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Jolanda Challita 17 February 2003 The Premier Mr. Bob Carr, MP Governor Macquarie Tower Level 39 1 Farrer Place SYDNEY NSW 2000 ‘Dear Mr. Carr refer to your letter dated 17 January 2003 and thank you for taking the time to reply. 1 write to advise that this matter has still not been resolved and my children are suffering. [enclose herewith the following further information on this matter and ask that you please consider these documents. 1. Copy telephone conversation with Mr. Oliver Morse from the Ombudsman’s office. 2. Copy Selective High School information, including my children’s appeals and SSU ‘appeal analysis in this matter - *Appeal information has been added to score report. 3. Copy Opportunity Class information including Score Analysis report for both children. 4. Copy letters forwarded to the Minister for Education & Training together with replies and attachments. 5. Copy letter forwarded to the Director General dated 17 November 2002. The above documents form but one part of my complaints against the Department. There are many other issues, documents and evidence that farm part of a complaint relating to the failure of the Department to appropriately meet my children’s educational needs as identified highly gifted children that I sent to the Department in November 2001 and from which [have not received a determination and which also relates to the Department's failure to support, understand or acknowledge the needs of identified gifted children and their identified need for emotional and social support, social acceptance and understanding, My children have suffered and are still suffering a lot of psychological distress. These issues have affected my children’s self-esteem, their academic self concept, their social life and most of all their feelings of self worth. Danny and Katie cannot settle into high school as they do not know what is happening with regard to issues that involve their high school placement. My son also suffers a physical disabitity as he was impacted at birth, Erbs Palsy, which ‘makes the situation so much more distressing for him as he is, as aesult of his disability, unable to reach the elite levels that he craves in physical pursuits as he is alsa ‘physically talented. My son needs to be in the most suitable environment to develop his intellectual gifts as his disability does not allow him to persue his sporting talents to the elite levels that he craves and this causes him much distress, 1 am full of despair for my son as he is suffering, its not easy when you are identified highly gifted and in opportunity class and your sister accelerates in your year and you get left behind. My son agreed to his sister accelerating into his year as he was in Opportunity class and feeling very confident and good about himself and he felt he could keep on top of it, my son is devastated. The social and emotional damage that this has done is very real I sincerely believe that there needs to be a proper investigation into this matter. Tam in contact with 3 other families from the local area and schools who have gifted children and who are in the process of obtaining documents under the FOI that relate to their children and selective schools placement. One matter is apparently at present on the Ministers desk receiving attention and the others are waiting for ali the documents to ‘come through from FOI before lodging their complaint. ‘Their complaints are disturbingly similar to my children and families complaints and selective schoo! results Task that you please give this matter your urgent attention as my children are very emotionally intense and sensitive and they are being seriously hurt by this system. attach herewith a copy of a poem my daughter wrote for me one day when I was feeling down, she was 9 years old Tawait hearing from you. Jolanda Challita