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A Fundamentals of indoor air sciences C Emerging issues in indoor air sciences and engineering

A1 Indoor air chemistry Page 1 C1 Respiratory infection in indoor environment Page 59

A2 Indoor air physics Page 3 C2 New chemical substances in buildings Page 61
A3 Indoor air microbiology Page 4 C3 Nanoparticles in indoor environment Page 62
A4 Indoor aerodynamics Page 7 C4 Climate change and indoor environment Page 63
A5 Indoor transport phenomena Page 8 C5 Environmental impact of buildings Page 64 A. Fundamen
A6 Health and Indoor air epidemiology Page 10 C6 Low energy buildings Page 65 (A1) Indoor air
A7 Thermal comfort Page 15 C7 Transport cabin environments Page 69 (A2) Indoor air
A8 IAQ & perceived air quality Page 20 (A3) Indoor air
A9 Indoor air acoustics and lighting Page 22 (A4) Indoor aer
A10 Public health and exposure studies Page 23 (A5) Indoor tra
(A6) Health and
(A7) Thermal co
B Application of indoor air sciences D New technologies for indoor climate and air quality (A8) IAQ & per
B1 Source of Indoor air pollutants Page 26 D1 Smart and mobile technologies Page 71 (A9) Indoor air
B2 Particles Page 29 D2 Wireless sensors and smartphone monitoring of indoor environment Page 72 (A10) Public he
B3 Control of indoor environment Page 31 D3 Gene-sequencing and bio-informatics for indoor microbiology studies Page 73
B4 Ventilation Page 36 D4 New bio-monitoring technologies for indoor applications Page 74
B5 Filtration and air cleaning Page 41
B6 Prediction & measurement Page 45 B. Applicatio
B7 Impact of outdoor environment IAQ and energy efficiency Page 50 (B1) Source of I
B8 IAQ in developing countries Page 52 (B2) Particles
B9 IAQ in rapidly urbanizing cities Page 53 (B3) Control of
B11 Education and issues Page 54 Plenary talks Page 75 (B4) Ventilation
B12 Productivity and economics Page 55 (B5) Filtration a
B13 Community engagement Page 56 (B6) Prediction
B14 Policy, standards & regulations Page 57 (B7) Impact of o
(B8) IAQ in dev
(B9) IAQ in rap
(B10) Indoor air
(B11) Education
(B12) Productiv
(B13) Commun
(B14) Policy, sta
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
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Link First author Co-authors Title Country/Region Topic category Presentation

Tahir Mahmood, Safdar Sidra, Zaheer A. Nasir, Measurement of NO2 inside and outside various
HP1434 Ali, Zulfiqar Pakistan A1: Indoor air chemistry oral-poster
Ian Colbeck educational institutes of Lahore, Pakistan
Skin uptake of gas phase methamphetamine: effect of
HP0717 Buechlein, Melissa Kristia Parker, Glenn Morrison USA A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
A modelling study of limonene oxidation products
HP1163 Carslaw, Nicola United Kingdom A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
following cleaning activities
Impacts of heatwaves on the indoor air quality of offices
HP1172 Carslaw, Nicola Andrew Terry, Mike Ashmore United Kingdom A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
and their occupants: a glimpse of the future?

Effects of relative humidity and surface soiling on the

HP0303 Chatsuvan, Thabtim Maneerat Ongwandee Thailand A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
sorption of organic pollutants to polymeric material

Sensitivity analysis of ozone-material modeling for porous

HP0130 Gall, Elliott Jeffrey A. Siegel, Richard L. Corsi Singapore A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
materials in indoor environments

Vincent Bartolomei, Elena Gomez Alvarez, Julian

Photolysis of nitrous acid (HONO) emitted by a burning
HP0124 Gligorovski, Sasho Wittmer, Rafal Strekowski, Mirella Glor, Cornelius France A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
candle as a source of high levels of hydroxyl radicals (OH)
Zetzsch, Etienne Quivet, Henri Wortham

Elena Gomez Alvarez, Damien Amedro, Charbel Light-induced breakdown of nitrous acid (HONO) as a
HP0125 Gligorovski, Sasho Afif, Coralie Schoemacker, Christa Fittschen, Jean- source of unexpectedly high levels of hydroxyl radical France A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
Francois Doussin, Henri Wortham (OH)

Hsiao-Chi Chuang, Benjamin A Musa Bandowe, The chemical properties and toxicology of fine particle
HP0183 Ho, Kinfai Hong Kong A1: Indoor air chemistry oral-poster
Steven Sai Hang Ho (PM2.5) from incense burning in Hong Kong

Shun Cheng Lee, Kin Fai Ho, Jiaping Wang, Xinyi Effect of NH3 on the formation of indoor secondary
HP1006 Huang, Yu Hong Kong A1: Indoor air chemistry oral-poster
Niu pollutants from ozone/monoterpenes reactions
Small test chamber experiment and modeling of
HP0330 Ito, Kazuhide Eunsu Lim, Kiyoshi Yamamoto photocatalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds Japan A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
under indoor environmental conditions
Norikazu Namiki, Kosuke Kondo, Hisae DEHP adsorption mechanisms on airborne particle surface
HP1067 Kagi, Naoki Japan A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
Nakagawa, Shuji Fujii in indoor air by chamber study
The role of ozone and terpenes on the concentration of
HP1309 Khurshid, Shahana Kerry A. Kinney, Jeffrey A. Siegel USA A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
indoor particulate reactive oxygen species
Indoor air chemistry of ozone / smoke reaction in the
HP1110 Lee, Chia-Wei Hsin-Hung Lin, Wei-Lun Lee, Xin Gao Taiwan A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
Hyunsoo Lee, Wonho Yang, Yoon Shin Kim,
Cheolmin Lee, Sunshin Kim, Byungjun Lee, Hogi Potential exposure to nitrogen dioxide and nitrous acid in
HP1101 Lee, Seokyong Korea South A1: Indoor air chemistry oral-poster
Ahn, Jung Heo, Hyungtae Kim, Junyoung Yoo, houses, Korea
David Lee, Kyunghwan Lee
Adsorption capacity of methamphetamine in gypsum
HP0523 Li, Hongwan Glenn Morrison USA A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
The study of BTEX and carbonyls emissions and ozone
HP0571 Lin, Chi-Chi Yu-Lin Cheng Taiwan A1: Indoor air chemistry oral-poster
removal of green paints

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Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
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Rising formaldehyde level is associated with the

HP1127 Liu, Yu-Chun Nai-Yun Hsu, Han-Yu Shih, Huey-Jen Su Taiwan A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
temperature in Taiwan residence

Sandra M. Saunders, Xinming M. Wang, Tengyu Chamber study of α-phellandrene: indoor fragrant and
HP0638 Mackenzie-Rae, Felix Australia A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
Liu, Xiang Ding, Yanli Zhang, Wei Deng ambient BVOC

Development and evaluation of inca-indoor – role of

Nadège Blond, Didier Hauglustaine, Patrice
HP0104 Mendez, Maxence nitrogen dioxide surface reaction in the balance of nitrous France A1: Indoor air chemistry oral-poster
Blondeau, Coralie Schoemaecker, Patrick Lebegue
Photocatalytical degradation of selected volatile organic
HP0549 Mull, Birte Olaf Wilke Germany A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
compounds in emission test chambers
Novel method to measure emission rate of VOCs-emission
HP0593 Nakamura, Shunta Hoon Kim, Shin-Ichi Tanabe Japan A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
of formaldehyde
Formation of secondary fine particles and gaseous
Shiori Komatsu, Haruka Osawa, Satoshi
HP0932 Noguchi, Miyuki compounds through the ozonolysis of α-pinene -Effect of Japan A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
Yasuzawa, Akihiro Yamasaki
coexisting nitrogen monoxide (NO)
Ozone reaction with building materials: effects of diurnal
HP0202 Rim, Donghyun William W. Nazaroff USA A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
variation and environmental conditions
Estimating the distribution of organic pollutants in the
HP0185 Salthammer, Tunga Tobias Schripp Germany A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
indoor environment from molecular properties

Large agglomerates formed from ozone reactions with

HP0097 Shu, Shi Zhen He, Glenn Morrison USA A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
surface bound alpha-terpineol and dihydromyrcenol

Experimental and numerical study for developing

HP0535 Tsuji, Isamu Hirofumi Horata, Kazuhide Ito decomposition model of hydrogen peroxide on building Japan A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
Role of different oxidants on VOC conversion in residences
HP0983 Waring, Michael J. Raymond Wells USA A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
and offices
Performance evaluation of reduction in VOC concentration
HP0289 Yamamoto, Kiyoshi Eunsu Lim, Kazuhide Ito by photocatalytic building materials in a real-scale Japan A1: Indoor air chemistry oral-poster
Steven S. Cox, Xiaomin Zhao, Charles E. Frazier, Partially-irreversible sorption of formaldehyde in
HP1107 Ye, Wei USA A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
John C. Little polymeric materials

Transient secondary organic aerosol formation from d-

HP0985 Youssefi, Somayeh Michael S. Waring USA A1: Indoor air chemistry oral
limonene and α-pinene ozonolysis in indoor environments

Page 2
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
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The influence of humidity in modelling buoyancy-driven

HP0061 Chang, Chun-Chuan Gregory F. Lane-Serff, David D. Apsley United Kingdom A2: Indoor air physics oral
indoor ventilation
HP1345 Heschl, Christian Peter Klanatsky, Kiao Inthavong Turbulence modelling for indoor airflow simulation Austria A2: Indoor air physics oral-poster

Influence of the moisture storage capacity of building

HP1346 Klanatsky, Peter Christian Heschl, Johannes Schnitzer, Helmut Jilg Austria A2: Indoor air physics oral-poster
materials on relative humidity in indoor environments

Analysis on pollutant distribution from ground source

HP1258 Li, Yongqiang Meng Liu, Yun Zhang China A2: Indoor air physics oral
under typical architectural layouts

Page 3
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
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Seema Bhangar, Wilmer Pasut, Edward Arens,

Characterizing microbes in occupied spaces:
HP0452 Adams, Rachel John W. Taylor, Steven E. Lindow, J.A. Huffman, USA A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
environmental chamber study of human emission factors
William W. Nazaroff, Thomas D. Bruns

Rachel I. Adams, Wilmer Pasut, J. Alex Huffman, Human emissions of size-resolved fluorescent biological
HP0434 Bhangar, Seema USA A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
Edward Arens, William W. Nazaroff aerosol particles indoors

Maria King, Chloe Wooldridge, Juan P Maestre, Characterization of the microbial community aerosolized
HP1152 Caya, Alexandra USA A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
Kerry Kinney in showers
Eric Kettleson, Atin Adhikari, Sergey Grinshpun, Assessing bacterial diversity in moisture-damaged
HP0616 Chatterjee, Kanistha USA A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
Steve Vesper, Tiina Reponen buildings using pyrosequencing
A study on evaluating fungal growth and influential
HP0135 Chen, Yen-Chi Wen-Cheng Shao, Kuo-Pin Yu Taiwan A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
factors on building materials

Tiffanie Ramos, Jack A. Gilbert, Brent Stephens, Using carbon dioxide and doorway beam-break sensors to
HP1092 Dedesko, Sandra Canada A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
Jeffrey A. Siegel determine occupancy in hospital patient rooms

The effectiveness of the modules with UV lamps in

HP1211 Dumala, Slawomira Mariusz Skwarczynski, Marzenna Dudzinska Poland A3: Indoor air microbiology oral-poster
ventilation systems
Kim Handley, Kristen Starkey, Jarrad Hampton
HP0988 Gilbert, Jack Marcel, Jeffrey A. Siegel, Benjamin Kirkup, Brent The Hospital Microbiome Project USA A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
For fungal spores, TiO2 nanopaticles may be a sun block
HP0134 Gong, Jia-You Yi-Ting Huang, Kou-Pin Yu Taiwan A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
than a photocatalyst
Airborne biopolymer analyses to assess the performance of
HP0987 Handorean, Alina Odessa Gomez, Jane Turner, Mark T. Hernandez a modern building complex in reducing exposures to USA A3: Indoor air microbiology oral-poster
proximal wildfire pollution
A field study on biological pollution and its environmental
HP1038 Hayashi, Motoya Haruki Osawa factors -annual change of mould and mite in the indoor air Japan A3: Indoor air microbiology oral-poster
and on interior surface
Influence of occupancy and building characteristics on the
Naomichi Yamamoto, William W. Nazaroff,
HP1380 Hospodsky, Denina source strengths of bacteria and fungi in the classroom air USA A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
Jordan Peccia
of primary schools

Martin Täubel, José Jacobs, Hanna Leppänen,

A longitudinal assessment of microbial exposures in
HP0568 Hyvärinen, Anne Alicia Borras, Esmeralda Krop, Jan-Paul Zock, Finland A3: Indoor air microbiology oral-poster
schools in relation to moisture damage and dampness
Dick Heederik, Juha Pekkanen, Aino Nevalainen

Studies on microbial contamination control of the

HP0646 Ikeda, Koichi Kazuya Tamura, Shoichi Nakai evaporative humidifier for HVAC system using Japan A3: Indoor air microbiology oral-poster
electrolyzed water

The assessment of microbial contamination on energy

HP0502 Kang, Yoonkyung Katsunori Nagano, Makoto Nakamura Japan A3: Indoor air microbiology oral-poster
recovery ventilation devices in the airtight-house

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Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
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Jonathan Awerbuch, Joanne Emerson, Noah Environmental, occupancy, and seasonal factors associated
HP0910 Keady, Patricia USA A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
Fierer, Shelly L. Miller with the microorganisms found in single family residences

Ting-Ho Kuo, Sheng-Hsiu Huang, Chih-Wei Lin, Characterization of an inkjet aerosol generator for
HP0172 Kuo, Yu-Mei Taiwan A3: Indoor air microbiology oral-poster
Wen-Jong Wu, Chih-Chieh Chen bioaerosol survivability study
Lawniczek-Walczyk, Malgorzata Golofit-Szymczak, Marcin Cyprowski, Microbial particles released from biomass in modern
HP0236 Poland A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
Anna Agata Stobnicka, Rafal L. Górny storage and processing rooms at power plants
The effect of relative humidity during fungal growth on
HP0552 Lee, Shu-An Yu-Kuang Wang Taiwan A3: Indoor air microbiology oral-poster
fungal release in the air

David Wilkins, Ellen Li, Fred Kong, Patrick K.H. Using next-generation sequencing technology to determine
HP0455 Leung, Marcus Hong Kong A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
Lee the metagenome of the Hong Kong subway network

Conceptual framework for building science in indoor

HP1182 Levin, Hal Richard L. Corsi USA A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
Indoor microbiome: literature on building science
HP1199 Levin, Hal USA A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
Jakob B. Nielsen, Ruut H. Peuhkuri, Carsten Rode, Novel DNA barcodes for detection, idenfication and
HP1291 Lewinska, Anna Denmark A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
Birgitte Andersen tracking of stachybotrys and chaetomium species
A novel application of high-speed, real-time shadowgraph
Chun Kiat Lee, Hong Kai Lee, Evelyn S.C. Koay, imaging: demonstrating micro-droplet ejection from
HP0015 Loh, Tze Ping Canada A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
Julian W. Tang pipette tips and potential for contamination in molecular
diagnostic laboratories
The effect of limonene and ozone reactions on fractional
HP0317 Luan, Yameng Jiarong Xie, Xiao Sun, Xudong Yang, Jan Sundell China A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
exhaled nitric oxide. A pilot study
DNA-based protocol optimization for bioaerosol sampling
HP0654 Luhung, Irvan Yan Wu, William W. Nazaroff, Victor W.C. Chang Singapore A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
in an urban tropical environment
Applying ultraviolet germicidal irradiation to HVAC heat
HP0738 Luongo, Julia Shelly L. Miller exchangers to reduce biofouling and improve heat transfer USA A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
Indoor dampness and mold as indicators of respiratory
Wenhao Chen, Mark J. Mendell, Kazukiyo health risks, Part 5: comparison of a moisture meter and
HP1413 Macher, Janet USA A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
Kumagai water activity sensor to determine the dampness of
gypsum wallboard

Mark J. Mendelll, Kazukiyo Kumagai, Asa indoor dampness and mold as indicators of respiratory
HP1420 Macher, Janet Bradman, José M. Camacho, Kim G. Harley, health risks, Part 4: higher measured moisture in homes USA A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
Brenda Eskenazi with qualitative evidence of dampness or mold

Kerry A. Kinney, Paola Passalacqua, Harish

Mapping the UT-Austin microbiome: exploring the
HP1150 Maestre, Juan Sangireddy, Alexandra Caya, Chloe Wooldridge, USA A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
outdoor to indoor gradient
Marwa Zaatari

Tiina Reponen, Anna-Mariaveijalainen, Helena

Comparison of methods for assessing growth of fungi on
HP0232 Mensah-Attipoe, Jacob Rintala, Martin Täubel, Anne Hyvärinen, Anniina Finland A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
building materials
Salmela , Pertti Pasanen

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Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
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Seasonal variation of indoor bacterial aerosols in naturally

Denina Hospodsky, Sisira Gorthala, William W.
HP1244 Miller, Dana ventilated urban classrooms with high outdoor particulate Singapore A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
Nazaroff, Jordan Peccia
matter concentrations
What are indoor microbial communities? An ecological
HP0285 Nunez, Maria Norway A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
The mould detection canine, an essential tool in the
HP1388 O'donnell, Anne compliance of North American Guidelines with regards to Canada A3: Indoor air microbiology oral-poster
mould detection
A field study on biological pollution and its environmental
HP1066 Osawa, Haruki Motoya Hayashi factors-mould and mite on the interior surface in winter Japan A3: Indoor air microbiology oral-poster
and summer

Parham Azimi, Laurit Dide, Sandra Dedesko, Jack Building science measurements in the Hospital
HP0899 Ramos, Tiffanie USA A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
A. Gilbert, Jeffrey A. Siegel, Brent Stephens Microbiome Project

HP0974 Reiman, Marjut Sirpa Rautiala, Liisa Kujanpää Microbial flora related to moisture damages in buildings Finland A3: Indoor air microbiology oral-poster

Sampo Saari, Jacob Mensah-Attipoe, Ari Ukkonen,

HP0408 Reponen, Tiina Anna-Maria Veijalainen, Pertti Pasanen, Jorma Characterization of charge in airborne fungal spores Finland A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
Mahnaz Zare, John Chase, Jennifer Fouquier, J. Impact of building science parameters on microbial
HP1095 Siegel, Jeffrey Canada A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
Gregory Caporaso, Scott Kelley, communities on indoor surfaces
Association between dwelling characteristics and
Sofie M. Knudsen, Anne Mette Madsen, Barbara
HP1270 Spilak, Michal concentrations of bacteria, endotoxin and fungi in settling Denmark A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
Kolarik, Marie Frederiksen, Lars Gunnarsen
Akram Ali, Deion Debose, Boyang Dong, Torkan Open source building science sensors for indoor
HP0937 Stephens, Brent USA A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
Fazli microbiology
Takeshi Wakui, Mizue Sawada, Ko Tomita, Study of prompt mould evaluation method for indoor air
HP0292 Takehiro, Eriko Japan A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
Takashi Gondo, Kuniaki Mihara quality

The effect of support and heat treatment temperature on

HP0589 Tsai, Ming Chien Yen Chi Chen, Kuo-Pin Yu Taiwan A3: Indoor air microbiology oral-poster
the antifungal efficiency of nano-silver

Characterizing the indoor microbiome in an office in

Irvan Luhung, Qingliang Cao, William W.
HP0658 Wu, Yan Singapore before and after cleaning to address a mold Singapore A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
Nazaroff, Victor W.C. Chang
Xiao Sun,Yameng Luan, Xudong Yang, Jan Exhaled nitric oxide and acute PM2.5 exposure in healthy
HP0453 Xie, Jiarong China A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
Sundell adults
Equilibrium relative humidity measurements on common
HP1091 Zare, Mahnaz Jeffrey A. Siegel Canada A3: Indoor air microbiology oral
office surfaces
The effect of air velocity, temperature and relative
HP0359 Zhang, Yun Junjie Liu humidity on the microorganism growth on air filtration China A3: Indoor air microbiology oral

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Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
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Prediction of deodorant effect and change in particle size

Toshio Yamanaka, Hisashi Kotani, Yoshihisa
HP1384 Awamura, Yuta distribution of deodorant water mist sprayed downward Japan A4: Indoor aerodynamics oral
Momoi, Kazunobu Sagara
by two-fluid nozzle
Interaction of convective flow generated by human body
HP0127 Licina, Dusan Arsen Melikov, Chandra Sekhar, Kwok Wai Tham with room ventilation flow: impact on transport of Denmark A4: Indoor aerodynamics oral
pollution to the breathing zone

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Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
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The influence of temperature, ventilation and humidity on A5: Indoor transport

HP0579 Bi, Chenyang Ying Xu USA oral-poster
the fate and transport of indoor phthalates phenomena

Sauchung Fu, Ginnam S.Z.E. To, Christopher Y.H. A numerical investigation of effects of a moving operator A5: Indoor transport
HP0469 Cherniakov, Evgeny Hong Kong oral
Chao on airborne contamination removal in a cleanroom phenomena

Validation of simple method for determination of A5: Indoor transport

HP1263 Gunnarsen, Lars Thomas Witterseh, Kathrine Birkemark Olesen Denmark oral-poster
penetration of PCB in concrete phenomena
Towards understanding the role of human activity on
Ilias Papakonstantis, Adorkor Bruce Konuah, A5: Indoor transport
HP0695 Hathway, Abigail indoor air flows: a case study of door motion based on United Kingdom oral
Wernher Brevis phenomena
both field and experimental activities
Effect of dynamic shape factor on particle decay rate in test A5: Indoor transport
HP1389 Hsiao, Ta-Chih Zi-Hao Lin Taiwan oral
chamber phenomena
A lattice Boltzmann based real-time Computational Fluid
Nicolas Delbosc, Catherine J. Noakes, Jon A5: Indoor transport
HP0605 Khan, Amirul Dynamics (CFD) simulation of movement-induced indoor United Kingdom oral
Summers phenomena
contaminant transport
Distribution profile of airborne and surface
Minhae Kim, Sangwon Ko, Youngmin Cho, Duck- A5: Indoor transport
HP1168 Kwon, Soon-Bark microorganisms for a selected patient care area in a Korea South oral
Shin Park, Wootae Jeong, Jaeyoun Jang phenomena
Detachment of droplets from surfaces due to turbulent A5: Indoor transport
HP0817 Leung, Wing Tong Sauchung Fu, Christopher Y.H. Chao Hong Kong oral
flow phenomena
A5: Indoor transport
HP0536 Liang, Yirui Ying Xu Indoor residential fate model of phthalate plasticizers USA oral

C-depth method to determine diffusion coefficient and A5: Indoor transport

HP1117 Liu, Cong Barbara Kolarik, Lars Gunnarsen, Yinping Zhang China oral
partition coefficient of PCB in building materials phenomena

A protected occupied zone ventilation system to prevent A5: Indoor transport

HP0707 Liu, Shichao Guangyu Cao, Brandon E. Boor, Atila Novoselac USA oral
the transmission of coughed particles phenomena
Coupling FVM and lattice Boltzmann method for pore
A5: Indoor transport
HP0941 Mu, Yutong Li Chen, Wenquan Tao, Yaling He scale investigation on volatile organic compounds China oral
emission process
A5: Indoor transport
HP0371 Pan, Jiechen Guoqing He Drying of paint and volatile residuals in the film China oral-poster
Size-resolved aerosol transport in a controlled two-zone A5: Indoor transport
HP1140 Poon, Carman Alvin C.K. Lai Hong Kong oral
environment phenomena

Matthias Mast, Kwok Wai Tham, Hansjürg Numerical modelling of an indoor space conditioned with A5: Indoor transport
HP0159 Saber, Esmail Singapore oral
Leibundgut low exergy cooling technologies in the tropics phenomena

Numerical study of the dispersion of contaminants from a A5: Indoor transport

HP0394 Sagheby, S. Hossein Martin Kriegel Germany oral
“cold” source in a low-velocity ventilated room phenomena

Development of novel method to obtain the dermal A5: Indoor transport

HP1004 Shinohara, Naohide Mayumi Uchiyama, Hirohumi Tanaka Japan oral-poster
exposure levels to SVOCs using PFS phenomena

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Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
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Particle generation in HVAC systems due to A5: Indoor transport

HP0986 Wang, Chunyi Michael S. Waring USA oral
ozone/terpene reactions phenomena
Evolution of the vortex ring and its role in particle A5: Indoor transport
HP0800 Wei, Jianjian Yuguo Li Hong Kong oral-poster
transport phenomena
Duncan J. Borman, Catherine J. Noakes, Andrew Contaminant transport in a hospital corridor using a water- A5: Indoor transport
HP0511 Wood, Richard United Kingdom oral
W. Woods bath model phenomena
Numerical investigation of required mechanical exhaust
A5: Indoor transport
HP0179 Wu, Yan Jianlei Niu, Naiping Gao rate to avoid expiration from open windows caused by China oral
Numerical study of passenger thermal effects on the
A5: Indoor transport
HP0581 Yan, Yihuan Xiangdong Li, Jiyuan Tu transport characteristics of exhaled droplets in an airliner Australia oral
Impact of several factors on indoor pollutant distribution
A5: Indoor transport
HP0244 Yang, Shen Weihui Liang, Xudong Yang uniformity in a single room with mechanical and China oral
isothermal ventilation

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Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
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Prevalence of and risk factors for nonspecific building-

related symptoms in employees working in office
Koichi Ikeda, Naoki Kagi, U Yanagi, Tomoko A6: Health and indoor air
HP0073 Azuma, Kenichi buildings: relationships among indoor air quality, work Japan oral
Shimodaira, Haruki Osawa epidemiology
environment, and occupational stress in summer and
Association of indoor environmental quality of student
Bhattacharjee, A6: Health and indoor air
HP0445 Mahfouz Tarek, Somik Ghosh residence halls with perceived health symptoms of the USA oral-poster
Suchismita epidemiology
Associations of total and culturable fungi indoors with 8- A6: Health and indoor air
HP1230 Chen, Nai-Tzu Hsiu-Hao Liang, Yi-Ho Li, Huey-Jen Su Taiwan oral-poster
OHdG, allostatic load score, and SBS epidemiology
Effects of subway particles on cardiovascular health A6: Health and indoor air
HP1365 Chuang, Hsiao Chi Hua Wei Chen, Chih Ming Ma, Kai Jen Chuang Taiwan oral
among commuters in Taipei, Taiwan epidemiology
Next generation DNA sequencing of indoor fungi to
Mark J. Mendell, Asa Bradman, Brenda Eskenazi, A6: Health and indoor air
HP1379 Dannemiller, Karen determine associations between fungal communities and USA oral
Janneane F. Gent, Brian P. Leaderer, Jordan Peccia epidemiology
asthma development and severity
Yvonne De Kluizenaar, Serena Fossati, Philomena
M. Bluyssen, Corinne Mandin, Victor G. Mihucz,
Modern office related determinants of dry eye complaints A6: Health and indoor air
HP0847 Dijkstra, Nienke Elske Peder Wolkoff, Otto Hänninen, Eduardo De Netherlands oral
— the officair study epidemiology
Oliveira Fernandes, Gabriela V. Silva, Paolo
Carrer, John Bartzis
Jakob Bønløkke, Vivi Schlünssen, Steffen Loft, XDOZ; controlled human exposure to indoor air dust and Denmark A6: Health and indoor air
HP1099 Elholm, Grethe oral
Peder Wolkoff, Torben Sigsgaard ozone epidemiology

