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English IV

Mrs. Reeves

11 APRIL 2019

My Future

A career in law enforcement is one that is important to the people because it important to

arrest criminals' people. The training needed, advancement process, and benefit and hazard of the

law enforcement career will be analyzed.

To become a police officer, education and training are important. A career in law

enforcement requires to have a high school diploma to gain an entry-level position

("CareerOneStop" 2016). The law enforcement career requires a certain age; One must be

twenty-one. One should go to a police academy if they want a career in law enforcement. One

must complete 12-14 weeks of schooling to become a police officer (How to Become a Police

Officer 2014). There are many colleges training facilities that provide the education require for a

career in law enforcement. For example, Tennessee High Way Patrol has a program to prepare

students for this career. One program at THP is 22 weeks long ("Tennessee Highway Patrol").

According to THP this program cost nothing. Some high school classes that might help prepare a

student for this career are Psychology, Spanish, criminal justice. Overall, education and training

are important for a career in law enforcement.

When considering a career in law enforcement one must think about the money they will

earn and how to advance. The average salary for a person staring a career in law enforcement is
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$61,050. The senior-level salary in this career is $100,615 ("CareerOneStop" 2016). If one wants

to grow in this career, different actions are required. For example, one can advance with more

experience. Typically, one must have more education to get a promotion. Growing in the career

of law enforcement will take time and patience.

With any career, there are positives about the job and things that are negative. Within this

career, there are many benefits. First, being a police officer is quite valuable in many

communities. Also, police officer presence in a neighborhood feels safe. Additionally, there is

opportunity to be a police officer. However, there are hazards or disadvantages to this career,

because we had to a test too. One disadvantage is communities at a person every day, but some

person are criminals hate the police officer Also, where people are experiencing one of their

worst days. Lastly, at the time they are also tasked with providing.

In conclusion, to be a police officer it takes commitment to help people and protecting

them. The schooling requires to be a police officer is significant but worth the investment of time

and resources. There are many ways to advance in this career. There are many advantages to

patrolling, but there are disadvantages too. Someone should consider a career in law enforcement

because we can help the people who are criminals with drugs.
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