what works for any other person.

Consumer behavior

This section will analyze how each of the four set of factors affecting consumer behavior affects the

consumer purchase process as it relates to one of the products of Agthia, they have many brand and

products for this purpose I will choose Al ain”

Consumer s buyer behavior is influenced by four major factors:

1) Cultural

2) Social

3) Personal

4) Psychological

These elements cause purchasers to create item and brand inclinations. Albeit a large number of

these elements can't be legitimately constrained by advertisers, comprehension of their effect is

basic as promoting blend methodologies can be created to interest the inclinations of the objective


Cultural Factors: culture is critical with regards to understanding the requirements and practices of a

person. Fundamentally, culture is the piece of each general public and is the vital reason for

individual needs and conduct. The impact of culture on purchasing conduct shifts from nation to

nation in this way advertisers must be exceptionally watchful in dissecting the way of life of various

gatherings, locales or even nations. All through his reality, an individual will be affected by his

family, his companions, his social condition or society that will train him esteems, inclinations just

as normal practices to their very own way of life. For a brand, it is vital to comprehend and consider

the social components natural to each market or to every circumstance so as to adjust its item and its

showcasing technique. As these will assume a job in the observation, propensities, conductor desires

for shoppers.

As for the culture of UAE, most of the products bought by the consumers are preferred to be from

local traders like Agthia that provides most of the supplies or for example water brands are provided

by Agthia, also the culture in the UAE encourage buying from local producers and to encourage


Social classes: Social classes are characterized as gatherings more or less homogenous and

positioned against each other as indicated by a type of social chain of command. Regardless of

whether its vast gatherings, we generally find comparable qualities, ways of life, interests, and

practices in people having a place with a similar social class. Each society has some type of social

class which is essential to the advertisers on the grounds that the purchasing conduct of individuals

in guaranteed social class is comparable. Along these lines advertising exercises could be

customized by distinctive social classes. A few investigations have likewise proposed that the social

impression of a brand or a retailer is assuming a job in the conduct and acquiring choices of

shoppers. Moreover, customer purchasing conduct may likewise change concurring to social class.

(Rani, 2014)

As for the UAE social environment, consumers are affected greatly by social behavior, for example,

famous people following a certain trend, you find people following that as well, by the product

chosen is Al ain water product that already needed and has a demand, it’s also affected by family

and the way of life.

Personal: It incorporates such factors as age and lifecycle arrange, occupation, financial conditions,

the way of life (exercises, interests, suppositions, and socioeconomics), identity and self-idea. These

may clarify why our inclinations frequently change as our 'circumstance' changes. Choices and

purchasing conduct are clearly additionally affected by the attributes of every buyer. So basically

the effect of personality traits on the demand of al ain water product is not that high since it’s not a

special product with the normal cost of the market. (Rani, 2014)

Psychological: It influencing our buy choice incorporates inspiration (Maslow's chain of the

importance of requirements), recognition, learning, convictions, and demeanors. Other individuals

regularly impact a customer s by choice. The advertiser has to realize which individuals are engaged

with the purchasing choice and what job every individual plays, so promoting techniques can

likewise be gone for these individuals. Among the components affecting shopper conduct, mental

elements can be isolated into 4 classifications: motivation, perception, learning as well as beliefs

and attitudes. All of which affects the consumers and their attitude. (Rani, 2014)

Target Market

An objective market is a gathering of buyers or associations well on the way to purchase an

organization's items or administrations. Since those purchasers are probably going to need or need

an organization's contributions, it bodes well for the organization to concentrate its promoting

endeavors on contacting them. Showcasing these purchasers is the best and productive

methodology. The option - advertising to everybody - is wasteful and costly.

Having a target market depends on many factors; the target customer might be based on

geographical location, demographic or such, Agthia as whole targets many customers but in the case

of Al ain water product, it targets the UAE demographic as whole since it’s selling in all markets in

the UAE without any concentrating on certain age of customer.

Consumer Decision making

This section analyzes the decision process that buyers of this type of product would go through

before purchasing this product.