Jingchao Xie, Hiroshi Yoshino, U Yanagi, Study on the association between residential A6: Health and indoor air
HP0999 Fan, Guangtao China oral
Kennyiqi Hasegawa, Jiaping Liu environmental quality and children’s health in Beijing epidemiology

Wheeze during the first 18 months of life: a prospective

cohort study to explore the associations with indoor A6: Health and indoor air
HP0735 Fung, Cecilia Ignatius T.S. Yu, Albert M. Li, William B. Goggins Hong Kong oral
nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde and family history of epidemiology
“Dampness" definition and research questions advanced A6: Health and indoor air
HP1310 Grimes, Carl Kevin Kennedy USA oral
by practitioner input epidemiology
Hägerhed-Engman, Early life exposure of self-reported mold odor is associated A6: Health and indoor air
HP1217 Malin Knutz, Huan Shu, Carl-Gustaf Bornehag Sweden oral
Linda with asthma in children 10 years later epidemiology
Hiroshi Yoshino, U Yanagi, Toru Otake, Kenichi
Indoor environmental problems and occupants' health in A6: Health and indoor air
HP0806 Hasegawa, Kenichi Azuma, Haruki Osawa, Naoki Kagi, Naohide Japan oral
water-damaged homes due to tsunami disaster epidemiology
Shinohara, Asako Hasegawa

José Jacobs, Alicia Borràs-Santos, Esmeralda Krop,

Dampness, bacterial and fungal components in dust in
Martin Täubel, Hanna Leppänen, Ulla Haverinen- A6: Health and indoor air
HP0829 Heederik, Dirk primary schools and respiratory health in school children Netherlands oral
Shaughnessy, Juha Pekkanen, Anne Hyvärinen, epidemiology
across Europe
Gert Doekes, Jan-Paul Zock

Long-term trend of indoor VOCs – changes in composition A6: Health and indoor air
HP0777 Herbarth, Olf Philipp Opitz, Silke Matysik Germany oral
and consequences for human health risk assessment epidemiology

Page 10
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Investigation on the levels of exposure to radio frequency A6: Health and indoor air
HP0962 Hong, Seung-Cheol Gi-Young Kim, Yun-Jin Lee Korea South oral-poster
electromagnetic fields at youth’s major living spaces epidemiology

Yuexia Sun, Zhigang Wang, Xiangrui Kong, Jing

Differences in urban and rural home environment and the A6: Health and indoor air
HP0307 Hou, Jing Guo, Yanmei Pang, Panfeng Deng, Yuan Gao, Jan China oral
association with children’s health in China epidemiology
Home environment, dwelling characteristics and
Wei Liu, Zhijunzou, Li Shen, Xueyingwang, Jan A6: Health and indoor air
HP1080 Huang, Chen pneumonia among Shanghai preschool children: a cross- China oral
Sundell epidemiology
sectional study

Risk of olfactory effects and impairment of well-being

Regine Szewzyk, Christiane Baschien, Thomas
resulting from mould exposure – results of a workshop of
Gabrio, Guido Fischer, Lothar Grün, Birger A6: Health and indoor air
HP0128 Hurrass, Julia the annual conference of the German society of hygiene, Germany oral
Heinzow, Thomas Hummel, Jana Panašková, epidemiology
environmental medicine and preventive medicine held in
Caroline E.W. Herr, Gerhard A. Wiesmüller
Freiburg, Germany, in 2012

Japanese national survey of volatile organic compounds in

Toshiko Tanaka-Kagawa, Yoko Okamoto, Maiko A6: Health and indoor air
HP0993 Jinno, Hideto residential air for the revision of the indoor air quality Japan oral-poster
Tahara, Yoshiaki Ikarashi epidemiology

A.B. Gupta, Mukesh Khare, Gaurav Singh, Indoor air quality in different microenvironments and its A6: Health and Indoor air
HP1151 Kaul, Nivedita India oral
Jyotirrmay Mathur, Sumit Khandelwal impact on human respiratory health- a case study epidemiology

In-Sick Nam, Hyun-Jun Yun, Jinho Yang, Hyeon- The associated with allergy disease of children and A6: Health and indoor air
HP1133 Kim, Jinman Korea South oral-poster
Ju Oh, Jong-Ryeul Sohn concentration of bacteria in the daycare centers epidemiology
Hyunsoo Lee, Wonho Yang, Kuck-Hyeun Woo, Exposure assessment to hydrofluoric acid by chemical
A6: Health and indoor air
HP1102 Kim, Sunshin Seong-Yong Yoon, Seokyong Lee, Hogi Ahn, accident in Gumi city, Korea – evacuation or staying at Korea South oral-poster
Sungyong Choi home

The role of surfaces in the transmission of bioaerosols from A6: Health and indoor air
HP0082 King, Marco-Felipe Catherine J. Noakes, P. Andrew Sleigh United Kingdom oral
source to patient in hospital single and two-bed rooms epidemiology

Jørn Toftum, Pawel Wargocki, Henriette R. Menå, A6: Health and indoor air
HP0252 Kjeldsen, Birthe Classroom ventilation type and pupil learning Denmark oral
Eva M.N. Hansen, Geo Clausen epidemiology

Yufeng Zhang, Yuexia Sun, Yanmei Pang, Jing Report from an ongoing epidemiological investigation on
A6: Health and indoor air
HP0231 Kong, Xiangrui Hou, Panfeng Deng, Jing Guo, Yuan Gao, Ruiling the association between children’s health and home China oral-poster
Liu, Jan Sundell environmental factors in Tianjin, China

Arthur Pui-Sang Lau, Adrien Kam-Cheuk Chan,

Prospective cohort study on health effects of school A6: Health and indoor air
HP0642 Lao, Xiangqian Kin-Fai Ho, Claudie Chiu-Yi Wong, Ignatius Tak- China oral-poster
environmental air quality in Hong Kong school children epidemiology
Sun Yu

Byungjun Lee, Hyunsoo Lee, Jung Heo, Sunshin Exposure factors of Korean children - focusing on time- A6: Health and indoor air
HP1225 Lee, Seokyong Korea South oral-poster
Kim, Wonho Yang, Jungkwan Seo, Hyojung Yoon activity pattern and inhalation rate epidemiology

Associations between asthma, related symptoms and

Chen Huang, Li Shen, Zhijun Zou, Xueying Wang, A6: Health and indoor air
HP0918 Liu, Wei ventilation in the sleeping room during night among China oral
Jan Sundell epidemiology
Shanghai preschool children

Page 11
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Inês Paciência, Elisabete Ramos, Cristiana Pereira,

A6: Health and indoor air
HP0705 Madureira, Joana João P. Teixeira, Gabriela Ventura, Eduardo O. Adverse respiratory effects of indoor air pollution Portugal oral
Fernandes, Henrique Barros
Evaluation of mould growth risk wall assemblies with A6: Health and indoor air
HP1255 Mahera, Shaily Sanyogita Manu India oral-poster
different hygrothermal properties epidemiology
Anubha Mandal, Vijay Gupta, Lalit Kumar, Yajur Effect of indoor air on the health of restaurant workers- a A6: Health and indoor air
HP0882 Mandal, Adhirath India oral-poster
Kochhar case study epidemiology
Oluyemi Toyinbo, Mari Turunen, Tuula Putus,
An analysis of questionnaire data on indoor environmental A6: Health and indoor air
HP1020 Matilainen, Markus Richard Shaughnessy, Ulla Haverinen- Finland oral
quality in schools and student health epidemiology
Indoor dampness and mold as indicators of respiratory
A6: Health and indoor air
HP1030 Mendell, Mark health risks, part 2: a brief update on the epidemiologic USA oral

Indoor dampness and mold as indicators of respiratory

A6: Health and indoor air
HP1033 Mendell, Mark Janet M. Macher, Kazukiyo Kumagai health risks, part 3: a synthesis of published data on indoor USA oral
measured moisture and health

Indoor Dampness and Mold as Indicators of respiratory

Janet M. Macher, Wenhao Chen, Kazukiyo A6: Health and indoor air
HP1411 Mendell, Mark health risks, Part 1: developing evidence to support public USA oral
Kumagai epidemiology
health policy on dampness and mold

Lívia Aguiar, Cristiana Pereira, Paula Neves,

Health and indoor air quality in elderly care centers in A6: Health and indoor air
HP0191 Mendes, Ana Susana Silva, Diana Mendes, Rossana Moroni, Portugal oral-poster
Portugal epidemiology
Stefano Bonassi, João Paulo Teixeira

Renovation of houses with well-insulated windows - effect A6: Health and indoor air
HP0645 Mori, Ikue Kazuyo Tsuzuki Japan oral-poster
on physical activity of the elderly epidemiology

Asthma, allergy and eczema among adults in multifamily

houses in Stockholm (3HE-study)-associations with energy A6: Health and indoor air
HP0404 Norbäck, Dan Erik Lampa, Karin Engvall Sweden oral
use, building characteristics, maintenance and home epidemiology
environment factors

Simon C. Uth, Zhecho D. Bolashikov, Arsen K. The effects of radiant cooling versus convective cooling on A6: Health and indoor air
HP0878 Nygaard, Linette Denmark oral-poster
Melikov human EYE tear film stability and blinking rate epidemiology

Estimating the exposure of pollutants during indoor A6: Health and indoor air
HP0672 Ramos, Carla Susana M Almeida, Hubert Th Wolterbeek Portugal oral-poster
physical activity epidemiology
Traffic patterns effects on surgical site infection in the A6: Health and indoor air
HP0020 Sadrizadeh, Sasan Sture K.M. Holmberg Sweden oral
operating room epidemiology
Effect of a mobile LAF screen on particle distribution in an A6: Health and indoor air
HP0034 Sadrizadeh, Sasan Sture Holmberg Sweden oral
operating room epidemiology

Chen Huang, Wei Liu, Zhijun Zou, Xueying Associations of allergic diseases and formaldehyde in A6: Health and indoor air
HP1113 Shen, Li China oral
Wang, Jan Sundell bedroom air among preschool children in Shanghai epidemiology

Page 12
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Nai-Yun Hsu, Hsin-Wen Chang, Pei-Yu Chen, The profile of children’s respiratory symptoms before and A6: Health and indoor air
HP1128 Shih, Han-Yu Taiwan oral
Pamela-Joy Wei, Huey-Jen Su after the flooding event epidemiology
Toshiko Tanaka-Kagawa, Yoko Okamoto, Kaori
Random sampling survey of indoor air total volatile A6: Health and indoor air
HP1007 Tahara, Maiko Mayumi, Yoko Kawahara, Yoshiaki Ikarashi, Japan oral-poster
organic compounds in Kanto region, Japan epidemiology
Hideto Jinno

Sick building syndrome among junior high school students A6: Health and indoor air
HP0526 Takaoka, Motoko Kyoko Suzuki, Dan Norbäck Japan oral
in Japan in relation to the home and school environment epidemiology

Toshiharu Ikaga, Shingo Hori, Masaru Suzuki, Bathing and indoor thermal environment: modeling body A6: Health and indoor air
HP0356 Takayama, Naoto Japan oral-poster
Wataru Umishio temperature and preventing heat stroke epidemiology
Susumu Ohkawara, Yoko Okamoto, Kaori Activation of nociceptive transient receptor potential
Tanaka-Kagawa, A6: Health and indoor air
HP0961 Mayumi, Maiko Tahara, Yoko Kawahara, Yoshiaki channels by antimicrobial agents/isothiazolinones in Japan oral-poster
Toshiko epidemiology
Ikarashi, Hideto Jinno consumer products
Caroline Shorter, Nevil Pierse, Anne Hyvärinen, Quantitative PCR determination of microbes in relation to A6: Health and indoor air
HP0222 Taubel, Martin Finland oral
Julian Crane observed measures of mould in homes epidemiology

Odile C.L. Mekel, Nadine Steckling, Reinhard Environmental burden of disease due to second-hand A6: Health and indoor air
HP1370 Terschüren, Claudia Germany oral
Samson, Myriam Tobollik, Claudia Hornberg smoke in Germany: results of the VegAS project epidemiology

Effect of ozone initiated chemistry on physiological

Moshood O. Fadeyi, Wei Y. Wu, Henry C. Willem, A6: Health and indoor air
HP0402 Tham, Kwok W responses of tropically acclimatized subjects in a simulated Singapore oral
Gerald Koh epidemiology
office environment
Eddie Faure, Loïc Paillat, Ghislaine Goupil, Sophie A6: Health and indoor air
HP0835 Thiault, Guénaël Investigations highlighting carbon monoxide France oral-poster
Riffet, Claudie Delaunay epidemiology
Impacts of indoor thermal environment and personal A6: Health and indoor air
HP0539 Umishio, Wataru Toshiharu Ikaga, Kuniaki Otsuka, Shintaro Ando Japan oral
factors on home blood pressure in winter epidemiology
Rhinitis, asthma and airway infections among adults in
A6: Health and indoor air
HP0563 Wang, Juan Karin Engvall, Greta Smedje, Dan Norbäck relation to the home environment in multifamily buildings Sweden oral
in Sweden
Housing characteristics and home environment in relation
A6: Health and indoor air
HP0093 Wang, Lifang Fang Qu, Yinping Zhang, Jan Sundell to allergic rhinitis among preschool children in Beijing, China oral
China: a cross-sectional study
Associations between dwelling characteristics, home
Chen Huang, Wei Liu, Zhijun Zou, Li Shen, Jan A6: Health and indoor air
HP0965 Wang, Xueying environment and allergic rhinitis among preschool China oral
Sundell epidemiology
children in Shanghai

Risk of toxic reactions to mould exposure – results of a

Regine Szewzyk, Christiane Baschien, Thomas
workshop of the annual conference of the German society A6: Health and indoor air
HP0044 Wiesmüller, Gerhard Gabrio, Guido Fischer, Birger Heinzow, Monika Germany oral
of hygiene, environmental medicine and preventive epidemiology
Raulf-Heimsoth, Caroline Ew Herr
medicine held in Munich, Germany in 2011

Xiang-Qian Lao, Helen H.L. Chang, Ignatius T.S. Exposure to household cleaning products and respiratory A6: Health and indoor air
HP0566 Wong, Claudie Hong Kong oral
Yu health effects in young school children epidemiology

Ignatius Tak-Sun Yu, Lap Ah Tse, Joseph Siu Kie Domestic incense burning and nasopharyngeal carcinoma A6: Health and indoor air
HP0547 Xie, Shao-Hua Hong Kong oral
Au, June Sze Man Lau in Chinese: who are more likely to be the victims? epidemiology

Page 13
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Natsuko Nagasawa, Ryuichi Kato, Hitomi

The importance of non-energy benefits in living A6: Health and indoor air
HP0448 Yamaguchi, Rika Tsutsumi, Yukiko Matsuoka, Takashi Akimoto, Japan oral
environments for promoting stress-related health epidemiology
Shin-Ichi Tanabe
Olga U. Ustinova, Konstantin P. Luzhetsky, Olga Health status characteristics of children living in the A6: Health and indoor air
HP0790 Zaitseva, Nina Russia oral-poster
А. Маklаkоvа conditions of formaldehyde indoor air pollution epidemiology
Fan Li, Li Zhang, Zhuohui Zhao, Gunilla Sick building syndrome among pupils in relation to school A6: Health and indoor air
HP0049 Zhang, Xin China oral-poster
Wieslander, Dan Norback environment in Taiyuan, China epidemiology
Yu Gao, Rong Shi, Xiaojin Wang, Michihiro Household pesticide exposure and the risk of childhood A6: Health and indoor air
HP0067 Zhang, Yan China oral-poster
Kamijima, Kiyoshi Sakai, Ying Tian acute leukemia in Shanghai, China epidemiology

Dan Norback, Weimin Song, Hongwei Guo, Residential risk factors for atopic dermatitis in 3- to 6-year- A6: Health and indoor air
HP0647 Zhao, Zhuohui China oral-poster
Jinzhuo Zhao, Haidong Kan old children: a cross-sectional study in Shanghai, China epidemiology

Alicia Borràs-Santos, José Jacobs, Esmeralda Krop,

Moisture damage in primary school buildings and
Kati Huttunen, Maija-Riitta Hirvonen, Martin A6: Health and indoor air
HP0774 Zock, Jan-Paul respiratory health effects in teachers: the HITEA Spain oral
Täubel, Dick Heederik, Juha Pekkanen, Anne epidemiology
longitudinal study

Page 14
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Li Huang, Tyler Hoyt, Xin Zhou, Hui Zhang, Modelling the comfort effects of short-wave solar radiation
HP1414 Arens, Edward China A7: Thermal comfort oral
Stefano Schiavon indoors
Indoor flow response modelling of convective heat transfer
HP0513 Bolineni, Sandeep Sebastian Stratbücker, Christoph Van Treeck Germany A7: Thermal comfort oral
coefficients on human manikin

Sebastian Stratbücker, Soheil Ziaee, Christoph Van Coupling strategy for transient simulation of human
HP0515 Bolineni, Sandeep Germany A7: Thermal comfort oral
Treeck thermoregulation and CFD indoor airflow models

Facade thermal comfort documentation and performance

HP0235 Bryn, Ida Søren Gedsø, Arnkell Petersen Norway A7: Thermal comfort oral-poster
Experimental measurements of thermal comfort in two
HP0555 Bugáň, Jozef Dušan Petráš office buildings with low temperature heating and high Slovakia A7: Thermal comfort oral-poster
temperature cooling systems
Thermal comfort in an open space of an office building: a
HP0473 Cao, Bin Min Li, Gang Liu, Yingxin Zhu China A7: Thermal comfort oral
field study in subtropical region
Subjective perception and theroregulation in response to
HP0140 Chang, Shih-Yin Chen-Peng Chen solar radiation and thermal transient developed from loss Taiwan A7: Thermal comfort oral
of solar radiant heat
Change in thermal sensation and thermal comfort as a
HP0157 Chen, Chen-Peng Shun-Hua Ho, Hui-Chen Wei, Yi-Chun Lin result of using N95 filtering facepiece respirators under Taiwan A7: Thermal comfort oral
influence of temperature
Jinliang Wang, Jianfang Chen, Li Tao, Qiang Guo, Numerical simulation on air dispersion of fabric air
HP0162 Chen, Fujiang China A7: Thermal comfort oral
Weidong Sun, Pengcheng Zhao distribution system in slot-penetration mode
An experimental study on indoor thermal comfort of the
HP1063 Chen, Jianbo Lina Guo , Minglu Qu, Jimiao Pan coupled capillary radiation with household replacement China A7: Thermal comfort oral
fresh air system
Cheong, Kok Wai Thermal comfort of sleeping human subject in the tropics:
HP0291 Xin Yi Ng Singapore A7: Thermal comfort oral
David a pilot study

The analysis of thermal comfort in a room with radiant

HP1281 Cholewa, Tomasz Alicja Siuta-Olcha, Marzenna R. Dudzińska Poland A7: Thermal comfort oral-poster
floor with different finishing materials of the floor surface

Effect of air pressure on human thermal sensation and

HP1134 Cui, Weilin Qin Ouyang, Yingxin Zhu China A7: Thermal comfort oral
physiological parameters
Heat stroke due to indoor environmental factors: modeling
HP0860 Deng, Qihong Jinping Zhao China A7: Thermal comfort oral-poster
and prediction

Improvement of different local air exposures on human

HP0809 Du, Xiuyuan Baizhan Li, Hong Liu, Yu Yang, Jie Yang China A7: Thermal comfort oral
thermal sensation in neutral-hot environment

Impact of variance of clothing thermal resistance on

HP0493 Fišer, Jan Czech Republic A7: Thermal comfort oral-poster
comfort zone diagram modification
Tiefeng Yu, Hui Zhang, Wenguo Weng, Heat and moisture transfer through clothing for a person
HP0730 Fu, Ming China A7: Thermal comfort oral
Hongyong Yuan with contact surface
Generating empirical probabilities of metabolic rate and
HP0418 Gauthier, Stephanie David T. Shipworth clothing insulation values in field studies using wearable United Kingdom A7: Thermal comfort oral

Page 15
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Non-uniform environments - evaluation of personal

HP1109 Hamidi, Nafiseh Dominique Hes ventilation performance in an open plan office building in Australia A7: Thermal comfort oral
warm and humid climate
Yoorim Choi, Minjung Kim, Yongmin Kim,
HP0753 Han, Jieun Effect of temperature on occupants’ anger Korea South A7: Thermal comfort oral-poster
Chungyoon Chun

Sabine Brasche, Hansjürgen Gebhardt, Gunnar Considering training effects in performance tests – the case
HP0631 Hellwig, Runa Germany A7: Thermal comfort oral
Grün, Kersten Bux, Wolfgang Bischof of the D2-attention test

Hirotaka Kubo, Manami Shinohara, Shin-Ichi

Effects of unsteady thermal stimulus from contact surface
HP0604 Hirose, Ayaka Kagiya, Noboru Oohira, Yuki Shimanuki, Shin- Japan A7: Thermal comfort oral
on thermal comfort
Ichi Tanabe
HP1175 Hong, Xiaowei Xiaohan Du, Dong Chen, Yufeng Zhang Thermal comfort survey of homes in Guangzhou China A7: Thermal comfort oral-poster

Margaret C. Pigman, Hui Zhang, Edward Arens, Use of adaptive actions and thermal comfort in a naturally
HP0113 Honnekeri, Anoop USA A7: Thermal comfort oral
Marc Fountain, Yongchao Zhai, Spencer Dutton ventilated office

Field survey on thermal environment in toilet in Japanese

HP0353 Ishii, Jin Shinichi Watanabe Japan A7: Thermal comfort oral-poster
house during summer
Shin-Ichi Tanabe, Tomoji Kitahara, Fumito Thermal comfort of radiant ceiling panel cooling system
HP0726 Ishii, Yoshiaki Japan A7: Thermal comfort oral
Yamagata, Kengo Tatara installed in an office in Japan
Thermal sensation and skin temperature during step-
HP0414 Jin, Quan Lin Duanmu Finland A7: Thermal comfort oral
change in non-uniform indoor environment
Marijke Keus, Hans Wigö, Robert Ljung, Patrik The effect of heat stress on writing performance in a
HP0035 Kabanshi, Alan Sweden A7: Thermal comfort oral-poster
Sörqvist classroom

HP1450 Kabanshi, Alan Hans Wigö, Robert Ljung, Patrick Sörqvist Perception of intermittent air velocities in classrooms Sweden A7: Thermal comfort oral-poster

Investigation of flow pattern for a confluent-jets system on

HP0186 Karimipanah, Taghi Ulf Larsson, Mathias Cehlin Sweden A7: Thermal comfort oral
a workbench of an industrial space

Operative temperature and thermal comfort in the sun –

HP0681 Karlsen, Line Grigori Grozman, Per Heiselberg, Ida Bryn Norway A7: Thermal comfort oral
implementation and validation of a model for IDA ICE

Shin-Ichi Tanabe, Daiki Kawamata, Ken Unno,

Evaluation of natural ventilation performance and thermal
HP0592 Kato, Shun Junta Nakano, Kiyoshi Sakamoto, Shiro Kase, Japan A7: Thermal comfort oral
comfort in railway station
Hiroshi Oishi, Akihisa Takahashi

The effects of contextual differences on office workers’

HP1126 Kim, Jungsoo Richard De Dear Australia A7: Thermal comfort oral
perception of indoor environment

Judy O. Waani, Amanda S. Sembel, Linda Investigation of thermal comfort in a passive and low
HP0277 Kindangen, Jefrey Indonesia A7: Thermal comfort oral-poster
Tondobala energy classroom building. From gender’s point of view

Rune Korsholm Andersen, Pawel Wargocki, Jakub Seasonal differences in human responses to increasing
HP0828 Kitazawa, Sachie Japan A7: Thermal comfort oral
Kolarik, Marcel Schweiker temperatures

Radical methodology: the design and commercialisation

HP1054 Law, Tim Australia A7: Thermal comfort oral
nexus in research innovation on personal thermal comfort

Page 16
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Changjin Jeong, Jeungchan Lee, Wonseok Oh, Brain correlates with thermal comfort during whole body
HP0699 Lee, Juyoun Korea South A7: Thermal Comfort oral
Sooyeol Lee, Minhyung Cho, Kyungmo Park cooling by air flow

Ling-Tim Wong, Kok-Wei Mui, Chia-Feng Chang, Energy conservation between natural ventilated and air-
HP0586 Lee, Meng-Chieh Taiwan A7: Thermal comfort oral
Wai-Hou Lam conditioned classroom in Taiwan
Indoor thermal comfort in a mix mode office building in
HP0290 Li, Min Bin Cao, Jérôme Damiens, Yingxin Zhu China A7: Thermal comfort oral
Shenzhen for a long time
An understanding of thermal comfort based on philosophy
HP1001 Li, Xiang Bin Chen, Joe R. Zhao China A7: Thermal comfort oral
of harmony between nature and human

Assessment on indoor thermal environment of residential

HP0334 Li, Yanru Yannagao, Jun Wang, Enshen Long China A7: Thermal comfort oral-poster
building room with capillary-tube air conditioning system

Performance of radiant cooling ceiling combined with

HP0375 Jan Kaczmarczyk, Arsen K. Melikov personalized ventilation in an office room: identification of Denmark A7: Thermal comfort oral
thermal conditions
Residential space heating: individual or centralized? A
HP0018 Luo, Maohui Bin Cao, Min Li, Qin Ouyang, Yingxin Zhu China A7: Thermal comfort oral
field study on indoor thermal comfort in Beijing.

