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N ll Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Department of Pathology Gun 1501 Kings Highway, Shreveport, LA 71103 died Judy A King, MD, PRD, Director of Anatomic Pathology AUTOPSY REPORT ‘Accession: 19-28 Patient Name: CHILDS, ANTHONY D. Ewp.Date 2152019 Med.Ree.#: CPC-1928 Received: 2162019 BOB: ri88 Ag: 3) 019 Gender. Repose Share (Beaton GPC Caddo Parish Coroner Biting #: Ordering Physician: Copy to: Prosector: Majd Al Shaarani, M.D. Staff: Long Jin, M.D. Post Mortem Hours: 16 Authorized By: Todd Thoma, M.D. Relationship to Patient: Caddo Parish Coroner Reason for Autopsy: Authorized by Coroner Medical Examiner: Yes Autopsy Restrictions: None Final Anatomic Diagnosis Four gunshot wounds A. Perforating gunshot wound to left chest, near contact range 1. Entry wound at left chest near midline li, Exit wound at right back lil, Perforating chest wall, heart, right lung, aorta, trachea, esophagus and spine column at right side lv. Trajectory from front to back, left to right and top to bottom v, Hemothoraces (right 1000 mi, left 50 ml) and hemopericardium (100 ml) B. Penetrating gunshot wound to right back, distant range L._ Entry wound at right back li, Perforating right back, striking right scapula and lodging in deep muscular tissue of right upper arm lil, An opened jacketed projectile recovered Trajectory from left to right, back to front and bottom to top C. Penetrating gunshot wound to left back, distant range 1, Entry wound at left back Ii, Perforating left back and left lung, penetrates right lateral chest wall and lodging in muscular tissue of right lateral chest Hil, An opened jacketed projectile recovered Iv. Trajectory from back to front, left to right and bottom to top D. Perforating gunshot wound to right lower back, distant range L._ Entry wound at right lower back li, Exit wound at right flank lil, Perforating subcutaneous injuries Iv. Trajectory from left to right, bottom to top and slightly from back to front 1. Methamphetamine and marijuana in postmortem blood ‘Technical performed by Ochsnes/LSU Health Shreveport Profesional performed by LSUHSC-S Departnent of Pathology 1541 Kings Highway, Shreveport, LA 71103, Phone (318) 675-5860. ‘CHILDS, ANTHONY D. “Ratopey RepotAI9-28 CHILDS, ANTHONY D. Autopsy Report 19-28 Final Note Given the historic and investigative materials, autopsy findings and toxicology result, the cause of death is determined to be gunshot wounds to the left chest and left back. The manner of death shall be determined by the coroners office. ee weer Elecronicaly Signed ‘Long Jin, MD. Long sin, M.D. Glinical Summary The case comes recorded as a Caddo Parish Coroner's case. The deceased comes with a history of being shot ‘multiple times by a police officer after he had fired weapon to the officer.