When acquiring any item, a buyer experiences a choice procedure. This procedure comprises of up

to five phases: Stage 1: problem recognition, Stage 2: information search, Stage 3: evaluation of

alternatives, Stage 4: purchase decision Stage 5: post-purchase behavior.

The length of this choice procedure will change. A buyer may not act in confinement in the buy, but

instead might be affected by any of a few people in different jobs. The number of individuals

engaged with the purchasing choice increments with the dimension of contribution and multifaceted

nature of the purchasing choice conduct. Purchaser s purchaser conduct and the subsequent buy

choice are unequivocally affected by social, social, individual and mental attributes. A

comprehension of the impact of these components is fundamental for advertisers so as to create

appropriate showcasing blends to speak to the objective client.

I'm one of the customers of Al in water and I buy it whenever I need to, the only thing that stands in

my way when I see a punch of water bands next to each other is the cost because at the end it's only

water, so the process of making the customer makes before buying water is the offers if possible

especially when the customer is buying large quantity not only one or two.

Assessing Consumer Decision making

This section explains how the business help consumers through the buyer decision process through

using the website and such, first the organization gives much information about its products and

helps with assessing the customer with all the information needed about the value of the product

through social media and heir official website. The following picture shows the organization page

for this brand.

The website gives everything the customer needs and it also gives the customer insight about the

new products like Zero sodium water and vitamin D water that are unique in the market and were

not done by any other brand.

aspirational adoption/purchase

this section Apply the concept of aspirational adoption/purchase of this type of products, In

consumer marketing, an aspirational brand (or item) implies a huge fragment of its exposure

gathering of people wishes to possess it, yet for financial reasons can't. An aspirational item infers

certain positive qualities to the client, yet the supply seems restricted because of constrained

generation amounts.

An essential normal for an aspirational item is that the piece of its introduction group of onlookers

that is at present financially unfit to buy it, consider itself having a reasonable likelihood of at one

point later on having the capacity to do as such. This piece of the presentation gathering of people is

alluded to as the optimistic group of onlookers, though the piece of the introduction crowd that as of

now can bear the cost of the item is known as the consumption audience.

As people living in the UAE we can say in confidence that the exposure is very high since the

product is in every market and grocery, as for the consumer audience, also people can afford this

product, it's water even without offers the large quantities and considerably cheap and similar o the

market prices.

Consumer Attitude

This section Explain how the customer might develop a positive/negative attitude towards the brand

and the product and how might someone's attitude change. Purchaser demeanors are a composite of

a shopper's (1) convictions around, (2) emotions around, (3) and social expectations toward some

article - inside the setting of advertising, for the most part, a brand or retail location. These parts are

seen together since they are very related and together speak to powers that impact how the shopper

will respond to the article.

This product is affected by what people believe, for example, the zero sodium water al ain brand

makes them believe it’s healthier and makes them feel better when drinking it, and the vitamin D

water as well especially that the prices are just like normal water without any extra margin. Taste to

drinking water might be affected by consumers drinking tap water but that is the case in Egypt, not

the UAE because tap water is not consumed at all so the only option is buying water.


The customers for Agthia varies greatly among its brands and products, but it's dominating the

UAE; basically the brand that was chosen for this report purposes is al in which includes products

like water, Agthia have showed creativity with their products because even water they were creative

with after many years of selling normal water, they suddenly came out with zero sodium water and

vitamin D water which not only gives the consumer a new idea about the company but also

refreshes the market is some way especially that many companies have started providing water and

giving competitive offers but Agthia responds well, they have provided the customer with every

information the customer might need with supported official website as well as social media.

The importance of this report is very high because it allows to analyze the product and think f the

various aspects that affect it especially from the eyes of the consumer, what affects the consumer

and the purchasing power, if a company has no consumers then it has no power in the market nor a

market share, but Agthia has an advantage in the market, it has more experience and knows for the

people to be accredited and trustworthy which asses the company with achieving the objectives of

the organization.


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