Application of dynamic airflow to split air-conditioning

HP0029 Luo, Maohui Juan Yu, Qin Ouyang, Yingxin Zhu China A7: Thermal comfort oral
and its impacts on human thermal response

Heat loss coefficient influence on the energy performance

HP1297 Moga, Ligia Ioan Moga Romania A7: Thermal comfort oral
of buildings
Climate atlas of Japan by the universal effective
HP0225 Nagano, Kazuo Chisato Kani, Tetsumi Horikoshi Japan A7: Thermal comfort oral-poster
temperature ETU

HP1241 Nakano, Junta Shin-Ichi Tanabe Thermal comfort zone of semi-outdoor public spaces Japan A7: Thermal comfort oral

Indoor thermal comfort in commercial buildings versus air

HP0780 Nathwani, Ashak Australia A7: Thermal comfort oral
conditioning systems
Numerical analysis on the thermal and air exchange
HP0686 Park, Dong yoon Seongju Chang performance of linear slot diffuser length variations in an Korea South A7: Thermal comfort oral
office space
HP0915 Pasut, Wilmer Hui Zhang, Ed Arens, Yongchao Zhai Energy-efficient comfort with a heated/cooled chair USA A7: Thermal comfort oral

HP1293 Pustayova, Hana Dušan Petráš Thermal comfort in dwelling buildings after refurbishment Slovakia A7: Thermal comfort oral

The effect of natural ventilation on physiological and

HP0881 Saito, Teruyuki Satoru Kuno, Saki Ota, Mayumi Mimura psychological responses to the indoor thermal Japan A7: Thermal comfort oral
environment of Japanese housing
Naoto Tominaga, Arsen K Melikov, Sona
HP0470 Sakoi, Tomonori Cooling clothing utilizing water evaporation Japan A7: Thermal comfort oral
Arsen K. Melikov, Sona Kolencikova, Naoto Improvement of thermal comfort by cooling clothing in
HP0471 Sakoi, Tomonori Japan A7: Thermal comfort oral
Tominaga warm climate
Tohru Mochida, Yoshihito Kurazumi, Kazuyo Modification of standard effective temperature for the
HP0472 Sakoi, Tomonori Japan A7: Thermal comfort oral
Tsuzuki, Ryozo Ooka evaluation of activity intensity

Page 17
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Stratification prediction model for perimeter zone UFAD

HP0028 Schiavon, Stefano Tom Webster, Darryl Dickerhoff, Fred Bauman USA A7: Thermal comfort oral
diffusers based on laboratory testing with solar simulator

Donghyun Rim, Wilmer Pasut, William W. Sensation of draft at ankles for displacement ventilation
HP0048 Schiavon, Stefano USA A7: Thermal comfort oral
Nazaroff and underfloor air distribution systems

Impact of future climate change on the thermal comfort of

HP0933 Sehizadeh, Ali Hua Ge Canada A7: Thermal comfort oral
Canadian housing retrofitted to the PassiveHaus standard

Juan Yu, Gabriele Levorato, Bjarne W. Olesen, Thermal comfort assessment of Danish occupants exposed
HP0678 Simone, Angela Denmark A7: Thermal comfort oral
Yingxin Zhu to warm environments and preferred local air movement

Yoorim Choi, Minjung Kim, Yongmin Kim, Occupants’ stress based on brain waves and salivary alpha-
HP1002 Son, Youngjoo Korea South A7: Thermal comfort oral
Chungyoon Chun amylase responses on each PMV condition

Drawing of new thermal comfort charts for radiant cooled

HP0456 Sui, Xuemin Xu Zhang China A7: Thermal comfort oral-poster
residential buildings
Mai Fujiwara, Shin-Ichi Tanabe, Satoshi Hori,
Field measurement on thermal comfort of patients and
HP0763 Tsutsumi, Hitomi Yoshio Shimizu, Hiroaki Io, Chieko Hamada, Japan A7: Thermal comfort oral
medical staff in a dialysis room
Yasuhiko Tomino
Effects of airflow from air conditioners on human
HP0415 Tsuzuki, Kazuyo Naomi Morito, Hajime Nishimiya Japan A7: Thermal comfort oral
thermoregulation during sleep
van den Ouweland, Wim Zeiler, Yvonne De Kort, Gerarda Nierman,
HP1086 Perceived comfort in offices; a holistic approach Netherlands A7: Thermal comfort oral
Eefke Wim Maassen, Gert Boxem
HP0822 Verhaart, Jacob Michal Veselý, Wim Zeiler Design of a neck heating system Netherlands A7: Thermal comfort oral
HP0698 Veselý, Michal Wim Zeiler How to quantify thermal sensation and comfort? Netherlands A7: Thermal comfort oral-poster
Fingertip temperature as a control signal for personalized
HP0848 Veselý, Michal Wim Zeiler Netherlands A7: Thermal comfort oral

Wireless determination of skin temperature by an infrared

HP1089 Vissers, Derek Wim Zeiler, Gert Boxem Netherlands A7: Thermal comfort oral
camera compared with i-buttons measurements

Does variation in clothing make us more thermally

HP0601 Vorre, Mette Rasmus L. Jensen Denmark A7: Thermal comfort oral

Comparison of indoor thermal environment with two

HP0390 Wang, Xin Chen Huang, Ping Lu China A7: Thermal comfort oral-poster
kinds of air distributions in a large space in summer

Thermal comfort before and at the beginning of heating at

HP0668 Wang, Zhaojun Jing Ren, Chengzu Kang, Xuexiang Zhang China A7: Thermal comfort oral
office rooms in China severe cold zone
Testing and comparative analysis on indoor thermal
HP0370 Wu, Mingyang Xiaohua Liu, Kang Zhao, Yuwei Zheng China A7: Thermal comfort oral
environments in the large space building of airport
Subjective evaluation of thermal sensation and comfort
HP0237 Wu, Yu-Chi Ardeshir Mahdavi Austria A7: Thermal comfort oral
subsequent to spatial transitions
Effects of building lift-up design on pedestrian gust wind
HP0442 Xia, Qian Xiaoping Niu, Jianlei Niu, Kenny C.S. Kwok Hong Kong A7: Thermal comfort oral

Page 18
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Stefano Schiavon, Chandra Sekhar, Kok Wai

HP0588 Yang, Bin Performance evaluation of an energy efficient stand fan Singapore A7: Thermal comfort oral
Cheong, Kwok Wai Tham, William Nazaroff

Residential thermal environment and thermal comfort in a

HP1131 Yang, Liu Haiyan Yan, Wuxing Zheng, Rui Hu rural area with a hot-arid climate: field study during the China A7: Thermal comfort oral
summer in Turfan, China
Field study of interaction effect of sound and vibration on
HP0114 Yang, Rui Xiang Zhou, Xu Zhang China A7: Thermal comfort oral
human thermal comfort in bus
Overcooling and thermal comfort in air conditioned
HP1074 Yang, Wei Nyuk Hien Wong, Junli Zhou China A7: Thermal comfort oral
university buildings in Singapore
Angela Simone, Gabriele Levorato, Yingxin Zhu, Offset of warm sensation by local air flow: Chinese and
HP0083 Yu, Juan China A7: Thermal comfort oral-poster
Bjarne W. Olesen Danish preference
Development of a numerical thermoregulation model that
HP0687 Yumoto, Issei Shin-Ichi Tanabe Japan A7: Thermal Comfort oral
considers the effects of aging
Yufeng Zhang, Qinglin Meng, Huimei Chen, Gender differences in thermal comfort in a hot-humid
HP0278 Zhai, Yongchao USA A7: Thermal comfort oral-poster
Jinyong Wang climate
Thermal comfort during direct load control events in
HP0942 Zhang, Fan Richard De Dear, Christhina Candido Australia A7: Thermal comfort oral
university lecture theatres
Impact of Occupant Behaviour on Heating Energy
HP0683 Zhang, Jingsi Xiang Zhou, Qiqi Zhang, Xiaohu Dai Consumption and Human Thermal Comfort in Residential China A7: Thermal comfort oral

Design indicators of thermal environments for residential

HP1171 Zhang, Yufeng China A7: Thermal comfort oral-poster
buildings in hot summer and warm winter zone of China

Thermal comfort investigation in supermarkets and

HP0584 Zhao, Mingjie Yang-Seon Kim, Shi Shu, Jelena Srebric grocery stores based on in-situ measurements and a survey USA A7: Thermal comfort oral
Predict thermal sensation of Chinese people using a
HP0889 Zhou, Xin Hui Zhang, Zhiwei Lian, Li Lan China A7: Thermal comfort oral
thermophysiological and comfort model
Use of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) calculator for
HP0637 Zhou, Y. K.W. Mui, C.T. Cheung assessing indoor thermal acceptance in air-conditioned Hong Kong A7: Thermal comfort oral-poster

Indoor thermal comfort and heating temperature setpoint

HP1451 Zhuo, Yanbin Gang Liu, Chenyi Lin China A7: Thermal comfort oral-poster
threshold research for office building in Tianjin China

New method for evaluation of non-uniform indoor

HP0902 Zuska, Lenka Michal Kabrhel Czech Republic A7: Thermal comfort oral-poster
Effects of moderate air temperature fluctuation on sleep
HP0152 Lan, Li Zhiwei Lian, Xin Zhou China A7: Thermal comfort oral
quality and thermal comfort in healthy people

Page 19
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Sandra Cabo Verde, João Matos, Carla A. Ramos, A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP0575 Almeida, Susana Indoor air quality in hospital environments Portugal oral-poster
Carla Viegas, Tiago Faria quality
Relation of changes in cerebral blood flow and diffusion A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP0970 Bamba, Ikuko Kenichi Azuma Japan oral-poster
material caused by smelling wood quality

Applicability: odour Measurement based on ISO 16000-28 A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP1079 Brosig, Laura Wolfgang Horn, Lars Pyza, Oliver Jann Germany oral-poster
– enhanced determination of indoor air quality quality

Occurrence of airborne phthalates in different air- A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP0674 Chen, Ailu Qingliang Cao, Victor W.C. Chang Singapore oral
conditioned buildings in Singapore quality
Tadas Prasauskas, Virpi Leivo, Mari Turunen,
Building energy-efficiency interventions in North-East
Anu Aaltonen, Mihkel Kiviste, Dainius A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP0219 Du, Liuliu Europe: effects on indoor environmental quality and Finland oral
Martuzevicius, Ulla Haverinen-Shaughnessy, The quality
public health
Insulate Project Group

Effect of ozone initiated chemistry on perceptual responses

A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP0400 Fadeyi, Moshood Kwok W. Tham, Wei Y. Wu, Henry C. Willem and work performance of tropically acclimatized subjects Singapore oral
in a simulated office environment

Impact of energy renovation on indoor air quality in A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP0143 Földváry, Veronika Gabriel Bekő, Dušan Petráš Slovakia oral
multifamily dwellings in Slovakia quality
Cornelia Rieder-Gradinger, Daniel Stratev, Ewald Influence of VOC emissions from wood and wood-based A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP1073 Höllbacher, Eva Austria oral
Srebotnik materials on indoor air quality quality
The energy performance certificate of ventilation and
A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP0694 Hurtíková, Daniela Dušan Petráš evaluation of indoor air quality in office building in Slovakia oral-poster
Hans Martin Mathisen, Jun Guan, Johan Case study of window and ventilation renovation and its A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP0500 Justo Alonso, Maria Norway oral
Halvarsson impact on indoor climate quality
A.B. Gupta, Mukesh Khare, Gaurav Singh, Sumit Characteristics of combustion generated pm and nox: a A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP1149 Kaul, Nivedita India oral
Khandelwal case study of hostel kitchens, India quality

Henna Maula, Annu Haapakangas, Viivi Moberg, Effect of low ventilation rate on office work performance A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP0838 Koskela, Hannu Finland oral
Valtteri Hongisto and perception of air quality – a laboratory study quality

Evaluation of oxidative radical reaction in aqueous media A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP0275 Kurita, Hirofumi Akira Mizuno Japan oral-poster
injected by discharge devices used in indoor air cleaners quality

A8: IAQ & perceived air

HP0831 Lappalainen, Vuokko Helena Järnström, Pertti Pasanen VOC profiles indicating odour IAQ problems in dwellings Finland oral-poster
Tingting Wang, Dan Norback, Haidong Kan,
Sick building syndrome, perceived odors, sensation of air A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP1055 Lin, Zhijing Jinzhuo Zhao, Weimin Song, Hongwei Guo, China oral
dryness and indoor environment in Urumqi, China quality
Zhuohui Zhao
Performance of personalized ventilation combined with
Lipczynska, A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP0376 Jan Kaczmarczyk, Arsen K. Melikov chilled ceiling in an office room: inhaled air quality and Denmark oral
Aleksandra quality
contaminant distribution
A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP1323 Lopušniak, Martin Dušan Katunský, Anna Vašková Effect of air distribution systems on CO2 concentration Slovakia oral-poster

Page 20
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

A8: IAQ & perceived air

HP1197 Luther, Mark Peter Horan, Steven E. Atkinson Examining CO2 levels in school classrooms Australia oral
Hiroshi Seto, Emiko Todaka, Masamichi Aging variation in indoor air quality at experimental sites A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP0994 Nakaoka, Hiroko Japan oral
Hanazato, Michiko Shimoda, Chisato Mori in Chemiless Town quality
José Laerte Boechat, Marília Martins Nishikawa,
Indoor air exposure to fungi at the Brazilian Antarctic A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP0893 Pagel, Érica Cristina Engel De Alvarez, Neyval C. Reis Júnior, Brazil oral-poster
Station quality
Jane M. Santos

Sandra P Beghi, Cristina Engel De Alvarez, Impact of human activities and the building materials in
A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP0858 Pagel, Érica Neyval C. Reis Júnior, Paulo Wagnner P. Antunes, the concentration of aldehydes in the Comandante Ferraz Brazil oral
Sérvio Túlio Cassini, Jane M. Santos Antarctic station

Evaluation of the indoor air quality in a single family A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP1005 Plesner, Christoffer Karsten Duer Denmark oral
Active house quality
Case study: ventilation and thermal comfort parameter
A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP0582 Sacks, Dana Derek G. Shendell assessment of a local private gym in a retrofitted industrial USA oral-poster
building in central NJ
Pawel Wargocki, David P. Wyon, Anna A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP0506 Strøm-Tejsen, Peter The effect of air quality on sleep Denmark oral
Kondracka quality
Oluyemi Toyinbo, Tuula Putus, Aino Nevalainen,
Assessment of school level prevalence of symptoms using A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP0280 Turunen, Mari Richard Shaughnessy, Ulla Haverinen- Finland oral
questionnaire quality
Ventilation and pollutants concentration requirements
A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP0031 Wang, Jun Enshen Long, Xu Zhang under combined pollution caused by human metabolism China oral-poster
and building material
A8: IAQ & perceived air
HP0796 Wang, Zhaojun Rui Tang, Jing Ren Study on PM2.5 and PM10 in offices in Harbin, China China oral

Page 21
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

What kind of residents’ motivations to improve lighting A9: Indoor air acoustics and
HP0972 Fukuda, Miwa Jun Munakata Japan oral-poster
environment leads to energy-saving at home? lighting

Tomoko Taniguchi, Takumi Wakimoto, Ryohei

Change in office lighting from new construction to existing A9: Indoor air acoustics and
HP0734 Iwata, Toshie Mase, Tsuyoshi Ito, Daisuke Hirai, Masahiro Sato, Japan oral
building lighting
Setsuko Yoshino
Influence of vent perforation on the ventilation and A9: Indoor air acoustics and
HP1245 Lee, Jeehwan Jae D. Chang USA oral
acoustical performances of double skin facades lighting
Ruey-Lung Hwang, Wen-Mei Shih, Chen-Peng Indoor environmental quality in green buildings under A9: Indoor air acoustics and
HP0682 Liao, Huey-Yan Taiwan oral-poster
Chen energy-efficient power management lighting
Development of equi-comfort charts constituted with A9: Indoor air acoustics and
HP0224 Nagano, Kazuo Tetsumi Horikoshi Japan oral-poster
temperature and noise at 150 and 3 lx lighting
A9: Indoor air acoustics and
HP0476 Sun, Chanjuan Zhiwei Lian The effect of lighting conditions on visual comfort China oral
Effect of living room LED lighting controlled by occupants A9: Indoor air acoustics and
HP1039 Taniguchi, Tomoko Toshie Iwata, Mina Watanbe Japan oral
on circadian rhythm and energy saving lighting
Kristine Hillig, Søren Peter Lund, Per M. Nielsen, Association between noise levels and CO2 concentrations A9: Indoor air acoustics and
HP0251 Toftum, Jørn Denmark oral
Jesper Kristiansen in classrooms lighting

Page 22
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Tiago Faria, Susana M. Almeida And Hubert T. Human exposure to air pollutants: personal cloud A10: Public health and
HP0903 Almeida-Silva, Marina Portugal oral-poster
Wolterbeek phenomenon exposure studies
How and why do people respond to indoor environmental A10: Public health and
HP1374 Bluyssen, Philomena Netherlands oral
stressors? exposure studies
A10: Public health and
HP0178 Chang, Che-Jung Shu-Fang Cheng, Shih-Wei Tsai Indoor air quality in hairdressing salons in Taipei Taiwan oral-poster
exposure studies
Geographic and seasonal variations in air exchange rate
H. Christopher Frey, Alexis K.H. Lau, Jimmy C.H. A10: Public health and
HP0719 Che, Wenwei and their impacts on the estimation of children's exposure Hong Kong oral
Fung exposure studies
to ambient PM2.5
Effects of early life exposure to ambient air pollution on
A10: Public health and
HP0843 Deng, Qihong Chan Lu asthma among preschool children in China: An industrial China oral
exposure studies
environment cannot be overlooked
Increased ambient temperature and risk of preterm birth: A10: Public health and
HP0845 Deng, Qihong Chan Lu China oral
hot summer nights cause high risk? exposure studies
Environmental and health risk associated with the
Atogho T. Barbara, Ndonwi E. Ngwa, Fopa L.G. A10: Public health and
HP0062 Dieudonné, Nanfa dissemination of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in Cameroon oral
Bertrand exposure studies
A10: Public health and
HP1097 Dott, Wolfgang Bülent İzmit, Nicole Nowak, Sabrina Michael Terpene induced toxic effects in human lung cells Germany oral
exposure studies
Risk assessment of population exposure to volatile organic A10: Public health and
HP0160 Du, Zhengjian Jinhan Mo, Yinping Zhang China oral
compounds and carbonyls in urban China exposure studies
Indoor exposure to outdoor pollution in a tropical A10: Public health and
HP0131 Gall, Elliott Jin Zhou, Victor Chang, William Nazaroff Singapore oral
environment exposure studies

Maria Albin, Ulla B.K. Andersson, Eva Assarsson,

Anna Axmon, Lars Barregård, Margareta
Berglund, Mats Bohgard, Karin Broberg, Jonas
Gudmundsson, Brunskog, Inger Hagerman, Bo A.G. Jönsson, Health effects of combined exposure to diesel exhaust and A10: Public health and
HP1183 Sweden oral-poster
Anders Monica Kåredal, Patrik Nilsson, Kai Österberg, traffic noise exposure studies
Joakim Pagels, Torben Poulsen, Jenny Rissler, Leo
Stockfelt, Gerd Sallsten, Yiyi Xu, Aneta

Comparative assessment of children's exposure to A10: Public health and

HP1162 Huang, Chun-nan Wei-Lun Lee, Hong-Bin Cho, Chia-Wei Lee Taiwan oral-poster
formaldehyde in schools, kindergartens and dwellings exposure studies

Personal exposures to particulate matters in various

A10: Public health and
HP0784 Hwang, Yunhyung Kiyoung Lee microenvironments and their contributions in Seoul Korea South oral-poster
exposure studies
Indoor environmental quality in multi storey office
buildings and its implication on the health and safety of A10: Public health and
HP0042 Kadiri, Shamusideen Dakwak L. Sells, Nosa Ukpomwan, Taofik I. Salau Nigeria oral
workers. Evaluation of Lagos State Government exposure studies
Administrative buildings in Nigeria
Effect of morning bright light after awake on morning rise A10: Public health and
HP0109 Kakitsuba, Naoshi Japan oral
in core temperature exposure studies

Page 23
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Study on long-term radiation exposure analysis after the

Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant accident: A10: Public health and
HP1142 Kim, Minsik Ryohji Ohba, Masamichi Oura, Shinsuke Kato Japan oral
application of the EU long-term radiation exposure model exposure studies
The impact of occuluding bedding arrangements on A10: Public health and
HP0106 Laverge, Jelle Arnold Janssens Belgium oral
rebreathing and physiological responses to it exposure studies
Indoor air quality at home of children with atopic
Jong Bum Kim, Gwang-Jae Lee, Seonghee Ryu, A10: Public health and
HP0377 Lee, Jae Young dermatitis and their exposure to traffic-related air Korea South oral
Gwi-Nam Bae exposure studies
A10: Public health and
HP0378 Lendowski, Luba "Integration of longterm MRSA carriers in communities" Germany oral
exposure studies

James J. Mcdevitt, Kwok-Hung Chan, Hui-Ling

Yen, Dennis K.M. Ip, Yuguo Li, Gabriel M. Leung, Reduction of influenza virus shedding in human A10: Public health and
HP0820 Leung, Nancy Hong Kong oral-poster
Joseph S.M. Peiris, Wing-Hong Seto, Donald K. bioaerosols by surgical face masks exposure studies
Milton, Benjamin J. Cowling

Dermal and oral exposure to dibutyl phthalate induced A10: Public health and
HP0151 Li, Li Jinquan Li, Xu Yang China oral
lung damage in Balb/C mice exposure studies
Effect of traffic exposure on sick building syndrome
Gary Adamkiewicz, Yinping Zhang, John D. A10: Public health and
HP1275 Li, Linyan symptoms among guardians of preschool children in China oral
Spengler, Fang Qu, Jan Sundell exposure studies
Beijing, China
Verónica Beatriz Lima Pappaseit, Hsiao Ying Personal exposure to air pollutants at lotus pond during A10: Public health and
HP1218 Lin, Chi-Chi Taiwan oral
Cheng Wannian Folklore Festival exposure studies
Laura Von Kobyltezki, Maria U. Hallerbäck,
Perfluorinated compounds in serum from 2,373 pregnant A10: Public health and
HP1271 Lindström, Cecilia Christian H. Lindh, Bo A. Jönsson, Malin Knutz, Sweden oral
women in Sweden exposure studies
Huan Shu, Carl-Gustaf Bornehag

A method for quantifying the acute health impacts of A10: Public health and
HP1056 Logue, Jennifer Max H. Sherman, Brett C. Singer USA oral
residential non-biological exposures via inhalation exposure studies

Di-iso-nonyl phthalate oral exposure of Kunming mice A10: Public health and
HP0112 Ma, Ping Biao Yan, Yang Xu China oral
induces hepatic and renal tissue injury exposure studies

Serena Fossati, Nuno Canha, Andrea Cattaneo,

Eric Cornelissen, Otto Hänninen, Yvonne De
Kluizenaar, Viktor G. Mihucz, Eduardo De
Indoor air quality in office buildings in Europe: the A10: Public health and
HP1034 Mandin, Corinne Oliveira Fernandes, Matti Peltonen, Ioannis France oral
OFFICAIR Project exposure studies
Sakellaris, Dikaia Saraga, Gabriela Ventura,
Rosanna Mabilia, Erica Perreca, Tamás Szigeti,
Paolo Carrer, John Bartzis

Patrik Nilsson, Aneta Wierzbicka, Monica

Airborne exposure of hairdressers during hair bleaching: a A10: Public health and
HP1181 Marini, Sara Kåredal, Eva Blomgren, Jörn Nielsen, Giorgio Sweden oral-poster
human chamber exposure study exposure studies
Buonanno, Anders Gudmundsson

Page 24
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Muserref T. Otkun, Coskun Bakar, Nihal A. Mirici,

Comparison of exposure to indoor air pollution in different A10: Public health and
HP0384 Mentese, Sibel Sibel Cevizci, Osman Cotuker, Deniz Tasdibi, Elif Turkey oral
towns of Çanakkale, Turkey exposure studies
Measurement and questionnaires survey of the indoor
Cristiana V. Croitoru, Andreea A. Vartires, Mihai A10: Public health and
HP0885 Nastase, Ilinca environment quality in an emergency hospital from Romania oral-poster
Gustiuc, Walter Bosschaerts exposure studies

Yong Il Lee, Do Yeon Hwang, Mona Loraine

Exposure to airborne particulate matter in different types A10: Public health and
HP1143 Park, Duckshin Barabad, Wonseok Jung, Wootae Jeong, Soon-Bark Korea South oral-poster
of transportation exposure studies
Kwon, Youngmin Cho, Ki-Chul Cho, Kiyoung Lee

New routes of human exposure to methamphetamine from

A10: Public health and
HP0443 Parker, Kristia Glenn C. Morrison, Melissa M. Buechlein residential meth labs: post-remediation accumulation from USA oral
exposure studies
air to skin oil
Case study: particle concentrations at a local private gym
A10: Public health and
HP0583 Sacks, Dana Derek G. Shendell dependent on mechanical ventilation in a retrofitted USA oral
exposure studies
industrial building in central NJ
Bo A.G. Jönsson, Christian H. Lindh, Malin Knutz, PVC flooring in the home is related to urinary levels of
A10: Public health and
HP1277 Shu, Huan Eewa Nånberg, Åke Svensson, Carl-Gustaf phthalates in Swedish pregnant women in the SELMA Sweden oral
exposure studies
Bornehag Study
A model for estimating particle concentration indoors –
Gabriel Bekö, Jørn Toftum, Geo Clausen, Steffen
based on information from occupants’ questionnaires, A10: Public health and
HP1191 Wierzbicka, Aneta Loft, Dorina Gabriela Karottki, Andreas Massling, Sweden oral
indoor sources emission factors, outdoor concentration and exposure studies
Tareq Hussein
building characteristics

J.G. Cedeño-Laurent, Eileen Mcneely, Gary

Association between surrounding greenness and student A10: Public health and
HP1115 Wu, Chih-Da Adamkiewicz, Francesca Dominici, Shih-Chun Taiwan oral
performance using remote sensing exposure studies
Candice Lung, Huey-Jen Su, John D Spengler

Effects of building lift-up design on pedestrian pollutant A10: Public health and
HP0441 Xia, Qian Xiaoping Liu, Jianlei Niu, K.C.S. Kwok Hong Kong oral
dispersion exposure studies
Investigation of human response to temperature step A10: Public health and
HP0530 Xiong, Jing Chanjuan Sun, Zhiwei Lian China oral-poster
changes exposure studies
Associations between children’s rhinitis and indoor air A10: Public health and
HP0606 Zhang, Huadi Yili Zhao, Hua Qian, Xiaohong Zheng, Jan Sundell China oral
pollutants in kindergartens in Nanjing exposure studies
Literature survey on the effects of pure carbon dioxide on A10: Public health and
HP0246 Zhang, Xiaojing Pawel Wargocki, Zhiwei Lian China oral-poster
health, comfort and performance exposure studies

CFD study on the wind-induced transmission of gaseous A10: Public health and
HP0335 Zhou, Qi Naiping Gao, Hua Qian China oral
pollutants between flats in multistory residential buildings exposure studies

Page 25
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Tiago Faria, Dikaia Saraga, Thomas Maggos, Source apportionment of indoor PM10 in elderly care B1: Source of indoor air
HP0909 Almeida-Silva, Marina Portugal oral
Hubert T. Wolterbeek , Susana M. Almeida center pollutants

Emission of formaldehyde from furniture: assessment of its B1: Source of indoor air
HP0617 Andersen, Helle Helene B. Klinke, Lis W. Funch, Lars Gunnarsen Denmark oral
impact on indoor air quality pollutants
New and used crib mattresses as a source of volatile
Yirui Liang, Neil E. Crain, Helena Järnström, Atila organic compounds, phthalate and alternative plasticizers, B1: Source of indoor air
HP0625 Boor, Brandon USA oral
Novoselac, Ying Xu and other chemical species in the infant sleep pollutants
Correlations between indoor particle and phthalate B1: Source of indoor air
HP0675 Chen, Ailu Victor W.C. Chang Singapore oral
concentrations pollutants
A comparison of the reduction Efficiency of indoor
B1: Source of indoor air
HP0677 Chen, Cheng chen Kun Chih Huang, Ching Chang Lee formaldehyde and VOCs concentration by using Taiwan oral
ventilation removal and SBMs
Multi-criteria ranking of house dust samples from B1: Source of indoor air
HP1148 El-Bagir, Sohair Godwin A. Ayoko, Serge Kokot Australia oral
residential dwellings pollutants

Measured carbon monoxide emission rates from stock and B1: Source of indoor air
HP0573 Emmerich, Steven Liangzhu (Leon) Wang, Andrew K. Persily USA oral
reduced- emission prototype portable generators pollutants

Indoor-outdoor air concentrations of organic air toxics in

B1: Source of indoor air
HP1180 Fang, Jung-Tang Wei-Lun Lee, Chitsan Lin, Chia-Wei Lee the vicinity of a petrochemical industrial complex in Taiwan oral-poster
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Loïc Paillat, Guénaël Thiault, Ghislaine Goupil, B1: Source of indoor air
HP0832 Faure, Eddie Nail bar impact on indoor air quality France oral-poster
Laurence Durupt, Claudie Delaunay pollutants

