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What does the Scheme of Work consist of?

The Form 2 Scheme of Work consists of a total of 112 lessons with each lesson lasting a total of 60
minutes. If lessons are organised into 30-minute lessons, teachers will need to plan and adapt their
lessons accordingly. Each lesson in the Scheme of Work is numbered from Lesson 1 to Lesson 112.

The Scheme of Work consists of the following three types of lesson: 1. Textbook-Based Lessons:
The materials for these lessons will come from the selected Form 2 textbook. This textbook is Pulse 2
and Form 2 will cover the content from Unit 6 to Unit 9 of this textbook.

2. Non-Textbook-Based Lessons: For this type of lesson, teachers will be responsible for developing
the lesson content and creating the necessary learning materials.

3. Sample Lessons: At the beginning of the Scheme of Work teachers will find full lesson plans for
Lessons 1 – 6. The purpose of these sample lessons is to give teachers some initial assistance as they
start to work through the lessons within the Scheme of Work.