Emission of volatiles from Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) B1: Source of indoor air
HP0022 Havermans, John Marc M.G. Houtzager Netherlands oral-poster
insulated crawl spaces pollutants
B1: Source of indoor air
HP1236 Hofbauer, Wolfgang Nicole Krueger, Florian Mayer, Klaus Breuer Isopleth systems of insulation materials Germany oral
Nicole Krueger, Anna Renzl, Florian Mayer, Klaus B1: Source of indoor air
HP1237 Hofbauer, Wolfgang Towards a better understanding of wood decay Germany oral
Sedlbauer, Klaus Breuer pollutants

Anders Gudmundsson, Erik Nordin, Leif

Contribution of indoor generated submicrometer particles B1: Source of indoor air
HP1083 Isaxon, Christina Lönnblad, Andreas Dahl, Gunilla Wieslander, Sweden oral
to residential exposure pollutants
Mats Bohgard, Aneta Wierzbicka

Emission of particle-bound polycyclic aromatic

Jun Gao, Cao Changsheng, Weimin Xiao, B1: Source of indoor air
HP0499 Jian, Yating hydrocarbons during Chinese cooking in a kitchen China oral
Xinzhong Lai, Yanlin Gao pollutants
The concentration of phthalate in settled dust in B1: Source of indoor air
HP0531 Kim, Hyun-tae Shin-Ichi Tanabe, Hirokazu Hatano Japan oral
kindergartens and emission source pollutants
B1: Source of indoor air
HP0973 Kujanpää, Liisa Sirpa Rautiala, Helmi Kokotti, Marjut Reiman Indoor air quality in offices adjacent to industrial halls Finland oral-poster

Page 26
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

National investigation of PCB sources as an indoor

B1: Source of indoor air
HP1355 Langeland, Majbrith Projectdirector, Rune Ø. Haven, Projectmanager pollutant in domestic houses, offices, institutions, storage Denmark oral-poster
spaces and workshops
Marianne Stranger, Frederick Maes, Еddy Goelen, B1: Source of indoor air
HP1221 Lazarov, Borislav Flame retardant emission testing from treated products Belgium oral-poster
Adrian Covaci pollutants
Development of environment-friendly furnishing materials B1: Source of indoor air
HP1139 Lee, Jeong-Hun Jungki Seo, Sumin Kim Korea South oral
using tannin resin pollutants

Hong-Bin Cho, Jung-Tang Fang, Hsin-Hung Shih, Phthalates in Indoor dust and outdoor soil in the vicinity B1: Source of indoor air
HP1208 Lee, Wei-Lun Taiwan oral-poster
Chia-Wei Lee of a petrochemical industrial complex in Southern Taiwan pollutants

An improved method for measuring and characterizing

B1: Source of indoor air
HP0520 Liang, Yirui Ying Xu phthalate emissions from building materials and its USA oral
application to exposure assessment
Carbonyls and BTEX emissions from selected building B1: Source of indoor air
HP0276 Lin, Chi-Chi Shu-Chen Hsu Taiwan oral
materials pollutants

Chloroanisoles represent a common indoor air quality

B1: Source of indoor air
HP1147 Lorentzen, Johnny Maria Nilsson, Gunnar Johanson problem in Sweden – sensitive methods to detect the Sweden oral-poster
malodorous chemicals in air and materials

Lattice Boltzmann simulations for VOCs migration in

B1: Source of indoor air
HP0223 Ma, Qiang Zhenqian Chen, Bo Xu porous building materials reconstructed by stochastic China oral
fractal theory

Ken Krebs, Mark Barnes, Dale Greenwell, Xiaoyu

Liu, Charles Bevington, Carol Hetfield, Katherine Development of test systems for characterizing emissions B1: Source of indoor air
HP1333 Mason, Mark USA oral
Sleasman, Nancy Roache, Gary Folk, Gunnar from Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation (SPFI) products pollutants
Skarping, Marianne Dalene, Daniel Karlsson

Pernilla Bohlin, Šimon Vojta, Martina Krátká, Jana Distribution of legacy and emerging semi-volatile organic B1: Source of indoor air
HP0412 Melymuk, Lisa Czech Republic oral
Klánová contaminants in a residential environment pollutants

Mandana Mazaheri, Samuel Clifford, Farhad Indoor air pollution sources and exposures in primary B1: Source of indoor air
HP1111 Morawska, Lidia Australia oral
Salimi, Rusdin Laiman, Leigh R. Crilley schools: UPTECH Synthesis pollutants

Evaluation on inhaled air quality in indoor environment B1: Source of indoor air
HP0194 Park, Seonghyun Sunwoo Lee, Jae Hun Jo, Janghoo Seo Korea South oral-poster
applying sorptive building materials pollutants
Simulation study of carbon monoxide exposure from B1: Source of indoor air
HP1012 Persily, Andrew Steven Emmerich, Yanling Wang,Brian Polidoro USA oral
portable generators in U.S. residences pollutants
An original method using a passive flux sampler to
B1: Source of indoor air
HP0487 Plaisance, Herve Alodie Blondel, Valerie Desauziers, Pierre Mocho characterize the gas-phase boundary layer on the surface France oral
of indoor materials

Lihui Huang, Weiping Zhao, Yang Yue, Mengyan Comparison of contribution to people health risk from B1: Source of indoor air
HP0174 Pu, Zhongnan China oral-poster
Gong, Jinhan Mo, Jan Sundell, Yinping Zhang indoor and outdoor carbonyls sources in Beijing, China pollutants

B1: Source of indoor air

HP0510 Qi, Meiwei Xiaofeng Li, Louise B. Weschler, Jan Sundell CO2 generation rate in Chinese people China oral

Page 27
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Statistical models of whole-building volatile organic B1: Source of indoor air

HP0981 Rackes, Adams Tom Ben-David, Michael S. Waring USA oral
compound emission rates in U.S. offices pollutants

Jennifer M. Logue, James F. Pankow, Lara A. Chemical characterization and health impact assessment of B1: Source of indoor air
HP1036 Sleiman, Mohamad USA oral
Gundel, Hugo Destaillats VOCs and particles in thirdhand tobacco smoke pollutants

John Bartzis, Peder Wolkoff, George Efthimiou,

Evangelos Tolis, Frederick Maes, Asger Norgaard, B1: Source of indoor air
HP1332 Stranger, Marianne Consumer product emission testing in EPHECT Belgium oral
Gabriela Ventura, Krystallia Kalimerii, Eddy pollutants
Goelen, Eduardo De Oliveira Fernandes

Experimental study Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) B1: Source of indoor air
HP0102 Sun, Xiao Xudong Yang China oral
in normal human exhaled breath pollutants
Resuspension of submicron particles due to human B1: Source of indoor air
HP1295 Tian, Yilin Andrea. R. Ferro USA oral
walking pollutants
Source apportionment of volatile organic compounds in B1: Source of indoor air
HP0333 Wang, Chao Xudong Yang, Jun Guan, Kai Gao, Zheng Li China oral
aircraft cabin pollutants
Dynamic preparation of multi-component volatile organic B1: Source of indoor air
HP0201 Xiang, Jianbang Jinhan Mo, Yinping Zhang, Mu Li China oral
compounds via microsyringe pump pollutants

Xin Wu, Lina Wang, Fangfang Wang, Yuankai

Investigation of particulate matter in a museum in B1: Source of indoor air
HP0650 Xiu, Guangli Zhang, Bizheng Yu, Zhangyuanhui Wang, China oral
Shanghai, China pollutants
Yuanxiang Chen, Fangyuan Xu, Laiming Wu

Effect of high-voltage electric field on formaldehyde B1: Source of Indoor air

HP1313 Xu, Bo Zhenqian Chen, Qiang Ma China oral
diffusion within building materials pollutants
Simulation and instrumental examination of indoor air for
formaldehyde, styrene and ethylbenzene, migrating from B1: Source of Indoor air
HP0475 Zaitseva, Nina Irina May, Nadezhda Kriulina Russia oral
building and home decoration materials in the presence of pollutants
combined use
A pilot study of volatile organic compounds emitted by the B1: Source of indoor air
HP0248 Zhang, Qin Xiao Sun, Xudong Yang, Jan Sundell China oral
whole body, exclusive of exhaled breath pollutants

Page 28
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Almand-Hunter, Joanna Gordon, Nick Masson, Michael P.

HP0892 Dust exposure in indoor climbing facilities USA B2: Particles oral-poster
Berkeley Hannigan, Shelly L. Miller
Indoor concentrations of particulate matters at domestic
HP0326 Apostoloski, Zoran Silvia Vilcekova Macedonia B2: Particles oral-poster
Giorgio Buonanno, Gino Cortellessa, Aldo Russi, Numerical assessment of human particle exposure from
HP0368 Arpino, Fausto Italy B2: Particles oral
Mauro Scungio, Paolo Vigo cooking activities
Joonas Koivisto, Kaarle Hämeri, Atila Novoselac,
HP0627 Boor, Brandon Infant crawling-induced resuspension of settled floor dust USA B2: Particles oral
Ying Xu
Hiroshi Yoshino, Shengwei Zhu, U Yanagi, Particulate matter air pollution in children’s residential
HP1068 Cai, Wei China B2: Particles oral
Zhubing Jing environments in Wuhan, China
Indoor particles in scholar environments by passive
Susana M. Almeida, Maria C. Freitas, Hubert T.
HP1064 Canha, Nuno deposition methodology: applicability and source Portugal B2: Particles oral
A methodology for corona air ionizer usage when
HP1224 Chernyi, Konstantin Russia B2: Particles oral
conducting correction of indoor air ion composition

Deposition and resuspension of particles on supply air

HP0653 Cui, Mingyu J.S. Park Korea South B2: Particles oral-poster
duct in mechanically ventilated residential buildings

A multi-scale experimental approach for studying

Evelyne Gehin, Benoit Bonnet, Stéphane Delaby,
HP1301 Da, Guillaume emission, transport, and deposition of respiratory droplets France B2: Particles oral
Sébastien Ritoux, Thi-Lan Ha, Enric Robine
in indoor environments
Song Pan, Jiaping Liu, Jingchao Xie, Jinshun Wu, Variation law of PM2.5 in subway station of northern area
HP1238 Fan, Li China B2: Particles oral
Zuo Chen, Xinru Wang in China

HP1387 Hu, Shih-Cheng Ivy Shiue, Angus Shiue, Yu-Min Hsu, Yi-Sung Ke Validation of leak test models for pharmaceutical isolators Taiwan B2: Particles oral

Weiping Zhao, Mu Li, Zhongnan Pu, Jan Sundell, Relationship between indoor and outdoor PM2.5 for
HP0190 Huang, Lihui China B2: Particles oral
Yinping Zhang residential buildings in Beijing, China
Duck-Shin Park, Mona Loraine M. Barabad, Shin
HP1167 Hwang, Do Yeon Component analysis of nano particles in subway tunnels Korea South B2: Particles oral-poster
D.O. Kim

Comparison of contribution of outdoor particles between

HP0349 Ji, Wenjing Bin Zhao indoor sources to indoor PM2.5 concentration and China B2: Particles oral
associated exposure: a preliminary modeling study

Study of different self-cleaning technologies in reducing

HP0340 Jiang, Yu Lin Lu, Ke Sun Hong Kong B2: Particles oral
particle deposition under dry environment
Sources, elemental composition and health risks of fine
HP1059 Jung, Chien-Cheng Ching-Chang Lee, Chia-Wei Lee, Huey-Jen Su Taiwan B2: Particles oral-poster
particle in office spaces
Comparison of the Eulerian-Eulerian and Eulerian-
HP1391 Li, Xiangdong Yihuan Yan, Jiyuan Tu Lagrangian models for simulating particulate contaminant Australia B2: Particles oral
transport in indoor spaces
Maurice Millet, Thierry Dintzer, Valérie
Development of a 3-stage cascade impactor sampling
HP0305 Liaud, Céline Tschamber, Gwénaëlle Trouve, Stéphane L.E. France B2: Particles oral
method to measure particle-bound PAHs in indoor air

Page 29
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Measuring resuspension of deposited particles induced by

HP0423 Mei, Xiong Tengfei (Tim) Zhang, Shugang Wang China B2: Particles oral
sneezing jets
A multi-residue method for the simultaneous analysis of
Erwann Gilles, Gaëlle Raffy, Philippe Glorennec,
HP0803 Mercier, Fabien several classes of semi-volatile organic compounds in France B2: Particles oral
Corinne Mandin, Barbara L.E. Bot
airborne particles
utomo S. Wasisto, Ina Kirsch, Erwin Peiner, Erik An integrated personal monitor for engineered
HP0863 Merzsch, Stephan Germany B2: Particles oral-poster
Uhde nanoparticles
Toxic effects and chemical characteristics of ambient
HP1096 Michael, Sabrina Wolfgang Dott Germany B2: Particles oral
particulate matter

Aaron Eagan, Aidan C. Offermann, Lewis J. Infectious disease aerosol exposures with and without
HP0325 Offermann, Francis USA B2: Particles oral
Radonovich surge control ventilation system modifications

Predictions and determinants of size-resolved particle

HP0951 Orch, Zeineb Michael Waring, Brent Stephens USA B2: Particles oral
infiltration factors in single-family homes in the U.S.

Numerical simulation of airflow and particle deposition in

HP0865 Ou, Cuiyun Qihong Deng, Jiao Chen China B2: Particles oral
the whole human tracheobronchial airways

Mona Loraine Barabad, Yong Il Lee, Wonseok

HP1141 Park, Duckshin Jung, Wootae Jeong, Soon-Bark Kwon, Youngmin Particulate matters levels in subway Korea South B2: Particles oral

HP0905 Polednik, Bernard Marzenna Dudzińska, Izabela Bilska Particle concentration changes during masses in a church Poland B2: Particles oral-poster

Walking-induced particle resuspension in indoor

HP0569 Qian, Jing Jordan Peccia, Andrea R. Ferro USA B2: Particles oral
environments: a review

A field study on particle resuspension from supply air duct

HP0657 Seo, Chung-Kook Byung-Duk Seo, Jun-Seok Park Korea South B2: Particles oral-poster
in mechanically ventilated residential buildings

Deposition velocity of fine and ultrafine particles onto

HP0945 Shi, Shanshan Shanshan Shi, Bin Zhao manikin surfaces in different air speed indoor China B2: Particles oral-poster
Marie Frederiksen, Barbara Kolarik, Lars Evaluation of contribution of human activities indoors to
HP1267 Spilak, Michal Denmark B2: Particles oral
Gunnarsen total concentration of UFP indoors
Effects of human walking factors on particle resuspension
HP0624 Sul, Kyung Yilin Tian, Goodarz Ahmadi, Andrea R. Ferro USA B2: Particles oral-poster
Dynamic investigation on bacteria-carrying particles
Tin-Tai Chow, Fujiang Chen, Shuli Wang, Qiang
HP0079 Wang, Jinliang distribution in operating theatre under the walking impact China B2: Particles oral
Guo, Jianfang Chen, Li Tao, Wei Ji
of a scrub nurse

HP0684 Zhang, Jinping Angui Li, Desheng Li, Jianong Li Study on polydisperse particle deposition in a wind tunnel China B2: Particles oral-poster

Experimental study for the effect of building air tightness

HP0940 Zou, Zhijun Chen Huang, Hao Li, Jiao Cai, Xin Wang China B2: Particles oral
on indoor particle concentration

Page 30
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Sensitive and fast determination of organic acids in indoor B3: Control of indoor
HP0622 Apel, Christina Erik Uhde Germany oral-poster
air environment
Bolashikov, Zhecho Control of exposure to exhaled air from sick occupant with B3: Control of indoor
HP0876 Maria I. Barova, Arsen K. Melikov Denmark oral
Dimitrov wearable personal exhaust unit environment

Multi-criteria decision analysis applied to the control of B3: Control of indoor

HP0855 Boulet, Sylvain Jean-Luc Kouyoumji France oral
thermal, olfactory, visual and acoustic indoor environment environment

Pressure maintenance and air quality control in rooms B3: Control of indoor
HP0321 Brandt, Stefan Martin Kriegel Germany oral
with higher physical boundary conditions environment

Can demand controlled ventilation replace space heating B3: Control of indoor
HP0851 Cable, Axel Mads Mysen, Kari Thunshelle Norway oral-poster
in office buildings with low heating demand? environment

Automated control of ventilation and filtration to improve B3: Control of indoor

HP0522 Chan, Wanyu Toshifumi Hotchi, William J. Fisk USA oral
indoor air quality in residences environment

Chen-Yi Lin, Yi-Hsing Lin, Hsin-Ta Hsueh, Hsin Ce, S Co-doped TiO2 for photocatalyst degradation of B3: Control of indoor
HP0050 Chang, Chia-Wen Taiwan oral-poster
Chu dimethyl sulfide under visible light: parameters study environment

B3: Control of indoor

HP0466 Chang, Xiaomin Zhichao Deng, Xiaobo Li, Ping Chen Integrated indoor environment control system for hotels China oral
The experimental method to separate the convective heat
B3: Control of indoor
HP1016 Chen, Jianchang Chen Huang, Liugen Lv, Zhijun Zou transfer and radiant heat transfer in heat conduction of the China oral-poster

Simultaneous and effective control of indoor climate and B3: Control of indoor
HP0137 Cheng, Rui John Little, Wenjuan Wei, Yinping Zhang China oral
air quality: framework and preliminary evaluation environment

Performance evaluation of stratum ventilation with slot B3: Control of indoor

HP0234 Cheng, Yong Zhang Lin, Weiqin Wu, Ting Yao Hong Kong oral
diffuser using CFD environment
Air distribution and draught rate analysis for chilled beam B3: Control of indoor
HP1046 Chuah, Yew Shih P. Chuang Taiwan oral
cooling system environment
Visible ventilation: validating & illustrating the
B3: Control of indoor
HP1273 Collins, Thomas Alison G. Kwok, Sophia E. Duluk performance of a hybrid ventilation system in the united USA oral

The effect of the window temperature on the thermal B3: Control of indoor
HP0339 Fraňa, Karel Miloš Müller, Jianshun S. Zhang Czech Republic oral
comfort in a room heated by a floor convector environment

Research on fungal microorganisms growth of central air B3: Control of indoor

HP0971 Fu, Bailin Yang Lv, Chenguang Liu, Yuhang Shu China oral
conditioning system under various thermal conditions environment

Alaa Allouch, Pierre Bernhardt, Christophe A. Progress in the development of a colorimetric analytical B3: Control of indoor
HP0299 Guglielmino, Maud France oral
Serra, Stéphane L.E. Calvé method for on-line gaseous formaldehyde detection environment

Monica Berner, Maria J. Alonso, Frode Frydelund, Hygienic and Microbiological (HYGMIC) evaluation of air B3: Control of indoor
HP0409 Haugen, Elisabeth Norway oral
Bjarne Malvik intake and plants – ten-years-experience environment

Page 31
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Ventilation case study for improving hygrothermal B3: Control of indoor

HP1081 Honma, Yoshinori Japan oral-poster
condition of the emergency temporary housing environment

A numerical investigation of flow and concentration fields B3: Control of indoor

HP1341 Huang, Jeng-Min Fu-Jen Wang, Chen-Ku Li Taiwan oral-poster
in an operation room at low inlet air speed environment

Uncertainty analysis of peak cooling load calculation for B3: Control of Indoor
HP1442 Huang, Pei Gongsheng Huang Hong Kong oral-poster
HVAC system design Environment
John Dawson, Michael Breen, Sarany Singer, Effects of climate change on residential indoor-outdoor air B3: Control of indoor
HP0871 Ilacqua, Vito USA oral
Ashley Berg exchange environment
B3: Control of indoor
HP1246 Jia, Jing bo Pengyi Zhang Manganese-based catalysts for ozone decomposition China oral-poster
Youming Chen, Jian Liu, Zhixiong Ding, Qigao Self-adaptive control to improve energy efficiency and B3: Control of indoor
HP0482 Jiang, Hui China oral
Fu, Changliang Jiang thermal comfort for variable air volume system environment
Airflow patterns through a single hinged and a sliding- B3: Control of indoor
HP0821 Kalliomäki, Petri Pekka Saarinen, Julian W Tang, Hannu Koskela Finland oral
door in hospital isolation room environment
Controlled environments for VOC-sensitive manufacturing
B3: Control of indoor
HP1335 Keller, Markus Udo Gommel, Alexander Verl processes: from material classification to controlled IAQ in Germany oral
Evaluation of the indoor environment in an office room
B3: Control of indoor
HP0508 Krajčík, Michal Angela Simone, Roberta Tomasi, Bjarne W. Olesen equipped by displacement ventilation and radiant floor Slovakia oral
Marcel Loomans, Emelieke Huisman, Helianthe Indoor air in long term care facilities and spread of B3: Control of indoor
HP0618 Kulve, Marije Netherlands oral
Kort infectious diseases environment
The effects of moving objects on the transport of indoor air B3: Control of indoor
HP0826 Lee, Sihwan Beungyong Park, Takashi Kurabuchi Japan oral
pollutants environment
Manganese oxides films loading on activated carbon via in-
B3: Control of indoor
HP0791 Li, Jinge Pengyi Zhang situ reduction for formaldehyde removal at room China oral
Uncertainty impacts on reliability and energy-efficiency of B3: Control of indoor
HP1441 Liao, Yundan Gongsheng Huang, Yongjun Sun China oral-poster
chiller sequencing control environment

Highlighting indoor physico-chemical processes through

B3: Control of indoor
HP0306 Liaud, Céline Pierre Bernhardt, Stéphane L.E. Calvé the temporal monitoring of VOCs concentrations using an France oral-poster
automatic sampler coupled to GC analysis

A characteristic and kinetic study on photo-degradation of

B3: Control of indoor
HP0047 Lin, Yi-Hsing Chia-Wen Chang, Chen-Yi Lin, Hsin Chu dimethyl disulfide by S/Zn co-doped TiO2 under visible Taiwan oral-poster
Cécile Hort, Vincent Platel, Sabine Sochard, Ana
B3: Control of indoor
HP0397 Luengas, Angela Elias, Astrid Barona, Michel Ondarts, Anne Coupling biofiltration and adsorption to treat indoor VOCs France oral
Reguer, Gorka Gallastegui
Measurement and evaluation of a local environmental
B3: Control of indoor
HP0213 Luo, Xilian Xiangzhao Meng, Tianyu Li, Zhaolin Gu control system for relics preservation in archaeology China oral

Page 32
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Xiaorui Lin, Sumei Liu, Yulong Liu, Hao Li, Yi Design strategies for effective fresh air system suitable to B3: Control of indoor
HP0467 Ma, Aiming China oral-poster
Jiang residential buildings in China environment
Improving the indoor air quality in a school building by B3: Control of indoor
HP0075 Markowicz, Pawel Lennart Larsson Sweden oral-poster
using a surface emissions trap environment
Toi Matsuyama, Misato Baba, Yuji Ito, Tomoka Thermal performance of an energy efficient airflow B3: Control of indoor
HP1043 Matsumoto, Hiroshi Japan oral-poster
Tanishita window in buildings environment
Numerical investigation on different operation controls of
Satoru Iizuka, Masaya Okumiya, Gyuyoung Yoon, B3: Control of indoor
HP0767 Matsunaga, Hiroki a multi-split air-conditioning system during a power- Japan oral
Hideharu Niwa, Yingli Xuan environment
saving period
B3: Control of indoor
HP1509 Meadow, James What’s in your personal microbial cloud? USA oral
Contribution of Rotor-Turbine Ventilator (RTV) on indoor B3: Control of indoor
HP0385 Mentese, Sibel Osman Cotuker, Burak Selcuk Turkey oral-poster
air quality of a cafeteria environment
A longitudinal study about house characteristics and B3: Control of indoor
HP0480 Nakai, Satoshi Jun Kohzaki, Sayaka Murata, Yukio Yanagisawa Japan oral-poster
indoor environment environment
Hyeon-Ju Oh, Jinman Kim, Jinho Yang, Jong- B3: Control of indoor
HP1050 Nam, In-Sick Penetration of outdoor particles and NO2 into the building Korea South oral-poster
Ryeul Sohn environment
Chemical emissions from e-cigarettes: direct and indirect B3: Control of indoor
HP1448 Offermann, Francis USA oral
passive exposures environment
In-Sick Nam, Jinman Kim, Jinho Yang, Jong-Ryeul Assessment of particles and bio-aerosols distributed within B3: Control of indoor
HP1048 Oh, Hyeon-Ju Korea South oral
Sohn a building located in heavy traffic area environment
High-temperature cooling & low-temperature heating AC
B3: Control of indoor
HP1129 Ooura, Keisuke Katsuhiro Urano system (Part 1). Evaluation of energy saving in an office in Japan oral
Design of salt water model experiment based on large
space air-conditioned with low-sidewall air supply and B3: Control of indoor
HP1072 Qin, Jun Chen Huang, Xin Wang China oral
research on energy ratio entrained by medium-height environment
return air grille
Guillaume Wyart, Corinne Mandin, Patrice
Blondeau, Pierre-André Cabanes, Nathalie Association of carbon dioxide with indoor air pollutants B3: Control of indoor
HP1103 Ramalho, Olivier France oral
Leclerc, Jean-Ulrich Mullot, Guillaume Boulanger, and exceedance of health guideline values environment
Matteo Redaelli
B3: Control of indoor
HP1019 Rose, William Paul W. Francisco, Zachary Merrin Radon reduction through floor air sealing USA oral-poster
AgBB strategies for reduction of VOC emissions from
B3: Control of indoor
HP1322 Scutaru, Ana Maria Christine Daeumling indoor products – experiences and progress in Germany oral-poster
harmonisation in Europe
Ulla Haverinen-Shaughnessy, Greg Whiteley, An assessment of effectiveness of cleaning critical surfaces B3: Control of indoor
HP1051 Shaughnessy, Richard USA oral
Nisha Shakila, Eugene Cole in elementary schools environment
A field test to performance of upper-room UVGI in B3: Control of indoor
HP1031 Su, Chunxiao Josephine Lau, Shawn G. Gibbs USA oral
elementary school environment
An intervention study on the absence of the upper
B3: Control of indoor
HP1075 Tsao, Yung-Chieh Yaw-Huei Hwang respiratory infection in the water-damaged indoor Taiwan oral-poster
environment of a kindergarten

Page 33
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Comfortable thermal environment for people sensitive to B3: Control of indoor

HP0587 Tsuzuki, Hiromasa Shin-Ichi Tanabe, Yutaka Sato, Mariko Saito Japan oral
cold in housing during summer environment

High-temperature cooling & low-temperature heating AC

B3: Control of indoor
HP1130 Urano, Katsuhiro Keisuke Ooura, Satoru Kuno, Teruyuki Saito system (Part 2). Evaluation of thermal comfort with all air Japan oral
supplied induction radiant and laminar flow AC

Linette Nygaard, Zhecho D. Bolashikov, Arsen K.

Human response to individually controlled micro B3: Control of indoor
HP0880 Uth, Simon Melikov, Risto Kosonen, Panu Mustakallio, Ilari Denmark oral
environment generated with localized chilled beam environment
Limitations of carbon monoxide controlled garage B3: Control of indoor
HP1085 van Berkel, Samuel Canada oral
ventilation environment
Practical investigation of IEQ measurements in an office- B3: Control of indoor
HP1421 Vladykova, Petra Francesco Errico Sweden oral
retail building environment

Evaluation of indoor environment parameters and energy- B3: Control of indoor

HP0516 Wang, Fujen Mengchieh Lee, Tongbou Chang, Chunyuan Hsu Taiwan oral
efficient HVAC system for an unoccupied operating room environment

Zheliang Chen, Yi Jiang, Qianchuan Zhao, Yin Preliminary study on perception-based indoor thermal B3: Control of indoor
HP0492 Wang, Fulin China oral
Zhao environment control environment
A study on the purging flow rate and local mean age of air
B3: Control of indoor
HP1179 Wang, Huan Chen Huang, Qianru Zhang in a large space building with side-wall air supply and China oral-poster
stratified air conditioning system

In-site deposition of birnessite nanosphere on polyster B3: Control of indoor

HP1120 Wang, Jinlong Pengyi Zhang China oral
fiber for formaldehyde removal at room temperature environment

Chao-Heng Tseng, Shau-Yuan Liu, Huang-Chin Indoor air quality diagnostic expert system for optimal B3: Control of indoor
HP0271 Wang, Kai-Feng Taiwan oral
Wang, Sy-Yuan Kang improvement measures environment
Field measurement and analysis of air quality inside B3: Control of indoor
HP0465 Wang, Pengfei Haoran Wei, Yi Jiang China oral-poster
subway environment
A prediction method for the indoor air relative humidity of
B3: Control of indoor
HP0214 Wang, Xiaoliang Lei He, Bo Lei, Haiquan Bi the room with constant temperature and humidity based China oral
on the heat balance
Experimental investigations on characterization of mini-
B3: Control of indoor
HP0727 Wang, Yu Zhou Lingchang environments in a cleanroom with non-unidirectional China oral-poster
B3: Control of indoor
HP0120 Xu, Yao Xiaosong Zhang, Qing Cheng A novel air dehumidification method using electrodialysis China oral
B3: Control of indoor
HP1405 Xu, Yuzhen Chao Zheng, Yifan Huang, Zhen Liu, Keping Yan Inactivation of bio-aerosols by non-thermal plasma China oral-poster

Comparison and integration of generic algorithm and B3: Control of indoor

HP0595 Xue, Yu Zhiqiang (John) Zhai China oral
adjoint algorithm for optimizing indoor environments environment

Analysis of indoor hygrothermal conditions in residential B3: Control of indoor

HP0308 Yang, Jun Menghao Qin China oral
buildings during the plum rain season in Southeast China environment

Page 34
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Moisture-buffering assessment of materials applied in a

B3: Control of indoor
HP0099 Yeh, Yu-Chun Yaw-Shyan Tsay residential unit in Taiwan by using the mold germination Taiwan oral-poster
graph method
Experimental research on ceiling radiant panel combined B3: Control of indoor
HP0318 Yuan, Yongli Xiang Zhou, Xu Zhang China oral
with different air distribution system environment
Sodium promoted Pd/TiO2 for catalytic oxidation of B3: Control of indoor
HP0540 Zhang, Changbin Yaobin Li, Hong He China oral-poster
formaldehyde at ambient temperature environment

The characteristics of the air temperature distributions

with different heat source powers in a large space building B3: Control of indoor
HP1061 Zhang, Qianru Chen Huang, Huan Wang, Zhijun Zou China oral-poster
under the stratified air conditioning system with low- environment
sidewall air inlets and middle-height air outlets

Assessment of boiler and heat pump using R744 based B3: Control of indoor
HP0058 Zhang, Xianping Xinli Wei, Xiaoge Chen, Huan Ma, Huanlin Duan China oral-poster
natural mixture as working fluid environment
A field study of indoor environment quality of super high-
Borong Lin, Fan Lu, Ye Zhao,Yanchen Liu, Bo B3: Control of indoor
HP0728 Zhao, Haitian rise buildings with temperature and humidity China oral
Peng environment
independent control system
Visual environmental quality control using human B3: Control of indoor
HP0916 Zhu, Rui Joon-Ho Choi, Douglas Noble, Karen Kensek USA oral-poster
physiological signal in an office workplace environment
Hirotaka Ide, Hiroshi Asada, Yasunori Narita, A study on adsorption performance of sorptive building B3: Control of indoor
HP1188 Yamashita, Kohtaro Japan oral-poster
Atsuo Nozaki materials for chemical and odor substances environment

Page 35
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Evaluation of set points for moisture supply and volatile

HP0901 Abdul-Hamid, Akram Sulaiman El-Zoubi, Sulaiman Omid organic compounds as controlling parameters for demand Sweden B4: Ventilation oral
controlled ventilation in multifamily houses

Comparison of single-sided ventilation characteristics

HP0216 Ai, Zhengtao Cheuk-Ming Mak, Dongjin Cui between single-room and multistory buildings due to wind Hong Kong B4: Ventilation oral

Pollutant penetration into idealized naturally ventilated

HP0723 An, Karl Jimmy C.H. Fung, David C. Wong China B4: Ventilation oral
residences by wind driven flow using CFD approach

HP0053 Atwal, Loveleen Rodrigo Mora, Gamal Mustapha Ventilation for a house as a system Canada B4: Ventilation oral
Air infiltration into naturally ventilated apartments in
HP1090 Björling, Mikael Dan Jönsson, Hans Bagge, Dennis Johansson Sweden B4: Ventilation oral
multifamily dwellings
Arsen K. Melikov, Lauris Rezgals, Aleksandra
Bolashikov, Zhecho Comparison of radiant and convective cooling of office
HP0875 Lipczynska, Panu Mustakallio, Risto Kosonen, Denmark B4: Ventilation oral
Dimitrov room: effect of workstation layout
Ilari Aho

Corinne Mandin, Olivier Ramalho, Guillaume

Ventilation characterization of 17 nursery and elementary
HP1396 Canha, Nuno Wyart, Jacques Ribéron, Claire Dassonville, Otto Portugal B4: Ventilation oral
schools in France and its impact on indoor air pollution
Hänninen, Susana M. Almeida, Mickael Derbez

A comparison between two Underfloor Air Distribution

HP0069 Chen, Bin Stefano Schiavon, Fred S. Bauman, Qingyan Chen USA B4: Ventilation oral
(UFAD) design tools
Impact of air guide design of residential balcony on indoor
HP0690 Chen, Nientsu Chun-Ta Tzeng, Yawshyan Tsay, Chijung Chen Taiwan B4: Ventilation oral-poster
ventilation in Southern Taiwan
Numerical comparison of indoor air quality and local
HP0545 Cheng, Yong Zhang Lin, Ting Yao, Weiqin Wu thermal comfort in a classroom with three ventilation Hong Kong B4: Ventilation oral
Alternative stratified air distribution designs in a terminal
HP0639 Cheng, Yuanda Jianlei Niu, Zhenyu Du, Yonggang Lei China B4: Ventilation oral
Numerical Analysis of Wind-Driven Cross Ventilation in
HP0411 Chu, Chia-Ren Bo-Fan Chiang Taiwan B4: Ventilation oral
Long Buildings
Effect of an upstream building on natural ventilation
HP0218 Cui, Dongjin Cheuk-Ming Mak, Zhengtao Ai Hong Kong B4: Ventilation oral-poster
performance of multi-story buildings

Riccardo Issoglio, Juslin Koffi, Mohamed E.L. Performance evaluation of natural ventilation through
HP0712 Cui, Shuqing France B4: Ventilation oral
Mankibi, Pascal Stabat, Dominique Marchio windows with horizontal blade shutters

Which DOAS configuration is preferred? A simulation

HP1035 Deng, Shihan Josephine Lau USA B4: Ventilation oral
study in 5 U.S. climates
A controlled ventilation strategy for Ontario homes: a
HP1339 Di Placido, Adam Kim Pressnail comparative analysis of energy-use, air quality, and Canada B4: Ventilation oral
Impact of building ventilation systems on the operation of
HP0807 Diallo, Thierno Bernard Collignan, Francis Allard France B4: Ventilation oral
passive soil depressurization systems

Page 36
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Numerical studies on ventilation and pollutant dispersion

HP1440 Duan, Cui-e Zhaolin Gu, Jane Wei-Zhen Lu China B4: Ventilation oral-poster
in residence community with different building layouts

Analysis of hybrid ventilation in buildings with large

HP1385 Duan, Shuangping Chengjun Jing, Xiaomiao Lei China B4: Ventilation oral
Numerical study on efficiency of natural ventilation in a
HP1311 Fang, Min Henggen Shen China B4: Ventilation oral-poster
long-span mine-selecting plant in cold area
A fast laser optical method for the evaluation of the
HP0967 Freitag, Henning Christian Kampers, Martin Schmidt, Dirk Müller Germany B4: Ventilation oral-poster
ventilation effectiveness
Solution multiplicity of natural ventilation in two
HP0207 Gong, Jian China B4: Ventilation oral
horizontally-connected heated compartments

PIV experiment analysis of indoor flow field under wind-

HP1395 Guan, Yanling Angui Li, Qiaoning Wang, Erwei Qin China B4: Ventilation oral
driven natural ventilation with different window openings

HP0633 Gunner, Amalie Niels Christian Bergsøe, Alireza Afshari Saving energy for ventilation using decentralised duct fans Denmark B4: Ventilation oral

The optimization rule for the ventilation effectiveness of

HP0230 He, Lei Xiaoliang Wang, Bo Lei, Haiquan Bi, Yao Chen China B4: Ventilation oral
CPSD vents in the subway station
Prospects of reactivating historical stack ventilation
HP0629 Hellwig, Runa Christian Tanzer, Michael Sedlmeier Germany B4: Ventilation oral
systems in schools - a measurement analysis
Numerical comparison of local and global air distribution
HP0322 Hofer, Valeria Stefan Brandt, Martin Kriegel Germany B4: Ventilation oral
in terraced assembly rooms
Poor indoor air quality measured in UK class rooms,
HP0324 Iddon, Christopher Nick Hudleston increasing the risk of reduced pupil academic performance United Kingdom B4: Ventilation oral
and health
Single-sided natural ventilation through a centre-pivot roof
HP0226 Iqbal, Ahsan Peter V. Nielsen, Amalie Gunner, Alireza Afshari Denmark B4: Ventilation oral-poster
Shi Shu, Cynthia Howard-Reed, Zuhaira Alhafi, Investigation of air exchange and occupancy rates in big-
HP0957 Jareemit, Daranee USA B4: Ventilation oral
Jelena Srebric box retail buildings
Numerical investigation of natural cross ventilation in
HP0610 Jin, Ruiqiu Jian Hang hospital rooms of a multi-storey building by coupling China B4: Ventilation oral
indoor and outdoor airflow
Supply air heating in dwellings – study on indoor
HP0240 Johansson, Dennis Robin Karlsson, Tomas Larsson temperatures and air movements by measurements and Sweden B4: Ventilation oral

Case study of window and ventilation refurbishment –

HP0660 Justo Alonso, Maria Hans Martin Mathisen, Johan Halvarsson Norway B4: Ventilation oral
simulation on indoor environment quality

Analytical model based investigation of ventilation system

HP0939 Kajtar, Laszlo Laszlo Kajtar Hungary B4: Ventilation oral-poster
energy consumption
Alan Väli, Urve Kallavus, Lembit Kurik, Üllar
HP1354 Kalamees, Targo Indoor climate and ventilation in Estonian manor schools Estonia B4: Ventilation oral-poster

Page 37
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Field measurement and CFD simulation of residual

HP0635 Kameishi, Keiji Yuta Toda, Yunqing Fan, Kazuhide Ito lifetime of CO2 in office space for developing demand Japan B4: Ventilation oral-poster
controlled energy recovery ventilator
Luca Baldini, Hansjürg Leibundgut, Jan Andre Introduction of a novel ventilation strategy recirculating
HP0355 Kim, Moon Keun Switzerland B4: Ventilation oral-poster
Wurzbacher, Nic Piatkowski indoor air with CO2 capture device

Teruyuki Saito, Satoru Kuno, Yukiko Yoshida, The effect of window opening area on the indoor thermal
HP0495 Kishi, Sayako Japan B4: Ventilation oral
Saki Ota, Mayumi Mimura environment of Japanese housing with cross ventilation

CO2 sensor versus Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

HP1009 Kolarik, Jakub sensor – analysis of field measurement data and Denmark B4: Ventilation oral-poster
implications for demand controlled ventilation
Air and air contaminant flows in office cubicles with and
HP0395 Kong, Meng Jianshun Zhang, Jingjing Wang without personal ventilation: a CFD modelling and USA B4: Ventilation oral
simulation study
Unsteady supply air to improve energy efficiency, thermal
HP0393 Kriegel, Martin Eugen Lichtner Germany B4: Ventilation oral
an hygienic comfort especially at part load
Potential assessment of an innovative hybrid ventilator for
HP0057 Lai, Chi-Ming Tzyy-Hwang Shieh Taiwan B4: Ventilation oral
building ventilation
Numerical analysis of the thermal stratification modelling
Marc O. Abadie, Emmanuel Bozonnet, Patrick
HP0947 Lapisa, Remon effect on comfort for the case of a commercial low-rise France B4: Ventilation oral-poster
Occupancy estimation method using dynamic neural
HP1204 Lee, Jungyong Kyung-Jin Jang, Hwataik Han network model based on CO2 concentration and Korea South B4: Ventilation oral
additional factors
Annika Feige, Marcel Janser, Christian Monn, Field study of natural, mechanical and hybrid ventilation
HP0283 Leiblein, Thomas Holger Wallbaum, Lukas Windlinger, Thomas systems of 27 office buildings in the temperate zone Switzerland B4: Ventilation oral
Hofmann country Switzerland
A method to measure three dimensional airflow rates in an
HP0504 Li, Fei Bingye Li, Junjie Liu China B4: Ventilation oral
aircraft cabin
Field testing of natural ventilation in college student
HP0632 Li, Haoru Meiwei Qi, Xiaofeng Li China B4: Ventilation oral
dormitories in Beijing, China
Analysis on energy saving potential of FCUs with cooling
Xianting Li, Xiaoliang Shao, Luping Wang, Chong
HP0427 Liang, Chao water in the upper zone in large-space buildings with China B4: Ventilation oral
Shen, Huiying Ma
stratified air-conditioning system
Xuan Jiang, Xiaoliang Shao, Luping Wang, Equivalent contaminant source: a new index to evaluate
HP0428 Liang, Chao China B4: Ventilation oral
Xianting Li the local ventilation performance

Simulation analysis for airflow and reduction of cooling

HP1278 Lin, Kan Shinsuke Kato, Togo Yoshidomi Japan B4: Ventilation oral
load in the forced active ventilated wall of detached house

CO2-based dynamic reset of outdoor airflow rate for

HP1254 Lin, Xingbin Josephine Lau USA B4: Ventilation oral
multiple zone HVAC systems
Experimental study on human exposure to occupant
HP0866 Lu, Pengfei Zhecho D. Bolashikov, Arsen K. Melikov generated pollutants in rooms with ductless personalized Denmark B4: Ventilation oral

Page 38
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Ventilation as mitigation of PCB contaminated air in

HP1239 Lyng, Nadja Niels Trap, Helle V. Andersen, Lars Gunnarsen Denmark B4: Ventilation oral
buildings: review of nine cases in Denmark
Wanyu R. Chan, Katia Eliseeva, Mark J. Mendell,
Ventilation rates per person and per unit floor area affect
HP0990 Maddalena, Randy Marion Russell, Usha Satish, Douglas P. Sullivan, USA B4: Ventilation oral
decision making
William J. Fisk

Comparison of contaminant removal effectiveness and air

HP0250 Monteiro, Joaquim Olga S. Castro Portugal B4: Ventilation oral
change efficiency as indicator of air diffusion quality

Experimental study on mass transfer of contaminants

HP0403 Nie, Jinzhe Lei Fang through an enthalpy recovery unit with polymer Denmark B4: Ventilation oral
membrane foils
Field measurements of thermal environment of a medium-
Yasushi Kondo, Hajime Yoshino, Miwako Fujita,
HP0818 Ogita, Shunsuke sized electric commercial kitchen with ceiling supply Japan B4: Ventilation oral
Osamu Nagase
displacement ventilation system
To improvement of natural ventilation strategy for energy
HP0874 Park, Beungyong Sihwan Lee, Takashi Kurabuchi, Tatuo Nagai Japan B4: Ventilation oral-poster
saving in a university classroom
Influence of re-entrant typology in wind-induced natural
HP1444 Qin, Hao Stephen S. Y. Lau ventilation and pollutant dispersion based on coupled CFD Hong Kong B4: Ventilation oral-poster

Impact of increasing outdoor ventilation rates on energy

HP0203 Rim, Donghyun Stefano Schiavon, William W. Nazaroff USA B4: Ventilation oral
consumption for office buildings in tropical climates

Ammonia and methane emissions from a hybrid ventilated

HP0211 Rong, Li Dezhao Liu, Guoqiang Zhang, Erling F. Pedersen dairy cow building and impacts of wind velocity and air Denmark B4: Ventilation oral
temperature on air exchange rate
Experimental study about the infiltration rates distribution
HP0262 Shi, Shanshan Bin Zhao China B4: Ventilation oral
of residential houses in Beijing, China

HP0551 Taheri, Mahnameh Matthias Schuss, Alfred Fail, Ardeshir Mahdavi A comparative field study of space ventilation systems Austria B4: Ventilation oral-poster

A study on application of ventilation and air-conditioning

Hiroshi Yoshino, Akira Satake, Hikaru Kobayashi,
system using desiccant material and solar thermal energy
HP1404 Takaki, Rie Koji Moriya, Seizo Baba, Akimitsu Taneichi Japan B4: Ventilation oral
to real building -outline of system and results on system
performance of field survey in summer

Research of the ventilation performance prediction of a

HP0343 Takizawa, Masaharu Takashi Kurabuchi, Masaaki Ohba Japan B4: Ventilation oral
Effects of wing-wall on the natural ventilation in nearby
HP1104 Tang, Shiu-Keung Hong Kong B4: Ventilation oral
indoor spaces
Long-term field measurements and performance
HP0542 Toda, Yuta Keiji Kameishi, Kazuhide Ito assessment of CO2-demand-controlled energy recovery Japan B4: Ventilation oral
Decentralized ventilation heat recovery using fine copper
HP1084 van Berkel, Samuel Kim D. Pressnail Canada B4: Ventilation oral-poster

Page 39
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Assessment of air change rate and contribution ratio in

HP0258 Wang, Qun Mats Sandberg, Jian Hang China B4: Ventilation oral
idealized urban canopy layers by tracer gas simulations

The influence of the usage of mixing fans in ventilation

HP0925 Wang, Ying Bolun Zheng, Xiaofeng Li China B4: Ventilation oral-poster
rate test

HP0270 Wu, Weiqin Zhang Lin Influence of a moving manikin under stratum ventilation China B4: Ventilation oral

Lei Fang, Bjarne W. Olesen, Jianing Zhao, Fenghao Comparison of mixing and displacement ventilation in a
HP0088 Wu, Xiaozhou China B4: Ventilation oral
Wang low energy office building during heating season

Numerical study of feasibility of fabric diffuser for stratum

HP0344 Yao, Ting Zhang Lin Hong Kong B4: Ventilation oral
Residential bathroom exhaust fan energy performance
HP0906 Yin, Peng James F. Sweeney, Michael B. Pate evaluations conducted in a well-instrumented laboratory USA B4: Ventilation oral
Study of ventilation parameters on indoor carbon dioxide
HP1216 Yu, Conson S.L. Wong, Alvin C.K. Lai Hong Kong B4: Ventilation oral-poster
and fine particulate matter concentrations
Research on indoor natural ventilation of enclosed housing
HP0373 Zhang, Zhuopeng Lihua Zhao China B4: Ventilation oral-poster
estates in Guangzhou
Analysis and discussion of the indoor thermal
HP1257 Zhao, Haoliang Xu Zhang, Xiang Zhou environment of college teaching building during transition China B4: Ventilation oral
season when used natural ventilation
Calculation of single-sided ventilation due to unsteady
HP1381 Zhou, Junli Danling Fan, Guoqiang Zhang, Yan Hu, Wei Yang China B4: Ventilation oral
wind pressure— Part 1 pulsating rate
Calculation of single-sided ventilation due to unsteady
Danling Fan, Guoqiang Zhang, Yan Hu, Yaolin
HP1382 Zhou, Junli wind pressure—Part 2 mean flow rate and numerical China B4: Ventilation oral-poster

Page 40
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Filtration of ultrafine particles from tobacco smoke using

HP0249 Afshari, Alireza Niels C. Bergsøe, Siamak R. Ardkapan an ionizer in combination with an electrostatic fibrous Denmark B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral-poster
Pawel Markowicz, Lennart Larsson, Niels C. Evaluating the effectiveness of two membranes in blocking
HP0507 Afshari, Alireza Denmark B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
Bergsøe, Siamak R. Ardkapan chemicals
A method to estimate the health benefits of activated
HP0711 Aldred, Josh Richard Corsi USA B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
carbon filtration
A benefit-cost analysis of activated carbon filtration in long-
HP0714 Aldred, Josh Erin Darling, Richard Corsi USA B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
term healthcare facilities
Olivier Debono, Cécile Raillard, Valérie Hequet,
Influence of operating parameters of photocatalytic
HP0433 Batault, Frédéric Yves Andres, Frédéric Thevenet, Nadine Locoge, France B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral-poster
systems on the degradation of an indoor VOC mixture
Laurence L.E. Coq

Chiyomi Mizutani, Arsen K. Melikov, Zhecho D. Efficiency of deodorant materials for ammonia reduction
HP0879 Bivolarova, Mariya Denmark B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
Bolashikov, Tomonori Sakoi, Kanji Kajiwara in indoor air

Experimental characterization and modeling of a

HP0615 Blondeau, Patrice Céline Seguy, Jérôme Nicolle, Marc O. Abadie functional wall covering removing formaldehyde from the France B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
indoor air
PM2.5 & PM1 health impact and importance of changing
HP1383 Boni, Andre Gloria Geng China B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
filter standards in HVAC filtration
Catherine J. Noakes, P. Andrew Sleigh, Amirul In-Duct UVGI air sterilisation: optimisation study for high
HP1022 Capetillo, Azael United Kingdom B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
Khan performance energy efficient systems
Nitrogen-doping granular activated carbon to enhance
HP0997 Carter, Ellison Lynn E. Katz, Gerald E. Speitel Jr surface-mediated removal of formaldehyde from indoor USA B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
Indoor/outdoor pollutant relationships in an air-
Qingliang Cao, Jin Zhou, William W. Nazaroff,
HP0673 Chen, Ailu conditioned room during and after the 2013 haze in Singapore B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
Bin Yang, Victor W.C. Chang
Laboratory and field demonstration of energy-efficient
Meera Sidheswaran, Sebastian Cohn, Douglas
HP1026 Destaillats, Hugo VOC removal using a manganese oxide catalyst at room USA B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
Sullivan, William J. Fisk
Experimental study on energy performance of clean air
HP0407 Fang, Lei Jinzhe Nie, Bjarne W. Olesen Denmark B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
heat pump

Application of PTR-MS for characterizing photocatalytic

HP0869 Feilberg, Anders Hongqing Yao Denmark B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral-poster
air cleaning of volatile organic compounds

Experimental evaluation of pollutant emissions from room

HP0181 Gao, Zhi Jianshun Zhang China B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
air cleaners
Performances, classification and impact on energy
HP0105 Ginestet, Alain Dominique Pugnet, Laure Mouradian consumption of air filters for balanced ventilation systems France B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
with heat recovery for dwellings
Filtration performances of fibrous filters clogged with
Aurélie C. Joubert, Yves Andres, Christophe
HP0392 Gonzalez, Luisa PM10 and microbial aerosols: influence of ventilation stops France B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
Renner, Myriam Liard, Laurence L.E. Coq
in lab-scale-HVAC-unit

Page 41
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

A survey on air filter’s usage situation of HVAC systems in

HP0550 Guo, Liujie Jun Gao, Guangyu Cao, Aimo Taipale China B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral-poster
Achim Breidenbach, Gerd Brosig, Thomas
Filtration performance of particulate air filters for general
HP1417 Haep, Stefan Engelke, Eckhard Däuber, Suhartiningsih, Frank Germany B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
ventilation, lab testing vs. real life
Schmidt, Shichang Wang

Indoor relative performance and challenges of activated

HP0064 Han, KwangHoon Jensen S. Zhang carbon and non-AC filtration techniques in reducing high USA B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
and low concentrations of outdoor pollutants-O3/NO2

Mini-scale experiments to evaluate gaseous chemical

HP0295 Hasegawa, Asako Kei Toda, Seiya Tanaka, Takumi Murozumi Japan B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral-poster
removal efficiency of interior finishing materials

The Application of Mobile Air Cleaners using Negative

HP0024 Havermans, John Netherlands B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
Ions in Contaminated Entomology Repositories

Xiaotong Yin, Xin Zhang, Junjie Liu, Jingjing Pei, Performance of air cleaners for removing gaseous and
HP0680 Hou, Yuefei China B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
Zhiqiang Wang particulate pollutants

HP1114 Hyun, Junho Daehoon Park, Jungho Hwang Filtration and inactivation of aerosolized virus with air ion Korea South B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral

Energy efficient reduction of fine and ultra-fine dust in a

HP0038 Jacobs, Piet Hans Phaff, Marita Voogt Netherlands B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
Capturing and inactivation of airborne virus with SiO2-Ag
HP0751 Joe, Yun haeng Kyoungja Woo, Jungho Hwang Korea South B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
nanoparticle coated air filter
Toshio Tanaka, Yoshio Okamoto, Tatsumi Dust removal performance of air purifier using ESP
HP1209 Kagawa, Kenkichi Japan B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
Enokida, Yasunori Narita, Atsuo Nozaki technology for PM2.5 and nanoparticles
Development of a High Efficiency Cabin Air (HECA)
HP0888 Lee, Eon David C.C. Fung, Yifang Zhu filtration system to reduce children’s exposure to air USA B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
pollutants inside schools buses
Air purifier performance and the spatial variation in a
HP1145 Lee, Wan-Chen Jack Wolfson, Jun Young Yoo, Petros Koutrakis USA B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral-poster
single residential room
An improved method for purification durability test of
HP0341 Li, Mu Jinhan Mo, Jianbang Xiang, Yinping Zhang adsorption-type household air cleaners for volatile organic China B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
Development and validation of a state-of-the-art test rig for
HP0438 Liu, Lumeng Yi Lu, Jingjing Pei, Junjie Liu particulate and gaseous filtration evaluation for road China B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral-poster
vehicle air filters
Development and application of a physics-based
HP1057 Logue, Jennifer Melissa M. Lunden, Brett C Singer simulation model to investigate residential PM2.5 USA B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
composition and size distribution across the US
Performance of low concentration ozone catalytic
HP0361 Lu, Yi Jingjing Pei, Zhiqiang Wang, Hejiang Sun China B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
decomposition by CuO/MnO2
Experimental study of combustion characteristics of air
HP0808 Ma, Huan Henggen Shen, Chan Xia China B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral-poster
filtration materials

Page 42
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

The development and assessment of an energy efficient air

HP1400 Mcnabola, Aonghus Laurence Gill Ireland B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
pollution control device for building ventilation systems.

Mariya P. Bivolarova, Arsen K. Melikov, Zhecho Air cleaning efficiency of deodorant materials under
HP0870 Mizutani, Chiyomi Japan B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
D. Bolashikov, Tomonori Sakoi, Kanji Kajiwara dynamic conditions: effect of air flow rate

Microbial particles release from preloaded fibrous filters at

HP0141 Morisseau, Kévin Aurélie Joubert, Laurence L.E. Coq, Yves Andres France B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
a simulated restart of ventilation in controlled conditions

Decomposition performance of air purifier using Streamer

Yoshio Okamoto, Tatsumi Enokida, Toshio
HP1189 Narita, Yasunori discharge technology for chemical substances adhering to Japan B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral-poster
Tanaka, Kenkichi Kagawa, Atsuo Nozaki
A study on the odor substance countermeasure technology
HP1154 Nishina, Hisato Atsuo Nozaki Japan B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral-poster
in the toilet space
Study on effective air cleaning ranges of air cleaners in
HP0782 Noh, Kwang-Chul Myung-Do Oh, Sung-Il Cha Korea South B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
Reduction of indoor air concentration of formaldehyde by
HP0525 Oikawa, Daisuke Taisuke Shindo, Yoshika Sekine adsorptive polymer for preventing long term exposure Japan B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral-poster
effects in residences

Indoor PM10 concentrations in a middle school classroom

HP0713 Oyatogun, Oluwaseun Shelly L. Miller USA B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
during pottery activities with and without air cleaners

Application of metal doped TiO2/glass fiber for bioaerosol

HP0934 Pham, Thanh-Dong Byeong-Kyu Lee, Chi-Hyeon Lee Korea South B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral-poster
disinfection under visible

Impact of residential HVAC filtration on indoor

HP0911 Ptak, Thad Chrystal Gillilan USA B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
concentration of PM1.0 and PM2.5 particulate matter

The impact of electrostatic air cleaning in free-ranging egg

HP0221 Rosén, Karl Sweden B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
Field testing to estimate ozone emission rates of in-duct air
HP1052 Shaughnessy, Richard David Reisdorph, Glenn Morrison USA B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
cleaners in occupied homes
A laboratory method for measuring ozone emission from
HP1041 Siegel, Jeffrey Atila Novoselac, Glenn C. Morrison Canada B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
in-duct air cleaners
Alicja Siuta-Olcha, Slawomira M. Dumala,
Skwarczynski, Impact of ventilation and air conditioning systems on
HP1262 Urszula Gaska-Jedrduch, Marzenna R. Dudzinska, Poland B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral-poster
Mariusz indoor air quality in a classroom
Magdalena Szyszkowska
Applying real-time bioaerosol monitor to evaluate upper-
HP1032 Su, Chunxiao Josephine Lau, Fang Yu USA B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
room UVGI in Classroom
Evaluation methodology of removal performance of
HP1205 Tanaka, Toshio Kenkichi Kagawa, Yasunori Narita, Atsuo Nozaki Japan B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
portable air purifiers for gaseous substances
Dreaming about bricks: passive particulate filtration with
HP0917 Trudell, Carmen USA B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral-poster
wall-embedded cyclones
Procedure to quantify long-term particle removal
HP1410 van der Graaf, Tim Thomas Caesar, Hartmut Finger Netherlands B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
performance of household air purifiers

Page 43
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Jean Sablayrolles, Caroline Demathieu-Roeltgen, Lowering formaldehyde concentrations in the indoor air
HP0494 Vennekens, Davy France B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
Katarzyna Chuda by using scavengers in gypsum products
New developed framework for breakthrough curve
Vizhemehr, Ali
HP0890 Fariborz Haghighat, Gordon Mckay prediction at typical indoor levels of concentration and Hong Kong B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
relative humidity

Development of air cleaners based on the integration of

HP0801 Wang, Juan Pengyi Zhang, Bo Zhang China B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral-poster
advanced oxidation and water washing

Gabriel M. Manzo, George G. Chase, Henggen Experimental study on thickness shrinkage of fine fibrous
HP1364 Wu, Yiren China B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
Shen media in gas-liquid coalescence filtration
An energy efficient air filtration technique with acoustic
HP0187 Yuen, Wai Sau C. Fu, Christopher Y.H. Chao Hong Kong B5: Filtration and air cleaning oral
radiation force and acoustic streaming

Page 44
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Predicting the personal exposure of office workers to PM10 B6: Measurement and
HP1399 Mccreddin, Andrew Aonghus Mcnabola Ireland oral
using differing modelling approaches prediction
An improved method to evaluate indoor microclimatic
B6: Prediction &
HP1375 Ali, Maisarah Majeed Oladokun, Samsul B. Osman data: case study of a book archive in a hot and humid Malaysia oral
3D annual building energy simulation with transient B6: Prediction &
HP0346 Askan, Tunc Martin Kriegel Germany oral
thermal comfort prediction measurement
B6: Prediction &
HP0347 Askan, Tunc Martin Kriegel 3D decomposed particle tracking velocimetry Germany oral
Formaldehyde emission behavior of building materials: on-
B6: Prediction &
HP0491 Bourdin, Delphine Pierre Mocho, Valérie Desauziers, Hervé Plaisance site measurements and modeling approach to predict France oral
indoor air
Measurement of gas-phase SVOCs using SPME: calibration B6: Prediction &
HP0122 Cao, Jianping Jianyin Xiong, Lixin Wang, Yinping Zhang China oral
method measurement

Fast prediction of indoor pollutant dispersion based on B6: Prediction &

HP0484 Cao, Shi-Jie Johan Meyers China oral
low-dimensional reduced-order ventilation models measurement

Unsteady CFD simulations for prediction of airflow close B6: Prediction &
HP0209 Cehlin, Mathias Taghi Karimipanh, Ulf Larsson Sweden oral
to a supply device for displacement ventilation measurement

Pengcheng Zhao, Weidong Sun, Huanxin Chen, A simplified method of modelling fabric air dispersion B6: Prediction &
HP1436 Chen, Fujiang China oral
Jinliang Wang, Changling Wang, Qingsheng You system in penetration mode measurement

Indoor dampness and mold as indicators of respiratory

health risks, Part 6: comparison of champs simulation of B6: Prediction &
HP1419 Chen, Wenhao Janet M. Macher, Kazukiyo Kumagai USA oral
the moisture content and water activity of gypsum measurement
wallboard to controlled laboratory measurements

Energyplus and CHAMPS-Multizone co-simulation for B6: Prediction &

HP1328 Chen, Yixing Lixing Gu, Jianshun Zhang, Meng Kong USA oral
energy and indoor air quality analysis measurement
Michael S.C. Yim, Simon H.C. Tsui, Kimson K.S. Energy performance of pre-conditioned air unit in Hong B6: Prediction &
HP0665 Ching, Michael Hong Kong oral
Leung Kong international airport measurement
Predicting particle deposition in large circular ventilation
M. Ben-Othmane, Michel Havet, Evelyne Gehin, B6: Prediction &
HP1290 Da, Guillaume ducts for non-fully developed turbulent flow: experiments France oral
Camille Solliec measurement
and modelling
Optimal control of variable speed parallel-connected B6: Prediction &
HP0481 Dai, Yunchuang Ziyan Jiang, Shan Xin, Peizhang Chen, Sheng Li China oral
pumps measurement
Denis Zmirou-Navier, Barbara Le Bot, Pierre L.E.
The asthm’child project: study of indoor exposure to
Cann, Cécile Chevrier, Nathalie Costet, Séverine B6: Prediction &
HP0398 Dallongeville, Arnaud chemical and biological air contaminants known or France oral-poster
Deguen, Isabella Annesi-Maesano, Olivier measurement
suspected to affect respiratory health
B6: Prediction &
HP0440 Dobiášová, Lucie Daniel Adamovský The indoor environment of an area with high occupancy Czech Republic oral-poster
Transient simulation of air environment in airliner cabins B6: Prediction &
HP0337 Duan, Ran Yan Huang, Haishen Yin, Xiong Shen, Junjie Liu China oral
during takeoff measurement

Page 45
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Effect of pollutants on the functionality of breathable B6: Prediction &

HP0336 Essah, Emmanuel Stacey D. Waring United Kingdom oral
roofing membranes in a bat roost measurement
Cluster analysis of questionnaire survey on occupant B6: Prediction &
HP0827 Feng, Xiaohang Da Yan, Hongsan Sun China oral
window operation modes measurement
Liangpo Liu, Lihui Huang, Zhongnan Pu, Jinhan Phthalate metabolites in urine samples from Beijing
B6: Prediction &
HP0164 Gong, Mengyan Mo, Jan Sundell, Heqing Shen, Charles J. children and relationships with phthalate levels in their China oral
Weschler, Yinping Zhang handwipes
Bio-aerosol cross-transmission via the building drainage B6: Prediction &
HP1229 Gormley, Michael David A. Kelly, Thomas Aspray United Kingdom oral
system measurement

U Yanagi, Naoki Kagi, Ken-Ichi Hasegawa, Indoor air quality and climate of emergency temporary B6: Prediction &
HP0771 Hasegawa, Asako Japan oral-poster
Naohide Shinohara, Keiko Abe, Hiroshi Yoshino housing in Aso City, Kumamoto measurement

Experiment and simulation of radiant/convective split B6: Prediction &

HP0264 He, Weibing Hejiang Sun China oral
from passenger in aircraft cabins measurement
Influence of temperature on the initial emittable
B6: Prediction &
HP1438 Huang, Shaodan Jianyin Xiong, Yinping Zhang concentration of formaldehyde in building materials: China oral-poster
Interpretation and validation
Jianmin Li, Bingye Li, Ran Duan, Junjie Liu, Xiong Influence of sampling point distributions on the accuracy B6: Prediction &
HP0228 Huang, Yan China oral
Shen, Qingyan Chen of indoor air environment measurements measurement

Chao-Heng Tseng, Chung-Chin Yang, Sy-Yuan The development of air quality wireless sensor network for B6: Prediction &
HP0273 Huang, Yu-Ju Taiwan oral
Kang, Huang-Chin Wang indoor PM10 and PM2.5 prediction model measurement

Mark Mendell, George Chrysochou, Dennis Indoor dampness and mold as indicators of respiratory
B6: Prediction &
HP1422 Kawaguchi, Makoto Shusterman, Justine Hutchinson, Kazukiyo health risks, Part 7: a review of Microbial Volatile Organic USA oral
Kumagai Compounds (MVOCs) observed under damp conditions

Exploring methods to analyze and display continuously- B6: Prediction &

HP0517 Kim, Hyojin Jeff Haberl USA oral
measured time-series IEQ performance data measurement

Katsuhiko Shibata, Naoyuki Tanita, Masafumi Estimation method of cooling load in an underground B6: Prediction &
HP1331 Kimura, Kentaro Japan oral-poster
Sato, Yasushi Kondo station measurement
Building characteristics that determine moisture in 105 B6: Prediction &
HP0602 Knudsen, Sofie Eva B. Møller, Elvira Bräuner Denmark oral
Danish homes measurement
System to monitor and control indoor environment for
B6: Prediction &
HP0512 Krajčík, Michal Dušan Petráš, Juraj Bezák energy consumption optimization – a pilot study in a Slovakia oral-poster
school building
Ryo Okamoto, Sihwan Lee, Marumi Funado, Measurement of capture efficiency of an exhaust hood in a B6: Prediction &
HP0873 Kurabuchi, Takashi Japan oral
Yoshihiro Toriumi, Megumi Aibara commercial kitchen with disturbances measurement
An inverse method to determine wall boundary convective B6: Prediction &
HP1401 Lei, Lei Shugang Wang, Tengfei (Tim) Zhang China oral
heat fluxes in indoor environments measurement
Volatile organic compound emissions from a “wet”
B6: Prediction &
HP0641 Liang, Weihui Fengna Chen, Xudong Yang material assembly in a small-scale environmental chamber China oral
and in two real houses

Page 46
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Combining predictions and measurements for indoor B6: Prediction &

HP1023 Lin, Cheng-Chun Liangzhu (Leon) Wang Canada oral
environment forecasting measurement

Experimental measurements of indoor air stratification in B6: Prediction &

HP0912 Lin, Yi-Jiun peter Ting-Ya Tsai Taiwan oral-poster
the space using an under-floor air distribution system measurement

Predicting size distributions of particle associated SVOCs

B6: Prediction &
HP1118 Liu, Cong Charles J. Weschler, Yinping Zhang in indoor environments based on dynamic gas-particle China oral
mass transfer
Peter V. Nielsen, Rasmus L. Jensen, Chunwen Xu, Transport of expiratory droplet nuclei among three B6: Prediction &
HP1213 Liu, Li Denmark oral
Yuguo Li standing manikins measurement
Numerical investigation on sampling process of an active B6: Prediction &
HP0103 Liu, Linlin Xinke Wang, Yanyu Zhang China oral
SVOC sampler measurement

Evaluation of turbulence models for simulating flow and B6: Prediction &
HP1176 Liu, Xiaoping Jianlei Niu Hong Kong oral-poster
heat transfer in cross-corrugated triangular channels measurement

Development of a small chamber method for SVOC sink B6: Prediction &
HP0315 Liu, Xiaoyu Nancy F. Roache, Matt R. Allen USA oral
effect study measurement

Particle image velocimetry experiments in a wind tunnel to B6: Prediction &

HP0614 Lo, James USA oral
study wind-driven airflow through building openings measurement

Predicting emissions and transport of semi-volatile organic

B6: Prediction &
HP0560 Mao, Yun-Feng Zhuo Li, Wen-Quan Tao compounds in indoor environments: a review on China oral-poster
mechanistic models
Novel approach for evaluation of air change rate in
B6: Prediction &
HP0883 Markov, Detelin Arsen K. Melikov naturally ventilated occupied spaces based on metabolic Bulgaria oral
CO2 time variation
Darius Ciuzas, Tadas Prasauskas, Ruta
Martuzevicius, Characterization of indoor pollution sources for a real – B6: Prediction &
HP0703 Sidaraviciute, Lina Seduikyte, Andrius Jurelionis, Lithuania oral-poster
Dainius time management of IAQ measurement
Laura Gagyte, Violeta Kauneliene
A comparison of the sampling efficiency of bioaerosol
B6: Prediction &
HP0696 McDonagh, Ann Catherine J. Noakes samplers and particle counters in natural and controlled United Kingdom oral
Miriam A. Byrne, M.R. Ashmore, A.C. Terry, C. Simulating the effect of variations in emission source start B6: Prediction &
HP1070 McGrath, James Ireland oral
Dimitroulopoulou times on indoor PM concentrations measurement
Exponential decay rate estimation using time-integrated B6: Prediction &
HP0904 Nasir, Zaheer Simon T. Parker, Luiza C. Campos United Kingdom oral-poster
aerosol sampling of variable duration measurement
Air, surfaces and copper halos, interstitial microbial zones. B6: Prediction &
HP0772 Nice, Jako South Africa oral
Has it been measured; can it be predicted? measurement
Matthias Richter, Birte Mull, Wilhelm G Lorenz, Development of a reference material for emission testing B6: Prediction &
HP0553 Nohr, Michael Germany oral-poster
Wolfgang Horn based on lacquer systems measurement

Modelling the time fluctuation of indoor air formaldehyde

Anda Ionescu, Olivier Ramalho, Yves Candau, B6: Prediction &
HP1274 Ouaret, Rachid concentration: variability structure identification and France oral
Viorel Petrehus, Lucille Labat measurement
forecasting using nonlinear models

Page 47
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

B6: Prediction &

HP0488 Plaisance, Herve Alodie Blondel, Valerie Desauziers, Pierre Mocho Field investigation on the indoor sinks of formaldehyde France oral-poster
In-situ measurements of volatile organic compound
Sébastien Dusanter, Sabine Crunaire, Nadine B6: Prediction &
HP0367 Poulhet, Guillaume emissions from building materials using passive flux France oral
Locoge, Pascal Kaluzny, Patrice Coddeville measurement
Monitoring variability of indoor VOCs with novel
John D. Spengler, Cheng Chen, Yue Deng, Erica B6: Prediction &
HP1256 Qiu, Yang continuous real-time sensor in low-income urban public USA oral
Forzani, Gary Adamkiewicz measurement
housing in Boston, MA
B6: Prediction &
HP1356 Ramos, Joao Fernando Pinto Indoor air quality audit in two office buildings in Portugal Portugal oral-poster
A computational model for window-control action based B6: Prediction &
HP0300 Ren, Xiaoxin Da Yan, Chuang Wang, Xiaohang Feng China oral
on occupant behavior measurement
A new method for mould sampling at hard to access B6: Prediction &
HP1077 Rennebarth, Thorsten Wolfgang Hofbauer, Florian Mayer Germany oral-poster
surfaces measurement
Marie Verriele, Sebastien Dusanter , Coralie
Sorption of organic gases onto building materials: B6: Prediction &
HP0313 Rizk, Malak Schoemaecker, Stéphane L.E. Calve, Nadine France oral
development of a new device for in-situ measurements measurement
Air leakage through isolation room doorway – B6: Prediction &
HP0846 Saarinen, Pekka P. Kalliomäki, J.W. Tang, H. Koskela Finland oral
measurements and CFD simulations measurement

Ahmed M. Radwan, Shauna Mallory-Hill, Development of a protocol for measuring Indoor B6: Prediction &
HP1304 Sadick, Abdul-Manan Canada oral
Mohamed H. Issa Environmental Quality (IEQ) in office and school buildings measurement

Retention of penicillium brevicompactum fungal enzyme B6: Prediction &

HP0775 Salmela, Anniina Johanna Moisa, Tiina Reponen, Pertti Pasanen Finland oral
activity in environmental sample measurement
Ruth Giesen, Julia Scholtyssek, Bettina Meyer, Developing a reference source for formaldehyde emission B6: Prediction &
HP0123 Schripp, Tobias Germany oral
Harald Schwab, Tunga Salthammer testing of wooden building products measurement
Evaluation of modified flec® cell and micro chamber
B6: Prediction &
HP0189 Sebroski, John Jason W. Miller, Mark Spence prototype for monitoring Methylene Diphenyl USA oral-poster
Diisocyanate (MDI) emissions

Simultaneous measurement of NO and NO2 by passive air B6: Prediction &

HP1044 Sekine, Yoshika Ayano Azuma, Yuki Nagaoka, Michio Butsugan Japan oral-poster
sampler employing novel oxidative trapping filter for NO measurement

Jiusheng Yin, Chao-Hsin Lin, Shugang Wang, Measurement of moisture content in porous material by a B6: Prediction &
HP0422 Shen, Runlin China oral
Tengfei Zhang hot wire measurement

The Edu Tool: IEQ - a new post occupancy evaluation tool

B6: Prediction &
HP1132 Soccio, Philippa for communicating to building designers information Australia oral
about the indoor environment quality inside classrooms

Measurements and model predictions of tracer gas

Wanyu R. Chan, David M. Lorenzetti, Simon T. B6: Prediction &
HP0914 Sohn, Michael transport in three multi-floor commercial buildings in USA oral-poster
Parker, Bry Lingard measurement
Oklahoma city
Victor Steiner, Geula Sharf, Stelian Ghelberg, B6: Prediction &
HP0578 Spizer, Reut A comprehensive survey of indoor radon levels in Israel Israel oral
Hisham Nassar measurement

Page 48
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Chia-Wei Lee, Chien-Cheng Jung, Chun-Hsun

Comparison of continuous on-site measurement methods
Lin, Po-Jen Huang, Chih-Hsiang Yang, Chien-Lin B6: Prediction &
HP1202 Su, Huey-Jen for tVOC monitoring regulated by Taiwan EPA in indoor Taiwan oral
Huang, Cheng-Tao Wang, Tsung-Kuan A. Chou, measurement
air quality
Li-Peng Wang
Analysis of influence of lifestyle and season on residential
B6: Prediction &
HP0733 Takenaka, Takeshi Genki Unno, Akira Endo, Shin-Ichi Tanabe electric power consumption by using a fine-grained power Japan oral
sensing system
Wood plastic composite materials made from recycled
Sabine Crunaire, Marie Verriele, Nadine Locoge, B6: Prediction &
HP0877 Tlili, Sabrine waste wood and plastic: assessment of formaldehyde and France oral
Patrice Coddeville measurement
VOC emissions
Coupled models to evaluate the interest of using air
Thierry Duforestel, Patrice Blondeau, Marc B6: Prediction &
HP0839 Tourreilles, Celine cleaners to reconcile indoor air quality and energy France oral
Abadie, Anne-Lise Tiffonnet measurement
efficiency in buildings
Hervé Plaisance, Valérie Desauziers, Pierre Evaluation of two radial diffusive samplers for the B6: Prediction &
HP0413 Vignau-Laulhere, Jane France oral
Mocho, Yves Bigay, Katarzyna Raulin measurement of formaldehyde in indoor air measurement

Vizhemehr, Ali Modelling comparison of relative performance of gas- B6: Prediction &
HP0895 Fariborz Haghighat, Gordon Mckay Hong Kong oral
Khazraei phase filter at high and low challenge concentration measurement

Bernhard Brenner, Christian Tuschak, Laszlo

Comparative measurements of bacteria and molds in B6: Prediction &
HP0017 Walser, Sandra Gerber, Stefan Hörmansdorfer, Caroline E.W. Germany oral-poster
indoor air measurement
Local wind and radiant thermal environment B6: Prediction &
HP0810 Wang, Shang Yuguo Li Hong Kong oral
measurement using three spheres measurement
Anja Pech, Birte Mull, Wolfgang Horn, Oliver Determination of methanol and ethanol in test chamber air B6: Prediction &
HP0620 Wilke, Olaf Germany oral-poster
Jann by using TDS-GC-FID measurement
An early stage c-history method for measuring the
B6: Prediction &
HP0148 Xiong, Jianyin Jianping Cao, Yinping Zhang characteristic parameters of SVOC emission from China oral
polymeric materials
Numerical analysis of contaminants mixing in a full-scale B6: Prediction &
HP0529 Xu, Haixia Pengyi Cui, Zhuo Li, Wenquan Tao China oral
test chamber measurement
Hiroshi Yoshino, Kenichi Hasegawa, Naoki Kagi,
Indoor airborne, settled, and adhesive fungi in water- B6: Prediction &
HP0964 Yanagi, U Kenichi Azuma, Naohide Shinohara, Asako Japan oral-poster
damaged houses after giant tsunami measurement
Hasegawa, Haruki Osawa
Validation of the bioaerosol deposition model in ventilated B6: Prediction &
HP0585 Yu, H.C. K.W. Mui, L.T. Wong Hong Kong oral
chamber measurement
Chao Chen, Ping Wang, Yafeng Wang, Yali Wan,
Liangtian Wang, Ti Ouyang, Zhaoguang Qiu, Experimental investigation on the impact of atmospheric B6: Prediction &
HP1334 Zhao, Li China oral
Qinqing Wang, Bin Lu, Guoqing Cao, Chong PM2.5 levels change on indoor environment measurement

Page 49
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Meryl D. Colton, Piers Macnaughton, Jose Differences in indoor environmental pollutants and air B7: Impact of outdoor
HP0979 Adamkiewicz, Gary Vallarino, Ran Rotem, Wanting Zhou, John D. exchange between conventional and green public housing: USA environment IAQ and energy oral-poster
Spengler a case study in Boston efficiency
B7: Impact of outdoor
Jong Bum Kim, Gwang Jae Lee, Sung Hee Ryu, Jae Diurnal variation of vehicular air pollutants in a day-care
HP1219 Bae, Gwi-Nam Korea South environment IAQ and energy oral
Young Lee center
B7: Impact of outdoor
Changes of indoor climate by the adoption of proper wood-
HP1024 Carvalho, Ricardo Ole M. Jensen, Luís A.C. Tarelho Denmark environment IAQ and energy oral
burning stoves worldwide
Contaminant source strengths and ventilation rates in B7: Impact of outdoor
Meera Sidheswaran, Sebastian Cohn, Douglas P.
HP0435 Chan, Wanyu retail stores – implications to California’s building energy USA environment IAQ and energy oral
Sullivan, William J. Fisk
efficiency standards efficiency
Wind tunnel experiments and multiscale modeling for B7: Impact of outdoor
HP0527 Cui, Pengyi Zhuo Li, Wenquan Tao effects of traffic exhausts on the indoor air quality within China environment IAQ and energy oral
urban-scale regions efficiency

Zaid Chalabi, Michael Davies, Ian Hamilton, B7: Impact of outdoor

Using probabilistic sampling-based sensitivity analyses for
HP1360 Das, Payel Benjamin Jones, Anna Mavrogianni, Clive United Kingdom environment IAQ and energy oral
indoor air quality modelling
Shrubsole, Jonathon Taylor efficiency

B7: Impact of outdoor

Infiltration of diesel exhaust into a mechanically ventilated
HP0626 Fung, Cha-Chen Pu Yang, Yifang Zhu USA environment IAQ and energy oral
Gao, Zhi Wowo Ding, Ying Yu China B7: Impact of outdoor
Analysis of the relationship between the residential street environment IAQ and energy oral-poster
pattern and air quality in Nanjing city of China efficiency
B7: Impact of outdoor
Improving thermal comfort in lightweight buildings of
HP0956 Han, Jun Dong Chen, Xiaoming Wang Australia environment IAQ and energy oral
brick veneer walls with phase change materials
B7: Impact of outdoor
Majbrith Langeland, Winnie Hyldegaard, Soeren Detecting intrusion pathways of contaminated soil gas to
HP0894 Hvidberg, Boerge Denmark environment IAQ and energy oral-poster
Kreilgaard, Mette N. Jeppesen, Jesper B. Petersen indoor air and describing some remediation methods
B7: Impact of outdoor
Indoor and outdoor PM10 concentrations during the Asian
HP0708 Lee, Byung Hee Hyo Jin Kim, Myoung Souk Yeo, Kwang Woo Kim Korea South environment IAQ and energy oral
dust storm episodes in Korea

The influence of viaduct and ground heating on pollutant B7: Impact of outdoor
HP0259 Lin, Man David C. Wong, Yuguo Li, Jian Hang dispersion within street canyons and from outdoor to China environment IAQ and energy oral
indoor: gaseous pollutant and particle simulations efficiency

B7: Impact of outdoor

Study of the indoor environment quality of green building
HP0688 Liu, Yanchen Borong Lin, Zufeng Pei, Yingxin Zhu China environment IAQ and energy oral
and conventional building in China
B7: Impact of outdoor
Sandra M. Saunders, Felix A. Mackenzie-Rae, A reactive indoor air chemistry model study of ambient
HP0652 Maisey, Shannan Australia environment IAQ and energy oral
Peter J. Franklin AQ influences in two cities

Page 50
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

B7: Impact of outdoor

Influence of glazing surfaces on the energy performance of
HP1298 Moga, Ligia Ioan Moga Romania environment IAQ and energy oral
B7: Impact of outdoor
Shifting the balance of energy use and health impacts
HP0819 Nix, Emily Payel Das, Michael Davies United Kingdom environment IAQ and energy oral
across Delhi’S housing stock
B7: Impact of outdoor
Cooling load and energy consumption of commercial
HP0474 Qi, Ronghui Lin Lu, Hongxing Yang, Jiang Yu Hong Kong environment IAQ and energy oral
building in main climate regions
Jelle Laverge, Martin Täubel, Stijn Verbeke, Kim Indoor air quality in relation to building envelope B7: Impact of outdoor
HP1228 Stranger, Marianne Constandt, Katrien De Baets, Anne Hyvärinen, characteristics of low-energy and passive schools in Belgium environment IAQ and energy oral-poster
Eddy Goelen Belgium efficiency
Martin Täubel, Stijn Verbeke, Jelle Laverge, Kim Comparison of the indoor air quality of low-energy and B7: Impact of outdoor
HP1231 Stranger, Marianne Constandt, Katrien De Baets, Anne Hyvärinen, passive schools and dwellings with traditional buildings in Belgium environment IAQ and energy oral-poster
Eddy Goelen Belgium efficiency
PM2.5 concentration analysis of different environmental B7: Impact of outdoor
HP0959 Tang, Yuqiao Pok L. Cheng, Xiaofeng Li impacts at different locations around Tsinghua University China environment IAQ and energy oral
in Beijing efficiency
B7: Impact of outdoor
Heat losses and gains depending on the size of double
HP0580 Valoušková, Kristýna Czech Republic environment IAQ and energy oral-poster
transparent facade cavity
B7: Impact of outdoor
Long-timescale simulation of the effects of microclimate on
HP0192 Yang, Xiaoshan Lihua Zhao China environment IAQ and energy oral
building energy performance
A hygrothermal research on energy efficiency and B7: Impact of outdoor
HP0206 Zhang, Xiaobo Xu Zhang moisture condensation control for building enclosures in China environment IAQ and energy oral
mixed climate zone efficiency
B7: Impact of outdoor
Ailu Chen, Qingliang Cao, Bing Yang, Victor W.C.
HP0199 Zhou, Jin Particle exposure during the 2013 haze in Singapore Singapore environment IAQ and energy oral
Chang, William W. Nazaroff

Page 51
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Humaira Amanat, Safdar Sidra, Zaheer A. Nasir, Monitoring of PM2.5 arising from different cooking fuels B8: IAQ in developing
HP1433 Ali, Zulfiqar Pakistan oral
Ian Colbeck in rural residential houses countries
Field measurements of indoor air quality in office B8: IAQ in developing
HP1340 Almatawa, Mansour Abbas A. Elmualim, Emmanuel A. Essah United Kingdom oral
buildings in Saudi Arabia countries
Barabad, Mona B8: IAQ in developing
HP0599 Duckshin Park A study of indoor air pollutants from cooking emissions Korea South oral-poster
Loraine countries
Ming Shan, Jiarong Li, Xudong Yang, Jill Laboratory performance of advanced combustion biomass B8: IAQ in developing
HP0996 Carter, Ellison USA oral
Baumgartner stoves in reducing household air pollution countries
Impacts of two improved wood-burning stoves on the B8: IAQ in developing
HP1025 Carvalho, Ricardo Ole M. Jensen, Luís A.C. Tarelho, Adeildo C. Silva Denmark oral
indoor air quality: practices in Peru and Brazil countries
Study on characteristics of people flow in general hospitals B8: IAQ in developing
HP0110 Chen, Min Xiangzhao Fu China oral
in and out of China countries
Analysis of the current indoor air quality of large
B8: IAQ in developing
HP1082 Cheng, Li Baizhan Li, Yong Ding, Hanwang, Xuefeng Yan commercial buildings in Chongqing area during summer China oral-poster
Samson Kefene, Samuel Hartikainen, Pertti Particles, VOCs and lighter PAHs in kitchens using B8: IAQ in developing
HP0570 Hyttinen, Marko Finland oral
Pasanen biomass fuels countries
Implication of cow dung combustion in developing B8: IAQ in developing
HP0486 Lee, Kiyoung Duckshin Park Korea South oral
countries based on emission characterization countries

Ming Shan, Jill Baumgartner, Ellison Carter, Majid Laboratory study of pollutant emissions from wood B8: IAQ in developing
HP0282 Li, Jiarong China oral
Ezzati, Xudong Yang charcoal combustion for indoor space heating in China countries

Investigation and evaluation of bacterial contaminant in

Yanhui Ge, Jinbao Liu, Fuyang Wang, Haoqi Lv, B8: IAQ in developing
HP0118 Li, Yanju classrooms and dormitories of college students in winter: a China oral-poster
Ming Jin countries
study in a university of Tianjin, China

Sucharita Chakraborty, Pamela Chowdhury, Effect of furnishing in the mixing ratio of NMVOC: a case B8: IAQ in developing
HP0823 Majumdar, Dipanjali India oral
Debasish Sengupta, Anjali Srivastava study countries

Distribution of airborne BTEX concentrations within petrol B8: IAQ in developing

HP0302 Ongwandee, Maneerat Sahalaph Homwuttiwong, Theerapong Sairat Thailand oral-poster
stations countries
Monitoring of indoor air quality in slums of Mumbai city, B8: IAQ in developing
HP0998 Panchal, Pritam Rashmi S. Patil, Rakesh Kumar India oral-poster
Mumbai countries
Assessment of airborne microflora in residential houses in B8: IAQ in developing
HP0557 Safdar, Sidra Zulfiqar Ali, Ian Colbeck, Zaheer A.Nasir United Kingdom oral
Lahore, Pakistan countries

Jiarong Li, Jill Baumgartner, Yuqin Wang, Xudong Characterizing indoor real-time PM2.5 emissions from B8: IAQ in developing
HP0281 Shan, Ming China oral
Yang cooking and space heating stoves in Northern China countries

Xiaoli Duan, Nigel Bruce, Heather Adair-Rohani, Household coal combustion: exposure to toxic pollutants B8: IAQ in developing
HP1251 Zhang, Junfeng (Jim) USA oral
Kirk R. Smith and health effects countries

Page 52
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Microclimate and outdoor leisure activities in China’s B9: IAQ in rapidly urbanizing
HP0968 Huang, Jianxiang Yanbin Zhuo, Luyi Xu, Chaobin Zhou Hong Kong oral
residential communities: the Wuhan experiment cities

A study on measuring the indoor environment for

Se Hwan Song, Nam Chul Seong, Jee Hern Kim, B9: IAQ in rapidly urbanizing Final rejection
HP1166 Kim, Min Sung determining dew condensation at the underground utility Korea
Hyo Jun Kim, Sung Min Hong, Dong Won Yoon cities letter
tunnel during winter
Cheolmin Lee, Sunju Namgoung, Huunwoo Shin,
Characteristics of NO2 and HONO concentrations in B9: IAQ in rapidly urbanizing
HP1392 kim, Yoon-Shin Wonho Yang, Chanjung Park, Jongcheol Kim, Korea South oral-poster
homes cities
Kyungmi Lee

Cheolmin Lee, Sun Ju Nam Goung, Huunwoo Effectiveness of air purifier on IAQ in living environments B9: IAQ in rapidly urbanizing
HP1393 kim, Yoon-Shin Korea South oral-poster
Shin, Chanjung Park, Doowon Han of sensitive population cities

Cheolmin Lee, Sun Ju Nam Goung, Huunwoo

Effects of air purifier on change of atopic dermatitis and B9: IAQ in rapidly urbanizing
HP1394 kim, Yoon-Shin Shin, Chanjung Park, Jongcheol Kim, Kyungmi Korea South oral-poster
indoor air quality cities
Maggie Chan, K.K. Ma, Irene Li, Karen Lee, IAQ and environmental hygiene analysis in subdivided B9: IAQ in rapidly urbanizing
HP0363 Lai, Ka Man Hong Kong oral
Tommy Lo, William Yu units in Hong Kong cities
Measurements of traffic-related indoor-outdoor air
B9: IAQ in rapidly urbanizing
HP0323 Li, Wen-Whai Amit Raysoni pollution at elementary schools in a cross-border USA oral-poster
urbanized metroplex
A fast and simple tool to assess indoor environment
Chaobin Zhou, Ying Li, Jinxian Zhang, Luyi Xu, B9: IAQ in rapidly urbanizing
HP0464 Liu, Yulong quality of residential buildings at the stage of schematic China oral-poster
Sumei Liu, Aiming Ma, Hao Li cities
Ventilation performance in a passage between two non- B9: IAQ in rapidly urbanizing
HP1253 Luo, Zhiwen Biao Li, Mats Sandberg, Jing Liu United Kingdom oral
parallel buildings cities
The comparison study of indoor environment quality
B9: IAQ in rapidly urbanizing
HP0640 Pei, Zufeng Borong Lin, Yanchen Liu, Yingxin Zhu between design goal and actual performance for green China oral
buildings in China
Comprehensive evaluation of passenger exposure to
B9: IAQ in rapidly urbanizing
HP0923 Yang, Fenhuan Li Sun, Dane Westerdahl, Zhi Ning particulate air pollution in Hong Kong public transit Hong Kong oral
Analyzing indoor air quality in airtight environments in
B9: IAQ in rapidly urbanizing
HP1170 Yoon, Jaeock new apartments in Korea with the help of field Korea South oral
measurement devices
Lihui Huang, Zhongnan Pu, Jan Sundell, Yinping Measurement of carbonyls in residential indoor air during B9: IAQ in rapidly urbanizing
HP0577 Yue, Yang China oral
Zhang summer in Beijing cities
The investigation of indoor air quality at high-rise B9: IAQ in rapidly urbanizing
HP0463 Wang, Zhiqiang Chaobin Zhou, Yi Jiang, John D. Spengler China oral
residential buildings in China: a pilot study cities
Influence of China’s building energy efficiency policy on B9: IAQ in rapidly urbanizing
HP0156 Wei, Wenjuan Rui Cheng, Weiping Zhao, Yinping Zhang China oral-poster
urban indoor formaldehyde exposure cities
Hiroshi Yoshino, U Yanagi, Jingchao Xie, Zhiwei A detailed survey on indoor air quality and children’s B9: IAQ in rapidly urbanizing
HP0085 Zhang, Huibo China oral
Lian health in Shanghai cities

Page 53
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Health threat by biomass cooking fuels on infants- a case

HP0887 Mandal, Anubha Anuj, Girish, Jaspal, Rohit, Shruti, Adhirath India B11: Education and issues oral-poster
Building science integrated systems: methodology for
HP0446 Mora, Rodrigo Valentín Varga, Loveleen Atwal Canada B11: Education and issues oral-poster
residential indoor air quality investigations

Page 54
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Effect of educational facilities on self-assessed student B12: Productivity and

HP0358 Amemiya, Takako Toshiharu Ikaga, Kota Fujisaki Japan oral-poster
learning performance and health economics
B12: Productivity and
HP1294 Boerstra, Atze Marcel G.L.C. Loomans, Jan L.M. Hensen Personal control over indoor climate and productivity Netherlands oral
The cost optimal methodology of dwelling house in Slovak
B12: Productivity and
HP0662 Borisová, Lucia Republic (determination of optimal heat transfer Slovakia oral-poster
coefficients for dwelling house)
The optimal air rate with regard to economic growth and B12: Productivity and
HP0071 Jönsson, Arne Sweden oral-poster
smoking from weber-fechners law economics
B12: Productivity and
HP0072 Jönsson, Arne The value of ventilation from the weber-fechner law Sweden oral-poster
Utilization of foliage plants on the design of eco-ergonomic B12: Productivity and
HP0316 Jumeno, Desto Hiroshi Matsumoto, Lusi Susanti Japan oral
office economics
Shin-Ichi Tanabe, Asami Nagareda, Naoyuki
Harada, Mitsunobu Abe, Masanori Oshikubo, Productivity and indoor environmental quality of research B12: Productivity and
HP0612 Kuzuu, Eriko Japan oral
Yuka Nakamura, Haruo Oshima, Shinji Wada, institution with refreshment and communication area economics
Hiroaki Taguchi
Guillaume Boulanger, Thomas Bayeux, Corinne
Socio-economic costs due to indoor air pollution: a B12: Productivity and
HP0955 Mandin, Corinne Mandin, Séverine Kirchner, Benoît Vergriette, France oral-poster
tentative estimation for France economics
Valérie Pernelet-Joly
Shin-Ichi Tanabe, Naoe Nishihara, Masaya
Workers' awareness and indoor environmental quality in B12: Productivity and
HP0661 Tsushima, Sayana Hiraoka, Shin-Ichi Hiromoto, Hideharu Komoda, Japan oral
power-saving offices economics
Seiichi Tabuchi
Marcel G.L.C. Loomans, Siem Opschoor, Jan L.M. Building comfort performance assessment using a B12: Productivity and
HP0837 van Kemenade, Peer Netherlands oral
Hensen monitoring tool economics
Peter Foldbjerg, Kurt Emil Eriksen, Lars Eriksen Socio-economic consequences of improved indoor air B12: Productivity and
HP0946 Wargocki, Pawel Denmark oral
Videbæk quality in Danish primary schools economics

Page 55
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Correlation between the odor concentration and the VOC

HP1307 Noguchi, Miyuki Saya Tanaka, Kaede Watanabe, Akihiro Yamasaki Japan B13: Community engagement oral-poster
composition of tobacco smoke

Page 56
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Thermal environments and indoor air quality of P-12

B14: Policy, standards &
HP0501 Andamon, Mary Myla Larry A Bellamy, Ian Ridley educational facilities in Australia: a critical review of Australia oral
standards, regulations and policies
Chulhong Kwon, Boyeong Yun, Jinho Kim, A study on social technology development strategy for B14: Policy, standards &
HP1177 Bae, Chihye Korea South oral
Jongho Lee energy welfare improvement regulations

The South African legislative environment, in critical need B14: Policy, standards &
HP0836 Fleming, Edwina Jako A. Nice South Africa oral-poster
of scientific evidence based alignment for airborne control regulations

B14: Policy, standards &

HP1098 Francisco, Paul ASHRAE Standard 62.2: what’s new and why USA oral
Measurements and descriptors for occupant behavior and B14: Policy, standards &
HP1316 Grimes, Carl USA oral-poster
occupant experience regulations
Hojang Kwon, Kiyoung Lee, Dohoon Lee, Yujin Effects of the smoke-free laws on air quality, biomarker
B14: Policy, standards &
HP0720 Kim, Jeonghoon Paek, Sungsoo Kim, Soyoung Hong, Wanryung levels in urine and health effects of staffs in Korean Korea South oral
Lim, Kyoosang Kim restaurants and pubs
Harmonization of VOC emissions testing in Europe – the B14: Policy, standards &
HP0975 Laffargue, Caroline Reinhard C. Oppl, Stephany I. Mason Denmark oral
new standard CEN/TS 16516 regulations
B14: Policy, standards &
HP1106 Little, John What is sustainability? USA oral
Limit values for VOC emissions from construction and B14: Policy, standards &
HP0976 Mason, Stephany Reinhard C. Oppl, Caroline Laffargue Denmark oral
decorative products around the globe regulations
ISO/TC 146/SC 6 — setting international standards for the B14: Policy, standards &
HP0598 Nehr, Sascha Shin-Ichi Tanabe Germany oral
assessment of indoor air quality regulations
Indoor environment quality and NABERS IE ratings: a case
B14: Policy, standards &
HP1198 Noonan, Jack Vyt P. Garnys study of a commercial office building portfolio of twenty Australia oral-poster
six Australian buildings
Development of the IAQ certification scheme for public B14: Policy, standards &
HP0731 Oh, Suhyun Siwon Yang, Yoonshin Kim, Sunsook Kim Korea South oral
use facilities in Korea regulations

Indoor Air Quality in high performance buildings: what is B14: Policy, standards &
HP1014 Persily, Andrew USA oral
and isn’t in ASHRAE/IES/USGBC Standard 189.1 regulations

Cécilia Solal, Valérie Pernelet-Joly, Marion

Setting of chronic indoor air quality guideline for nitrogen
Keirsbulck, Guillaume Boulanger, Pierre-André B14: Policy, standards &
HP0949 Pouzaud , Francois dioxide: evidence-based approach using epidemiological France oral-poster
Cabanes, Corinne Mandin, The Anses Expert regulations
Group on Iaqg
Influence of factors unrelated to environmental quality on
B14: Policy, standards &
HP0165 Schiavon, Stefano Sergio Altomonte occupant satisfaction in leed and non-leed certified United Kingdom oral
Factors affecting residential energy consumption in B14: Policy, standards &
HP0634 Sukarno, Iwan Hiroshi Matsumoto, Ryushi Kimura, Lusi Susanti Japan oral
regional cities of Indonesia regulations
“Big Data” for IAQ profile monitoring and building B14: Policy, standards &
HP1158 Wai, Kee-Neng Benjamin Wai, Frederick Lee, Denis Wong Hong Kong oral-poster
management regulations

Page 57
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Paolo Carrer, Eduardo De Oliveira Fernandes,

B14: Policy, standards &
HP1406 Wargocki, Pawel Otto Hänninen, Stylianos Kephalopoulos, Guidelines for health-based ventilation in Europe Denmark oral
Healthvent Group

A preliminary ventilation rate study for residential B14: Policy, standards &
HP0055 Ye, Wei Xu Zhang, Doyun Won China oral
buildings and offices based on VOC emission database regulations

B14: Policy, standards &

HP1144 Yoo, Seung-Ho J.H. Yang, J.R. Sohn, J.Y. Sohn The institutional evaluation standard for solar architecture Korea South oral-poster

Page 58
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Masayuki Ogata, Mai Fujiwara, Hitomi Tsutsumi,

Evaluation of infection-control effectiveness through use of C1: Respiratory infection in
HP0538 Arai, Keitaro Shoichi Morimoto, Shin-Ichi Tanabe, Satoshi Hori, Japan oral-poster
an infection-control bed indoor environment
Takao Ariga
HVAC filtration for controlling airborne influenza
C1: Respiratory infection in
HP0898 Azimi, Parham Brent Stephens transmission in indoor environments: predicting risk USA oral
indoor environment
reductions and operational costs
Developing simplified models for the exhaled airflow from C1: Respiratory infection in
HP0092 Chen, Chun Chao-Hsin Lin, Qingyan Chen USA oral
a cough with the mouth covered indoor environment
Yuguo Li, Benjamin J. Cowling, Daniel Chu,
Lack of influenza transmission to an inhaling life-like
Heilbronn Cherie, Belinda Lloyd, J.S. Malik Peiris, C1: Respiratory infection in
HP0702 Gao, Caroline manikin from naturally influenza-infected human Canada oral
Wendy Tsui, Alfred Kwong, Kitty Chan, Julian W. indoor environment
Nguyen Lu Phuong, Shin-Ichiro Aramaki, Visualization of air flow patterns in human respiratory C1: Respiratory infection in
HP0533 Hirase, Kota Japan oral
Kazuhide Ito tract by particle image velocimetry indoor environment

Development of computer simulated person with

Sung-Jun Yoo, Toshiki Matsuo, Nguyen Lu C1: Respiratory infection in
HP0732 Kadota, Yosuke numerical airway model. Part 3: breathing air quality Japan oral
Phuong, Kazuhide Ito indoor environment
prediction using improved unsteady breathing flow model

Development of computer simulated person with

C1: Respiratory infection in
HP0532 Matsuo, Toshiki Sung-Jun Yoo, Nguyen Lu Phuong, Kazuhide Ito numerical airway model. Part 1 analysis of breathing Japan oral
indoor environment
contaminant concentration and respiratory exposure

Lívia Aguiar, Cristiana Pereira, Paula Neves,

Susana Silva, Diana Mendes, Teresa Palmeiro, Respiratory health in older people living in elderly care C1: Respiratory infection in
HP0554 Mendes, Ana Portugal oral-poster
Iolanda Caires, Amália Botelho, Pedro Martins, centers in Portugal indoor environment
Nuno Neuparth, João Paulo Teixeira

Huaipeng Tang, Shin-Ichi Tanabe, Hitomi C1: Respiratory infection in

HP0196 Morimoto, Shoichi Reduction of droplet nuclei in 4 bed room Japan oral
Tsutsumi, Satoshi Hori indoor environment
Masakazu Suzuki, Shin-Ichi Tanabe, Satoshi Hori, C1: Respiratory infection in
HP0663 Ogata, Masayuki Size of multibed patient room and airborne infection risk Japan oral
Shoichi Morimoto, Hitomi Tsutsumi indoor environment
Estimating of the air migration from negative pressure
C1: Respiratory infection in
HP0931 Sung, Minki Soonjung Kwon isolation ward by the movements of staffs using network Korea South oral-poster
indoor environment
Hector Altamirano-Medina, Clive Shrubsole,
Tuberculosis transmission: modelled impact of air- C1: Respiratory infection in
HP1065 Taylor, Jonathon Payel Das, Phillip Biddulph, Michael Davies, United Kingdom oral
tightness in dwellings in the UK indoor environment
Anna Mavrogianni, Eleni Oikonomou
Decorated housing environment and its associations with
C1: Respiratory infection in
HP0783 Wang, Jiahui Baizhan Li, Wei Yu, Han Wang, Juan Wang asthma and allergies among Chongqing pre-school China oral-poster
indoor environment
Julian W. Tang, Azadeh A.T. Borojeni, Warren H. Inhalation of exhaled flow during human normal (nasal) C1: Respiratory infection in
HP0012 Wei, Jianjian Hong Kong oral
Finlay, Yuguo Li breathing indoor environment
Numerical simulation of airflow, heat and particle transfer C1: Respiratory infection in
HP0534 Yamashita, Masato Nguyen Lu Phuong, Kota Hirase, Kazuhide Ito Japan oral
in human respiratory system indoor environment

Page 59
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Person to person airborne particles cross transmission in C1: Respiratory infection in

HP0287 Yang, Caiqing Xudong Yang, Bin Zhao China oral
vertical laminar air flow room indoor environment
The airborne transmission of infection due to the stack C1: Respiratory infection in
HP0301 Yang, Wenwen Naiping Gao China oral
effect in high-rise residential buildings indoor environment
Development of computer-simulated person with
numerical airway model. Part 2: improved thermo- C1: Respiratory infection in
HP0541 Yoo, Sung-Jun Toshiki Matsuo, Nguyen Lu Phuong, Kazuhide Ito Japan oral
regulation model with heat and moisture transfer detail indoor environment
analysis in respiratory tract
An infection risk assessment scheme incorporating the C1: Respiratory infection in
HP1049 You, Siming Man Pun Wan, Jinwen Xiong Singapore oral
effect of walking-induced particle resuspension indoor environment

Ventilation and transport of bioaerosols in healthcare C1: Respiratory infection in

HP0016 Mousavi, Ehsan Kevin R. Grosskopf USA oral-poster
environment- new insight into hospital corridor design indoor environment

Page 60
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Philippe Glorennec, Fabien Mercier, Nathalie

Semi-volatile organic compounds in indoor air and settled C2: New chemical substances
HP0389 Blanchard, Olivier Bonvallot, Cécile Chevrier, Olivier Ramalho, France oral
dust in 30 French dwellings in buildings
Corinne Mandin, Barbara L.E. Bot
Novel brominated flame retardants in non-industrial
Lisa Melymuk, Petr Kukučka, Roman Prokeš, C2: New chemical substances
HP0429 Bohlin, Pernilla indoor air: occurrence and evaluation of a passive air Czech Republic oral
Šimon Vojta, Jana Klánová in buildings

Corinne Mandin, Fabien Mercier, Olivier Cumulative indoor exposures to Semi-Volatile Organic
C2: New chemical substances
HP0086 Glorennec, Philippe Blanchard, Kevin Fournier, Olivier Ramalho, Jean- Compounds (SVOCs) in France: progress of the ECOS France oral
in buildings
Paul Lucas, Nathalie Bonvallot, Barbara Le Bot project

Wei-Lun Lee, Hong-Bin Cho, Chin-Chi Wu, Pei- The associations between phthalates in indoor dust and C2: New chemical substances
HP1164 Huang, Chun-nan Taiwan oral
Ling Lee, Chia-Wei Lee house-cleaning habits in buildings
Catalytic combustion of ethyl acetate on Al2O3 supported C2: New chemical substances
HP1386 Jiang, Fang Huan Chen, Shourong Zheng China oral-poster
chromia catalysts in buildings
Marianne Stranger, Frederick Maes, Еddy Goelen, Optimisation of an innovative sampling method for air C2: New chemical substances
HP1222 Lazarov, Borislav Belgium oral-poster
Adrian Covaci sampling flame retardants in buildings

Charline Warembourg, Fabien Mercier, Erwann

Neurotoxic Semi Volatile Organic Compounds (SVOCs) in C2: New chemical substances
HP0716 Le Bot, Barbara Gilles, Gaëlle Raffy, Olivier Blanchard, Nathalie France oral
house settled dust: contamination and determinants in buildings
Bonvallot, Cécile Chevrier, Philippe Glorennec

Fabien Mercier, Jean-Paul Lucas, Olivier Ramalho,

Olivier Blanchard, Nathalie Bonvallot, Gaëlle ECOS-POUSS: a nationwide survey of semi-volatile C2: New chemical substances
HP1015 Mandin, Corinne France oral
Raffy, Erwann Gilles, Philippe Glorennec, Barbara organic compounds in home settled dust in buildings
Le Bot

Fabien Mercier, Jean-Paul Lucas, Olivier Ramalho,

ECOS-PM: a nationwide survey of semi-volatile organic C2: New chemical substances
HP1017 Mandin, Corinne Erwann Gilles, Olivier Blanchard, Nathalie France oral
compounds in indoor air in buildings
Bonvallot, Philippe Glorennec, Barbara Le Bot

Steve Nabinger, Matthew Schlegel, Andrew Long term emissions from spray polyurethane foam C2: New chemical substances
HP0126 Poppendieck, Dustin USA oral
Persily insulation in buildings
C2: New chemical substances
HP0518 Xu, Ying Yirui Liang, Jorge R. Urquidi, Jeffrey A. Siegel Phthalates and PBDES in retail stores USA oral
in buildings

Page 61
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Birthe Uldahl Kjeldsen, Yulia Olsen, Aneta

Ultrafine particles in 60 Danish homes: measurements in C3: Nanoparticles in indoor
HP0182 Bekö, Gabriel Wierzbicka, Dorina Gabriela Karottki, Jørn Denmark oral
the homes and personal monitoring environment
Toftum, Steffen Loft, Geo Clausen
Maria Albin, Katrin Dierschke, Anders
Gudmundsson, Inger Hagerman, Christina
Human exposure studies of airborne particles from C3: Nanoparticles in indoor
HP1100 Bohgard, Mats Isaxon, Jonas Jakobsson, Bo Ag Jönsson, Jörn Sweden oral-poster
common sources environment
Nielsen, Patrik Nilsson, Joakim H. Pagels, Yiyi Xu,
Aneta Wierzbicka
Luca Stabile, Giorgio Ficco, Rohan Jayaratne, Lidia C3: Nanoparticles in indoor
HP0294 Buonanno, Giorgio Measurement of cooking-generated particle charge Italy oral-poster
Morawska environment
Exposure to and health risk assessment for particulate
C3: Nanoparticles in indoor
HP0133 Chen, Yen-Ping Ke-Ruoyang, Kuo-Pin Yu matters and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from Taiwan oral
household cooking in Taiwan
Numerical modeling of ozone-initiated particle
C3: Nanoparticles in indoor
HP0108 Rai, Aakash Chun Chen, Chao-Hsin Lin, Qingyan Chen generations from reactions with clothing in an USA oral
environmental chamber
Lina Wang, Ling Feng, Guangli Xiu, Chun Zhu, Characteristics of fine particles and black carbon emitted C3: Nanoparticles in indoor
HP0649 Wu, Xin China oral
Mingzhou Yu from different Chinese cooking methods environment
Removal of monodisperse and polydisperse submicron
C3: Nanoparticles in indoor
HP0351 Wu, Yi-Ying Yen-Ping Chen, Kuo-Pin Yu particles in a stainless steel test chamber by using a Taiwan oral-poster
negative air ionizer

Page 62
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

The impact of indoor air on historic interiors under climate C4: Climate change and
HP0198 Brimblecombe, Peter Hong Kong oral
change indoor environment
Yen-Hsu Lin, Han-Yu Shih, Yu-Chun Liu, Chao- Predictive model of indoor temperature from ambient C4: Climate change and
HP1058 Hsu, Nai-Yun Australia oral
Yu Guo, Huey-Jen Su levels indoor environment
Public health impact of indoor dampness and mold C4: Climate change and
HP1447 Jaakkola, Jouni Finland oral
problems in the context of climate change indoor environment
C4: Climate change and
HP1452 Jantunen, Matti Greenhouse effect and climate change – and indoor air Finland oral-poster
indoor environment

Indoor and outdoor thermal conditions in three types of C4: Climate change and
HP1437 Lee, Daeyeop Boram Lee, Sooyoung Guak, Kiyoung Lee Korea South oral-poster
economically disadvantaged residences during summer indoor environment

Climatic drivers of airborne fungal spore concentrations in C4: Climate Change and
HP0115 Pakpour, Sepideh De-Wei Li , John Klironomos Canada oral
two North American cities Indoor Environment
Risks of extreme thermal conditions in buildings
C4: Climate change and
HP0794 Sailor, David associated with climate change and exacerbation of the USA oral
indoor environment
urban heat island
Analyses of passive cooling strategies´ effect on
Marta Avantaggiato, Michele De Carli, Bjarne W. C4: Climate change and
HP1352 Simone, Angela overheating in low-energy residential buildings in Danish Denmark oral
Olesen indoor environment
John Thornes, Ka-Man Lai, Sani
Health effects of climate change in the UK indoor C4: Climate change and
HP0450 Vardoulakis, Sotiris Dimitroulopoulou, Isabella Myers, Clare United Kingdom oral
environment – a critical review indoor environment
Study on the design schemes of fresh air supplement in C4: Climate change and
HP1423 Wang, Zhaoxia Neng Zhu China oral
office buildings indoor environment

Page 63
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Materials transparency programs, emissions testing, and C5: Environmental impact of

HP1226 Bayer, Charlene USA oral-poster
health impacts buildings
Jae Hun Oh, Young Ki Huh, Young Chull Ahn, A study on the thermal effects of green roof system in an C5: Environmental impact of
HP1135 Kim, Si Eun Korea South oral-poster
Jong Wook Moon existing building buildings
Carsten Rode, Jakub Kolarik, Pawel Wargocki, Waste-based materials; capability, application and impact C5: Environmental impact of
HP1338 Krejcirikova, Barbora Denmark oral
Ruut H. Peuhkuri on indoor environment – literature review buildings
The impact of surface convective heat transfer coefficients
Mohammad Heidarinejad, Stefan Gracik, Daranee C5: Environmental impact of
HP1028 Liu, Jiying on the simulated building energy consumption and surface USA oral-poster
Jareemit, Jelena Srebric buildings
Indoor air quality: the forgotten, yet critical, element in C5: Environmental impact of
HP0969 Teichman, Kevin Andrew Persily USA oral
sustainable buildings buildings
Impact of urban building morphology on air temperature: C5: Environmental impact of
HP0850 Wang, Kai Yuguo Li, Yuhui Li, Meng Yuan Hong Kong oral
a case study in the stone forest buildings
Understanding and modelling urban-breeze circulation by C5: Environmental impact of
HP0950 Wang, Xiaoxue Yuguo Li Hong Kong oral
up-scaling CFD buildings
C5: Environmental impact of
HP1453 Wang, Yi Yuguo Li, Pak Wai Chan Urban moisture balance in Hong Kong Hong Kong oral
How to apply approved LEED simulation for sustainable C5: Environmental impact of
HP0479 Yang, Jin-ho Hyun-Tae Kim, Shin-Ichi Tanabe Japan oral
buildings in Japan buildings
C5: Environmental impact of
HP0643 Yang, Xinyan Yuguo Li Solar radiation heat gain in an urban area Hong Kong oral
The rising of urban buoyant plume from high-rise compact C5: Environmental impact of
HP0978 Yin, Shi Yuguo Li Hong Kong oral
buildings in turbulent crossflows buildings

Water tank investigation of single and multiple buoyant C5: Environmental impact of
HP1156 Yin, Shi Mats Sandberg, Yuguo Li Hong Kong oral
plumes from squared blocks in calm environment buildings

Study on outdoor thermal environment of village in pearl C5: Environmental impact of

HP1119 Zhao, Lihua Kunming Li China oral-poster
river delta region buildings
Effectiveness of green roof as thermal barrier for air- C5: Environmental impact of
HP1446 Chow, Tin-Tai Kwong-Fai Fong, Tengfei Zhao, Apple Chan Hong Kong oral
conditioned offices in Hong Kong buildings

Page 64
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Ken Aozasa, Yusuke Yamada, Takuma Sato, Performance evaluation on double multi GHP in school
HP1008 Akimoto, Takashi Japan C6: Low energy buildings oral-poster
Masayuki Sato, Aki Mizuta building

Improvement of indoor environment and its effect on the

HP1212 Bagoňa, Miloslav Martin Kamenský, Martin Lopušniak Slovakia C6: Low energy buildings oral-poster
heat demand for heating and cooling of house

Innovative solar facades for low-energy building

HP1445 Chow, Tin-Tai Hui Long, Yuanli Lyu Hong Kong C6: Low energy buildings oral
Innovative solar facade implementation in low energy
HP0891 Croitoru, Cristiana Ilinca Nastase, Florin I. Bode, Amina Meslem Romania C6: Low energy buildings oral
Bruno Berthineau, Valérie Cochet, Corinne
Longitudinal study of indoor air quality and comfort of
HP0233 Derbez, Mickaël Mandin, Cécile Pignon, Jacques Riberon, France C6: Low energy buildings oral
two low-energy single-family houses
Guillaume Wyart, Severine Kirchner

Jean-Paul Lucas, Olivier Ramalho, Jacques French national data collection system on indoor air
HP0279 Derbez, Mickaël France C6: Low energy buildings oral
Riberon, Corinne Mandin, Séverine Kirchner quality and comfort in energy-efficient buildings

Critical review of water based radiant cooling system

HP0037 Feng, Jingjuan (Dove) Fred Bauman, Stefano Schiavon USA C6: Low energy buildings oral-poster
design methods
Jijun Zhou, Simeng Liu, Steven Esparza, Uthaman
HP0329 Gong, Nan Air flow setback strategies for hospital energy saving USA C6: Low energy buildings oral
Jijun Zhou, Simeng Liu, Steven Esparza, Uthaman Air flow rate control strategies and energy saving for
HP1357 Gong, Nan USA C6: Low energy buildings oral-poster
Raju operating rooms
Shin-Ichi Tanabe, Asami Nagareda, Eriko Kuzuu,
Mitsunobu Abe, Masanori Oshikubo, Yuka Taking into account heat and daylight to verify and
HP0613 Harada, Naoyuki Japan C6: Low energy buildings oral
Nakamura, Haruo Oshima, Shinji Wada, Hiroaki improve a multistory double-skin facade
Kari Salmi, Maija Leppänen, Marko Hyttinen,
Semi-volatile and volatile organic compounds in low-
HP0989 Hartikainen, Samuel Erkki Kähkönen, Rauno Holopainen, Pertti Finland C6: Low energy buildings oral-poster
energy and conventionally built houses
Experimental study on performance of interior blind in
HP0051 Huang, Yu Jian-Lei Niu, Tse-Ming Chung Hong Kong C6: Low energy buildings oral
office buildings in Hong Kong
Simulation study of shading design performance in office
HP0052 Huang, Yu Jian-Lei Niu, Tse-Ming Chung Hong Kong C6: Low energy buildings oral
buildings in cooling-dominant climates
Analysis of the convection-radiation heat dissipation from
HP1173 Hwang, Hyokeun Togo Yoshidomi, Kentaro Sekine, Shinsuke Kato the equipment for the development of liquid cooling air- Japan C6: Low energy buildings oral
conditioning system

Assessment of the thermal comfort conditions in an high

HP0296 Iatauro, Domenico Michele Zinzi Italy C6: Low energy buildings oral-poster
efficiency energy renovation of an Italian school building

Young Chull Ahn, Byung Heon Jeon, Jung Sub Performance evaluation of air-bubble sheets as a thermal
HP1136 Jeong, Ah Hee Korea South C6: Low energy buildings oral-poster
Seo insulator for window system
Measurement and CFD analysis of the temperature and air
HP0544 Kajiya, Ryoichi Toshihiko Sudo, Koji Sakai Japan C6: Low energy buildings oral-poster
velocity distribution in a double skin
Low-energy effectiveness of dynamic insulation system for
HP1174 Kawahara, Daisuke Kyosuke Hiyama, Shinsuke Kato Japan C6: Low energy buildings oral

Page 65
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Life cycle energy management for the heat source of large-

HP0793 Kitagawa, Shogo Masaya Okumiya Japan C6: Low energy buildings oral
scale hospital preliminary design of heat source system

Cost optimal evaluation of energy performance

HP0509 Kmeťková, Jana Michal Krajčík requirements on apartment buildings to comply with the Slovakia C6: Low energy buildings oral-poster
energy performance of buildings directive
Indoor climate perceived as improved after energy
HP1021 Knudsen, Henrik Ole M. Jensen Denmark C6: Low energy buildings oral
retrofitting of single-family houses
Using natural ventilation with water mist sprayers for data
HP0814 Kobayashi, Kentaro Takashi Kurabuchi, Sihwan Lee, Jinya Takeuchi Japan C6: Low energy buildings oral-poster
center energy conservation
Energy-saving potential of building envelope designs in
HP0056 Lai, Chi-Ming Y.H. Wang Taiwan C6: Low energy buildings oral-poster
residential houses in Taiwan
HP0380 Langer, Sarka Erica Bloom, Gabriel Bekö Indoor environment in Swedish passive houses Sweden C6: Low energy buildings oral
Air leakage and compliance with building code ventilation
Arnold Janssens, Marianne Stranger, Stijn
HP0298 Laverge, Jelle requirements in low energy dwellings and schools in Belgium C6: Low energy buildings oral
Verbeke, Kim Constandt, Katrien De Baets
Heating and cooling energy performance of commercial
HP0655 Lee, Suk-Joo Kyung-Woo Kwon, Jun-Seok Park Korea South C6: Low energy buildings oral
Impact of design options in zero energy building
HP0432 Lima, Pedro Joaquim F. Monteiro, Olga S. Castro Portugal C6: Low energy buildings oral-poster
conception: the case of large buildings in Portugal
Maria Justo Alonso, Mohammad Rafatinasr, Hans Frosting limits for counter-flow Membrane Energy
HP0381 Liu, Peng Norway C6: Low energy buildings oral
Martin Mathisen, Carey Simonson Exchanger (MEE) in cold climates
An optimal design analysis method for heat recovery heat
HP1358 Liu, Xiaoping Jianlei Niu Hong Kong C6: Low energy buildings oral-poster
exchangers in building applications

Comparative study on radiant heat transfer in building

HP0348 Lv, Liugen Chen Huang, Li Li , Jiangchang Chen China C6: Low energy buildings oral
inner surface based on different radiant models

Alireza Afshari, Niels C. Bergsøe, Göran Innovative two-pipe active chilled beam system for
HP0419 Maccarini, Alessandro Denmark C6: Low energy buildings oral
Hultmark, Magnus Jacobsson, Anders Vorre simultaneous heating and cooling of office buildings

Evidence-based model of building façade features using

HP1292 Martinez, Andrea Joon-Ho Choi USA C6: Low energy buildings oral
data mining for assessment of building performance

Comparison of indoor air quality in mechanically

HP0391 McGill, Gráinne Menghao Qin, Lukumon Oyedele ventilated and naturally ventilated social housing- a case United Kingdom C6: Low energy buildings oral-poster
Michael Pelken, Jianshun Zhang, Daniel Rice,
“Magic cube”: an integrated and coordinated process for
HP0478 Meng, Zhaozhou Yixing Chen, Shewangizaw Semahegn, Lixing Gu, USA C6: Low energy buildings oral
performance-based building design
Hugh Henderson
Evaluation of simulation based control for a VRF system
HP1227 Moon, Hyeun Min Seok Choi Korea South C6: Low energy buildings oral-poster
with different simulation time-steps
Model based predictive control for radiant floor heating
HP1201 Moon, Hyeun Jun Seung Ho Ryu Korea South C6: Low energy buildings oral
system in a residential building
Measurement and verification for an energy performance
HP1240 Moon, Hyeun Jun Young Ran Yoon Korea South C6: Low energy buildings oral
evaluation in buildings with BEMS

Page 66
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

A sustainable retrofit and a better quality indoor air for a

HP1409 Ooi, Koon beng Donald Payne, Seng Siew Yeoh Australia C6: Low energy buildings oral
brick-veneer, raised-floor house in Victoria, Australia?

Long term air quality monitoring in a net-zero energy

Lisa Ng, Matthew Schlegel, Andrew Persily,
HP0087 Poppendieck, Dustin residential test facility designed with specifications for low USA C6: Low energy buildings oral
Alfred Hodgson
emitting interior products
IAQ and thermal comfort evaluation in a Spanish modern
Antonio Villanueva, Manuel Andrés, And Eloy
HP0180 Rey, Francisco low-energy office with Thermally Activated Building Spain C6: Low energy buildings oral
(TAB) systems

Marie Verriele, Benjamin Hanoune, Denis

Petitprez, Nathalie Leclerc, Malak Rizk, Sébastien
Experimental and modeling characterizations of indoor air
Dusanter, Stéphane L.E. Calve, Maurice Millet,
HP0430 Schoemaecker, Coralie quality in low energy public buildings in France – the France C6: Low energy buildings oral-poster
Pierre Bernhardt, Maxence Mendez, Nadège
MERMAID program
Blond, Didier Hauglustaine, Alain Clappier,
Patrice Blondeau, Marc Abadie, Nadine Locoge

Do certified buildings enhance indoor environmental

HP0623 Silva, Nuno Alexandre Pawel Wargocki Denmark C6: Low energy buildings oral
quality and performance of office work?

A low energy apartment house – a case study about energy

HP1343 Stutterecker, Werner Ernst Blümel Austria C6: Low energy buildings oral-poster
and thermal comfort
Performance verification of the integrated optical air duct
HP0410 Sudo, Toshihiko Ryoichi Kajiya, Koji Sakai Japan C6: Low energy buildings oral-poster
system (air-conditioning duct performance)

Study on strategies for zero energy home design in Taiwan

HP0171 Tsay, Yaw-Shyan Yu-Chun Yeh, Mina Tsai Taiwan C6: Low energy buildings oral
– a case study of a residential house in Yunlin

Do Low Energy Public Buildings (LEPB) comply with the

Coralie Schoemaecker, Benjamin Hanoune,
HP0366 Verriele, Marie recent IAQ regulations in France? What about unregulated France C6: Low energy buildings oral
Nathalie Leclerc, Nadine Locoge
Field experiments on the thermal performance of double
HP0327 Wang, Fang Dan Meng, Xiuwei Li, Junjie Tan China C6: Low energy buildings oral
skin façade building in hot summer
Thermal performance of a new Chinese Kang with forced
HP0272 Wang, Pengsu Ming Shan, Xudong Yang China C6: Low energy buildings oral
convection air flow
Effectiveness of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI)
Chandra Sekhar, William P. Bahnfleth, Sundaram
HP0689 Wang, Yi systems in air handling units in enhancing energy Singapore C6: Low energy buildings oral

A fast calculation method for indoor heat gain of external

HP0861 Xue, Fei Xiaofeng Li China C6: Low energy buildings oral-poster
respiration double-skin façades in cooling season

Establishing energy consumption quota for assessing a

HP0268 Yang, Le Jianjun Xia, Qi Shen China C6: Low energy buildings oral
group of government office buildings

Keng H. Chuah, Ming R. Tey, Pak N. Yip, Cheng Feasibility study of using heat recovery devices in HVAC
HP1047 Yau, Yat Malaysia C6: Low energy buildings oral
S. Lim, Tet H. Chong, Krishnan Rajagopal systems in a building in the tropics

Page 67
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Energy analysis of building exterior opening design using

HP1321 You, Wei Menghao Qin, Wowo Ding integrated simulation of day-lighting, thermal performance China C6: Low energy buildings oral
and natural ventilation
“Virtual Deseign Studio” for hot and humid climate in
HP1324 Yuan , Chen Menghao Qin, Jianshun J. Zhang China C6: Low energy buildings oral
Low energy buildings integrated nocturnal radiation
HP0739 Zhang, Shuo Jianlei Niu China C6: Low energy buildings oral
cooling and thermal energy storage
HP0755 Zhang, Xiaojie Jie Han, Guoqiang Zhang, Di Qin A review on hybrid ventilation China C6: Low energy buildings oral-poster
HP0386 Zhang, Xiyao Jianlei Niu, Shuo Zhang, Jian-Yong Wu The PCM-water emulsion with low supercooling Hong Kong C6: Low energy buildings oral
A field survey study on energy consumption of office
HP0263 Zhao, Deyin Xu Zhang, Ming Zhong China C6: Low energy buildings oral
buildings with VRV system

Page 68
Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
Proceeding Index by Topics

Géraldine L.E. Nir, Jérôme Nicolle, Cécile Honore, C7: Transport cabin
HP0952 Abadie, Marc Indoor air quality in metro systems: a survey France oral
Patrice Blondeau, Anne Kauffman environments

High power 2D-PIV application in the measurement of air C7: Transport cabin
HP0184 Cao, Xiaodong Junjie Liu, Yun Zhang, Jiayu Li China oral-poster
distribution in an aircraft cabin mockup environments

The effects of in-cabin exposures to multi-sized particulate

C7: Transport cabin
HP0451 Chang, Li-Te Chin-Sheng Tang, Shih-Chun Candice Lung matters and carbon monoxide on changes in heart rate Taiwan oral
variability for healthy public transit commuters

Objective assessment of airborne benzene and its C7: Transport cabin

HP0117 Chen, Xiaokai Lili Feng, Huilong Luo, Guoqiang Zhang China oral-poster
homologues pollution in passenger cars environments

Soon-Bark Kwon, Duck-Shin Park, Ji-Han Song, Effect of emissions from diesel locomotives on indoor air C7: Transport cabin
HP0590 Cho, Youngmin Korea South oral
Woo-Sung Jung, Bo-Shik Yang, Jae-Hong Park quality of passenger cabin environments

Choong-Hee Lee, Duck-Shin Park, Soon-Bark Effect of additional insulation panel on average C7: Transport cabin
HP0992 Cho, Youngmin Korea South oral
Kwon, Woo-Sung Jung temperature in subway cabin during heating environments
CFD and experimental study of expiratory droplets inside C7: Transport cabin
HP1359 Conceição, Sandro Luis Carlos De Castro Santos, Arlindo Tribess Brazil oral
an aircraft cabin mock-up environments

Source contributions and control strategies of Volatile C7: Transport cabin

HP0111 Guan, Jun Xudong Yang Zheng Li China oral
Organic Compounds (VOCs) in aircraft cabins environments

John B.G.A. Havermans, Jan G.H. Bos, Helgah Airliner cabin air quality: emissions of organophosphates
C7: Transport cabin
HP0045 Houtzager, Marc Makarem Akhlaghi, Willie C. Hijman, Alex A.D. originating from aircraft engine oil. Experimental lab Netherlands oral
Renesse V. Duivenbode, Aleksandra D. Jedynska simulation and measurements on flight.

Evaluation of VOCs emissions from car interior console C7: Transport cabin
HP0485 Kim, Kyu-Jeong In-Ryeol Lee, Man-Goo Kim Korea South oral-poster
assembly and unit components environments
Method for the determination of the emission of volatile
C7: Transport cabin
HP0320 Kim, Man-Goo In-Ryeol Lee, Kyu-Jeong Kim organic chemicals from unit-component of car interior by Korea South oral-poster
using static chamber
Jihan Song, Jong-Bum Kim, Gwang-Jae Lee,
Efficiency of the Subway Cabin Air Purifier (SCAP) for C7: Transport cabin
HP1165 Kwon, Soon-Bark Seyoung Kim, Duck-Shin Park, Youngmin Cho, Korea South oral
removing particulate matters in a subway cabin indoor environments
Wootae Jeong
C7: Transport cabin
HP0293 Langer, Sarka Jana Moldanová, Erica Bloom, Cecilia Österman Indoor environment on-board the Swedish icebreaker oden Sweden oral
The cause material assessment of emitted VOCs at unit
C7: Transport cabin
HP0382 Lee, In-Ryeol Kyu-Jeong Kim And Man-Goo Kim component by using the test method of cut part of vehicle Korea South oral-poster
Jingjing Pei, Congcong Wang, Junjie Liu, Xiaojin Experimental study of cabin thermal comfort and air C7: Transport cabin
HP0505 Li, Bingye China oral-poster
Xiao quality at different seasons environments
A case study of the effect of parking vehicle on the outdoor C7: Transport cabin
HP1435 Li, Qiong Yikai Huang, Zhechao Chen, Xi Yu China oral
thermal environment environments

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Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
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Source apportionment of particles in aircraft cabins: a C7: Transport cabin

HP0548 Li, Zheng Xudong Yang, Jun Guan China oral
preliminary study on the possible effect of aircraft age environments

Prediction of inner aircraft surface temperature based on C7: Transport cabin

HP0421 Ma, Pengzhen Tengfei (Tim) Zhang, Shugang Wang China oral
the onboard and the outboard coupling environments

Modeling of ozone-initiated VOC emisssions from C7: Transport cabin

HP0107 Rai, Aakash Chao-Hsin Lin, Qingyan Chen USA oral
reactions with human-worn clothing in an aircraft cabin environments

In-cabin air quality –electrostatic field to capture sub- C7: Transport cabin
HP0401 Rosén, Karl Sweden oral-poster
micron size particles environments
A preliminary study of methods for in-car air quality C7: Transport cabin
HP0084 Tatsu, Kouichi Satoshi Nakai, Shinsuke Kato Japan oral-poster
measurement environments
Accurate experimental measurements of flow boundary
C7: Transport cabin
HP0824 Wang, Congcong Junjie Liu, Yongzhi Zhang conditions for numerical simulations in an aircraft cabin China oral
Hongbiao Zhou, Tengfei (Tim) Zhang, Shugang Inverse design of aircraft cabin environment based on C7: Transport cabin
HP0424 Wang, Jihong China oral
Wang proper decomposition of thermo-flow fields environments
An efficient method to inversely design air-supply opening C7: Transport cabin
HP0425 Wei, Yun Tengfei (Tim) Zhang, Shugang Wang China oral
size for a commercial airplane environments
Vehicle interior air quality - (S)VOC emission from
C7: Transport cabin
HP0154 Widdowson, Caroline materials: regulation, standard methods and analytical United Kingdom oral-poster

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Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
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Investigating peoples’ preferences of automated indoor D1: Smart and mobile

HP1011 Botzler, Sebastian Jakub Kolarik, Bjarne W. Olesen Denmark oral
climate control facilities technologies
Impact of clothing on thermal comfort and energy saving D1: Smart and mobile
HP1337 Fan, Jintu USA oral
in indoor environment technologies
Development of smart micro-grid energy efficiency D1: Smart and mobile
HP0043 Habibi, Shahryar Italy oral-poster
technologies on workplace level technologies
D1: Smart and mobile
HP1248 Jeberien, Alexandra Susanne Litty Wireless climate monitoring devices for museums Germany oral-poster
D1: Smart and mobile
HP0033 Karmann, Caroline Stefano Schiavon, Fred Bauman Online map of buildings using radiant technologies USA oral
Romas Lukas, Antanas Mikuckas, Alfonsas D1: Smart and mobile
HP0900 Kazanavicius, Egidijus Indoor air environment management system Lithuania oral-poster
Misevičius, Dainius Martuzevičius technologies
The Indoor as a scene for biological threats. involving users D1: Smart and mobile
HP1266 Storgaard, Kresten Lars Gunnarsen, Elvira V. Bräuner Denmark oral-poster
in making smart devices effective technologies
Risk assessment of exposure to Electromagnetic Fields D1: Smart and mobile
HP1367 Wiesmüller, Gerhard Claudia Hornberg Germany oral
(EMF) from smart and mobile technologies technologies

Michael A. Johnson, Tracy Allen, Charity R. PATS+ field testing: Characterizing sensors and their
D1: Smart and Mobile
HP1455 Pillarisetti, Ajay Garland, Dana H. Charron, David M. Pennise, responses to air pollutants and integrating stove usage USA oral
Kirk R. Smith datastreams for household energy assessments

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Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
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D2: Wireless sensors and

HP0041 Bräuner, Elvira Kresten Storgaard, Lars Gunnarsen False positives in detection of biological-warfare agents Denmark smartphone monitoring of oral-poster
indoor environment
D2: Wireless sensors and
Development and application of air movement logger for
HP1369 Daniel, Lyrian Andrew Carre, Terence Williamson, Dong Chen Australia smartphone monitoring of oral
thermal comfort research
indoor environment
D2: Wireless sensors and
Optimal location of wireless temperature sensor nodes in
HP0498 Huang, Gongsheng Pei Zhou, Linfeng Zhang Hong Kong smartphone monitoring of oral
large-scale rooms
indoor environment
D2: Wireless sensors and
James A. Hall Jr., Joshua Kiepert, Michael Pook, A low-cost wireless portable particulate matter monitoring
HP0737 Loo, Sin Ming USA smartphone monitoring of oral-poster
Nicholas Terrell system
indoor environment
D2: Wireless sensors and
Development of a wireless sensing system for monitoring
HP1121 Qiao, Lifeng Hao Zhou China smartphone monitoring of oral
indoor environment
indoor environment
D2: Wireless sensors and
A big data approach for indoor environmental quality
HP1122 Zhou, Hao Lifeng Qiao China smartphone monitoring of oral
assessment, awareness and improvement
indoor environment

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Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
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D3: Gene-sequencing and bio-

Improving the quantification of fungal population analysis
HP1378 Dannemiller, Karen Naomichi Yamamoto, Kyle Bibby, Jordan Peccia USA informatics for indoor oral
by next-generation DNA sequencing
microbiology studies
D3: Gene-sequencing and bio-
Kamyar Motavaze, Richard C. Summerbell, Eric Improved biodeterioration resistance tests for building
HP1427 Scott, James Canada informatics for indoor oral
Savory, John Pogacar materials
microbiology studies

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Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
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D4 New bio-monitoring
Damien Liu-Brennan, Janet S Rimmer, Brian G. New methods for measuring the time course of personal
HP1408 Tovey, Euan Australia technologies for indoor oral
Oliver exposure to biological particles including aeroallergens

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Indoor Air 2014 (July 7-12, 2014, Hong Kong)
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Adam E Altrichter, Ashley C Bateman, Jason

Generalized design principle and method for thermal
HP2001 Liu, Jiaping Stenson, G Z Brown, Jessica L Green, Brendan J M China Plenary talks oral
insulation system in building envelope

HP2002 Nielsen, Peter Jingchao Xie, Na Cui, Song Pan Computational fluid dynamics and ventilation airflow Denmark Plenary talks oral

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